Boarding School for the Abnormal

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  1. A few teachers, who happen to be human, decide to take on a challenge. Their challenge is to try to survive two years working at a school full of mythical creatures and demigods. These students all have instincts that will get the better of them and so the teachers all have assistants that will help them with these random fits the students have. These students are wild and dangerous so you will need a lot of patience and guts to work at this school
    There are a few rules the teachers have to go by:

    1. No falling in love with a student or any romantic relationships with a student. (someone will break this. Yes, this is going to have Student x Teacher relationships and Student x Student relationships.)
    2. No trying to escape the campus. Someone will find you and the end result won't be pretty.
    3. Be considerate of each and every student. They're all completely different.
    4. Control your emotions and how you act.
    5. Don't lay a hand on the students no matter how hard this could be.
    6. No outside communication. We don't want to risk the world finding out about these creatures.
    7. No outside visitors.
    8. No outside condiments, food, drink, etc.
    9. The trips to town are every 2-3 months so pack quantities of what you need.
    10. Once a season, you are allowed to visit family, friends, etc but do NOT disclose any information about the school or students.
    Here are the roles you can pick from:
    • Headmaster/Headmistress: Cephalo
    • Teacher 1: AmerillaRose
    • Teacher 2: CelestialCellar
    • Teacher 3:
    • Teacher 4:
    • Assistant 1:
    • Assistant 2:
    • Assistant 3:
    • Assistant 4:
    • Mythical being 1: Alexa
    • Mythical being 2: Jessica2477
    • Mythical being 3: RainDash
    • Mythical being 4: Cwolf0615
    • Mythical being 5: CelestialCellar
      (These are optional parts)
    • Snobby rich girl: Rinirin
    • Snobby rich boy:
    • Bully: CelestialCellar
    • Nerd:
    • Jock:
    • Cheerleader:
    • Football player:
    You can also bring in side characters if you want to!
    The mythical beings are:
    Dragon/Half Dragon
    Immortal being
    Undead being
    Cursed Being
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  2. I'm REALLY interested in this!!! X3
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  3. Do you have a role in mind that you want?
  4. *Expressing interest*
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  5. Hmm, one of the mythical beings. :3 I'll double if needed.
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  6. Ah, I really want to play a teacher, an assistant, and a student... I don't want to go overboard though! >.<

    Species I would most be interested in doing are a vampire, demon, and an immortal. How many characters are we allowed to have?
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  7. I will mark you down :)
    I plan to limit the characters to 4-6. Maybe less
  8. Okay, I'll go with what I want to do the most. Trying everything at once isn't the best way to go so I'll break it down, haha! I'd like to be a student. Demon, preferably. I already have something swishing inside my head, haha!
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  9. I will mark you down! :)
  10. Thank you! Are each of the mythical beings tied to specific lore? Or are they free to create as whatever you'd like? An example would be the vampires. For instance, do all vampires have to be one specific type of vampire (i.e. traditional kind with weaknesses to garlic and holy items)? What about werewolves? Are they the shapeshifting kind or the bipedal ones? Would they have a stereotypical weakness of silver? That's what I'm wondering since you just listed down the mythical beings without any lore about them. (:
  11. The only reason why I didn't put down any lore is because I want people to get creative. Do what you want with them! Get creative! Give them their own weaknesses. Bring them to life in your own way.
  12. Cool, cool. Thanks for the information! (:
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  13. You're welcome :)
  14. If we can get some more people to be interested, I will post a forum up
  15. I'm interested, could I be one of the teachers?
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  16. Thanks :bsmile:
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  17. You're welcome :)
  18. OOoh! Can I be a Mythical being as well?
    I don't mind doubling up if need be.
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