Boarding school for rejects

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  1. Yeah before I go any farther in my rp creation I should at least see if people are interested. It's my first modern rp idea. So I do not have a sketched in stone plot,want to let the charecters get there feet wet before the real fun starts. In general there is a boarding school in New Zealand, Kaleniegh boarding school. The outside world sees it as just that. Trouble and talented teens sent to the best school they have to offer. but the students do not see themselves as what society sees them as,neither do the see the school as a school. It is there's and they claim it,they follow there own rules and discover there own philosophy. I pretty much tried to to a realistic neverland story with a twist. Even tho the school is made for teens to grow up,they leave knowing how to stay forever young. Thier will be a new age Peter pan and tinker bell,but that's only for plot development. I am not going to follow the storyline of Peter pan just a few references here and thier. So it's pretty much a free range/character development rp.

    So yeah anyone intrest or have any questions just buzz here
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  2. Putting my interest in *here*
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  3. Putting my interest here~
  4. Goodie woodie
  5. Roles taken:
    Tiger lily
    Tinker bell
    Captin hook.

    Keep in mind that you will not be able to. Easily tell who is who. Also your gender does not effect the role you can choose. You do not have to choose a role either,and just simply make a charecter to add.
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