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  1. Dick awoke from his nightmare screaming and sweating. He couldnt stop thinking of Babs getting shot by Joker. It went through his mind every night.
    He looked to his right on his nightstand to see the clock read 3AM,"great time for a patrol" he said light sarcasm rolling in his voice. He suited up, jumped out his window and grabbed a flag pole spinning four times and letting go, 3 backflips later he landed on another roof top. He was startled when he heard the audible clapping.
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  2. Too long. It had been much too long since she'd done this. The petite hooded figure on the edge of a rooftop gazed out at a city called Blüdhavën. She liked that name. It reminded her of a fractured Jump City ruled by Johnny Rancid before he was incarcerated yet again.
    She shook her head. More memories. Now was not the time. She was here for a reason. Now free of her horrid father's grip on her, she was free to feel. But she found that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. When he wasn't with her, she felt a hole in her chest. As if he was a part of her and took away a piece of her heart. She missed him. And what did else did she have to do anyway? Besides roaming around with no real place to go and a simple motive to help those unable to defend themselves, the girl was lost. Until now. She could feel him here. This wasnothing new. She could sense him near. Violet eyes stared up at a cloudy sky. Time to vanish before he could find her again. Sure her reason for being here was to find him, but that didn't mean she had the courage to face him. After everything. It was going to rain soon. She should go. But she didn't. She lingered, letting him get only close enough for her to soar away until she was hovering behind him after having watched his flawless acrobatics. No choice now.

    She clapped slowly. 1.2.3 And then he saw her. They both looked different. Yet. Not. He was still Robin to her. Same righteous soul. It took her a minute to speak. "You always were a show off...Long time no see..Robin."
    Sure he wasn't wearing the traffic light colors anymore, but she didn't know what else to call him. They still shared that mental bond that forced her to watch his dreams every so often. Severing it would be too painful. Besides, it helped her find him. But that didn't mean she could read his mind. Even if they used to think alike more often than not.
    Raven Roth hovered tentatively in front if the new, more muscular Robin, smirking like the old days and crossing her arms over her chest. She still wore her leotard and belt, but her hood was black now. White would be too conspicuous at night.
  3. Nightwing stood there baffled by the sight of the demon human hybrid from his once beloved team. He laughed and smiled."i havent been called that for 3 and a half years Ms. Roth. New hood i see." He said laughing a little. He walked up and hugged her."man i missed you Raven" .
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  4. She could see she had surprised him, which made her smile because the opportunity to surprise Robin was rare and the look on his face when he recignized her was priceless. Raven was glad she'd finally showed herself because it seems she wasn't going to be rejected like she had been afraid of.

    She had thoroughly missed his laugh..his smile. She couldn't believe she had made it this long without those things for she knew hiw tormented his soul truly was. And he still hugged her. He still thought she was worth something. She almost cried as she hugged him back abd buried her face in his neck. "I missed you more." She whispered. "If you don't go by Robin anymore, what do you want me to call you? Boy Blunder?" Raven laughed at the teasing remark as she pulled away slightly,, remembering their long days of such close friendship she could call them inseperable. Except they were separated. For much too long. Raven felt a few drops of rain hit her cheeks and stream down her pale cheeks. For a moment she thought she was crying. But it was the rain. So she simply pulled a white force field over them. Yes. White. No longer taintedby her father's darkness. All thanks to Robin. The rain pattered against the energy field. One of her favorite noises in the world.
  5. terra was watching them from a distance. she always watched them for fear of rejection. after all she was a traitor to them. it had been years since she abandoned them they looked different then again so did she. she was now well toned and mature. she had betrayed slade a year ago when she was ordered to assassinate them. she couldnt bring her self to do it. now his men are constantly hunting her. they were the only ones that could help her. she was about to go meet them when 4 of slades men showed up.
    goons: "ah isnt it the traitor why dont you just die now" they rushed her she began taking them out she knew all to well that these guys were not going to take her down. after eliminating all of them she saw they were equipped with explosives. she immediatle took off "not good" she jumped off the roof just as they exploded. she landed hard on the ground
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