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  1. [​IMG]

    Long ago the Knights of the Holy Order engaged in a battle against Demonic Kind, a battle that left the world shook to its core and the gate of Gehanna closed. The world rejoiced and bathed the Knights in glory. Everyone was safe at last. But as time was went on demons found a way to slip through the gate and enter the human world. The Knights job was never done.

    In order to train the next generation of knights, the Council created Blue Rose Academy- a train university for future Knights of the Holy Order. For years it was a distinguished facility and those who graduated were seen as the saviors of the land, but their power began to fade as demonic entities were silenced; however, demons were planning something. The Sins would rise again and unlock the gate of Gehanna.

    The Sins, Satan's seven children, were at the head of the Blood War long ago, but were killed by the Elite Knights (the highest level of Knight hood in the Holy Order). Their souls were freed only to be born again.

    Each sin- Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony, Envy, and Lust, were born into seven children that had a future fully of darkness and even light. The choice was theirs to make.

    The sins are the children of Satan- King of Gehanna. Each were gifted with different abilities and each were destined for greatness.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]WRATH[/BCOLOR] ~ The first child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Fire and Enhanced Strength.

    [BCOLOR=#993366]PRIDE[/BCOLOR]~ The second child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Illusion and Manipulation.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]ENVY[/BCOLOR] ~ The Sin of Envy, the third child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Erebokinesis- the ability to manipulate the darkness.

    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]GLUTTONY[/BCOLOR] ~ The forth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Duplication and Enhanced Stamina.

    [BCOLOR=#0000ff]LUST[/BCOLOR] - The fifth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift to Empathy.

    [BCOLOR=#bab704]GREED[/BCOLOR] - The sixth child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Snatch and Lightning - the ability to steal other's strength and put it towards your own or heal yourself.

    [BCOLOR=#33cccc]SLOTH[/BCOLOR] - The seventh child of Satan, he/she bares the gift of Time manipulation and Enhanced Speed.

    Now each Sin has a normal state- the human looking one, and a demonic state.

    The Knights are the longest living power in the human world. They are individuals brave enough, and strong enough, to enter into knighthood and fight against dark forces. Their one true goal is to vanquish the demonic realm and prosper in the light.

    None, except the few, know of their true plan- to open the gates of Gehanna and start a new Blood War, one where they will destroy the side of evil and become the supreme power of both worlds.

    Blue Rose Academy is located in the district of Rose Hill. It has approximately 4,750 students in attendance and it is the main, and most distinguished, academy for the Knights of the Holy Order.

    Students are expected to wear uniforms while school is in session. The male uniform: HERE. The female uniform: HERE. Those caught out of uniform during school sessions will be punished accordingly.

    Dorms will be assigned to each student. There is no co-ed rooms.

    Classes are as followed:​
    • Demonic/Knighthood History​
    • Battle Training​
    • Field Training​
    There is a curfew set at 10 P.M. those who choose to violate this will be placed on strict probation and will not be allowed to leave campus.

    Greed: Taken by CELESTIAL - Face Claim: Alex Watson. ♦
    Wrath: Taken by Practicaly A Fairy
    Envy: Taken by Misguided Ghost ♦
    Sloth: Taken ♦
    Gluttony:Taken ♦
    Pride: Taken TheGDeer ♦
    Lust: Taken ♦
    Academy Student: Taken by Misguided Ghost ♦
    Academy Student: Taken (possibly)
    Academy Student: Taken by Shayla

    CHARACTER LIST (picture of character needs to be included.)

    Appearance photo.
    Birthdate: (mm/dd)
    Position: (What Sin or the Academy Student)
    Demonic Form: (only for sins)

    Eye Color:
    Hair color:
    Markings: (including tattoos, birthmarks, scars)

    General Personality: The one everyone sees
    Inner Personality: The one only few see
    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy (what made you want to be a knight)?

    Talents: (1 or 2 is fine)

    Significant Other:

    Favorite Song:

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  2. [​IMG]
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚛ ⚛ ⚛ ▬▬


    Valentin Lumiere Horvath
    August 19th
    Demonic Form:
    His hair turns white, ears come to a point, teeth become sharp like knives, small horns poke threw each side of his forehead, eyes turn pure black, and his skin looks to have hardened.

    Height: 6'3"
    Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Markings: Chest Tattoo, Left Forearm


    General Personality: To everyone, Valentin is a rather cold heartened individual whom values completion of the job over others feelings. He is the type of guy to be blunt and honest with you no matter how much it could hurt you in the long run. Valentin is rather strong-willed and hard working, never giving up even when the going gets tough. Since he was a lad he always believed in power and wanted it, this drove him to be successful even in his youth.

    Inner Personality: For the lucky few that get to see this side of him, Valentin is a softy. Few things really get to him, but there are enough things to make him forget about his greed. Towards significant others, Valentin is rather romantic and committed, but sometimes he lacks the right attitude to show it. Towards friends he is loyal and laid back, always the one that others could go to for help. Though his past does haunt him and causes him to distance himself from revealing too much about him to others.

    Childhood: As a small boy, Valentin grew accustom to the wealth of his family fortune. Him and his twin brother never went a day with being spoiled. But as time grew on and his father grew ill, his families money became scarce. Valentin always craved more. He needed more. It started out with money, but his desire spread to other things. He craved power. There was nothing Valentin wanted more than to feel and be powerful.

    Since childhood, Valentin was plagued with greed, but it never got in the way of his life. He was an active child always running a muck through the fields of Emerald Point, his childhood home and family estate, with his brother. His youth was quite adventurous and full of dangerous journeys. There was never a time where the thrill was lacking.

    Starting young, Valentin prepared himself for the working world. Following in his late father's footsteps, he figured the world of trade out fairly well thanks to brilliant tutors and a needed to succeed. By the early age of sixteen he took hold of his families fortune and tripled it, getting it back to the once glorious number it once was before his father's passing.

    With the trading game having been completed and Valentin emerged victorious it was time to focus on his studies, after all he was studying to be a Knight. It wasn't until he noticed his desire for more pushing him to do outrageous things that the edge he thought was so special to him was in fact demonic. His most important desire now is to keep from being exposed to the Knights of the Holy Order.

    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy (what made you want to be a knight)?
    "I wanted to become a knight in order to become strong. I wanted to show the world that we can't be pushed around and that no demon could mess with us, that is until my perspective changed. Now I want to be a knight because I find it my duty to prove everyone wrong, but I'm still lost. The pull of darkness is strong and very attracting. Sometimes I feel that it would be easier just to give in."

    Likes: Anything to do with food. Power. More is more. Chocolate, the rich and expensive kind. Music, any genre just not country. Bands- Twenty One Pilots, Pan!c at the Disco, Starset, etc.. Archery. Dating, girls for the most part. Movies that have anything to do with action. Marvel and DC comics, he just can't decide between the two. Being rich, it's a luxury he can afford. The beach, no one can beat a day in the surf. Traveling around the world. Becoming a Knight- it's still a goal. Stealing to get what he wants. Honesty, it is the golden rule after all.

    Dislikes: Trying to figure out who he really is. Playing the bad guy. Shitty memes. The lack of cleaning the public restrooms receive. Judgmental view points. When a light begins to go out, the flickering annoys him. The smell of wet dog, cigarette smoke, and bad cologne/perfume. People who have no grit. Laziness, he just can't stand it. People who don't speak their minds and allow themselves to be controlled by others.

    Secrets: Him being a sin is his biggest secret, but there are more. He is confused about his sexuality, but for the most part he believes himself to be bisexual. He has stolen enough to be considered a criminal. He still remains, to this day, a virgin because he believes such a act should not be taken lightly.

    Talents: His first talent is hand-to-hand combat. His second is being silver-tongued.

    Family: His mother's name is Beatrice Horvath, she is 44 years of age. His twin brother's name is (I need to consort with Misguided since she will be playing him. His deceased father's name was William Horvath, he was 38 when he died. Valetin's step-father, Ronaldo, is the same age as his mother.

    Friends: OPEN
    Fri-enemies: OPEN
    Enemies: OPEN
    Significant Other: OPEN

    Favorite Song:

    Explanation of powers:
    Snatch: the ability to steal another's strength and put it towards your own, as well as heal your own physical form. Both cannot be preformed at the same time.
    Lightning: Lightning manipulation.
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  3. I like the plot and am interested in joining. I do have one question for you. @CELESTIAL✨ The spots to be filled is either the 7 sin or a student at Blue Rose Academy?

  4. The Jealous Rich Beauty Queen
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ✵✵✵ ▬▬

    Sin: Envy
    Power: Darkness Manipulation
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    Face Claim: Danielle Hunt
    Color Resource: 0EC226


    ||Lucinda Willow Zephyr||


    June 12th




    ✵Demonic Form✵
    Her hair turns snow white, eyes a violet color with a tinge of black, her nails grow two inches long, sharp and pointed and the veins in her skin are especially visible.


    5 feet 4 inches

    ✵Eye Color✵

    ✵Hair Color✵
    Dark Brown but she dyes it grey

    Left Thigh


    ✵General Personality





    ✵Party Girl

    ✵Inner Personality✵







    ✵Anger issues

    ✵Game nights
    ✵Her siblings
    ✵Meeting new people

    ✵Confined spaces
    ✵Being alone
    ✵People who aren't spontaneous
    ✵The thought of growing old
    ✵Being bored

    ✵She's been arrested on assault charges
    ✵She once stalked her now ex-boyfriend for 16 hours
    ✵She's contemplated suicide at least 4 times a week for the past 6 years
    ✵She smokes marijuana
    ✵When she was 12, her brother was 8 and her sister was 5 she convinced them to runaway from their parents. They went to grandmas for 3 days then went home
    ✵She's thought about killing her parents, but jail isn't really her thing

    ✵She plays the violin exquisitely
    ✵Exceptionally good with swords, daggers and throwing knives


    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy (what made you want to be a knight)?


    ✵Bonnie Zephyr✵Mother✵45✵Alive✵
    ✵Joshua Jepherson✵Step Father✵47✵Alive
    ✵Samantha Zephyr✵Younger Sister✵11✵Alive
    ✵Benjamin Zephyr✵Younger Brother✵14✵Alive





    ✵Favorite Song✵
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  5. Hunky human brother of greed
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⌚⌚⌚ ▬▬

    Zodiac Sign: Leo

    Face Claim: Cody Christian
    Color Resource: 5192F5


    ||William Vincent Horvath||


    August 19th



    Academy Student


    6 feet 3 inches

    ⌚Eye Color⌚

    ⌚Hair Color⌚
    Dirty Blonde



    ⌚General Personality⌚







    ⌚Inner Personality⌚


    ⌚Hopeless Romantic

    ⌚Easily Distracted





    ⌚Horror movies
    ⌚Rap music

    ⌚Nosy people
    ⌚Not having food

    ⌚He's been kicked out of 3 schools for getting in fights
    ⌚He has to sleep with his baby blanket at night or he can't sleep
    ⌚One time, he dated 3 girls at once for 2 months
    ⌚He's a virgin despite his cocky, over-confident attitude
    ⌚He's scared of falling in love and getting hurt

    ⌚MMA Fighting


    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy (what made you want to be a


    ⌚Beatrice Horvath⌚Mother⌚44⌚Alive
    ⌚William Horvath⌚Father⌚38⌚Deceased
    ⌚Valentin Horvath⌚Twin Brother⌚18⌚Alive
    ⌚Ronaldo⌚Step Father⌚44⌚Alive





    ⌚Favorite Song⌚
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  6. I would like the sins filled before we add anymore academy students, but yes you are right. If you had your heart set on playing a academy student let me know though so I can add two more to keep the rp even.
  7. For the background on the sins....what do you expect us to put? @CELESTIAL✨
  8. What their childhood was like. Until they reached the age to go to the academy they hadn't a clue that they were a sin. So just how they grew up, what family life was like, things like that.
    Angelo Gallo
    Nickname: None
    Birthdate: July 11
    Age: 16
    Grade: Junior
    Position: Sin - Pride
    Demonic Form:
    False Demonic form -
    Takes the appearance of a “perfected form” of whoever is in his presence, improving aesthetic features as well as creating an aura of success and fulfillment.
    True Demonic form - When unable to project his false demonic form, his reptilian attributes can be seen. Skin turns to dark colored scales, eyes turn slit, tongue become long and forked, and his hands and feet gain long claws.

    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Markings: Small scar protruding down from his lower lip from the left side


    General Personality:
    Is generally a unassuming individual. He rarely comes into conflict with others and while friendly and has many acquaintances, has very few close relationships. Thoughtful, cunning, and calculating he seems to be thinking about many things at once as well as maintaining an unreadable aura around his thoughts and emotions. He’s a great conversationalist and loves discourse on a wide range of topics.

    Inner Personality:
    While he sees himself better than all others he does not look down on those below him with contempt, but rather with understanding and sympathy. Could be characterized of having a minor god-complex. Willing to help those in need. Loyal to those who are loyal back. Has issues with anger when things don’t go as he planned.

    Angelo grew up as a single child to a set of well off loving parents. His mother was a stay at home mom and his father was a politician so while not super close with him, Angelo admired him greatly. From a young age he showed both his intelligence and reserved nature, preferring to rather read or be alone with his thoughts then to play with others. This would set him on a track to being more of a loner as opposed to having close friends. He grew up getting whatever he wanted be it through his own power or his parents, but believing that whatever he needed was justified. He came to Blue Rose Academy two years ago believing it the best place for him to hide his power as well as learn about it and has stayed to his genuine enjoyment of the school.

    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy?
    “Quite simple, I came to Blue Rose Academy to change myself, and since coming here I have learned not only how to change myself, but the entire world as well.”


    Classic Rock. Alternative Rock. Classical Music. Reading. Cowboy Movies. Poetry. Philosophy. History. Debate. Politics. Football. RPGs. Being right. Being in control. Girls. Dressing well. Sketching. Discovering the extent of his powers.

    Country music. Unkempt hair. Stupid people. Basketball. Heights. Facial hair. Anything he isn’t good at. Nosy people. Marxism. Overly attractive men. Knights that are too smart. Abstractism.

    Loves of professional wrestling. His motives and emotions to an extent. His abilities as a sin. Can’t grow any facial hair. Likes to internally monologue.

    Able to remember anything he has read. Cooking

    Family: Marie Gallo (Mother), Alphonso Gallo (Father)
    Fri-enemies: Open
    Significant Other: Open

    Favorite Song:

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  10. Oh of course! I will make the reservation now.
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  11. What exactly do you mean by the gift of empathy for lust?
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  12. Empathy, as the sin Lust's powers, is of course the understanding of others feelings and emotions allowing Lust to gain knowledge of the enemy. However, Lust can manipulate those feelings to get a certain outcome, it's almost like mind control. Though if you are interested in playing lust, but believe another power shoots the role better let me know which power so I can look it over.
    Name: Zack Campbell
    Birthdate: Sept 25
    Age: 16
    Grade: 9
    Position: Sin- Sloth
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Height: 6'4
    Eye Color: Caramel brown
    Hair color: Sandy brown
    Markings: none
    Demonic Form: [​IMG]

    General Personality: Zack makes friends easily. He has many simple relationship. It takes some time for him to allow people to truly know him. He tends to keep a wall around himsrlf because he's afraid of losing people he cares for.
    Personality/Attitude: Zack is a very outgoing and fun loving guy. He gets along with just about everyone. He tends to be very serious, especially when it comes to people he cares about. He can be forgetful especially if he is painting.
    Inner Personality: Zack is very caring. He wants to help everyone. He is very giving and generous. He is deeper then he appears. He is very thoughtful and kind.
    Childhood: Zack was raised by his mother. He never knew who his father was. His mother had to work two jobs to support him so he spent a lot of time alone. Not wanting to be alone while his mother was gone he learned to make friends quickly and he joined every club and activity that could. Over the years he made friends and dated but none off his relationships were serious. He figured it was because he never saw how a real relationship worked
    What made you come to Blue Rose Academy: "I want to help people. I want to see as many times as I can. I want to solve problems. Not the big ones that would change the world but little ones that would change a person's life.

    Likes: dancing, painting, animals, exploring, cooking
    Dislikes: bullies, fighting, lazy people, things left undone, regrets
    Secrets: Zack dont have alot of secrets. He's pretty open but he is smarter then he pretends to be.
    Talents: cooking and painting.

    Family: Isabella Campbell (mom)
    Friends: (open)
    Fri-enemies: (open)
    Enemies: (open)
    Significant Other: (open)

    Favorite Song:
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  14. I'm interested in lust and wrath at the moment. I realize that wrath has been reserved, but they've been offline for several days, so if fairy drops, I'd be happy to take up wrath. For now I'll be doing some thinking about lust.
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  15. Would it be possible to add another power? It would seem that they all have two aside from envy and lust.
  16. Just a few things. What sin are you wishing to reserve? Sloth and Gluttony are left. And for the demonic form that is unique to each character, I can always help you with that if you are having trouble though. Also a appearance photo is needed, and I editted the charcter sheet for the appearance section.
  17. The reason I gave those two only one power was because the extent of their powers. However, if you want Empathy to be a little more down played and pair it with another power, you may. Let me know what power though.
  18. I am sorry. I just realized that I for got that. I will edit that.
  19. I'm thinking perhaps separate "empathy" based on your description into two, so telepathy on account of the understanding them and what they're feeling, and charm as the "mind/emotional control" aspect. Just to make it a little more broad?
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