Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy's Revival

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Fantasy, Psychological Horror, Scifi, Magical, Romance, Supernatural
OOC/Signups Thread

Welcome to TCA:R! This is a Blue Exorcist rp, though not based on canon. There may be a couple differences, but it will be like rping the manga/anime!

OCs are welcomed!
Canon characters are impossible since this does NOT go with canon, so do be aware of that!

Thank you for taking time to read and take interest!

The True Cross Order has survived the cripplement of a lack of an academy; the original True Cross Academy had been destroyed in a massive demon attack, orchestrated by Satan himself. This caused the demon king to, startlingly, be destroyed in the climax of the attack. Because of this shock, many less demons had leaked into Assiah.
Construction took twenty years, along with a secret operation going on to create a better way to combat demons.
People are now being recruited once more back to this new True Cross Academy, and classes are starting again soon...

LibratheScales (Head GM; Our person who keeps everything together and prevents everyone from screaming and destroying fucking everything god damn it guys why)
Inzane (GM; Our fuckboy)
Blitzfang/Travis (GM; Our guard dog)


-Standard rules-

No pissy baby zone -
As should be in basic knowledge, we ALL should be mature enough to know that fighting, whining when things don't go your way, overall stupidity that you should have left behind when you became a tween, is NOT OKAY HERE. Everyone here, is at the same level. Everyone here, is an ADULT. I expect all of you to act as such.

Respect goes for miles -
Yes, the big R. RESPECT. I also expect that of the ADULTS here. Even if you hate each other with a burning passion, don't fight with each other or treat one lower than the other. I have a big pet peeve of dehumanization, and with such I cannot stand any sort of lowering.

Smiles and good fun -
Even though I expect adult behavior, I also hope for everyone to have FUN. I want this rp to be an entertaining light in someone's day, not somewhere to groan and sigh about when it's their go. Everyone here is considered as family.

Maybe if I just put a little garbled sentence no one will notice... -
Now now, stop right there. I expect the best spelling and sentence structure from EVERYONE. No one can have a poorly spelled and written, shrimpy post. Everyone's post has to be 5 sentences at minimum and every word spelled correctly. I will be reading everyone's post and I will tell you if you're doing a poor job, and yes, something like this can get you removed. It just tells me you're not even trying, and I don't like it when people can't even try with something as simple as an RP post.
EDIT: Okay okay, Sorry to sound like i'm rude but this is what I meant: Think of it like writing an essay for writing class. You'd want your sentences and such to be proper and so for it to be presentable, yes?
You wouldn't want it to be garbled text of miss spellings that would be unable to be read, right? My point is, just make your post presentable.

Maybe if I spend the time to make a Walking Dead episode away from the rp without telling anyone, it'll be fine! -
Yeah, guys. If you're going to be going somewhere for over a week, NOTIFY THE GMS BEFORE SUCH EVENT HAPPENS. I'm pretty sure your family won't spring a surprise month-long trip to Hawaii right on the day they're going, so you better tell us or you will be put on the frozen list and your character will be godmodded in the event they are part of an event to move it along. This rp is a nonstop train, so we don't want any boulders in our way for the train to crash.

-RP rules-

Poopin' hellspawn -
Sorry, but not everyone can be half demon or whatever. That kind of thing is reserved to move the rp along/make a plotpoint, rather than to be free to make a character of. No children of Satan or Lucifer or whatever.

Holy shit wings! Holy shit claws! -
Adding onto the first rule, yeah, your character can't get any physical enhancements like wings, claws, horns, etc. They're HUMAN. You gotta remember that. Even pimped up with this gear and training your character isn't going to suddenly produce buttwings or something.

Yeah sorry to slap you down, but everyone starts at a Page unless a different rank can be applied with permission from the GMs/Head GM. Other than that, you gotta rank up like everyone else.
Another thing; You can't have more than one skill as a Page and Exwire, and can only have up to two at Meister and First Class, and three as a Second Class, and four as an Honorary Knight, just for the sake of balance and fairness. Your character also has to have time and evidence of having studied on the skill. Only Paladins can have all five of them, but only one is appointed, and appointed til DEATH, the same goes for the Arc Knight. Mephisto has that position and runs the school, so there cannot be any others in the same thing.

It's a wonderful day! The sky is bleeding! There are corpses EVERYWHHERREEE~! -
If you could guess, this rp is going to be a bit on the intense side. Violence and even gore will be present, so if you can't handle subjects like such, not a good idea to join, for your sake.

Yeah, Tamers, you got a limit. There is a specific amount of demons you can summon. Can't have the roofs being blown off with so many!
Pages and Exwires: 1
1rst and 2nd class: 2-4
Honorary Knight: 5-7
Arc & Paladin: 8-10
Even with a bigger amount of them in the higher ranks, you can only have THREE SUMMONED AT A TIME. You can interact with them if they are presently in Assiah, depending on the type, but there's a low chance they'll all be in the same area to grab and use like Pokemon or something.

Yeaahhh... You have limits too Knights. No matter what rank, you can't have some crazy beam sword or something. Stick with the traditional swords like Katanas and such. This isn't a sci-fi rp.

Same thing goes for you Dragoon... Nope.

I know everything! >:O -
Aria-types can't remember verses on the dot, photographic memory or not. You gotta remember you're facing a demon and sometimes will try several verses before you can find the killing verse. Most still have to have a bible on hand to find it.

Nurpe. Doctors, you may not have EVERYTHING for every demonic disease on hand, that'd be near impossible. With some, you may not even know what the remedy is, because new diseases are popping up all the time, though similar to others, can require more or completely different types of medicine.

Appearance: [Either an image or description]
Species: [Even humans may have some demon in their lineage as far as forced rituals, but it has to be so far back in relation to the point the character can't even be counted as a demon because of the human blood, but may still bear similar traits to their ancestors, minus any animalistic features like tails or ears. Your character can be a DESCENDANT ONLY, to the point the only thing "demon" about them is that they don't need a Spirit Wound to see demons.]
Ranking: [Everyone starts off as a Page unless you've asked me or one of the GMs about it]
Specialization: [Knight, Dragoon, Doctor (STRICTLY FOR MEISTERS), Tamer, Aria]
Weapon: [If a Knight or Dragoon; nothing too elaborate like a laser pistol or a buster sword unless at an adequate rank!]
(As far as specialties, your character may not even know much about any but one, or not even know the one at all. Each student chooses one to major in at the start of the year, so choose wisely and remember, if your character's parents had no knowledge of True Cross/Aren't exorcists, then there is NO WAY you can know about them in the way people at True Cross do.)
Strength [1-5] -
Speed [1-5] -
Intelligence [1-5] -
Knowledge [1-5] -
(If specialized in Knight) Swordsmanship [1-5] -
(If specialized in Dragoon) Aim [1-5] -
(If specialized in Doctor) Medical Knowledge [1-5] -
(If specialized in Tamer) Stability/Control of Familiars [1-5] -
(If specialized Aria) Memory of verses [1-5] -



Kaiji Kaine
Jayce Narukami
Shiori Kimura
Mugen Toko
Ryan Thornton
Seijuro Masuri
Chihiro Matsushima

(Rank up only)


-Names TBA-

(Rank up only)


-Names TBA-

(Roles Currently Not Available)

First-class Exorcist

-Names TBA-

Lower First Class
-Names TBA-

Middle First Class
-Names TBA-

Upper First Class
-Names TBA-

(Roles Currently Not Available)

Second-class Exorcist

-Names TBA-

Lower Second Class
-Names TBA-

Middle Second Class
-Names TBA-

Upper Second Class
-Names TBA-

(Role Currently Not Available)

Honorary Knight

Teobaldo Leonhart

(Role Currently Not Available)

Arc Knight

-Names TBA-

(Role Currently Not Available)


-Name TBA-
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