Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy's Revival (IC)

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    (This will be updated as major events/missions proceed in the RP, so check back here when you want a recap of the current events!)


    Thursday, May 13th

    - The new True Cross Academy's construction is complete.

    Wednesday August 25th

    6:00 AM - 8:30 AM
    - First school assembly starts.
    - Students give a short speech as a welcome to being invited to enroll.
    - Students are dismissed, given their schedules, and led to their classes.

  2. The Day of the Assembly...

    Kaiji would ordinarily be smiling widely, skipping towards the gargantuan school, but starting today he was on heavy sedatives, two men in dark suits standing at his sides. A mob of people, many different ages and sizes, were walking in the same direction, set on the same mission; To become an Exorcist.
    True Cross Academy

    He was forced to hold hands with the two goons in the outfits, having strange looks all around. He heard a lot of chatter, but no one could, or wanted to approach him. He had a frown on his face and a dark detailing under his eyes, as if he didn't sleep for days. They were being led upon a particular path of the gigantic school, being told to stay together and such by a plot of supervisors. Soon all the kids were entering an assembly room, lit only by the lights merged with the ceiling.

    Assembly Room

    Every student was told to take a seat, a few wondering what was going on. The two men had sit side by side with him, keeping their gazes on him, like he could explode at any moment.
    Once all seated and quieted down, a man rose to the desk that was put as the center of attention.
    "Welcome students, to True Cross Academy!" He spoke into the microphone.

    Our Headmaster

    He looked rather... Underwhelming. Although he was a tall man, he didn't seem to be able to do much aside from look good.
    "I am your Headmaster, Teobaldo Leonhart, though when referring to me you may only call me Leonhart-sama or simply Sensei." The man's voice was so powerful it could shake a mountain. Kaiji was almost shaken out of his seat, even if he was drugged.
    "Now, you will all be taking the time to come up one by one for an introductory speech for your fellow students. We expect you to come here quietly, and go sit down quietly. When everyone has gone up, you all will be given your schedules and brought to your classes." The man suddenly turned around, "And with that, I bid you adieu." He suddenly was burst into a cloud of white smoke, a single bird flying from it, and with that he was gone. Kaiji was mesmerized by the show of it.
    A man came up to the same desk, beginning to call out names.
    "When you come up you will still be acompanied by us, do not forget that..." One of them hissed in his ear, which immediately dried his excitement.
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  3. Jayce NarukamiWith his hands in his pockets and hood pulled over his head, Jayce felt comfortably dissociated with his fellow exoricists-to-be. It wasn't that he was an overwhelmingly anti-social individual, but rather he was too lazy to strike up conversation, and the thought of actually talking to other people was beyond him.

    Letting out a stifled yawn, he simply follow the student body, not really knowing where he was going. Arriving at the assembly room, he took a seat nearest the back exit before relaxing in his chair. Listening to the Headmaster speak, he was... put off by the individual's general demeanor and appearance. He didn't look like much, but perhaps looks could be deceiving.

    Watching quietly as students began to speak and introduce themselves, he yawned and closed his eyes, his arms folding across his chest as he felt himself begin to nod off.
  4. Sejuro took a silent glance at the building or his new home to be as he started on this whole Exorcist crazy train at True Cross Academy. To be honest he still didn't get the whole jist of this gig, but if it helped to prevent more of what happened to his friend then he supposed it was a least worth a shot. He snapped back into reality as he overheard some students talking about him and how "rough" he looked. Such talk at this point didn't bother him anymore as he heard pretty much everything in the book growing up so by now such comments were minor annoyances.

    Following along in the rather large group of hopeful exorcist Sejuro took stock of some of the people around him since some of them might just be working alongside him. To be honest he did prefer working alone, but against the monsters that he now knew existed he reluctantly resigned to the fact that this was just one job his fist alone couldn't solve. Upon entry into the assembly room Seji took a seat in the back a bit further away from others as their headmaster spoke aloud giving the usual, "Have fun this school year. Make new friends, see new places, kill literal personifications of evil," speech. To be honest save for the last little vanishing trick he pulled Seji wasn't all that impressed with him.

    Seeing that he would have to wait to get his introduction as they called down a list Seji took out his phone texting one of his old gang members hoping that time passed by quickly so he could say his piece and move on.
  5. When Shiori woke up this morning she was filled with anxiety. Today was the day she's become a student of True Cross, a student in her brothers stead. She double checked herself and everything in her bags before leaving, even to the slight annoyance of her brother but still he understood the tension she felt. During the drive to True Cross her brother gave her a mantra to utter in order to calm her nerves. Quietly the whole drive she repeated it over and over and when it was time for her to go on her own she gave her mother and brother a tight hug with a promise. "I'll make you both proud!" She declared before watching them both drive off. With her bag across her shoulder she entered among with the mass of students.

    Seeing the headmaster, he was quite flashy to say the least. With that appearance, booming voice, and that magic trick at the end Shiori couldn't help but feel the excitement in her heart. As they went down the list of students, Shiori began repeating what to say in her head over and over although on the outside she looked calm.
  6. My goodness this headmaster looked like a child. He seemed far too young to be the headmaster, yet oh well that mattered not. He was responsible for his education so hopefully they were smarter than they looked. yet they were then told to do introductions and shit which was fine and all. So one by one they went up until he got got up himself. rising from his desk he walked up to the front and flashed everyone a smile, although his gaze lingered more so on the man with government bodyguards. Mugen would clear his throat before speaking. "Hello fellow classmates, or well a portion of you will be classmates. I'll say friends instead. Anyway I am Mugen Toko and Im here for one reason only. To eradicate the existence of demons. They are such lowly creatures that its common knowledge to want to slaughter them and make this world specifically ours like it's meant to be. Yet thats my name and reason for being here. I look forward to learning by your side everyone." Mugen said smiling once again before walking back to his seat, not caring about the commotion he caused.

    Not many other introductions really matched up to his own, he so far without a doubt had the biggest one out of everyone that spoke. Granted his probably caused a negative outburst, as he heard people mumbling about him being insane and shit. Oh well they just didn't understand that this was their world and no demons belong on it.
  7. Soon, even Kaiji was called up to speak. The drained experiment slowly got up, and seemed to take his sweet time getting to the stage, before flinching at the bright light being shined down on him. The two men in suits stood at either side of the stage, out of the spotlight's grasp. With squinting eyes and a slow vibe, Kaiji took at least five minutes to adjust before he actually spoke, causing the crowd to mumble about how such a slow person was allowed to go through the training to become an exorcist.
    "I... Am Kaiji..." He only spoke his first name, "I... Wish to become an exorcist like all of you..." He spoke so slowly and calmly a snail could outrun him, "S... So... Don't mind my company, please. I don't wish to cause any problems... Or... Or hold anyone back..." He seemed to slowly allow his head to droop left and right, as if he was just giving up on being conscious.
    "So... Let's all have a good year together and be friends..? Please?" He seemed to struggle out some sort of beg on the last word. The room was in dead silence, until it started in one corner; Laughter, then it spread until it seemed like the entire building was either laughing or extremely confused. He slowly blinked; did he say something funny? Was his fly down? He was confused as to why they were laughing, but it made him feel really bad for some reason. He blushed, his pale skin suddenly taking a deep red color, his pose mimicking a typical embarassed girl. This seemed to make the room laugh even harder. He frowned, tears coming from his eyes as one of the supervisors calmed the room down for the next speech.
    The two men grabbed his shoulders, instead of moving him back to his seat, to the top near the exit. Up there he was sniffling and crying, hearing a few quiet words and giggles from some girls seated right in front of him.
  8. Chihiro Matsushima

    Chihiro let out a yawn, not even bothering to cover her mouth with her hand as nobody payed attention to her anyways and it was not like they would suddenly speak to her because of that. Her eyes were barely open as she entered the building, glancing sideways to the people who were supposed to be the exorcists in this school. Her mind-set about exorcists had changed but not completely, she still felt like they were also abusing their power to get what they wanted. The higher, the worse they were. But there were some exceptions like her own parents. Those were the only two people she could look up against and not be irritated by their mere presence of authority. If only she could just become an exorcist without going through all of this, it would have been so much easier and less of a hassle too. But she could not complain. After all, she was hear in order to become stronger so she could protect those around her.

    She sat down somewhere in the middle of the room as she listened to what everyone had to say. As the students got up, there was a variety in them. From cheerful to gloomy to disinterested to absentminded. There were sure a lot of people and she supposed that was a good thing. She rubbed the bridge of her nose as this was surely tiresome to go through, if only she could take a nap to have more energy later on, everything would be so much better. Maybe she could have taken some food with her before arriving here, that would have helped. Maybe some banana bread would silence the hunger and boredom as well. However when a boy came up stage, he stuttered like crazy, making her tilt her head to the side as she watched him, not getting why the other would be so nervous for just this. Though once she caught the reason why he started to cry, she glared at the girls who seemed to be shaking from laughter. ”Shut up!” She yelled loudly, making the place go silent.
  9. Ryan watched as someone walked onto stage to talk about murdering demons and taking this world back for the humans. Ryan watched, intrigued as that one left the stage and was replaced. There were few other speeches that were as interesting until someone went up, speaking slowly the entire time. Ryan smiled, thinking the boy was joking, until he started to look upset. His smile faded, the boy seeming much too upset to have wanted this reaction. He heard someone shout at someone else to shut up as the boy was being removed from the stage. He listened as the laughter died down, and looked in the direction of the one who shouted for silence Either I like that person, or she's just a quiet-loving jerk... It's one of the two...

    Ryan heard that he was next, and walked up to the stage. "My name's Ryan... And I think we should try to work together. We're all human... We're all here to fight demons. So let's all be friendly, and keep in mind who the enemy is." He gave a quick, small smile while looking around at everyone, then continued "Might as well make friends while you can, rather than make enemies and regret it when you can't fix it anymore." He said before returning to his seat, letting the kindness that he had on the stage fade from his face.
  10. Sejuro wasn't really paying attention all that much to the speeches since most of them were just basically the same as the other. He did pay attention when one guy came up talking about eradicating the very existance of demons. "Heh! If we all didn't hate demons here I would have made a racist joke about that, but i'll just keep those in reserve for now." Moving on down the line the next person he took interest in was this boy who was basically a stuttering mess and couldn't get out a single sentence worth. When the entire room started laughing their asses off he didn't crack a smile seeing that the poor bastard actually meant what he said up there and got brushed aside.

    Hearing his come up a little while afterwards Seji got up and walked towards the front getting plenty of looks coming his way. Once he got there he tapped on the mic 3 times to make sure he could be heard clearly especially with his deep voice. "Yo! The name is Sejuro Matsuri pleasure to meet you all. My goal here is to simply kill demons like the one that made me have to kill off my best friend." He did get a few of surprised looks when he mentioned killing his friend, but he paid them no mind as he continued. "I only came to this place because its the best place to learn how to kill these things so yeah that's everything about me," before he got off he spun around back to say one more word, "Oh and if anyone laughs at someone else during these speeches...they'll be hearing from me."

    After leaving that threat in the air Seji made his way over to the cry kid flanked by those two weird guys. He pulled out a black cloth from his back pocket and tossed it at Kaiji, "Dry your face kid. Real men don't let their tears show no matter how hard it gets remember that." With that small piece of advice Seji took on of the nearest seats kicking his feets up while waiting for this to all be over.
  11. Jayce NarukamiListening to the speeches, Jayce remained... Apathetic. They all seemed so motivated and eager, while Jayce felt... Lazy. He would have preferred if he could have just stayed with his parents and continued his training under them, but they had insisted he attend True Cross. But... Why? If this was some attempt at making him be social, there was surely a better way of going about it. He couldn't help but wonder if some of them had rehearsed their lines, though that was probably just him being annoyed by the situation in general.

    Hearing his name called, he stood and strode up to the podium to introduce himself.

    "Jayce Narukami. Age 18 and training to be a Dragoon. I'm here to become an exoricst and..." He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. This was so stupid. "exterminate all the demons in the world... That's what I'm supposed to say, right? Whatever... Just imagine I said something really inspirational about friendship." He shrugged before returning to his seat, ignoring the sideways glances he received.

    Okay, he wasn't the most motivational person. He was somewhat of a realist, skeptic and, to an extent, pessimist. But that wasn't his fault.
  12. As the auditorium filled with laughter Shiori looked around confused. The boy was clearly having trouble being up there so why were people finding it funny? Shiori began to feel a bit uncomfortable as more people chuckled around her but soon she heard one of the girls in front of her yell for people to shut up. Ah, so far this assembly was a bit jarring but she had to stay focused and keep to her promise. Make he best out of a...strange situation. When it was her turn to go up and introduce herself, Shiori jumped slighly as her name then let out a deep breath. Walking up she could feel all eyes on her and it was understandable considering she looked different to most of the students. Standing tall with a hard glare from her sharp eyes., Shiori looked to the other students. " name's Shiori Kimura and it's nice to meet everyone. I hope we can all get along and do our best to get rid of all the demons in this world. Ah, hopefully I can become an Aria great enough to help set that idea in motion but until then I hope you'll bear with me." It was a bit funny how Shiori's expressions sometimes didn't match with what she truly felt. Her sharp eyes probably freightened some people but inside she was very nervous and was currently trying to force a smile. Once she was done she made her off the stage not looking at anyone before she returned to her seat, her heart racing.
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