Body Language, the Universal Comunication

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  1. So, today I was writing up a post for a Rp and it came ot me how much body language I was writing. Then the thought occured to me that earlier this month the Institute had a lot on "Showing the inormation and not telling it." then of course I realized that body language is a splendid way to do such.

    How do you guys feel about the body language you write. Do you think you ignore it? Do it enough, do it too much. Do you find that the language you write doesn't convey the meaning of what you're wanting. Better yet, do you feel you onvey the meaning you wanted because you understood body language.
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  2. I have a bad habit to rely on internal dialogue (thoughts) and speech to convey how my characters are feeling, instead of showing it through body language.

    I do think body language is a better way though (Show, don't tell!) It's always better if your reader can figure out for themselves whether a character is happy, nervous, angry, sad, restless, bored, frustrated, or excited, instead of you having to tell them outright.

    I'm trying to challenge myself not to use mood words in my post; I want to try forcing myself to communicate emotions without saying "He said, angrily" "She was frustrated." "he smiled, happy at the news", etc.
  3. I am like minibit and tent to lean a lot on inner dialogue. But I loooove body language and I am trying to include it more in my character writing. O___O These little things like hand fidgeting, shuffing feet, arms crossing, fussing with stuff on tables... it can really express mood and atmosphere SUPER well.
  4. I used to incorporate a lot of body language in my posts, but found that the emotions and thoughts of my characters weren't being interpreted well. My partners would recognize that the emotions and their signals were there, but always seemed to need to ask what exact emotion I was trying to convey. So my writing has changed to include less body language and more facial expression + inner dialogue.
  5. Might just mean you need more practice! People fidget when they're nervous, and when they're bored, excited, or uncomfortable. It can be hard to choose which kinds of body language to choose to convey a certain emotion; the things the character says and the vocabulary they use can also be important. I try to practice by watching movies and people, and noting what they do with their face, hands, arms, and body movements when they feel a certain way. I even find it helpful to keep a notebook with different emotions, and lists under them of what people do when they feel that way.

    You can always give your character a telltale habit, too! A lot of people have habits like giggling when they're nervous, or chewing their nails. Some people 'bounce' their weight from foot to foot when they're excited, etc.

    We should have a resource on here for this kind of thing...