BodyGuard / Personal Guard Seeking Employment

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  1. The title says it all, though if you want the character, and his information, It can be found either on my character page on here, ooorrr, you can find A direct link somewhere here.


    I prefer a partner of a more... Advanced level of writing, though I can easily work with anything from semi-para, to novella style writing.
  2. If I may inquire, what sort of role play are you looking for exactly?
  3. As far as what I will, and won't play? the only things I can think of, that wouldn't suit this character, would be slice-of-life, and things like old-time fantasy. But Hey, I'm pretty adaptable.
  4. Just wanted to say, I love your website! I'm really feeling it and I can tell how much heart you put into it. I've made many different sites for my characters, but yours is beautiful.
  5. Thankya' Kindly, Justice. I appreciate it. I'll have to give some of your characters a read, sometime.
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  6. Ah, I haven't found much partners to RP with and slowly I feel my creatively is losing its touch. My own heart, feels lost to create characters lately. Hence, my own newly site isn't no where near what it should be. I felt so dishearted when Yahoo took theirs down, I create my own buttons and everything long time ago. :P Thank ye anyways.
Thread Status:
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