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    ---------------------------------------------- Role - Play ----------------------------------------------

    Dawn was arching it's back across the skies on a wonderful Friday morn, as the weather was starting to show it's season even the crisp and cool winds of Fall could not dampen the spirits of Arkendale. Everyone seemed to be gearing up for Pumpkin Spice ... everything, as it's fragrance rang through the early morning streets and called out to those early risers who shuffled on their way to do their daily dose. However, one such citizen of Arkendale was NOT in the bright and early morning mood. Having only turned in a few hours earlier to say the least her wake up call was most unwelcome!​

    An alarm clock wailed it's anthem at her and would receive a sturdy kick just after it's second screech. Long stocking socks still stretched up to her upper thighs and garter belts strapped them their on a pair of lacy thongs. Strawberry autumn colored hair pooled around her curled up shoulders as her golden hazel eyes flickered open and a frown most endearing stretched her face. Her apartment was quiet now, the only sound was her cat Indi scampering about the kitchen - now that the damned alarm was off.

    She slowly sat up stretching and yanking on the first shirt she could find. Her day's were getting shorter now that night was extending and the wear on her muscles and her routine was becoming obvious. She stretched and yawned rubbing the bags beneath her golden eyes and then practically fell out of her bed and into her closet. She was going to be late! She'd realized mid stretch, having the night before forgot to set her alarm back and hour? No ahead perhaps fuck if she knew she could never keep up with the daylight's saving time.

    Pawing about her closet for a few moments she would finally emerge in her short black skirt a black hoody tank top under which she wore a shoulder-less long sleeved jade green button up, top buttons left loose, and a black denim jacket over that then paired with her favorite kicks, a pair of green high heel, ankle high boots that she could easily slip in and out of when the need arose.

    After that she adjusted her stocking said Fuck breakfast only to feed her cat then was falling out her front door and hustling down the flight of stairs that ran adjacent to her building and deposited her square in front of a the Arken Moon~Brew coffee shop. It was hell living over a coffee shop, you never knew how tired you were until you smelled that blissful aroma. Her senses being all the more sharped due to what she was she would inhale deeply and sigh a yearning look cast at the shop. "Okay fuck class I'll be late, it's only Digital Works anyways..." She glanced about as if expecting someone to be watching her and expecting her to get in trouble. She had to keep reminding herself big brother wasn't around to harp on her.

    SO with that she twirled and danced her way into the coffee shop making her way to the front counter her golden eyes already searching the board behind it for the most perfect sugary caffeinated creation they had to offer. She locked her eyes on the Carmel Macchiato and couldn't help but to drool "That one..." She mumbled pointing at the sugary goodness displayed on the image there. "Biggest size you have please.. Student Discount ... oh and three extra shots of s'presso please" She flashed her student id before dropping it on the counter and started to root around her jacket pockets for spare monies.

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  2. Sten was hungry, much to his chagrin. He had just bought a pair of hot dogs from a stand a few blocks down and was still aching for more. The scents made it worse; he could smell food from hundreds of yards away and just a whiff would send him salivating. No, I have to focus. He tried to remember the strange, unknown smell from before, the one of the smaller, more intelligent werewolf shifters. Finding it again, he followed it's alien, musky aroma.

    It led him to a coffee shop, hidden among the dense scent of coffee grounds. Taking care to position himself downwind, he sat down on the sidewalk nearby the shop and pulled out a small begging cup. It was an act that he had grown used to. So long as no cops came to evict him, he shouldn't have any problems identifying the monster amongst the men. The homeless in Arkendale were practically invisible to most people.

    Just in case he ran into trouble, he had a pair of 'stink bombs' on hand to let him beat a hasty escape. They were small glass vials filled with a mix of pungent chemicals meant to cloud the nostrils of any beast who smelled them and prevent them from tracking him, mostly isocyanide compounds with a little silver cyanide for an extra kick. If they weren't enough, he still had his silver knife and his sawed-off double-barreled shotgun filled with silver shot. He would have brought more equipment had he been on the hunt, but this was a reconnaissance mission, nothing more.

    Sten settled in, waiting for his quarry to make an appearance. He pulled out his voice recorder to make a few updates. “Found a coffee shop, Arken MoonBrew, has the stench of a shifter all over it, one of the different ones.” His stomach rumbled again and he frowned. “Starting surveillance.” He put the recorder away and jingled his change cup. Who knows, maybe I'll make enough money to get another hot dog or five.
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  3. Al - Morning

    Early that morning, at a house in one of the oldest parts of the old town, a tall woman could be seen unlocking a door to a medium sized Victorian home. The building was made of a faded grey brick and white trim. Some of it’s more notable features was the tall tower like part of the building, the large porch, and the water fountain in the front yard. Some ways off from the main house was a separate building, this one much more modern in appearance. If one were to venture inside of it they would find that it mainly served as a garage. But there are a couple rooms and a loft in the building as well. The home sat on approximately three or so acres of land surrounded by tall stone walls. The home itself sat near the gate, giving the property a large, forested backyard. This is perhaps one of the few areas left within the city to have so many trees. It was an older building, perhaps one of the oldest there. It was the Lavan home. While not the Blue Moon Manor, the Lavan home has seen its fair share of pack through the ages.

    Al was returning from her run that morning. She never used to be an early riser, but she was finding it easier to run in the morning. During the day she was busy at work, then her evening was split between her online classes and the pack. Any free time left after that was usually spent hanging out or taking one of the two older motorcycles resting in the garage for a spin. Of course, Al had a more convenient ride as well, an old blue Toyota Camry lingered in its usual spot on the driveway. The woman, blonde right now, shoved her key into the lock and turned before letting herself back into the house. The interior was a mashup of different cultures and of different ages. But the woman breezed past all of this, heading up the winding stairs to the master bedroom.

    After reaching her destination, Alma began to breeze through routine. Shimmying her clothes off she headed for the attached bathroom and turned the water on as she let her hair down from the ponytail it had been restrained in. Next she walked over to her closet and picked out clothes for work that day. A simple pair of slacks and a baby blue button down and a navy tie. When that was done she retraced her footsteps and stepped up into the claw foot tub before pulling the shower curtain around. Forty-five minutes later would find l locking the house up behind her, dressed and ready for the day as she crossed to the camry and started it up before pulling out and away from home for the day.

    Her first stop would be the small coffee shop her boss preferred. As usual, she’d stop in and pick up a carrier of drinks for the office and a dozen or so doughnuts. It was routine. After getting to said shop, Al pulled the Camry over and parked before sliding out and breezing through the door, the bel above chiming merrily at her entrance. The woman inhaled and blue eyes sought out a familiar scent, landing briefly on the other pack member, the alpha’s sister before refocusing on the task at hand as she made her way up to the counter to order.
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  4. Lei Sen greeted the friday morning with a glare and retreated back into the blankets. He'd never been one for mornings, but he'd just worked a late shift so he was operating on less sleep than he'd prefer. So he wanted to pretend he was still sleeping for as long as possible. However, the world itself had other plans. His alarm for work went off and he had to walk over to where it sat on the windowsill. Some days he hated that he was smart enough to know to not put that stupid thing within arm's reach, or he'd oversleep.

    He peered out from his blanket mound to glare at the clock as though that alone would make it stop. When the inevitable occurred and the alarm clock didn't stop ringing, Lei forced himself from the warm protection of the blankets to the clock and shut it off. He stretched in front of the window to see what the weather was like. Crisp and cold, which meant he probably needed to bundle up to be warmer since it was likely to get very cold at night. He hoped the pack wouldn't need him tonight so he could sleep in for once. He doubted that would happen, but it would be nice.

    With that he dressed and picked up his keys and phone before heading out the door. He had a text, he noticed as he grabbed the phone.

    Date tonight?

    He smiled and typed back, I'll try. Hospital's been busy, but I can probably beg to not stay late.

    Do the puppy eyes, they'll fall for it.

    Lei snickered at the unintentional pun his boyfriend had made. Lei hadn't told him yet, and promised to tell him in a couple weeks. He called it 'meeting the family'. Lei hoped that it would work out, he liked this boyfriend and wanted to keep him. With that he headed for the nearest coffee shop, passing a beggar and dropping some coins in his tin. He then entered the coffee shop and realized that two others of the pack were already there. He tried to suppress his surprise and anxiety. They wouldn't try anything here would they? He just wanted coffee.
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  5. Jesse felt he had a good internal clock, he'd usually wake up before his alarm and manage to shut it off before it started ringing in his ears. This morning was no different as he pulled his pants on, the pair he'd found on the floor below. Somewhere along the way he'd managed to lose his balance, followed by stepping on something...kinda sharp. A yelp and a flail later the big man flew sideways straight into his dresser, then hitting the floor with a thud, it's what he got for not turning on the lamp when he'd had the chance. The redhead huffed as he searched for what he'd stepped on with one hand, still laying where he'd fallen...and yup, those we're his keys. Good job Jesse, you get the idiot of the day award.

    Then he was out of the mansion just as the sun started coming up before sliding into his jeep and driving away from the packs home and towards his work. A place called Joe's Auto and Repair Service. Real original name there, but Jesse wasn't one to complain because he enjoyed the people he worked with. Chris could be a bit of an ass, and lazy at times, but he and Jesse got along, and Joe the owner was a decent and fair man himself. Jesse couldn't prevent the yawn from escaping his lips from behind the wheel as he pulled into the shops back lot. Being the first here wasn't much of a surprise, he tended to open up for Joe and the others who'd show up eventually.

    Before jumping out of the jeep he pulled his phone out of his pocket, checking his most recent text messages. To no surprise there was only one, it was from Chris, asking to cover for him for the morning. Jesse groaned, closing his eyes he let his head fall into the steering wheel. "Why today of all days?" He asked the non-existent passenger of the vehicle.

    Jesse angrily texted back with the words, You owe me. Then with a sigh that the whole world could probably hear he got out and unlocked the door to the auto-shop and stepped inside. At-least he had a little quiet and alone time for now.
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  6. The moon still hung high among the early morning clouds when Esther roused herself from sleep. She went about her morning routine without any deviance--cereal, shower, clothes on, teeth brushed, food and pats for Mochi--before making her way towards work. Monotony--such was the daily life of the girl.

    The short walk from apartment to work passed pleasantly as usual, though brisk winds promised by autumn's early days nipped her ears. Wonderful, she thought. The frenzied time of shallow students and panicked parents was fast approaching. This meant, of course, an influx of customers, which then lead to increased pressure and attention on her work. She hated it, despised this job with a cold contempt, but it kept her moving. It kept her busy. It kept her mind from whirling out place, allowing her cogs of cognition to continue to function. And for that, at least, she was grateful. No matter how she hated her job, it kept her sane in her free time.

    With a quick mental steel, Esther pulled the back door open and ventured past the threshold. With her cap in place and her apron around her waist, she began her opening duties. The first few hours passed much like her walk, pleasant to a point and simple enough. The rush kept her on her toes. The problems began, as they usually did, in the early afternoon, when blue-collars left for the work at their desk and the students trekked towards classes. Her hands twitched in sporadic bursts, her lips chewed raw and bleeding. She was cleaning the lobby tables for the fourth time when a familiar girl walked in.

    Esther held back her slight groan and grit her teeth. As a regular to the shop and student at the same campus, this peculiar person never failed to catch Esther's cautious gaze. She reminded Esther of her own days of exuberance with her risque dress and blunt way of speech, and the barista couldn't help the tinge of resentment tainting her heart.

    The girl hurried behind the counter to cater to her guest, hands tugging at her apron to keep them still.

    "That one," the other mumbled, pointing towards a picture of a caramel machiatto. "Biggest size you have please.. Student Discount ... oh and three extra shots of s'presso please."

    "Ah, yes..."

    Three extra shots...! This girl was a caffeine addict for sure. One hand still clasped the cloth, her knuckles growing bone white, while the other input the order in the cashier. After a mumbled price and a swipe of the card, Esther began the order.

    An easy recipe, Esther finished in no time at all despite the constant shaking of her hands. She grabbed the drink and moved from the counter to serve her peculiar customer just as one other entered.

    "Here you are, ma'am," she mumbled after halting a near trip over her own feet, and placed the steaming paper cup before the other. Her eyes glanced up towards the woman who entered and caught sight of a man sitting outside the shop, begging for change.

    Again, her hands gripped the fabric of her apron to the point of whitening knuckles. Esther had never seen this man before, but even from behind, his rough-and-tough appearance set unease in her mind. She jerked her head from side to side as if to shake the caution from her thoughts, an action aided by the chiming bell of yet another entering customer.

    "What... can I get for you?" Esther forced out to the blonde woman behind the counter.

    She stole a glance at the crooked clock upon the wall--an hour. Just an hour more before she could escape to her own classes of the day.
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  7. The birds harping outside the window were the real reason for Luna's early start, even before her alarm clock had had chance to start screeching at her. And what she thought a graceful rising was actually a hot mess of Luna tripping over random objects and pillows on the floor. She'd had a relatively late night and had in turn been forced to crash at her brothers house. This now meant that she would have a very limited selection of clothing to choose from and so when opening the wardrobe door didnt hold out much hope. Luckily enough Luna had left behind a checkered black and white shirt from her last visit and some ripped blue jeans. Putting this on she then preceded to the kitchen, expecting to see her brother, but then instead seeing a plate and a sticky note on the fridge. You know where everything is, help yourself. Had to leave early. Luna frowned down at the note, "Had to leave early" She was up early, how much earlier had Jason left ?? Dismissing the thought her mind flicked back to last nights bike race, she'd won first prize but some ass decided she'd cheated and wanted a re-match and being the person she was Luna graciously accepted the proposal before smack talking the hell out of the competitor and starting a fight. Luna smiled at the memory of this before taking a bite out of her toast that she'd just made. There was always something so easy and comforting about riling up other competitors and the fact that most of the time she could avoid getting hit amongst the fight was just the tip of the iceberg. Taking another bite out of her toast she looked up at the clock and debated the possibility of meeting up with Cyn at the coffee shop and then preceding to class afterwards. Luna finally decided to do this and took once last bite out of her toast before picking up her brothers black beanie and putting on her boots. Slowly backing out of her brothers apartment she checked to see that she hadnt left anything important behind before finally closing the door and heading towards the coffee shop. The weather outside had been much colder than she had expected and Luna rushed to get to Arken Moon-brew. Getting nearer Luna squinted her grey eyes to see if she could see Cyn inside, to her relief she recognised her strawberry autumn hair and started smirking to herself. Pushing open the door Luna jumped inside and proclaimed "Im heeeeerreeeeee"
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  8. Dark circles under blood-shot orbs of milk, amber, and bottomless eternity. Sleepless silence of shadowed night. Ancient tomes bound in leather and cloth. Faded stories and echoes of tales long past resounding softly across the dark void. Knowledge that expands far beyond the reach of the mortal mind. This was the passing of the night for Nathan Kerry. The librarian could've gone home as the moon rose, as his coworkers did, he could've gotten sleep like most of the city. But no. The hunger of his mind was as fierce as the hunger of the beast within. He already possessed most of the knowledge of the last 30 recorded centuries, save those that bore little record. But he needed more. A dark sorcerer with no magic, he decided to trade his sanity for greater knowledge. He'd likely end up taking a nap in the backroom while Janet covered his shift, drinking extra strong coffee throughout the day.

    "Was it worth it?" asked a concerned voice, as the door opened and the golden light of dawn flooded the room. The first of the other librarians had arrived. Nathan stared at her for a time, struggling to process the question and shift from the reality of the papers to the one in front of him. His answer was the same as every time the young woman asked.

    "Were it not, I wouldn't have done it."

    The man ran his hand through the rye hair flowing from the top of his head. Stiffened in a muted stretch, and stood. "First shift, Christie?" he asked, eyes pleading. The woman nodded knowingly. Marking his book with a silk ribbon, Nathan closed the tome, set an alarm for three hours on his phone, and meandered into the backroom to nap.
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