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You’ve never seen anything like this before
You will never see a clockwork sunrise no more

They Prey drew near, their loud, clumsy footfalls had awoken the first of the brood, and as with all of the metal clad morsels, these were proceeding directly for the hive, like all before them, the hunters had underestimated the brood and would pay for their arrogance.

The First elements of the Brood, Simple Genestealers raced towards the Humans, clad as ever in their thick adamantium armor, the lead human raised his arm in a swift, though comparitively graceless gesture, and the weapon in it's hand spat fire and shells towards the 'Stealer, but like all of the Brood, the Genestealer was fast enough to avoid such a clumsy attack, leaping from wall to wall the Genestealer drew close enough to strike it's target.

with a screech of alien hunger the Genestealer slammed it's claws into the armor of the terminator, only for the human to grip the tyranid tightly in his large, armored gauntlet, the Genestealer able to do nothing as it's torso was crushed.

but in the time it had taken to kill that one Genestealer, ten had drawn close and through the Synaptic link the Broodlord felt the elation of it's underlings as they made the kill, bood and flesh spilling from shredded armor, but the marine did not fall, rather, it continued to fight, and the soon the Broodlord could not sense the stealers that had been in the attack, but as others of the brood came out from all directions at the space marines, the broodlord sensed apprihension and confusion among the underlings, and all too abruptly the faded out fo the synaptic link, the Brood Lord raised it's head and let loose a peircing scream that echoed the lengths of the Hulk.

to be continued
Death Dies Hard

The Broodlord skittered across the floor, littered with the skuls of countless foes, despite it's massive bulk, the creature mooved with a speed that defied logic, able to place and lift it's clawed feet before the skulls could shatter under the weight, the inhuman scream that echoed from it's lipless maw shrill and deafeningly loud.

The prey had denied the brood long enough, the purestrains had fallen back at a synaptic command from their leader, and now they milled and grew in numbers, dissapearing from the sight of the prey.
The Broodlord's tongue flickered out between the large sharp teeth that lined the beast's mouth, teeth that could bite through Tactical Dreadnaught armor with ease.

The scent of the Prey was close, and nigh on a thousand genestealers were either gathering or moving towards the Prey.
the time to strike would be now, and the broodlord would lead his brethren to the feast personally, the prey would fear their killers and pay for their insolent survival.

Talons slammed through Adamantium plating as the flood of genestealers tore through doors and walls to get at their prey, though as before the first waves radiated both confusion and alarm before succuming to silence.
Rending talons and claws peeled the bulkhead apart liek mere paper, and the Broodlord came to see what had ended so many of its brood.

He toom felt confusion as the 'Stealers, dead, crippling wounds evident on each and every one, charged towards their former master without a sound.
With a strangled, peircing cry of alarm and fury, the Broodlord bounded into the undead Genestealers, tearing many of them apart in seconds, though with every step it made towards the true prey, more flesh puppets charged it, for every one that fell beneath it's scything talons and rending claws, another two took its place.

it took the Broodlord an hour of constant and brutal fighting to reach it's goal, and by then all the synaptic pulses of it's brood had faded, though now a new presence filled the creture's mind and stalled its limbs, it's inhuman stamina almost spent.

Images filled the Tyranid's mind, Images of a Large hulk drifting into a system of planets, a ship falling from the hulk towards the planet.
the images changed to that of humans fighting against a wave of alien horrors, resisting for but breif moments before succumbing to the sea of chitinous carapaces, their valiant resistance swallowed up by the sheer power of the tide.

A voice echoed in the Broodlord's mind as it came to see it's true foe, a Human, seemingly a stripling, though it wore the armored shell so favored by the prey that came to their doom inside this 'space hulk'.
the stripling strode towards it, flanked by larger figures in heavier armor, though where their armor had been torn away the Broodlord saw no flesh, just bone, and all were helmetless, the fleshless skulls unadorned with any mechanical devices.

but in their eyes glowed a savage gaze that stirred feelings the Alien Kilelr didnt even know it had, a strange combination of sense that urged the Broodlord to run and hide.
the words in the creature's mind began to make sense, and the Broodlord fel the invisible shackles around its limbs slacken slightly
I will deny you, this world belongs to me the voice, sickly and full of loathing echoed louder and louder, until finally the restraints dissapaited, and the Broodlord lurched at the smaller foe, A violent cry of the unknown emotion flooded from the creature's maw, met only by the Foe raising one of it's hands and smiling.

Bolts of darkness formed a swiling miasma that seemed to suck the light from the room, before a the swirling darkness consumed the Tyranid, it's flesh rotting and luquifying, a puddle of pudridescence forming on the floor beneath it's feet.

As it's mind fell into darkness, the words of the prey echoed in the Broodlord's mind.

I will deny you, this world belongs to me, you try to take it but your wounds are bare for all to see.

To Be Continued.
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