Blue Moon [OOC]

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  1. Game Masters: Jean Kyn [or] TheBladeOfAngels
    Accepting New Characters: Yes [3 - 4 more people]

    Rating: PG-16(ish)
    Basic Plot: Space age; The Earth is dead. Vampires and werewolves are being held on a prison planet that is constantly orbited by three space vessels. Only the Alphas and Coven leaders who have proven their loyalty to the humans are welcome aboard the first ship, the SS Azazel. The second ship, the SS Archangel, holds the civilians who have sworn loyalty to the humans. And the final ship, the SS Savior, travels between planets in search of resources and fuel to keep up with the maintenance of the two other home ships.

    The Dead Earth
    The SS Azazel
  2. Since I'm the GM sharing this with you, Jean. I'm obligated to say I'm interested.

    It's a yes. :)

    Three or four spots available. Malkuthe said he was interested, I'll have to PM this thread to him to see if he still is.
  4. Hey, Hey! this looks cool! I'm interested too! ^.^
  5. I'm interested!!! I love Sci-Fi and space RPs.
  6. I'm interested! :)
  7. I'm interested too. What is it going to be about? Are we looking for resources or is there going to be a break out? I'm new to this site, so hi everybody :cow: