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  1. whats your favourite board game? Tell us about it! I'm totally into this "betrayal at house on the hill" game!

    I'll explain it later when I'm not thumb typing; it feeds my inner drama queen
  2. Operation, no hesitation.
  3. If it counts: D&D

    If it doesn't: Settlers of Catan or Apples to Apples
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  4. Every card/chance game.

    And TCGs too. ^w^
  5. Munchkin, if it counts. It's mostly cards, so maybe it's more of a card game. >>;

    Otherwise, Sorry! is my favorite. I get scary competitive with board games, but nothing brings out the beast like this one does...
  6. I'm guessing you have To actually apologize when you finish playing it?
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  7. I fuckin love me some board games.

    Betrayal at House on the Hill is fantastic, I've played about 10 games of it and they were all exciting and different. It's on my long list of board games to acquire.

    Risk is probably my favorite classic board game. Stratego is pretty great too.

    Shadows Over Camelot is pretty neat, first big hit boars game that used the setup of having all players cooperate but also having a possible secret traitor in play.

    Settlers of Catan is really fun, but I only have digital versions of it. It is also on my long list of games to buy.

    Pandemic and Forbidden Island are both pretty neat, all players cooperating against the board conditions rather than fighting each other.

    I also really like a lot of the card games that get sold as a contained "board" game. Munchkin is probably my favorite of them, but I also really like Ascension and Smash Up.

    I would probably go on more if I was at home and could go look at the huge stack of games in my living room. 8D
  8. My favorite is a game called "Rappakalja" (which basically means "Gibberish"). It's all about coming up with false explanations for stuff and make your competitors believe you're telling the truth. For example, you can get a movie title, and the players have to write down a short summary. The game master then collects the summaries and reads them out loud, together with the real summary. Then, the players vote which summary they believe is the real one. If you guess right, you get a point, if someone puts their guess on your explanation, you get a point, and if no one guesses correctly, the game master gets two points or something like that. There are other categories as well, like acronyms, and one where you have to finish a law, like "In Alabama, it's illegal to sell peanuts if _____".

    Usually, hilarity ensues, and it's super fun to come up with ridiculous explanations and see people think it's the correct one while trying to keep a straight face.
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  9. I've been wanting to play Dungeon Twister. It's like chess with a coat of medieval fantasy paint, and a fourth of the chess board rotates if your on the right square.
  10. Flat out favorite - Twilight Imperium
    Favorite deck-builder - Marvel Legendary
    Favorite worker placement - The Manhattan Project
    Favorite Cooperative - Sentinels of the Multiverse
  11. I just managed to get my hands on that one about a month ago - I've only played two games, but from that, I can tell I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it once everyone gets a good grip of the rules.

    As of right now, I find myself enjoying Android a good deal. It's all story-driven with preset characters that all have their own inner conflicts as they attempt to work through a crime. There are elements of 'screw your buddy', each detective has a distinct playstyle, and there's enough replayability on it to last quite some time.

    I would have paid an extra 20 USD for it to pick itself up, though...So many pieces.
  12. I like LIFE. I think I mostly like it because tiny figurines driving cars! And it's hilarious when you have a car full of children!

    When I was younger I was super into this game called Peanut Butter & Jelly, where the goal of the game was to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. ... it sounds a lot less exciting now but 6-year-old Peaches was batshit crazy about that game. And Hi Ho Cherry-o.

    I cheated a lot at Hi Ho Cherry-o. You were supposed to spin a spinner and collect that number of cherries to put on a tree and whoever filled up their tree first won... if I spun a "1" I would take "1 handful" instead of "1 cherry." WOOPS

    I like Scattergories, though. I wreck at Scattergories.

    Y'all are gonna hate me but I don't like Settlers of Catan. I just can't get into it and when other people play it I'm just disinterested and bored. YIKES
  13. Replaced Apples to Apples with Cards Against Humanity and this is my answer.
  14. How's Cards Against Humanity? It take it it's not very child friendly.
  15. There's a card that says "Pac-Man uncontrollably guzzling cum" so no, not in the slightest.
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  16. And then there's "Making the Penis's kiss".
  17. Risk, Axis & Allies, Chess, Othello, Jenga, and Pandemic are all pretty goddamn great.

    Also, like Jorick said, Stratego.
  18. Stone Age is really fun. Euro style game where you contest for resources, boons, and discovery cards to get huts or destiny cards to push your victory points go up.

    Dominion counts because of reasons. It's a fun little game about building a deck of cards based on buying the cards in the supply.
    Catan is good but I dont play it a lot.

    Probably my favorite game as of late is

    Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards Duel at Mt. Skullfyre.
    Its a fun little game where you make spells out of cards with fantastic art work to make random but fun to cast spells. Good while wasted.

    I'm really interested in Dead of Winter atm.
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