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    -You are stranded on an island with eight other people. You have no shoes or memories of how you got here, nor do any of the others around you. Work together and make it off the island, back to civilization and hopefully you'll get your memories back along the way. But something is wrong, you can feel it in your bones. Danger is lurking around every corner, because you can certainly tell that you are being watched.

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    "Are you sure about this, doctor?" a small woman with Auburn hair and a thick accent asked as she peered through the thick one way glass. She watched the nine beds closely, as each of the subjects was given a sponge bath by the nurses and dressed in identical clothing. Each was unconscious, as they were supposed to be, and everything was ready to go but ones the experiment had started it couldn't be stopped and the small woman knew this. Snatching them up from their various locations had been easy enough, the hired muscle had done that easily enough, but now came the hard part. The long, arduous task of data collection. There were so many variables to consider, so many things that could go wrong. But they had already gone too far to go back. She knew it even as she stood there watching, even as she asked the question that no one else dared ask, but it had to be asked. This experiment was something that had never been done before, due to various ethical issues, but this time would be different. No one would know.
    "Too late to go back now," the doctor replied, stepping forward to stand beside his colleague. He was reading a clipboard, flipping back and forth between pages. He was much older than the woman, in his late sixties at least, with barely any hair left except for a thick grey mustache that sat untidily on his upper lip under a pair of thick round glasses. "The subjects are ready to go, once the nurses are finished we can pack them up and ship them off," he said without once looking up. The woman, on the other hand, continued to watch as the nurses finished their work. It was important that all outside stimuli was removed from the subjects before they were introduced into their new environment. Their memories were wiped, their bodies cleaned, and the only clothes they would be given were a pair of white shorts, and a white t-shirt with each subjects name embroidered on the left hand side.
    "Have we done the last minute checks on the cameras?" the woman asked another man in the room who was watching a wall filled with dozens of monitors. The other man turned towards her and nodded simply.
    "The island is good to go ma'am," he replied in a thick drawl, before turning back to the screens. The woman nodded and turned back to her colleague.
    "Do you ever wonder what this is all for?" she asked, tucking a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.
    "What what was for?" the doctor asked, lifting his eyes from his chart.
    "All this. This experiment," she said and he raised an eyebrow at her.
    "It's not our job to know. We just have to record our findings," he said, checking his watch before reaching over and hitting a button on a console in the corner of the room. "Alright lets ship them out," he said into a microphone and the nurses all nodded as they wheeled them towards the shipping containers.
    Hours later, the auburn haired woman watched as the sun rose over the ocean. Golden light billowed out across the scene on the screens before her as she watched, lighting up the beach where the nine subjects now lay. Each had their eyes closed, the sedatives no doubt starting to wear off as time passed by. She knew that this would be the last time that she would be able to relax until this experiment was over, and she didn't know when exactly that would be but until then she would have to watch.​
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  2. ((NOTE: Here's how I thought we'd do this. You don't have to, but it's handy if we try to do it similar.... Coloured text for all thoughts and speech. I know it's hard if you're on a phone, etc, but still. Then bold text is for different languages. It would be handy if you would write what language it is like 'Jenny spoke in Russian'. Then Italics is for thoughts. Easy enough right?))

    Liliana awoke first, her eyes snapping open as she blinked in confusion. The sunshine glared overhead. The heat was sweltering, hanging in the air around her and burning her from the sand beneath. She sat up, confusion still clinging to her and hanging around as if her head was filled with fog. She couldn't remember how she'd come to be on the beach, but she knew that that was what it was. The sound of the ocean splashing onto the beach felt familiar, but there was nothing about this beach in particular that spurred any kind of memory. In fact she didn't have any memories that she could recall. Nothing of who she was or how she had come to be here. It was as if she had just appeared here out of nowhere.

    Lilly looked down at the rest of her body, each piece was clean and she was clothes in a soft white t-shirt and a pair of short. A word was written on the front in delicate letters but she couldn't quite read it upside down. It was then that she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, and she turned. The others all lay on the beach, occasionally twitching or moving to signify that they were about to wake up, but just like this place she didn't know any of their faces. Everything felt so very strange, even though this place certainly held an undeniable beauty. It was all so calm and balanced, almost pure as if it was untouched by humans.

    She carefully got to her feet, her toes sinking underneath a thin layer of sand as she wobbled slightly. Still feeling a little drowsy from the sedative, though she didn't know that she had been given any in the first place, Liliana stumbled forward two steps before regaining her footing. The medications were wearing off, quickly being replaced with other needs, thoughts and emotions. She felt hunger, thirst, fear, paranoia, confusion, pain, anxiety, and all of them assaulted her mind. She chewed on her lip nervously, unsure of both herself and of everything as she tried to decide what to do next. Should I hide? Should I wait for the others to wake up? Is there any food nearby? Or water? Or shelter? How did we get to this place? I hope the others will remember... she thought, her inside voice rambling off questions quickly. But she didn't have time to hide as another person woke up.
  3. Marlissa slowly opened her eyes as if the heat of the sun woke her up instead of the sedatives wearing off. As soon as she completly opened her eyes she had to close them again. She was directly staring at the sun and it hurt her eyes. Clumsily she sat up straight, holding her head. It felt heavy and foggy, she didn't know how to discribe it aside from a headache that didn't hurt. Finally she opened her eyes at looked in front of her. The ocean was splashing on the beach, taking sand away with every wave. She looked at the sand and grabbed a bit, only to let it softly fall out of her hand. It was warm, nice and warm. She dug her feet in the sand just so she could enjoy it.

    On the surface she seemed calm but her mind was in panic. The sedatives were still wearing off so her mind had put her body in some kind of autopilot. She didn't know what was going on, how she got here and she wasn't even sure if she wanted to know. She looked at her feet again that were still dug in the sand but instead noticed her clothes. Short and cleanly white, aside from the sand on the beach. Her shirt had a word written on it, she couldn't read it the way it was. As the sedatives were wearing off more and more her mind got slowly freed. She grabbed the sides of her shirt and turned it as much as she could. It didn't twist far so she tilted her head a bit too. "Ma..r lis... sa, Marlissa." Feeling accomplished she let her shirt go again. Then her emotions hit home base.

    "What am I doing here? I should be at home.... Wich is, were? Oh, god I can't remember home. Did I even have one?" She looked completely around her now and saw the other people on the beach, still asleep. All asleep aside from one person. She looked at the woman like a deer in a headlight. It took a moment before she finally said something. "Do you know where we are?" (talks in dutch) She saw the others wake up from the corner of her eyes.
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  4. The warm sand, the sound of the ocean, the rising sun… All these things might be rather relaxing to wake up to, if you were expecting them. Gabriel awoke with a start from a worrisome dream which vanished as soon as he became conscious. His heart was beating quickly and his breathing was hard. The scenery did little to comfort him, and he felt very disoriented. For a moment, this confusion was attributed to the fact that people often wake up in a fog and don't recognize where they are. He sat up in the sand and hugged his knees, trying to calm his nerves, but only became more anxious as seconds passed and his mind remained blank. He knew for certain he had never seen this place before. He didn't even know who he was.

    It was all a bit much for the sensitive young man and he pursed his lips to stop them trembling. Taking a look around he realized he wasn't alone. There were others all around, all just beginning to wake up. One girl was already standing. They were all dressed the same, in a white T-shirt and white shorts, with no shoes or other personal items in sight. After a moment, he realized he too was wearing this strange outfit.

    "What are we all doing here?" he asked of no one in particular, speaking his native language. This thought was interrupted by someone else speaking. He whipped his head around to see an auburn-haired girl sitting in the sand not far from him. He tried to comprehend her words and while they sounded vaguely familiar he just couldn't understand.

    "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" he asked hesitantly, then added with a glance at the standing girl, "Or, erm… Do you speak English, both of you?" So he did know English, at least some. That was a good thing? At least it was something. He must be someone with a good education, so maybe he was smart? His eyes were drawn to the embroidered letters on the girls' shirts. Marlissa, Liliana… Those must be their names! I wonder-- he glanced down at his own shirt, twisting his head around to read. "Mein name ist… Gabriel?" he murmured, turning the name over in his mind. Something about it felt… right. Yes, it must be his name, though recalling it didn't seem to trigger any other memories at least he could be certain that his name was Gabriel. One thing at a time, right?
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  5. The redhead was up next to regain conciousness. Though it was a very slow process with her waking up, the noise of others waking up and realizing they had no idea where or who they were. She had rolled over while sleeping, so the first thing she saw were the tiny grains and rocks that made up sand. She blinked before pushing herself to sit up and seeing the tides roll in and slink back out.

    Unlike the others, she didn't panic, frankly she was only half awake. She stared out at the ocean, thinking it was nice and peaceful, but as she w started to he fully awake she realized that she hadn't a clue who she was. She felt more embarrassment than panic, though asking one of the three who had woken before her, "Uhm...I'm sorry but do you know who I am?" she asked innocently.
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  6. Skyler suddenly felt his stomach sink, and he thought he was falling -- falling from a great height. Obviously he wasn't, but something must have triggered the sensation in his half-asleep stupor, because it certainly felt real. He awoke, flailing in an attempt to catch himself and, in doing so, flinging sand at his own face -- at which point he recognized that he was indeed on solid ground already. "Puh!" Skyler found himself sitting on some pearly beach, spitting sand out of his mouth and brushing it from his shirt.

    Speaking of which, his shirt... He didn't recognize it. It had the name "Skyler" embroidered on it. Is that... my name? For that matter, he didn't recognize any of his clothing. In fact, he didn't even recognize where he was. The beaches in Ireland definitely didn't look like this, that was for sure. As he began to gather his thoughts -- though few they were, seeing as he could remember almost nothing -- Skyler realized he was among others, many of whom were already awake. They all seemed equally as confused, which Skyler found both frightening and reassuring. And at the moment, he wasn't sure which feeling would win out in the end.

    For the time being, Skyler was mostly concerned about the fact that he couldn't remember a darned thing about himself. Seeing the looks on everyone else's faces and hearing the question "Do you know who I am?" from one of the other girls, Skyler guessed no one here had any more knowledge about him than he did. Trying to stay calm, he took a deep breath and got to his feet, approaching the group. "I can't remember a thing about myself," he said quietly. "Are... Are you guys the same?"
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  7. "I-I'm sorry," Liliana stuttered, looking between Marlissa and Gabriel. "I don't understand," she added, wringing her fingers together in front of her stomach. She looked down at her t-shirt, twisting the fabric until she was reading her name. "Lil... Liliana?" she murmured to herself, looking up at one of the men, Skyler. "I don't remember either," she said quietly, replying to his question nervously. Her eyes darted around as she stood with her back to the ocean, scanning the treeline of the jungle before looking at the group again. What is this place?
  8. "Well!" Skyler huffed. "This is certainly peculiar..." He trailed off, resting his hands on his hips and turning away from the group for a moment. He stared out over the vast ocean, no visible land on the horizon whatsoever. It really did look like they were completely stranded.

    Turning back to the group, he added, "I don't know where any of you are from -- and I assume you don't either -- but it looks like we've been plopped on an island straight out of a Caribbean tourist booklet."
  9. Warmth was the first thing that registered in her mind. Then something gritty.
    Warm and gritty... sand...
    Her eyelids felt heavy, as did her limbs. She tested her fingers and toes and found there were all there and worked. Next came her face muscles, her brow furrowing and smoothing. Opening her eyes was a task she had to focus on to accomplish and when it finally happened she was nearly blinded by the light. Her arms suddenly became lighter as she threw them over her face. Her vision cleared and she saw sand and water.
    A beach?

    There was no sound. That didn't surprise her.
    Why didn't it surprise her?
    Because I'm deaf, she answered herself and paused, frowning. How could she remember that fact but not anything else?

    Looking around just gave her more questions and zero answers. She was wearing a shirt and shorts. The shirt had writing on it.
    Automatically her hand formed the sign for 'r' and she tapped both sides of her mouth.
    Her eyes widened and she stared at her hand like it wasn't her own anymore. My sign name, she thought, how do I know that? Because I know ASL, she once again answered herself.

    Okay, what the fudge brownies with nuts was going on here?

    Her mouth felt like a desert. The sun beating down did not help matters. Rose started looking around, trying to establish some kind of landmark or building, anything to tell her where she was.
    All she found were a bunch of people dressed like her standing around. Their mouths were moving so she knew that were speaking. Was she the only deaf person here?

    Getting up, she staggered towards them on unsteady feet. She waved her hand at them, trying to get their attention. She started signing frantically, praying that one of them knew ASL, even a tiny bit.
  10. Everyone around Gabriel was talking in English, and he tried to pay attention to what they were saying but their voices kept getting garbled together in his mind, though he gathered that they were all as lost and confused as he was. As he struggled to find the words he covered his ears to block out their voices for a minute so that he could think. That's when he noticed a girl waving frantically at them. No, not waving exactly, but making symbols with her fingers. He surmised it must be sign language, but it was lost on him. The girl must be mute, or deaf.

    "Uhh…" he held out his hands in a calming gesture, not knowing what else to do. "Alles ist in ordnung," he said, not sure if she could hear him, then repeated the phrase in English, "Everything is okay." He'd read about how sometimes deaf people could read lips, though he didn't know if it was true it was at least something to keep in mind. He took a few steps toward her, his footing a little uncertain on the soft sand. She looked more frightened than the others, probably realizing the rest of them were hearing.

    He offered her a shy smile and then pointed to the name embroidered on his shirt. "I'm Gabriel. You're…" he looked at the name on her own shirt, "Rose?" He nodded to confirm, then gestured to their suroundings: the beach, the jungle, the other young people, and then shrugged and shook his head in an 'I don't know what's going on either' sort of expression. "Are you deaf?" he pointed to his ear and looked questioningly at her.
  11. Thankfully one of them seemed to notice her. It was a young man with golden hair. His blue eyes looked just as confused and bewildered as she felt. He held up his hands in a reassuring manner and spoke. Rose forced herself to breathe and stared at his lips, surprised that she could make out what he was saying. It seemed she could also read lips along with knowing ASL. She was learning more about herself, which was both reassuring and terrifying at the same time.

    She nodded when he spoke his name, finger spelling it back to him. When he mouthed hers she nodded eagerly and finger spelled it as well, automatically doing her name sign as well.
    In sign language, a deaf person gave you a sign name. It was more then just a name. There were many Roses in the world, but only she had that particular sign name. It wasn't the sign for 'rose', it was the sign for her as a person.
    She signed 'r' then tapped both sides of her mouth, then pointed to herself and did it again, trying to connect the gesture to herself and, if he was sharp, maybe he would get that it was her sign.

    When he asked if she was deaf she moved her fist up and down (sign for yes) before nodding. She pointed to her mouth then to her ear, mouthing the word 'deaf', showing him the sign for it.

    She pointed at Gabriel, then pointed the same finger at her forehead and looked at him questioningly. Half of sign language was spoken with hands and fingers, the rest was spoken with the face. Your expression said a lot and if you did a sign with the wrong expression it could mean something completely different the what you were trying to get across.
    She repeated the two signs while mouthing 'remember', trying to ask him if he remembered anything.
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  12. She did a lot of funny things with her fingers while he talked, which threw Gabriel off a bit. When he mentioned her name she seemed to get excited, and made a sign by crossing her fingers and touching both sides of her mouth. She did it several times while pointing to herself. "Rose?" He tried it, crossing his fingers and hesitantly touching the corners of his mouth. "Your name?" He pointed at her and she confirmed it. "And you are… deaf?" he tried making the same sign, pointing to his lips and then his ear. It was clumsy but he thought he did it right, mirroring her actions.

    "What's this?" he mimicked her, pointing at his head. She mouthed a word at him but his understanding of English wasn't good enough to pick up on it. Given the context he could only guess she was asking what he knew about their situation. He shook his head in bewilderment. "I don't know anything… um… I don't know how I got here…" he pointed at the ground, shaking his head, then he gestured to the others, "I don't know those people. I don't even remember…" he put his hands on his head and frowned, "…who I am." He ended by pointing at himself. He wasn't sure how much she could understand. He didn't want to waste words trying to catch up with her, thinking he could safely assume she was in the same predicament as the rest of them. No idea why they were here and no memory of their lives before this point.

    He glanced at the sky. A lot of time had passed already since they'd awoken in confusing, and looking around he even saw some who were still asleep. Had they been drugged? His head had been pretty foggy at first, so it was possible. And someone must have put them here for some purpose. Whatever that may be, he had no idea. But he did know that they were all standing around in shorts and t-shirts and without shoes and no other protection from the elements. When night came it would probably be cold, it might rain, a lot might happen to them out in the open. There could be wild animals...

    A lump of panic rose in Gabriel's throat at the sudden jarring realization of just how helpless they were, but he forced it back down. Right now there was no immediate danger, and he ought to stay calm, at least for Rose's sake. She must feel even more helpless, not being able to communicate. He forced himself to smile for her benefit, and then offered her his hand, pointing at the two others standing closest, Skyler and Liliana. "Let's…" he wasn't sure what he wanted to say because he wasn't really sure what he ought to say, or what they should do, so he just ended with, "Work together."
  13. Evangeline's face grew warmer as she waited for someone to answer her, no one did and it seemed that she was ignored. She pouted and looked at the sand in front of her, trying to think. Every thought that came to mind only brought more questions that needed answers. She'd noticed everyone's bland white shirt, which she thought was a terrible color for clothing (excluding gowns and what not), had their respective name embroidered on it. She looked down her shirt and found her name Evangeline stitched in cursive. She smiled, it was an elegant name, but something told her that it wasn't what people normally called her. Eve. She blinked as that word came to mind, it was her nickname. Then another thought crossed her mind.

    "What kind of sick person would do this to us?" she asked aloud, then looking around to see if there were any crates or supplies nearby. Then suddenly getting up she wiped any sand she could off herself. "So considering none of us know who we are and the fact we're basically in uniform means someone did this to us. That or it was some kind of tragic crash, though that's highly unlikely due to there being no crash debris here or anywhere visible on the liquid horizon." she cleared her throat, "Anywho I'm going to go look for supplies and bring them here, is anyone going to come with me? Though keep in mind at least one person has to stay here in case anyone else wakes up in the meantime." she stated.
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