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  1. Okay, so... a while ago I created this role play on another site, and it was a huge success... until it died. I've sort of been feeling like bringing it back now, however, and post it here... so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in joining. ^^

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

    Ah Estmoor, a small, quaint town located in the English countryside. Surrounded by hills and lush forests, not the fact that it is located near the beautiful Roseblood Lake, makes it a popular destination to visit in the summers.

    If not the beautiful scenery and nature are enough, then perhaps the somewhat old fashioned town may peek your interest. Walk along the old, cobblestone streets and breathe in the wonderful scent of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. Perhaps visit one of our many small shops run by the townies and see if you find something that appeals to you? Or why not invite a friend to our comfy café’s?

    The Roseblood lake is wonderful place to spend your day at- have a picnic with your family and friends, bathe in the crystal clear water or perhaps you would rather prefer a boat ride? Drop in at the four star restaurant Madame Christine on top of the cliff, with a stunning view across the lake.

    Or perhaps… you are here for an entirely different reason. You have caught whim of the towns dark secrets and wish to expose the truth once and for all.

    Very well, I shall give you a hint…

    ...There are vampires....

    Welcome to


    "As long as we both are unable to cast away our pride, get on our knees and beg for forgiveness... this seseless war will never cease."

    - Jupiter Chezlov
    For as long as everyone of them can remember; the Sanguinem and Spritus vampires of Eastmoor have held a grudge towards one another. When or why it started has long since been forgotten, and only the hatred between the races remains.

    In Eastmoor, there are two rules everyone must abide to.

    1. The opposite side is the enemy. They are to be avoided at any cost- no matter what they are wrong. Any kindness or hospitality shown towards them which surpasses being polite, will be frowned upon.

    2. To avoid further complications and bloodshed, humans are under no circumstances to be involved in vampiric matters. The existence of vampires must remain a secret. Those humans who are involved must vow silence- be it in life or in death.

    In this world of love and war, truth and deceit; where lives will be lost, hearts will be broken and blood will be spilled... who will prevail? Or will this senseless dispute be the end of them all?

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

    The Vampires

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

    Sanguinem Lamia

    Generally they are very pale, which easily results in giving them quite the sun burn, not to mention headache during daytime. Therefore, they tend to avoid going out at day as much as possible, and prefer to wear sun shielding and dark clothes. Their eyes shift between different shades of red; some edging more towards yellow and some more towards purple, which distinguishes them from both humans and Spirit Vampires. As do their stereotypical fangs, which they use to drink blood.

    The Blood Vampires live off the blood of humans. If they don’t have it regularly, they will slowly get weaker until they finally die. However, they still have a diet of regular food. A Blood Vampire is the most powerful when he/she has just fed of plasma. A vampire bite is very pleasurable for a human, and far more addicting than any drug there is on the market.

    They are both faster, physically sturdier and have more enhanced senses than humans and spirit vampires, which give them quite an advantage in combat as well as tracking down food. However, they are incapable of using any kind of magic, besides summoning a familiar.

    Like all vampires, they are born and not created. And, even if you possibly would like to think so; they are not immortal. Although both Blood and Spirit Vampires have a longer life span (they usually live up to about 150 years), they are as mortal as humans, and can very well be killed.

    As mentioned before, Blood vampires have the capability of creating familiars. Usually, it is a daemon in the form of an animal, which they summon and then contract. As long as the vampires will and spirit stays strong, the daemon will remain loyally by their side and help them in any way they are able to. They also have the ability to speak through a mental bond with their master, which makes them the perfect partner. However, if their master’s spirit or will becomes weak, they might end up turning on them. Therefor it is always suggested to be careful when summoning a familiar. Also, always remember that daemons pick their masters and not the other way around.

    Blood vampires tend to stay away from humans other than feeding from them and sometimes working with them (child vampires go to school), and view themselves as superior to both spirit vampires and humans. In that sense, they can be considered rather arrogant. In public, however, they tend to act rather charming and elegant- towards humans. They call spirit vampires hypocrites. A blood vampire has the power to sense those of his/her own kind if they are nearby.

    Spiritus Lamia

    Spirit Vampires are more reminiscent of humans in their appearance, other than that they have slightly pointed ears and eyes which range between all kinds of crazy colors. Well, other than red, that is. There is no sprit vampire with red eyes. This is how you for example can tell the two species apart.

    Spirit vampires do not feed of blood. Instead they must bond with a human by placing their mark on them (how the mark looks is up to the player of the vampire. It is like a small tattoo, which differs in appearance from individual to individual) by touching them and saying their first name. This can be done against a humans will. However, a vampire can only bond with one human at the time and some bodies reject the mark, which will result in the human’s death and severe consequences for the vampire. The bond created between the human and vampire causes the vampire to always ‘borrow’ a very small amount of the humans energy, which they need in order to survive. As long as the vampires don’t use magic or are too physically active (and that to an extreme, which sprit vampires don’t tend to be.

    They are rather fragile in body form, and though they tend to be pretty, their bodies weren’t really made for anything too physically craving). Yes, you heard right, though. Each spirit vampire has the ability to use magic connected to one of the five elements; fire, water, air earth and spirit. Spirit is, instead of magic, one special power which has nothing to do with any of the elements. These are extremely rare and sought after, because they are known to be very powerful. This is how they fight and how they survive. However, if they use up too much of their bonded human’s energy, the human will perish. Most spirit vampires do prefer to avoid this from happening, as they can feel the pain their bonded do, as well as their bonded can feel their pain.

    Although a vampire won’t die when their human does, or a human won’t die when their vampire does; it will still cause the vampire immense pain if he loses his or her human, not to mention put him or her in an extremely weakened state. Added to that, a vampire can always track down their bonded and will always know where he or she is, and whether he or she is in danger. A spirit vampires first priority, is always to keep their bonded from harm. Although their bonded can be a weakness as well as strength, the magic they use is their true weapon.

    Like blood vampires, spirit vampires and born and mortal. Though physically fragile, they are spiritually strong and their magic may contain awesome power. Spirit vampires view themselves as better than especially blood vampires, and though they claim to care about the human race, in many cases that could really not be considered to be true. They are arrogant and view themselves as ‘pure’ vampires, similiar as to how s blood vampires view themselves as ‘true’ vampires. It is not unusual for spirit vampires to blend with humans; work with them, date them, marry them (although it is somewhat frowned upon), befriend them etc.

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

    Noble Families

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜

    Both sides are run by respective noble families, which oversee the rest of their kind make sure everyone follows the rules the two races have decided together. They also both happen to be the two founding families of the town (as the project was a collaboration). Why they managed collaborate back then but seem unable to do so now, remains a mystery.
    The Ivanov Family
    The Ivanov family is said to have hailed from Russia, consists of Blood Vampires. Their mansion is large and has a dark aura about it. It is located on a rather far They have a long and complicated history in Estmoor, and have 'crossed swords' with the Mountadon family many a time.

    The Mountadon Family

    The Mountadon family is said to hail from France, and consists of Spirit Vampires. They too have a long and complicated history in Eastmoor, and have 'crossed swords' with the Ivanov family many a time. The Mountadon Family run most tourist based businesses in Eastmoor and work hard to keep them up.

    ⚜ ⚜ ⚜
    There will be limited spots for the Ivanov and Mountadon family members, though I have not yet decided how many since I did it differently last time around. Of course, not all characters need to belong to one of the families. There are also those who are unrelated to them- or those who belong to lesser branches of the families.

    There will be more limited spots, such as servants of different sorts to the families.

    So, what do you guys think? Would anyone be interested in joining this?
  2. o_e *can't resist a good vampire setup*

    Count me interested~
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  3. Yay! Just need a few more peeps, then. ^^
  4. I'm interested.
  5. Interested to be an spirit vampire ~
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