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  1. The eve before Halloween a portal opens in a cemetery and a hooded barefoot figure steps forth. In his hands is a leather bound book which he strokes lovingly with slender fingers. There is only one witness to this event and that is the groundskeeper. The poor man, he trembles and drops his trash bag, its contents spilling onto his feet. There is only one priority in this man's eyes and that is to go to the police.


    But the groundskeeper finds that he cannot move. His feet are permanently glued to the dirt, and yet he struggles to get away. The man screams as the figure advances with his book raised. The moonlight allows the groundskeeper to see the figure's pale lips and they barely move as he whispers,
    "You don't look like a hero, but I can't have you running off and telling people. Not yet."
    The figure mutters an incantation and the groundskeeper's lips are sealed. In the morning when the first visitors arrive, they would find him asleep standing up and unable to speak a word.

    The Estern Manor, owned by the Reeth family, has a tradition of throwing a Halloween party for their friends and family. The gathering is a small one, but the family ensures that the house is properly decorated. The Victorian style home -already painted in black, grey and white - gets decorated with cobwebs upon its doors and windows, a fog machine is set up in the yard alongside mock gravestones, and a giant cauldron sits in the middle of the entryway for apple bobbing.


    Mason Reeth, the family's only son has invited all of his closest friends to the party with specific instructions to come in full costume.

    And come they did, dressed to scare and impress. For several hours they partied and danced the night away, drinking and sharing stories of their career while a hooded man enters the manor. Of course in a costume party it is hard for anyone to look suspicious. The man walks down the entry hall, past the cauldron with apples and into the room where Jonathan and his friends sit, merrily chatting away.

    The man shuts the door quietly and locks it.

    "Excuse me, but what are you doing?" asks Mason.

    Underneath his hood the man sneers. Darkness falls upon the group, where they lay on the ground writhing. The man opens another portal which he steps through but leaves open. Through the haze of agony they hear the man say,

    "If you wish to be human again I suggest you step through."

    And he disappears into its depths.
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  2. The Story So Far...
    A mysterious hooded man has entered the Reeth Manor during its traditional Halloween party. He locks up Mason and his friends in a room and takes his leave through a portal - but not without casting a very powerful spell. Whatever costume the partygoers came dressed as they became. A vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, these would be their new forms. All of the weaknesses and benefits of these 'fictional' races would be theirs, including their powers.
    There are no windows in this room and the lock on the door is magically sealed. The only way out is through the portal this sorcerer created... And it is through this portal can this group of friends find their humanity.

    1. Only one species can exist in this game. I will not double up on werewolves, vampires, etc. This is to ensure that players are creative and to ensure that the party has a variety of powers.

    2. You cannot play a creature that you made up yourself or a character from a Hollywood film or comic book. Basically I don't want anyone running around as Captain America or the Hulk. It kinda kills the fantasy feeling. I'm looking for fairies, witches, banshees, werewolves, demons, angels etc. Character sheets must be approved by me before you can play. If you are unsure about the character, ask me in the thread.

    3. You must abide by the weakness and powers of your species. If you are a werewolf this means that you can be killed by a silver bullet and change during the full moon. In contrast, you are also super strong, have a strong sense of smell and love rare steaks. (I'd imagine they love rare steaks right...?)

    4. Characters are in their mid twenties and older. Most of them have a career path, and perhaps some are starting a family.

    5. I will take control of the plot and characters only if I need to progress the story. If there is a lull point or someone hasn't posted, I will move the rp along. I will sometimes narrate your character into my GM post. Please be okay with this before you commit to this roleplay.

    6. This is an Adventure Type roleplay so be willing to work together with your party. Don't play the loner or badass character who doesn't like to talk to people. Remember, you all close friends for a reason.

    7. I will be accepting a LIMITED number of profiles. I want this to be a small group.

    8. Please give me your best writing. In return I promise to make this a wonderful, fun filled game for everyone to enjoy.

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance (not human picture!):
    What did you come to the party dressed as:
    What are your character's powers?:
    What are your character's weaknesses?:
    How did you meet Mason?
    How do you meet the others? (optional, can be edited on as you see other profiles):
  3. I would love to join, but I cannot lost a CS sheet as of right now. I will as soon as possible, which should be later today. Awesome idea, great setup, and is this based off of a movie or book?
  4. Name: Mason Reeth
    Age: 28
    Appearance (not human picture!): [​IMG]
    He does not have the sword and armor.
    What did you come to the party dressed as: a lizard man. More than likely Mason got the idea from a video game.
    What are your character's powers?: Stealthy, agile, tough skin that can withstand small scratches and cuts, sharp teeth, night vision
    What are your character's weaknesses?: He gets tremendously weak during the night hours since he is now cold blooded. He cannot eat any vegetables for some reason, only meat. He also has a tendency to overheat as well so temperature control is a huge must for him. He is a light fellow which means a big brute of a person could possibly kill him.
    History: Mason Reeth was bring into wealth, his mother being a lawyer, his father a pharmacist. He always had a cushy life until his parents told him that they wouldn't be buying for his college education. Completely thrown off by this statement, Mason began working to pay off his college education where he worked towards becoming a doctor. Unfortunately Mason relied heavily on loans instead of working and while he is not a certified family doctor, he has a mountain of debt to look forward to. He is slightly bitter towards his parents about this.
    Towards his friends who are happier and well off with their lives, Mason is secretly jealous. He has remained single through all these years although he hoped that being a doctor would have scored him some points with the ladies. Alas nothing has come from this and he is committed to a bachelor's life for the rest of his days.
    How did you meet Mason? Does not apply
    How do you meet the others? (optional, can be edited on as you see other profiles):
  5. The inspiration for this came from Halloween Town Kalibar's Revenge if you know the movie. ^.~
  6. Character Sheet:
    Name: Clara Grace Reeth
    Age: 26
    Appearance (not human picture!): image.jpg
    What did you come to the party dressed as: Cat, well cat girl
    What are your character's powers?: Claws, incredible jumping ability, silently able to stalk anything, night vision, contortions, climbing
    What are your character's weaknesses?: Hates water and canines. A little bit too much love for a certain mint, called cat nip. Any of this can turn her into a full fledge feline.

    History: Clara was the surprise child to aged parents who's other children were nearly grown, so in many respects she was raised as an only child. Being closer to age to her cousins then her own siblings she has a tighter bond to Mason then anyone else in the family. Much time was spent visiting her aunt, uncle and cousins during holidays and events.

    When she grew up and went to college she chose to pursue a business degree, that is until she discovered theater. No, she didn't become an actor, she wanted to direct! Her change in majors shocked nearly everyone she knew, but damn if she isn't good. After school she has been keeping busy lining up one play after another. Her next goal, writing!

    How did you meet Mason? He's her cousin! <3
    How do you meet the others? Vincent is her longtime boyfriend, much to Mason's cringe.
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  7. Familiar. I haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure I've heard of it, because the plot idea sounded so familiar, haha.
    Well, great job!
  8. Name: Vincent McCoy

    Age: 26 years old

    Appearance (not human picture!):
    Show Spoiler

    What did you come to the party dressed as: A big bad werewolf.

    What are your character's powers?: Enhanced physical senses; super strength; claws and teeth; the ability to shift into a wolf, human, or wolf-human hybrid form

    What are your character's weaknesses?: As a werewolf, Vincent is weak against silver in all its forms but can be killed with a silver bullet. He can only transform during the full moon.

    History: Vincent is an only child whose parents divorced and eventually remarried to form new families. Fortunately, by that time, he was out of school and living on his own. He's known ____ as long as he's known Mason and for awhile only thought of her as a "pesky girl."

    In school, he was a great athlete but an average student. He received a football scholarship to

    How did you meet Mason? He and Mason have been friendly rivals ever since grade school.

    How do you meet the others? (optional, can be edited on as you see other profiles): He has a relationship with Mason's cousin and it's been serious for several months now.
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  9. I love Halloween town lol
  10. Got it!

    Name: Violet
    Age: 24
    Appearance (open)
    Wings (open)

    What did you come to the party dressed as: A demon.
    What are your character's powers?: Pyrokinesis (Controls fire), she can be very manipulative.
    What are your character's weaknesses?: Salt, Water, Iron
    History: Violet grew up an only child. She excelled at school in science, theater, and english. She grew up to be a successful low-level actor. She's not too famous, as she doesn't usually go for the front stage actors, but she gets a good enough salary from it.
    How did you meet Mason: At high school, they shared a few classes.
    How do you meet the others: One of Mason's parties. She was invited, she met his other friends and relatives and she got along with them fairly easily. She met Sarah at school too, and they're friends too. =)
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  11. Hm, link for your appearance is broken Silver.
  12. Name:Vendet


    Appearance (not human picture!):

    What did you come to the party dressed as:Vampire

    What are your character's powers?:more charming, more attractive to its prey.also is
    faster, stronger, and harder to kill. He can read the surface thoughts, intentions and emotions of people around him but it comes in brakes and glimpses

    What are your character's weaknesses?: he is more vulnerable to magical objects.he has to drink blood every now and then. In the day light he doesn't crumble to ash but he can't read the surface thoughts of people around him. He has to leave objects in perfect order.This means that scattering bird seed on the ground can potentially delay him as he stops to count it. But be warned he counts as quickly as he moves so mostly this will just give you time to duck before his next try to kill you.he also has to ask permission to enter someone's house but doesn't need to ask permission to leave and considers permission granted for every other time he comes back.

    History: He grew up with Mason in school they had similar friends but not all the same. Vendet was an athlete he excelled in Math and History
    In high school Vendet and his brother had a few classes together. Vender goofed around in those classes and was a sarcastic at times. He is on leave from the military and is visiting his brother and friends on Halloween.

    How did you meet Mason? He is Masons brother

    How do you meet the others? (optional, can be edited on as you see other profiles): Meant them through Mason and got along great

    Attached Files:

  13. I can accept two more character profiles.

    Angel, elf, and fairy are still open if anyone is interested in those. You can also choose something else.
  14. Who are you Zen??
  15. Ne'er mind I just looked back over the characters

  16. Name: Sarah Alder

    Age: 26

    What did you come to the party dressed as: a Ghost from the Victorian era

    What are your character's powers?: invisibility, can float through walls, walk in the air, technically can not be killed (ghosts are already dead).

    What are your character's weaknesses?: Can Not eat drink or sleep, Can Not touch anything at all, basically useless in any and all combat scenarios (unless the enemy can be distracted)

    History: Sarah is the oldest of three sisters. Her parents run a local Bar and Grille and Sarah went to school for a MBA in hope of someday helping them. because they were small business owners there wasn't a lot of money for college (especially with two younger sisters who had dreams of their own) and Sarah got through mostly on academic and soccer scholarships. she also worked part time.

    Sarah graduated in the top 10% of her class and She now helps her mother manage the the restaurant, and does the accounts and records keeping for her father who is the head chief. The Grille is now flourishing.

    Having always thought of her friends as family she's kept tabs with everyone over the years and she jumps at any chance to get together with them. She has also had several relationships over the years, but none of them were very serious or lasted very long. Her last real date was nearly three years ago. School and then work mostly got in the way.

    She’s also an avid soccer fan.

    How did you meet Mason? She’s attended the same school as he has since they were children.

    How did you meet the others?: Sarah has been in the same class with Vincent since grade school. She met Clara through him. Sarah knows Violet and Vendet from high school.
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  17. Awesome, was wondering if someone would come as a ghost.
  18. Good, I was hoping a ghost would be acceptable :)
    I went back and fleshed out Sarah's history a bit.
  19. Name: Riley Croft
    Age: 26
    Appearance (not human picture!):[​IMG]
    What did you come to the party dressed as: Fairy
    What are your character's powers?: As a fairy, Riley has command over light allowing her to cast vivid illusions. She can create fairy dust, allowing others to fly and objects to levitate. Her talons also carry a powerful poison, a good scratch will cause temporary paralysis in a human though its effectiveness on other creatures is unknown.
    What are your character's weaknesses?: Being only eight inches tall, Riley is very fragile and is easily detained by most common containers. Having never flown before, Riley isn’t the most graceful when it comes to flight just yet.
    History: The Crofts are your basic nuclear family, her parents are both still together and she has a younger brother who she loves dearly but wishes would grow up. Her father owns a construction company and her mother is one of those free spirits who has a new job every other month and throws lavish parties. Riley currently has a Bachelors in English and recently decided that she wishes to be a teacher. She is in the process of getting her teaching certificate and works as a TA at the local High School; the same school she went to when she was younger.
    How did you meet Mason? Riley’s father was hired to do some work on the Reeth estate back when she was a child. She tagged along with him frequently and came to be friends with the Reeth brothers. She lived only a short bike ride away and so they played together frequently.

    How do you meet the others? (optional, can be edited on as you see other profiles):
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