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"Enjoy." Coron said as another customer paid hard cash. The bills in his hand he stuff into the register and closed it, afterward looking around like he had just stolen something. Overly protective of any kind of money was his thing and that is why the manager put him on cashier duty. For a brief moment a bug crawled on the counter, a fly to be precise. Coron turned his index finger into one of his many pop guns and took aim his face showing the look of malicious intent. A slot appeared slightly above his wrist and he held a coin there with his other hand shaking. Eventually the fly got up and left once again walking away with its life. "I'll get you yet." He mumbled to himself as another patron came through what seemed to be a closet. He approached the boy at the counter and started asking questions.
"Where's the manager? I must see him."
"Order of business?" Coron investigated his intentions.
"Lost entities." The man replied his figure growing taller than Coron's as he stood up with more confidence.
"If the case is that simple why don't you just file a report? I'm sure the admini-"
"Because I know the manager here. Please just a few minutes."
"Alright I'll get him." Coron went off to get the man in charge whilst everyone continued completing their own duties.
"May I take your order miss" Shade said with disappointment "Uh… Yes I would like a black coffee with some cream please" shade took out his pen and note pad "Alright so Black coffee and cream" he repeated "And how many cream packs would you like"
"Oh I would like two please"
Shade finished writing and took off with the order, mumbling he said "man why can't they come out and say that I look funny" He walked behind the counter and placed the paper onto the metal pin "Order!" Shade sat down and looked about the people enjoying the coffee and food thinking to himself "They don't even know what happens in this world" shade sees someone walking in, he gets up to place the next order.
"Hello sir may I take your ord-"
"Oh wow you look weird where you from and how did you get here. Oh and I would like a latté with a bagel" shade takes out his pad and only wrote down latté "Sir we have no bagels here, we have muffins, eggs, waffles, and more if you would look in the pamphlet next to you." Shade stood and waited for a few seconds and then he says
"Yeah I would like two eggs hard fried"
"Alright two eggs hard fried, and a latté. Alright your order will be out shortly" Shade walks back behind the desk "Order!" he mumbles to himself again "yeah it was about time"
Rueben glanced up from the soapy suds through the slot in the wall at the busy cafe floor. He spotted Coron leaving his post for a moment and a que forming, and the waiter Shade hurrying to and fro -

"Order!" he called.

Rueben put the plate he was washing to the side and wiped his hands on the dishcloth around his waist. Behind him, the smells of more fresh food being cooked to perfection made his stomach rumble. He hadn't managed to take a break all day and he doubted his old bones could handle standing for so long.

But just as he had sat down on the stool waiting at his side, another tray of dirty plates, mugs and glasses was put at his side. A sigh escaped his mouth.

"Never too old," he mumbled quietly, reminding himself of his one mantra as he slowly got to his feet and plunged his wrinkled hands back into the hot water.
Nils as usual was putting on an act for some of the customers in the restaurant, he generally had a corner he worked in that was around several tables so if some guests didn't want entertainment they didn't have to have any. Nils was in the middle of an act and was saying "And now I place my hand inside of my pocket and I pull out....well uh it's really stuck in there, I swear sometimes these pockets of mine just aren't big enough. After all" Nils said now pretending to act like he was straining on pulling something out of his pocket "It is quite difficult to pull a bazooka out of ones pocket!" he said enthusiastically and at that moment Nils fluidly whisked a bazooka from his pocket. "Now little boy what kind of dessert did you want again? Oh that's right you have an old fashioned kind of attitude! Clear your table as I lunch a banana-split you're way!" Nils took aim even though many of the customers were terrified of the bazooka. "FIRE!" Nils yelled and a banana-split was safely delivered to the table.
At first there was a hesitance to clap but soon after an awkward silence and the boy enjoying his dessert there was mad applause for Nils strange act. "Thank you! Thank you all! My name is Mr. Pockets and I'll be here all week!" At the end of this trick a boy had walked up to the counter and begun a conversation with Coron and after seeing the look on his face Nils knew this could be trouble.
Guy watched as Rueben washed the dishes. It looked like tough work, and although Guy had washed many dishes in his life, he was glad as hell it was Rueben doing it and not him. Even though Guy held himself in high regard, often times saying he had the hardest job of them all, he still had a strong respect for all his co workers. They all had the thankless job of protecting humanity from evils beyond the common mans imagination, although most would never know it. Guy was staring off into space when he noticed The cashier, Coron, as he turned his finger into a popgun and aimed it right at a little fly that was crawling across the counter. Just when Guy thought the fly was toast, Coron let him live. Guy Chuckled a little, it was not uncommon to see the Employees of the Cafe using their powers.

"Yo, Ruben, Let me know if you want anything. Its slow as hell today and I feel like cookin'!" Guy always felt like cooking it seemed. Just then he heard Shade.


Guy Ortega was jerked from his thoughts. He looked at the piece of paper that hung from the metal rack located just over his Salad area. One coffee. That was it. Guy flipped a cup down from the top shelf and poured up a hot cup of coffee, put in on a small plate and threw two creamer packets next to the cup. Then he placed it up on the long shelf that connected to the outside dining area.

"Order Up!" Said Guy as he watched another customer walk in, just another day at the office.

Guy sat back for a minute and went over the inventory. There was bread of all types, wheat, white , rye, light and dark, sourdough and sour rolls. HE had sliced meats underneath the counter with everything from turkey breast to hot salami. All the condiments were in a sandwich bar, on top, in a drop in fridge. There was mustard Mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and red onion. Behind him, was a larger fridge. Inside was an assortment of food including, but not limited to, eggs, bacon, juices of all types, sausage links, waffle and pancake batter, pre-made soups, and the list goes on and on. It seemed that Guy would have to place an order for milk, they were always running low on that. Just then he was jolted from his thoughts yet again by another loud.

"Order!" It was Shade again. Apparently today was panning out to be a little more busy than Guy had thought.

Guy whipped up the Latte in about 30 seconds, putting it up on the counter. Then he got two eggs, but before he got a pan to fry them in he realized that the stove top starter flame had gone out again.

"Damn." Said guy. without hesitation he closed his hand into a tight ball, when he opened it a small flame shot onto the stove top, igniting the flame. He fried up the eggs and set them on a plate.

"Order up, Shade" He said glancing over at Nils, who was in the process of putting on a magic show of sorts. That Nils, A.k.A Mr.Pockets, was one talented S.O.B., thought Guy.

Another day another dollar. Guy walked to the back door and lit a smoke.
Shade gets up and grabs the orders "alright the miss wanted the coffee and the man over there wanted the latté and hard fried eggs" Shade walks over to the lady and sets down the tray "here you go madam and do enjoy" Shade sets down the tray for the man
"Her you go sir and do enjoy"
"Hey wait where you going you never answered my question"
"Please sir I have to take another order"
"Come on all I asked was where you came from" Shade slowly hesitates but answers the question so that he can get back to work "I come from here I have lived here all my life and if you have a problem we can talk later but now is not a good time" Shade walks off to take another order
After shade got down the order of two waffles with syrup, along with a sausage he walks over to the small window behind the desk and pins the paper "Order!" he yells and then begins to walk over by Nils just for a short conversation now that things have begun to slow down.
"I'll have another act ready for you all in around twenty minutes see you then!" Nils enthusiastically said to the crowd as they continued their previous conversations. Nils found it better to have short breaks in between each performance as that allowed for the next one to be even all the more hyped up as the customers (at least for a little while) talked about his previous act.

"Now where in the world should I put this bazooka?..." Nils muttered to himself "I suppose I can just throw them in the back in the-Dumpster-of-Ever-Decomposing-Items (DEDI), after all the bazooka is a crowd pleaser and helps bring other customers to Blue Tea." said Nils as he pondered his unique and yet silly dilemma.

As he continued to debate what to do, Shade approached him. "Heya Shade! How are ya doin my main man? I hope the customers are acting too weird, people are just so judgmental these days!
The Manager, the leading person of the IDP unit established at Blue Tea. His only authority comes from the two positions higher up than him making this man one of the most powerful in all the department. In addition this particular Manager is the best one out there, assigned to a group to protect the weaker world. This man only goes by his title and little know his name but he gets the job done and that is all the administration cares about.

Coron knocked on the door a couple times to the office. "Hey Manager, there is a guy here to see you."
"Tell them to register in paper I'm busy." A gruff old voice came from beyond the door. The man that Coron was trying to introduce came up beside the door and yelled out.
"Hey you old badger your not too busy with work to help a kid are ya?" There was a silence between them before the door unlocked and creaked open. There stood a man well fit for his age. He looked about fifty his muscular build making him seem intimidating. His white hair was cut short to keep it out of his eyes.
"Ha! You are no kid anymore Thomas. Come on in we can talk in my office. Coron, tell Guy to put on some coffee."
"No coffee for me, gave it up. I drink hot herbal tea now since that last heart attack."
"Ah I see, very well tea then Coron." The two old guys adjourned to the office as the kid went off to the kitchen.
"Hey, boss wants some hot tea." Coron told him as he relaxed in the kitchen for a bit. It was his habit whenever he came by as he knew the customers would be taken care of one way or another. Talking to Guy was actually interesting in its own way.
As smells of coffee and fried eggs filled the kitchen, Guy filled his lungs with smoke. It was a bad habit, but one he didn't care to quit anytime soon. The way he figured it, his job defending the common folk from the strange and supernatural was so dangerous, he deserved a little pleasure now and again; if he wanted to smoke thats just what he was going to do. He took one final drag and through the butt in an ashtray right outside the door. Back to work, and in the nick of time too. Just as he set foot back in the Kitchen he heard Shade's voice once again.


Guy snatched up the piece of paper and saw two waffles with a side of sausage scribbled across it. Guy wasted no time. He grabbed the batter out of the fridge and pored some into the waffle maker, then closed the top. Next he grabbed three links of pork sausage and threw them on the grill.

~Sizzle sizzle pop sizzle~ went the sausage, deliciously frying up.

Guy sat back for a moment, enjoying the smells of the Kitchen, realizing also that his own appetite was starting to make his stomach talk. He patted his midsection.

"Be calm, I'll get to you soon enough." He had to laugh at his own silliness; A grown man talking to his stomach! The Waffles finished first and it was onto the plate and covered with syrup, butter on the side. The sausages came next, sitting on another plate right next to the Waffles.

"Oooooorder, Up." Said Guy, trying his best to imitate an umpire calling up the next batter.

Just then he saw the cashier, Coron walk around the corner. A friendly smile exploded across Guy's face, he loved it when his coworkers came back to talk to him.

"Hey, Boss wants some hot tea." Said Coron.

"Sure thing, comin' right up." Guy got the water boiling then leaned up on the counter across from Coron.

"So, hows business? Seems kinda slow, but i guess its just that time of year. How about the "other Business" hear anything from the boss about that?" Guy knew that Coron would know what he meant, Guy was always curious about what their next move was as far as the protection of the interdeminsional portals.

"I'm itchin' for some action myself partner!" Said Guy
With orders being steadily called through the way they were, the background noise of the cafe began to pick up. Rueben liked noise - as much as possible was always good for his spirits. Much like the smells wafting his way - sausages. There was nothing like the smell of sausages to make him in the mood for some.

He chuckled to himself as he heard Guy's words, "I'm itchin' for some action myself partner!"

"Now, lad," he said, pausing mid-wash to turn towards his two colleagues. "The world doesn't need our wishes making it worse." It was said with the usual smile which meant it wasn't to be taken seriously, as most things Rueben said.

In all honesty, he agreed with Guy. He'd love to get out of the cafe for a bit - if nothing else, then for a change of scenery.

He looked to Coron. "I saw you head for the Manager a little while ago. Was it just coffee he wanted?"
Once shade reached Nils he is greeted "Hi yah Nils, I haven't been too bad but I had worse. The first person to come out and say it was that one man over there but I wouldn't blame him. I come from a completely different world than him. That reminds me I've got school again tomorrow so I will be a little late getting back here." Shade pauses for a moment "Oh by the way how have you been holding up?"

Before Shade could get an answer he hears "Oooooorder, Up." Shade stands back up "I will be back in a second Nils need to get that" Shade walks off and grabs the order "oh man I'm getting hungry my self" he picks it up and brings it over "Here you go and please do enjoy" Shade sets down the tray and walks back over to Nils.
"I'm doing well Shade, doing well! I suppose life has been getting rather dry lately but that isn't a bad thing! Most things are right in the world." Nils paused before he continued "Though" he began pondering a thought "The Manager seems to have had a friend drop by and I'm not sure whether this calls for action or is a false alarm. I mean how many friends does The Manager really have?" Nils said ending with a chuckle.
"I guess I've never really asked you Shade which job do you prefer this one or the other job?"
"Nope Manager's friend wanted tea seems like he's important." Coron said now sitting on the counter while Shadow took to the orders out in the lobby. The boy wondered if this really meant a new case as things had been rather dull the past month. Last time was about the same as police around here looking for a lost cat. Sure Gargoths have amazing teeth and the ability to take down a horse no problem, but are stupid and don't pose much of a problem in battle. Coron took in a deep breath taking in the smell of the kitchen full of cooked batter and the sizzling of sausage. "You know it is hard to look cool when all we do is cook for this dimension. My friends back home think of me as a restaurant employee more than a cop, it is almost embarrassing if I was not so cool." His arrogance seemed to be well tolerated already although he had no idea what everyone was thinking inside. His age was one of impressing his piers and somehow taking money from the public and putting them in a locked shelf doesn't seem all that cool to him.


"So it is that then." The Manager said. From the looks of it the subject was serious. "What do you think the administration would do if they caught us doing this for you?"
"That is why I came to you, you can make them understand."
"My power only goes so far. You know the treaties on keeping beings such as this especially with their black market sale value. They'll think I'm getting a benefit package from this out of you."
"I run a legitimate business in Nexus 7 so long as they see that there will be no inquiry." There was brief silence between the two before an eyebrow perked up on the Manager's face.
"Forget the tea then?"
"Forget the tea." He confirmed.
Shade closed his eyes "yeah it kind of makes me want to consider a job change but I kind of like doing this, I'm not really a good performer not like you." He takes a pause and opens his eyes some "I don't see how I could entertain them with transformation, some people would be afraid of it. Not like you where you can cover it up by making it look like magic" Shade gets up "Well I should go clean up some of the tables, talk to you later Nils."

Shade walks off behind the counter and into the kitchen for a rag that he can use. Shade walks to the cupboard where the rags are "Hey Guy, Rueben things sure have slowed down some." Shade opens the cupboard and grabs a rag "Hey Rueben can you wet this rag?"
As everyone was now in the back or at least out of the lobby the Manager started ushering people out of the lobby. The night was approaching and he used a closing early excuse. He flipped the sign to closed and locked the door. "Everyone, it is time." Each employee knew what he meant by this and assembled before him. His friend, Thomas, appeared beside him. "My friend here has informed me that he lost some valuable property. This property is something unlike anything we have tried to get before. The creature's identification number is A7882 or commonly known as Specters. Their plane of existence is beyond the physical dimension. For this reason I want you to stay in a group this time, no telling what would happen to each of you individually."
"Sir, I thought species A7882 were to be returned to their dimension upon discovery? Are we to say we will be going against code and capturing them instead?" Coron questioned knowing this specie from the hand book.
"True but circumstances are different. I'll have Thomas brief you now." The Manager returned to his office as his friend took the stage.
"These Specters are rather timid compared to most, they like to play pranks and spook people more than kill them, lucky for you. From what I seen they like empty areas and one of them likes high places. Although they are ghosts they can only float five feet off the ground. Please get them back to me safe." Coron nodded in response.
"Don't worry we'll get them."

Mission 1: Specters

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Shade has been cleaning for a while and has been thinking to him self for quite some time now. "Man I hope that guy has gone home, I just get sick of people some times they really don't understand. I cannot just go up to someone and say "I came from another world did you know that". It makes me angry at times"

Shade finished up the last table and herd "Everyone it's time" he got up, put the rag somewhere to the side and went off. Shade listened to the briefing about half way in thinking to him self "Hmm specters I herd about them a little but not much" as soon as the briefing was over Shade got to it. "Alright" Shade took out his pen, screwed the cap off, and took out the wolf tooth. Shade clutched it into his had and walked over to Coron. "So would you like to team up and capture the specters?"
Rueben listened intently to the Manager and his friend, and found himself wondering why they were capturing, and not releasing.

"Spectres, you say? Why... I remember another mission with those," Rueben announced, trailing off. "Back in the 1980s. Spectres with afros, now there was a sight to behold..."

With a sigh, he shook his head and brought himself out of the dramatic reverie - he did so enjoy drama - and regarded the younger men with a more serious manner, as Shade turned to Coron.

"Where and when are we being deployed, Manager?"
After the speech was over Nils let out a huge "WWWHHHOOOO PARTAY TIME!!" If there was a time were the unpredictability of Nils power went into use it was during missions as in dangerous situations he always pulled out the perfect item or person to help finish the job, and that was due to his power thinking for him. He always found it exciting as who knows what could come out of his magical pockets? Either saving grace or disaster. Hopefully the former.
"So when do we get started?" Nils inquired enthusiastically.
Guy sat back with a sandwich in hand, thinking over all he had heard. Between bites he sipped at a cup of strong coffee, black, Just the way he liked it. His better judgment told him that a bunch of rouge A788- whatever the hell specters should be taken as seriously as a vicious chimera, but at the same time he had a little trouble being too frightened by the specters. He nodded occasionally at different peoples thoughts and ideas. It seemed that they were all in the same boat; What should we do and where should we start.

Then as if all the questions had been answered simultaneously, the owner of the office buildings next door, Mr. Cline, ran inside Blue Tea, his face white and sweat building up around his face. Guy was pretty sure that Mr. Cline wasn't aware of the service that they provided, so he chalked it up to chance that he had come here with his problem.

" I need to use your phone!" Said Mr. Cline in an obvious state of panic, his hands were shaking and his mouth gaping "All of our electricity has gone out and there is a lady stuck on the elevator, something funny is going on because when i went to leave the door flew open in my face!" He paused for a moment and took a deep breath. Guy instantly realized that the escaped specters had gone next door and were causing a ruckus.

"Easy there." Said Guy taking initiative "Looks like you've seen a ghost" he gave a sly smile around the room at his fellow Blue tea Employees. Keeping their "business" as interdimensional police secret from the public was always a trying task. " Our power was out to a moment ago, I'm sure its nothing." Guy poured a cup of Coffee for Mr. Cline, walking hm over to an empty booth with a comforting arm around his shoulder. "Just have a seat, I'm sure everything will be alright."

Guy walked back to his coworkers and said.

"Alright looks like the Specters are next door, you guys ready to work?"
"Blue Tea ready to serve." Coron said with a smile. He quickly took off to the building next door knowing the others would follow close behind. His small stature made for excellent speed. In the evening the cars stopped going down the road, either because it had no traffic lights near it, or because people had some superstition about passing a café at the O-hundred hour. Already inside the lobby of the ten story office building, Coron made a quick and obvious assessment. "Well, it's dark." Looking around the moonlight from outside only lit up vague reflective surfaces. The biggest of these surfaces being what looked like water in a fountain at the middle of the room. Normally people were tempted to throw a coin in but Coron was wondering if he could fish some out, if there were any in there in the first place. As he looked at the water an uneasiness came over him, it was not reflecting like water. He dipped his hand in it, sniffed it once, and a flashlight lit up his hand dripping red. "AAAAHHHH BLOOOOD!!!" He freaked out flipping backwards over himself.
"Sorry about that thought you guys might need flashlights." The Manager said handing them out to each person. Coron got up and wiped his hand off on his shirt. Doing something so un-cool he had to recuperate fast.
"I'm afraid that isn't blood." Thomas said with a smile. "These specters have a thing for pulling pranks instead of killing remember? At best they'll steal your pants when your not lookin'."
"Yeah but you never know when a specter will freak out." Coron replied readying himself with the team. "Alright how do we want to do this? I'll take a group downstairs to see if we can get the power back on. We'll need another to check that elevator to see if it is still 'safe.'" Coron questioned getting ready to go downstairs.