Boarding Action

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  1. You’ve never seen anything like this before
    You will never see a clockwork sunrise no more

    They Prey drew near, their loud, clumsy footfalls had awoken the first of the brood, and as with all of the metal clad morsels, these were proceeding directly for the hive, like all before them, the hunters had underestimated the brood and would pay for their arrogance.

    The First elements of the Brood, Simple Genestealers raced towards the Humans, clad as ever in their thick adamantium armor, the lead human raised his arm in a swift, though comparitively graceless gesture, and the weapon in it's hand spat fire and shells towards the 'Stealer, but like all of the Brood, the Genestealer was fast enough to avoid such a clumsy attack, leaping from wall to wall the Genestealer drew close enough to strike it's target.

    with a screech of alien hunger the Genestealer slammed it's claws into the armor of the terminator, only for the human to grip the tyranid tightly in his large, armored gauntlet, the Genestealer able to do nothing as it's torso was crushed.

    but in the time it had taken to kill that one Genestealer, ten had drawn close and through the Synaptic link the Broodlord felt the elation of it's underlings as they made the kill, bood and flesh spilling from shredded armor, but the marine did not fall, rather, it continued to fight, and the soon the Broodlord could not sense the stealers that had been in the attack, but as others of the brood came out from all directions at the space marines, the broodlord sensed apprihension and confusion among the underlings, and all too abruptly the faded out fo the synaptic link, the Brood Lord raised it's head and let loose a peircing scream that echoed the lengths of the Hulk.

    to be continued
  2. .....Proceed.

    This has potential.
  3. I'm really sorry I vanished in the murder games.. I had to go into hospital and lost track of everything for a good month =(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.