Blue Ridge Psychiatric Center {co-GMs needed}

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    Before we get started, allow me to introduce myself. Obviously, my username is kimsim12, but don't call me that unless you're tagging me (pretty please?). I'm not one for formalities, so just call me Kim! I am currently only available in the mornings Monday and Tuesday, all day Wednesday and Thursday. Work schedules are kind of sucking right now. :*(

    Anywho, that's not why you're here! You want to hear about my (hopefully) wonderful idea. So here goes nothing.

    Blue Ridge Psychiatric Center
    Springfield, MO

    Founded in 1967, Blue Ridge has been the epitome of mental health care since its inception, quickly and willingly adopting the new information streaming in from doctors around the world on the status of mentally ill patients--and how to aide them in their journey towards recovery. People from all over the country come in as patients, somehow believing the facility is better than the ones at home. Perhaps they are right.

    Nevertheless, the facility is like any other. It has housing units for acute patients, as well as long-term residential patients. Adults are separated from adolescents, and adolescents are separated from children. It features round-the-clock staffing units working overtime every week. Some genuinely seem to care about their patients; others believe a little tough love goes a long way. And still others just got the job because their younger self thought there was grandeur in mental health care, but they discovered quickly how wrong they really were.

    You see, it doesn't matter the circumstances. Everyone is here because of one reason: they have a problem. This problem can't be solved by medication or therapy alone. It requires hours of work, motivation, and the simple idea of hope. For some, going a week without thinking of harming themselves is easy. For others, going just an hour seems impossible.

    Being "crazy" has never been easy.
    That's my basic premise. The idea is to flesh out the lives of patients who might have just arrived or have been there for months--maybe even years. I will be needing one, maybe even two, co-GMs for this roleplay, and I'm still working out the major concepts (hence the "group RP plotting" label). Feel free to put forth ideas. The main point is character development, and it should and will be slow. It's no fun for anyone if your character just gets better in a day, or even a week--and it's also highly unrealistic.

    Requirements for Players:

    1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Hardly anyone in these centers scream all the time or have mental breakdowns. Most of them are fairly quiet about what's going on--as in they don't just start thrashing around when having a panic attack. Instead, they might just curl into a ball and close their eyes. However, it should be said that children do have a tendency to become upset in these circumstances--this is where most, if not all, of the "screaming and thrashing" will originate.
    2. BE REALISTIC. This goes hand-in-hand with doing your research.
    5. HAVE FUN. :)

    Requirements for co-GMs:

    1. ALL OF THE PLAYER REQUIREMENTS--and then some.
    2. CREATIVITY. I want someone who can put forth ideas.
    3. FLEXIBILITY. Sometimes I have to reject ideas.
    NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness | Mental Health Conditions
    What To Look For |
    {will post more as I do research myself}
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  2. Consider me a possible candidate for this RP! It sounds fun!
  3. Thanks for the interest, King! xD
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  4. I'm currently available most of the day during the week and would be willing to talk with you about being a co-GM
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  5. Thank you for the interest! I'll get back with you on co-GM stuff when I have the chance.
  6. Sure thing hun
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