Blue Moon Rising

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    No! A blue moon didn't rise.. but a big moon did! Do you enjoy being out at night? What about the moon and stars? Do you like how everything looks washed in the pale light? I love how the beach looks with the bright moon washing over the sand.

    Does your character react to the full moon? Do they prefer a certain time of the day? Are they a night owl? Do they prefer to wake up early oooorrrrr do they just not care?

  2. I saw the moon! 8D

    It didn't look any bigger to me. .__.; But it was a really neat shade of orange that night. o___o

    I wanted to check out the meteor shower too, but I totally forgot. XD

    I'm totally a night person. >:3 I love it so much more than the daytime.

    I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about whether or not my characters are night time or daytime people. O___O And I can't remember any good examples at the moment. But the Moon is a common theme for a lot of them. 8D I do have a werewolf. And Moon Goddess or Moon Princess is something I like trying.
  3. I am the Moon.

    Now, what?

    NOW WHAT. O ^O
    I srsly looove following the phases of the moon. <3 - w- it's a hobby. I am also a star nerd. And I adore just staring at the sky.. I will stop to do that sometimes, when I can. o wo~ I never have anyone to do it with, but, OHWELLS.<3

    My characters of course allll love astronomy.