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  1. Long ago the Knights of the Holy Order engaged in a battle against Demonic Kind, a battle that left the world shook to its core and the gate of Gehanna closed. The world rejoiced and bathed the Knights in glory. Everyone was safe at last. But as time was went on demons found a way to slip through the gate and enter the human world. The Knights job was never done.

    In order to train the next generation of knights, the Council created Blue Rose Academy- a train university for future Knights of the Holy Order. For years it was a distinguished facility and those who graduated were seen as the saviors of the land, but their power began to fade as demonic entities were silenced; however, demons were planning something. The Sins would rise again and unlock the gate of Gehanna.

    The Sins, Satan's seven children, were at the head of the Blood War long ago, but were killed by the Elite Knights (the highest level of Knight hood in the Holy Order). Their souls were freed only to be born again.

    Each sin- Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, and Lust, were born into seven children that had a future fully of darkness and even light. The choice was theirs to make.

    The sins are the children of Satan- King of Gehanna. Each were gifted with different abilities and each were destined for greatness.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]WRATH[/BCOLOR] ~ The first child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Fire and Enhanced Strength.

    [BCOLOR=#993366]PRIDE[/BCOLOR]~ The second child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Illusion and Manipulation.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]ENVY[/BCOLOR] ~ The Sin of Envy, the third child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Erebokinesis- the ability to manipulate the darkness.

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]GLUTTONY[/BCOLOR] ~ The forth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Duplication and Enhanced Stamina.

    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]LUST[/BCOLOR] - The fifth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift to Empathy.

    [BCOLOR=#bab704]GREED[/BCOLOR] - The sixth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Snatch and Lightning - the ability to steal other's strength and put it towards your own or heal yourself.

    [BCOLOR=#33cccc]SLOTH[/BCOLOR] - The seventh child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Time manipulation and Enhanced Speed.

    Now each Sin has a normal state- the human looking one, and a demonic state.

    The Knights are the longest living power in the human world. They are individuals brave enough, and strong enough, to enter into knighthood and fight against dark forces. Their one true goal is to vanquish the demonic realm and prosper in the light.

    None, except the few, know of their true plan- to open the gates of Gehanna and start a new Blood War, one where they will destroy the side of evil and become the supreme power of both worlds.

    Blue Rose Academy is located in the district of Rose Hill. It has approximately 4,750 students in attendance and it is the main, and most distinguished, academy for the Knights of the Holy Order.

    Students are expected to wear uniforms while school is in session. The male uniform: HERE. The female uniform: HERE. Those caught out of uniform during school sessions will be punished accordingly.

    Dorms will be assigned to each student. There is no co-ed rooms.

    Classes are as followed:​
    • Demonic/Knighthood History​
    • Battle Training​
    • Field Training​
    There is a curfew set at 10 P.M. those who choose to violate this will be placed on strict probation and will not be allowed to leave campus.

    Greed: Taken by CELESTIAL - Face Claim: Alex Watson.
    Wrath: Taken by Practicaly A Fairy
    Envy: Taken by Misguided Ghost
    Academy Student: Taken by Misguided Ghost

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  2. Still open? Just returned to Iwaku after some RL issues and looking for new RP's.
  3. I'm interested in pride if this is still open.
  4. Pride has already been taken by another user. If you are still interested please go to the top on the discription and follow the link to the sign up thread.
  5. Ah, I didn't see that. Thanks!
  6. I totally didn't see this before. There is a Academy Student spot left if you still wish to join. The sins have all been snatched up by other users.
  7. I will take it if you'll have me! ^^
  8. I am interested if there is any spots left.
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