Boarding School for naturally gifted children

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  1. For as long as Ru could remember, he and Ryder were best friends. In their childhood, they did everything together. From playing pretend to to talking about the mysteries in life. Their parents thought they were inseparable, and they were right.

    In this world, mutants are known by all. But even though they are known, does not mean they are tolerated. Society hated mutants. And when Ryder and ru's parents found out they both had an inborn ability, the parents love turned to hatred.

    Even though men hate mutants, they are not alone. The professor Alexander Muse's school for gifted children houses students who are mutants.

    But things aren't what they seem. At first, the school seems like a slice of heaven. But students are now going missing, the teachers are starting to act strange, and the Dean has not been seen for over a month. Now, ru and Ryder's lives could be in danger and are now trying to find the truth behind it all.
  2. Ryder sat in his room waiting on Ru he was planing on hanging out how they always had, he brough his hand up and played with his ruffled hair before looking out the window watching the other mutants as they trained,relaxed, and socalized.
  3. Ru was running late. He knew this cause he said he'd be there in five minutes 10 minutes ago. He and Ryder were supposed to hang out. This was also their first day of school. And they only saw each other in first period aptitude 110 and fourth period mutant history 110. "Hey Ry." He said, using his nickname for Ryder. "Sorry I'm late."
  4. Ryder smiled once he saw his friend, standing up he hugged him poking his forehead " your late mister explain yourself"
  5. Letting out a sigh he said "cause you weren't paying attention in class. I thought being late would be punishment enough." He said, allowing cold air to float towards Ryder on the word 'punishment'
  6. Hearing Ru he frowned slightly " i was paying attention..just not tword the end, he'd turn looking out the window, he knew Ru's words got to him. there were with only ones that mattered, Ryder gave a fustraited sigh.
  7. Hearing the frustrated sigh Ryder let out, ru felt a twinge of sadness. "I was only messing with you," he said softly, sitting down next to him. Rubbing his back lightly, the way he liked it, he said in a teasing tone "besides, I'm surprised we both couldn't keep our eyes off that sexy teacher."
  8. Ryder felt Ru's hands against his back and he immeditally was calm, Ru knew all the places that urked and relaxed him, he chuckled at the comment

    " yea the teacher was sexy"
  9. "Now, what are we doing today? This schools has tons of stuff. Its amazing. But I don't know. It's up to you." Ru said, hoping they could have fun in a boarding school. They've never been in one, and they never had this much freedom. It was like a fresh new start.
  10. Ryder concemplated on what he wwanted to do and turned to Ru poking his chest playfully

    " we could go to watch one of the sparring matches, or their pool? its up to you"

    He looked around his room breifly.
  11. "Hmmm..... sparring match. I haven't seen anyone other than you use their abilities. It could be fun to watch." He noticed Ry look around the room. "Everything alright?"
  12. " ok sparring match it is"

    He would look back at Ru and then back tword the window.

    " yea everythings fine, just trying to adjust to the new room"
  13. Ru and Ry had entered the gymnasium that housed the sparring matches. In actuality, it looks more like a training camp. Only purpose it serves is keeping us fit.
    The two people in the inner circle was a teleporter I didn't know and a guy who had great speed. "Some said he ran at the speed of light, or even faster." He told Ry. "But no one knows for sure but the Dean."

    Before ru could sit down, the teleporter disappeared. He appeared behind, Markus, as the guy to his left called him, and threw a punch. I was sure it would connect. Between blinks, the markus disappeared. He had moved to the right side of the other guy, mid kick. Before it landed, the other guy, Chris as someone called him, disappeared and try to kick him from above. It never landed. It went on like this for 30 minutes. Knowing they were equal, they stopped the sparring session.

    "That was awesome!"
  14. Ryder watched the fight intentily. he barley had time to blink for they teloported all over the gymnasiam, he lookin in awe as the spared and when the match was over he turned and looked at Ru

    " that was great, they moved so quickly"
  15. "I know ri...." ru said before he was drowned out by a man in the middle using a megaphone. "And now, we will host a team spar match. Are there any volunteers brave enough to challenge the top doubles competitors?"

    "Ooh, let's do it Ry! It'll be fun." He said, bouncing in his seat. Which wasn't his normal composure. He was usually calm and self reserved.
  16. He heard the man on the speaker and looked at Ru who was practically aacting like a fat kid in a candy store, Ryder got up slowly and waved the guy to get the mans attention

    " we will join"
    He spoke to the man
  17. As Ry and ru entered the center platform, he noticed their competitors were twins. Ru didn't know anything about them. So he knew they had to be on their guard.

    Since it was a match, he created blunt icicles instead of using a bladed edge. Ru had learned this when he first ran away from home after his parents found out. It was a neat trick and he knew a few more.

    Tensing up, he charged at one of the twins. When Ry and Ru were 13, they took a few fighting classes. So they both had a good ability to fight and Ru had a better weapons knowledge. He then went in for a blow to the rib of the first twin. When he connected he heard a crunching noise and looked at where it landed. Then, as if in a shell, the skin began to peel off and crack.

    When it fell apart, he noticed it was a puppet. And the other twin was too. Looking past them, he noticed two guys that looked just like the puppets before standing in the shadows. So they're puppeteer's. Maybe, they're power is using energy to control objects. Idk, but it doesn't look good if we're just fighting puppets. Maybe if we get past them, we could go after the two guys. If they use puppets to do their bidding, they might be fragile and weak. Ru backed up and added more ice to the edges of his weapons, making them sharp and deadly. "Ry, looks like we're having fun."
  18. Ryder walked aroun the platform catiously he figured out that they were usung puppets from the attack Ru did, he looked up and spotted the twin puppet masters watching down on him and Ru, he extened his L.hand quickly sending a fire bolt in their direction, knowing they were going to move he moved swiftly twords a corner firing two more from diffrent directions, he then signaled for Ru to attack

    " go there trapped"
  19. Ru tried to go after them. But even though they moved, their puppets moved in front of the way. Blocking his path. Quickly adjusting to the situation, he sliced at one of the arms of the second puppet, then threw the blade, severing the head of the first. Immediately he created another blade. But then the puppets severed parts began moving on their own. Wow, they're talented.
  20. Ryder watches as the body parts of the puppets reformed, he ran and sliced the puppet in half and then taking the half body he burned the puppet to a crisp, he then relized the puppet couldint regenerate back if it was decinigrated, Ryder made his way twored the second dummy but this time instead of cutting it he, used it to lift him up, as he was in the air he threw fire bolts at the twins rappidly

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