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  1. *wave*

    Hello there and I'd formally like to thank you for reading my Interest Check. M'name is Cynder and I signed up for this site a while back, but due to real life issues, wasn't able to stay long at all. I didn't even get a chance to RP. So maybe it's slightly risky to jump into being a GM on a site I'm adjusting to, but I'm just gonna wing it.

    For now, this will serve as an Interest Check and Roleplay Discussion of sorts. If I manage to get enough people interested, I'll be glad to make it into an official OOC and Roleplay.

    So, for starters, the RP I'm introducing is called, Bollum Populi. As shown in the title, it's a crossover of sorts. Let me showcase this idea and tell you guys just a little about it!

    Who will be in Bollum Populi? Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join! I don't level people out or doubt them on their writing skills, all I ask is that you take the RP in a slight serious tone, have moderately good grammar and would be willing to write more than a sentences on most occasions. I won't reject your character if you submit one, but I have one rule: you must be confident enough to play as that character. Research may be in order, so be prepared in that. As long as you're confident, you're good. You don't have to be perfect and you're free to make any changes to your characters as long as they're not too out of character.

    Now for the character I'll be accepting . . . Most people are extremely strict when it comes to crossover, however, I am not. You may have any character from:
    • Movies
    • Books
    • TV Shows
    • Manga
    • Anime
    • Original Characters
    • Gijinkas & Genderbends
    • People based on History/Real Life
    You may have as many characters as you want, but choose wisely, once the RP starts, it'll be hard to add in a new person or character. You may also have any character from a certain point in their timeline or any other interesting twist or addition you may want to add.

    What is Bollum Populi about? A lot things, really! I've been working on it for a few days and I'm still working out small kinks, but I'm really beginning to develop a pretty dynamic overall storyline here. A lot of it will be based on character development, exploration and character relationships.

    The storyline itself begins in a fictional city, Naviance. Not much is known about the world that surrounds Naviance, aside from the fact that they are in their second Ice Age and a majority of inhabitants that lived there were forced into settlements such as Naviance. Naviance is described as "a city of disease, chaos, murder and vice". It's the epitome of corruption, apparently.

    Being that this is a crossover, your character is bound to be confused as hell with how it relates to them! Really, they found themselves there (somehow, doesn't matter the fashion they arrive in) and are suddenly being recruited by a rebel force known as Lorem Fata, "free destiny", they are pulled into a massive Revolution that doesn't concern them and a disease that they may or may not be immune to.

    Oh, but it does. Perhaps, the main characters aren't willing to delve far enough into the truth surrounding Naviance . . .

    What elements are included in Bollum Populi? Well, it's mainly an exploration, free-roam RP. Though, it'll definitely be darker than most crossovers I've ever been it. There will be some sort of consistent guide to a storyline, whether or not your characters choose to follow that is entirely their decision. There will also be a partnering system of sorts, which will cause all sorts of chaos among the cast.

    As I mentioned, this RP is pretty dark. I mean, veeeery dark and grisly at times. It won't be so much at first, but it'll develop and develop rather quickly. I'd ask people to take this in bit of a serious manner. How your characters react is entirely up to you, but the more complex: the better.

    Well, that about covers it for now. If anyone has questions, concerns or suggestions, then post below! Let me know if anyone is interested, thanks so much!

    - Cynder
  2. Hmmm this seems very intriguing indeed... I have a few ideas in mind, but just a quick question, would it be alright if we added non-cannon characters to this crossover? (they're based in the universe of a book, movie, anime etc but they're our own "custom" ones) Just to clear that up before I make an CS o-o
  3. You know I'm interested. >:I
  4. Sounds cool. Will you be asking for character bios or written pieces before the RP begins?
  5. I'm honestly speechless right now, I'm shocked I got so much interest in such little time!

    Anyway, for a few answers to your questions:

    @york - Absolutely! Original characters or fan characters are entirely allowed. I know there's a lot of suspicion involving them since a majority are "godmodders", but I guarantee you that I'm going to royally screw up on the canon characters I'm picking. Entirely welcomed and I'll have more in the OOC itself once it's time.

    @GreatSalmon - I feel like everywhere I go, I'll always run into you when it comes to these Crossovers. Welcome aboard!

    @ShiningMist - I'll be looking for character biographies on the OOC once it is up. I won't be asking for writing samples, since I know it's a pain, but it is entirely optional if you wish to present one. It may actually be beneficial to anyone in nature who is unsure whether or not they'll accurately play their character.

    Hope those answers your questions, glad to have your interest! I'll see how much more activity this gets while I finish the OOC. If you have any more questions, please, keep asking! I'll be glad to clarify anything you'd like.
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