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  1. Welcome Freak, magician, ninja, martial artist, mage, witch, marksman or any other individual with ability, skills or magic that has military application.
    The gates of the new Boarding School of Freaks are now open for you!
    Founded by United Corporation, the largest corporation in our grand multiverse of the IDS, this grand complex now is prepared to accept more students then ever before thanks to a new campus which is able to host up to a million of students at once.
    Yes a brand new campus has been built for the current and future needs of the school. Located on a plain 25 kilometers from the capital city of Aleurian Kingdom, Itasia the campus covers almost a square kilometer of land.
    Contact the nearest United Corporation office or Aleurian embassy for more information about BSoF and how to enroll into it. Alternately go to dim.uc/doedu/bsof. Thank you for listening to this promotional message from UC!

    Info (open)

    IDS (Inter-Dimensional Space) - The infinite multiverse that is made up of every possible reality called Unique Dimensional Possibility or just Dimension for short.

    Post Dimensional Society (PDS) - A wast economical and political union of countries that developed ways to travel throughout

    Untied Corporation (UC) - The most influential and powerful corporation of the PDS and a military superpower. Its owner and founder is the mysterious and powerful Traveler.

    Aleurian Kingdom (ALEK) - A country which has been the home of UC from its infancy thanks to strong ties between the royal family and UC's owner.

    Freak - A Freak is a person that has non-magical abilities that one's race should not have. Most Freaks have a single ability, although there are four known cases of a Freak with two abilities.

    Boarding School of Freaks (BSoF) - First started as a school dedicated to training Freaks, but as mages and others adapted to be able to fight Freaks on equal ground the school opened its doors to anyone that could pass a combat test. BSoF was the first school for Freaks as well as the first such school to adapt to the new abilities of mages and others.
    The special thing about BSoF is the ranking system - every student has a rank that can be gained by battles with other students. At certain time intervals, usually end of each semester a certain amount of students bellow a certain rank would automatically fail the year and promptly sent back home.
    As the amount of people with skills to enter BSoF rose the free space in the dorms of the school decreased and a new campus was erected near Itasia.

    Summary of Info: A school for all sorts of people with powers, skills or abilities that can be used in combat and with a ranking system based on battles in a science fantasy multiverse setting.

    Boarding School of Freaks
    Enrollment Form


    Previous School and Study Program:
    Background Information:
    Psychological Profile:
    Study Program:

    Combat Data
    Non-magic skills:
    Magic skills:
    Freak/Racial Ability(s):
    Other equipment:

    Please attach all needed documents including:
    an identification document, document(s) proving at least ten years of finished school programs, a proof of scholarship or that the two hundred and fifty thousand Credits for the first Semester have been paid, and the enrollment test has been passed.
    For non-adult students a certified document proving allowance from parent(s)/guardian(s) is required.
    For those who are outside of the UC Free Passport Zone a Passport and Education Stay Permit from the Aleurian Kingdom are required.

    This form and all its magical, digital or physical copies are property of Unite CorporationTM.
    Copyright protected by the InterDimensional Court of Law and Aleuria Kingdom.​

    Explanation of the form (open)

    Name: The name of the character.
    Surname: The surname/family name of the character.
    Race: The race/species of the character. A race creation sheet can be found on the OOC thread. If you plan using a race for an existing setting like Sayans for Dragon Ball or Mutants from the Fallout universe then put a link to an appropriate Wiki page.
    Age: The age of the character. In the PDS even humans can easily leave for millions of years. For this reason put the actual age of the character down here.
    Gender: The physical sex of the character. In most cases will be female or male. For special cases put info under race and here put which sex the character identifies itself with.
    Picture: A picture of the character. If you can't find one that fits the character then put a description.

    Previous School and Study Program: Make up a school program that the character went to before BSoF. If you ain't sure about putting a program or can't get an idea for one there is always the option of PMing me or asking on the OOC.
    Background Information: A short history of your character, like from where he is, what is his family background and so on.
    Psychological Profile: The personality of the character. His goals, values, moral grounds and so on.
    Study Program: Make up a school program which the character will be studying. Again posting in the OOC or PMing me are both an option. Also some examples: Inter-Dimensional Physics, Theoretical Magic of IDS, Spaceship Design, Xenobiology.

    Combat Data
    Non-magic skills: Skills that don't use magic, like martial arts, marksmanship and so on. You can "borrow" those from fiction, but link to an appropriate Wiki article.
    Magic skills: Skills based on magic, including spells. Again if borrowing from works of fiction link to Wiki article.
    Freak/Racial Ability(s): The abilities that ones has as a Freak or due to being a member of a certain race. For example that would be transformation abilities of demons or the telepathic abilities of the Vulcans from Star Trek. Give a explanation and limits for this abilities.
    Weapons: Any weapons that the character uses often or that are his signature/favorite ones.
    Other equipment: Any other equipment that the character might commonly use like nanobot-manipulation equipment or body armor.

    CURRENTLY YOU MAY POST UP TO THREE ENROLLMENT REQUESTS (basically don't overload me the GM with to much enrollment reuqests at once). THE RP WILL NOT HAVE A LIMIT ON NUMBER OF CHARACTERS YOU CAN HAVE!

    LINK TO OOC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Boarding School of Freaks OOC
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  2. Name: Isabella

    Surname: lavenza

    Race: nightmare

    Age: 29



    Previous School and Study Program: photography

    Background Information: to be entered soon

    Psychological Profile: to be entered in soon

    Study Program: shadow fighting

    Combat Data
    Non-magic skills: master of melee combat, marksman, master of jujitsu, ninjutsu
    Magic skills: most of her powers come from her being a nightmare

    Freak/Racial Ability(s): control over shadow's and darkness.
    Also Called
    • Blackness Control/Manipulation
    • Darkness/Shadow Element Control
    • Darkness Control
    • Erebokinesis
    • Obtenebration
    • Shadow Bending/Control/Manipulation
    • Umbrakinesis
    • Umbragenesis
    User can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows, etc.

    The ability to pull ones fears to life
    The ability to feed off the fears of others
    Her abilities weaken with any form of heavenly light
    Often the darkness she controls pulls her away from her humanity
    Dual swords

    Dual revolvers

    Throwing stars

    Other equipment:
    Her car's
    image.jpg image.jpg

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  3. Not bad. But for now I need students not teachers. As soon as we have enough students we can talk about adding theachers as well. I will not discuss the CS in detail for now as I see no need for that (and I will make a blank sheet for school staff when we gather enough students anyways). If possible make a student (or two [or three, there is no limit on character to player ratio as long as you can keep track of all of them]).
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  4. Got it ill put up a student or too some time tomorrow and ill leave her there for when the teacher time comes.
  5. Eagerly waiting for that character(s)! Also hoping that more roleplayers join us soon!
  6. hey sorry i got really busy today ill have them up tomorrow promise
  7. Name: Annabel

    Surname: smith

    Race: reaper

    Age: 8

    Gender: female


    Previous School and Study Program: high school suprisingly

    Background Information: tbr

    Psychological Profile: crazed, insane, blood thirsty, sometimes innocent and a true child

    Study Program: dark arts

    Combat Data
    Non-magic skills:

    Magic skills:
    Freak/Racial Ability(s): ability to morph her self into demented and horrific creatures, ability to teleport using shadows, the ability to manipulate the light and create illusions
    Sword (one in the picture)
    Other equipment:
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  8. I also made my other one a student
  9. First; I appreciate that you took time to make the sheets.
    Second; your sheets are really lacking in content and detail. Thankfully what you have is two bases with space of improvement.

    Now to point what you should pay attention to ...
    A blank race sheet was added to the OOC under the Races tab ... make one for your race when you get time. POST IT IN THE OOC.
    Hm, I get the basic idea but please define the abilities a bit more. Note how precise and how large of a shadow/darkness can she control. As for the power to pull out fears, can it be resisted and if yes how? For the next part when you mean feed do you mean taking energy or magic power? And can she fear on any fear or just the ones she pulled out? Then about being weak to heavenly light are you referring to light magic or divine power (all power which streams from a deity). The darkness influences her personality? That is weird, most racial abilities don't do that, with one exception being those that stream from a powerful curse.
    If she is a student she will hardly have a car. And also most "cars" in the IDS are hovering and flying not driving on the ground. And not like she needs one anyways. The campus is well connected to the nearby city with public transport.
    To young. I didn't note it specifically but as stated in the Enrollment Form one needs to complete ten years of education to enroll BSoF.
    See above. Most BSoF students at least finished a six year elementary and four years of middle school.
    Not a skill, just a trait. No need to note it.
    Again a bit lacking in detail and explanation. How many transformations does she have? Her ability to teleport with shadows - how far can she teleport? How fast is this teleport - instant or there is a short delay? Her ability to manipulate light - what kind of manipulation can she do? Can she change the intensity of light beams? Concentrate them in one place? Bend them away from her? How are the illusions carted? How detailed are they? What are their limits.

    Finally both of your characters lack a history and the first has no personality data while the second has only a few words written down. Add a history - talk about their early childhood, their family, their early school years and late childhood. Tell how your characters faced their teenage years and later school. Basically write down all that they did until now to and what lead them to becoming who they are. As for personality, it doesn't need to be long but at least make it into sentences and add a few words about her favorite or hated food, color, thing or so long. Mention personal quirks or emotional scars. Basically make your character appear like an actual person. If you need a example of a sheet for a similar setting check out this OOC: 7th Tokyo Shinmeiryuu School.

    Well take your time in fleshing out those two characters. After no need to rush. For now you are the only person to show interest in the RP~
  10. Yeah I'm sorry for all the mistakes I'm on a first generation iPod so it's hard as hell to go into true detail without it crashing safari
  11. Okay. But do work on improving the sheets when you get on a PC okay?
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  12. Still need roleplayers fro this...

    @daniel reaver I hope you improve those sheets sometime soon. Also you should probably post the race sheet for your other race to (and if you want add more info to the existing one).
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  13. Yo, this isnt baskerville but kuroku, i decided that ill join the rp. as for the character sheet gamer pick a type

    let me know when your back on skype per usual to discuss that, ill be back around 7pm eastern
  14. Gamer ill make them better soon. sorry i have lacrosse alot so i have troubles getting on
  15. It's okay. Just work on them when you get the time. Not like there is a huge rush for you to do it~

    Glad you are here with us Kuro!
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  16. Name: Jenny
    Surname: Shara
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Previous School and Study Program: High School
    Background Information: Jenny is from a wealthy family but they were also a secret clan of ninjas. She was trained to be a ninja and this was mainly because she was so good at hiding it. Her cute and shy appearance always hid that she was secretly a cold hearted killer. As a young child she was already training on prisoners of her family to master the arts of ninjitsu. She became one of the youngest but best ninja's and wanted to be trained even further. For this she found a boarding school. Her parents paid for her enrollment and gave a her a whole suitcase of money. She traveled to the school to now continue her training and studies there and also to make friends
    Psychological Profile: Cute and shy when she acts normal but cold hearted, crazy and dangerous when she lets her disguise fall off
    Study Program: Ninjitsu

    Combat Data
    Non-magic skills: Very acrobatic, can become very quiet
    Magic skills: Invisibility, shadow teleportation, creating katana's and throwing stars
    Freak/Racial Ability(s): None
    Weapons: She has a magic katana which she creates with her magic of course
    Other equipment: Smoke bombs, flash grenades, sleeping gas

    Please attach all needed documents including: (what do I fill in here?)
  17. Which High School? Since we are talking about a Ninja so guess she is from Earth or one of its colonies.
    Please point out from where is she exactly from, at least in terms of country/planet. Also you could give more details about her family, previous life and so on if you can/want.
    Nothing, that part its primary to make the thing look like an actual enrollment form and to point out that one must finish at least 10 years of education, be a citizen of the Post-Dimensional Society and other stuff.

    Ah if you want to add more info to your character feel free to PM me the CS and we can talk!
  18. I'll just edit what you asked me to and it should be fine
    But gimme a little while as I am busy with school things
  19. Don't worry. I am still waiting for @daniel reaver to do the edits to his own chracters ....
  20. Hey i edited my first character a good amount
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