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  1. I've tried GMing before, but the settings were always a bit complex and scared people off, so I'm going to try something simpler.

    I'm considering running a fantasy RP about a board game which spreads a little further than the tabletop and some very lifelike pieces.

    Specifically, 15 Counters are decided on by an unknown force, and so 15 random people gain ridiculous power. From there, three "Players" are chosen, which can be individuals, groups, or entire organisations.
    The Pieces themselves are scattered, and can be captured and utilised by Players in order to win. To win, a Player must capture all 15 Pieces, at which point they will absorb their abilities and become essentially omnipotent. However, the Game Master has yet to be seen even after seventeen of these Scenarios, and so the rules have needed to be discovered via trial and error. In addition, this naturally means that some Players have taken advantage of Scenarios to solve unrelated matters, and not to mention that cheating and loophole abuse might as well be encouraged, if not mandatory, due to lack of a mediator.

    This means that there are still a lot things about the Scenarios that nobody knows.

    Like how there are 16 Counters.

    There are still some details I'm not sure on, the setting in particular, so I'd be glad to take suggestions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.