Boarding School Romance

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  1. Students go to a Religious borading school, the school is mixed with both boys and girls but the rules of the school are strict, no kissing, no dating and certainly no sex before marriage, something that is frowned upon in a strict school like this, a certain uniform set for both girls and boys. Girls uniform is a blue skirt that is meant to be at knee length, with a white shirt, blue tie to go with the skirt and a navy blue jumper. The guys uniform is black trousers, white shirt, blue tie, navy blue jumper and a blazer.

    The new year is starting for all the students at the boarding school and everyone is getting ready to go again for the whole time until another Summer or Christmas when they can go home.

    Alannah Grey

    Alannah was a girl in the boarding school that didn't really stick to the rules that often, her skirt was never knee length and was nearly to her tighs and her hair wasn't exactly her natural brunette colour hair and was a red colour, she was always told off for having her hair the red it was but she always said if they was willing to pay for it to be taken out then she would do it and that shut them up. She had dark brown eyes and another rule she broke, was she wore make-up that was noticeable. She was also into sport and a girl that was actually friendly to anyone if they where friendly to her and was a really nice girl.

    Alannah was in shorts and a crop top as she was dropped off at the boarding school a smile grew on her face as she knew she would see her brest friend, her room mate that was like a sister to her and she has been room mate with her since they first started here together and she would tell her best friend anything. She got her suitcases out and waited for her friend to come.

    Jaxon (Jackson) Hale

    Jaxon was a big bully, a guy that was mean to anyone but he loved being mean mainly to the younger years, telling them who is boss and he loves playing pranks on them as well, he just was a guy that on the outside acted like he was all tough, a bully and a mean guy but on the inside is hiding a guy that isn't really that mean and is a pretty good guy but he doesn't ever show that side and he hasn't since he had come to this boarding school. He had a toned body seeing as he loved playing sport and was on the Lacross boys team, a captin for that matter. He had bright blue eyes and blonde/brunette coloured hair.

    Yeah Jaxon was pleased about going back to the boarding school and seeing his mates again and plus he didn't really get on with his parents, the reason why he was sent here in the first place, to get him to do as he was told at home and what made it worse was it was a religous boarding school and he knew how strict they where here but hey, what did he care he still didn't do as he was told. He got out of the car and taking his cases with him before just walking away from the car, not even bothering to say bye to his parents.
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    Jenna Leonals
    She is a real goodie. But few really know her. She can be so cruel and evil the devil would be ashamed.
    She wears the same make-up all the time that people forget that she is even wearing any. The school hates her because she is a gay-pride activist and keeps protesting that homosexuality should be welcomed. She believes that everyone in the world is bi-sexual...
    She has 3 brothers who love her but annoy her a lot. But since she is away from home they cry on the phone.
    She loves cooking. But does it for very few. She loves helping people but she can also destroy someone with words. There was once a case where someone in her school hit her brother. She then took them aside and no body really knows what happened but the guy simply ran away from her each time he saw her.

    Ryan Monroe
    You know him. You must love and hate him. He gets everything the way he wants it. He is just so laid back
    He can just be that angel boy and cry and beg and get anything he wants! The school has no idea what a dick he is. They believe he is really an angel boy because of his looks. He gets his bitch ass friends out of trouble too. He is a master cheater. His parents aren't around much but think he is a sweet innocent boy... who secretly slept with many girl and loves being a jerk. He got extra popular since One Direction became popular and he looks like Harry Styles
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    Alannah was very close to Jenna and yeah okay maybe Jenna was the school hater but she still loved her friend because she was like a sister to her, she would actually do anything for her and that included in sometimes helping her protest, which didn't normally do very well with the school being religious and homosexuality not exactly allowed as God made humans to be man and girl so they can reproduce, not male/male or female/female but male/female. She sighed as she leaned against the entrance to the school and got out her phone and gave Jenna a text. Jen whre are you beautiful! i miss you like hell, i'll meet you in our room- Al x

    Jaxon knew the guy that pretended to be the 'angel' of the school and always got what he wanted, he only knew him because they where actually pretty close and had the same friends as each other, so he knew exactly what the guy was like, cocky and stuck up, simply a guy who got any girl he wanted and no doubt had, had sex with them as well, even if it wasn't allowed in the school. "Ryan! get your angel butt over here" he called to him as he waited, he had found out that his room mate had swapped dorms, of course it was his fault, he bullied the kid and now he was stuck with Ryan in his room.
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    Jenna reads the text. *smiles* *texts back* Sorry babe. Can't! If you go to the roof you can see me! She was in the middle of a strike standing right infront of the local church with a bunch of gay people and atheists. Suddenly makes out with a lonely lesbian girl right in front of all the religious people. They start praying and yell at her what a sinner she is!

    *angle expression* "Isn't it great, buddy? We are now in the same room!" He does a very babyish voice. Added by his famous signature 'I am a good boy' eyes.
    Then he breaks the act. "Sorry. Just don't fucking bitch with me in the mornings."
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    Alannah looked at the text on her phone back from her friend and rolled her eyes, typical Jenna but didn't text her back as she went to through the doors and glanced at the two guys and knew who they where, Jaxon the school bully and also Ryan who she knew exactly wasn't an angel at all. She raised her eyebrow at Ryan as she went past and looked back at him "Ryan you really need to drop that act, jerk" she said and winked at him before making her way up to her and Jenna's room and put her suitcases on the bed before making her way to the roof to see what Jenna was going on about

    Jaxon raised an eyebrow at him and rolled his eyes "Dude why do you even put on that act? but yeah we do now share a room so move it" he said and rolled his eyes "No problem bro, i'm not a morning person either, you don't mess me with then i won't mess with you" he said before looking at Alannah and looking her up and down "And i see you still haven't managed to get ino Alannah's pants yet and dude, you so have to she is hot but i'll tell you who i love to mess around with if Jenna"
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    Jenna spends more hours of countless yelling and screaming and everything. She ran back before the school teachers came. She runs into the bedroom. "Hey there my cookie!" Yells to you
    "My wings and halo are useful. Very useful! Don't worry. I do the look for chicks and teachers. And Al? Please. She likes acting all tough and shit. But she ain't that tough. I will torture her using others, then be a helping hand. Then BOOM! That bitch will be on her knees!"
  7. Alannah just stayed in their room and putting her clothes and uniform away in her draws and making sure her bed was made and everything else before looking at Jenna when she came in and she laughed "Hey gorgeous" she said smiling a wide grin and hugged her best friend "How was your summer holiday?" she asked smiling a wide grin.

    Jaxon laughed at him "Well it sure enough does work for you on the other hand i prefer to just bully people" he said with a smirk and laughed "So what do you plan on doing with Alannah then because seriously, she seems tough and i best she even is on the inside, you will have to work your butt off to get into her pants Ry" he said as he started walking towards their room.
  8. *air kisses* "My day was so boring! I kissed a girl. Got hit by a nun. Had a group of grandmas' praying that I would stay away. Took of my shirt and almost look of my bra. So boring." *laughs* "Hey, sweetie. Can I ask for a small favor? At the end of the month there will be a major show down at the City Hall. They may pass this state to accept gay marriage. Usually I don't ask you to join me. But here numbers matter. So can I count on you to be screaming and kissing for the pride of millions of people who love one another?" She gets on her knees and hugs your feet. "Oh please! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!"

    "Look, man, the tougher they act, the more things piss them off. Daddy issues. Didn't get a present as a kid. Had a broken leg and not enough attention. All that baby hit is still in there like a scar. And a scar is the easiest skin to cut!" He laughs at his own 'wisdom' and is just proud of himself. "So don't worry. I will bang her good. She may even come crawling back."
  9. Alannah giggled at what Jenna said and shook her head "Well did you enjoy kissing that girl and getting hit by a nun? and you almost took off your bra? well that isn't something i have seen before i never thought you would nearly take your bra off" she said laughing before nodding "Yeah you can ask me anything you want" she said smiling and raised an eyebrow at what she said and sighed "So you want me to come with you and, gah fine but you owe me for doing this and more for the kissing part because i know you mean to kiss girls" she said as she looked at Jenna hugging her legs "Yes, yes i'll do it"

    Jaxon held his hands up "Alright, whatever you say 'Angel', whatever you say and maybe you can bang her that hard that she comes back to you" he said with a smile as he went to their door "And you know, you better start now because their room is next door to us and Alannah with defiently be in there but be careful, she also has a lacross stick in there, you should check her out playing lacross, you can check her out a bit"
  10. Jenna jumps up! "YAY~! Thank you so much! We may finally achieve gay marriage here! I can't wait!" She does a random twirl around the room. "I will do anything you want sugar!" She jumps on the bad and hugs a pillow

    "I'd rather check her out in the showers. Rrrrr~!" He then fixes up his hair and sprays Axe all over himself
  11. Alannah laughed as she jumped up and nodded "No problem at all, sisters help each other so i'll help you with this and hope it gets somewhere" she said smiling and laughed as she twirled around "MMmm i'll have to think of something"

    Jaxon laughed and shrugged "Or you can try and check her out in the shower, whatever you wish" he said laughing.