Blue Exorcist: Rise of Gehenna (Sign ups/OOC)

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  1. Warning!! Theres Ao no Exorcist spoilers below! [​IMG]


    Hello all! This is a fandom of the Anime series Ao no Exorcist - Blue Exorcist. This roleplay will take place 35 years after the end of the Anime (I havent read the manga so we'll go with Anime so I dont get anything wrong). Rin and everyone are alive though now much older, they work as teachers for in training Exorcists at the famous True Cross Academy. All except Yukio who has taken over as headmaster of True Cross after Mephisto mysteriously disappeared a little over a year ago.

    Plot, blue

    Okay this is still in the works so if you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to throw them at me and we can work them in =)

    After winning their battle with Satan and his minions, freeing Assiah from being swallowed into Gehenna. Yukio, Rin, and the gang went back to their lives like normal. Eventually Rin became a Knight Exorcist, both him and Yukio became rather famous among the Order for being the youngest Exorcists to obtain such power and skill. Now Rin teaches at the Cram School while not working his jobs as an Exorcist. Yukio occasionally helps out but is usually occupied with his headmaster duties now that Mephisto was gone.

    Since the odd and sudden disappearance of Mephisto Demons in the True Cross area have been getting fiercer and more active. Nobody in True Cross could find out why, but many new Exorcists were going missing or turning up dead with Demon wounds covering their bodies. That is until Rin, out on a Exorcist mission, comes across a half Demon just like him though this boy/girl is only 14-15. The teenager was covered in little ice crystals, just like the way Rin's blue flames covered him when unleashed. The Demon was standing amidst a circle of bodies, some were partially frozen with a mask of permanent terror on their faces, some were slashed and torn to pieces like a wild animal was let loose. The Demon's clothes and hands were dripping with blood as its cold demonic eyes looked up at Rin.

    Rin enraged over the innocent dead around him let loose his power flames bursting over his body as he rushed for the teenager. But before he could reach him the Demon disappeared in a cloud of smoke leaving Rin furious and confused. Rin reported this to the Order and Yukio, but they couldnt find the Demon.

    Okay so basically a new half-demon has showed up causing havoc and strengthening the Demons in True Cross City. This halfbreed is the offspring of one of Satan's full blooded sons. I need someone to play this half-demon as the villain, you can completely choose who his/her father is, what they look like, ect. The only thing I require is he/she has to have Ice abilities.

    We will be starting as the new class of Exorcists in training! Just a reminder only humans that have received the Temptaint (have gotten a spirit wound by a demon) can see demons, those that have yet to receive it but still want to be an Exorcist will recieve it via the teacher on their first day. Demons and half-demons can already see demons unless their powers are sealed

    Rules, red
    1. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.​
    2. Play nice with others in OOC, I dont want any fighting or bullying.​
    3. No OPing, you cant be a master of everything (lol).​
    4. 2 Character limit per person.​
    5. The villain role that I put in the plot must be filled before the roleplay can start.​
    6. Put "~Your name" somewhere in your CS to prove you read the rules (ex: ~Zloglasniot Fasada).​
    7. No killing other characters unless given permission.​
    8. No controlling others characters.​
    9. 1 Paragraph minimum per post.​
    10. Must put at least once every 3 days, if you cant please let us know via OOC.​
    11. This is a PG-13 rp so kissing is okay but any farther please take it to PM's.​
    12. [Rainbow]Have fun!![/rainbow]​

    Races/Meisters, purple
    These are the Races available

    Human - 1 slot available
    Demon - Unavailable
    Half-Demon - Unavailable

    These are Meister classes you'll be training to achieve.

    Doctor: These exorcists are trained in healing arts with a specific focus on treating wounds inflicted by demons. A Doctor typically possesses basic first-aid skills, emergency first-aid, and the knowledge to treat ordinary injuries. Most Doctors act as combat medics, and typically achieve other meisters in order to defend themselves.

    Tamer: Tamers use summoned Demons, known as familiars, to combat their foes. (This class is unavailable for now due to too many)

    Knight: These exorcists use swords and other close combat weapons to combat demons. Higher level Knights, such as Kirigakure Shura, are able to utilize powerful long range magical techniques from their weapons to strike foes from afar. (This class is unavailable for now due to too many)

    Dragoon: These exorcists fight using ranged weapons (crossbows, guns, ect).

    Aria: Aria specialize in the use of "Fatal Verses" during battle that, when recited, exorcise demons. While the majority of these verses are found in the Bible, holy scripture from other religions can achieve the same effects

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Anime only, description optional)
    Age: (cant be older than 17)
    Race: (human, demon, ect)
    Class: (Knight, Aria, ect. Can have up to 2)
    Powers: (Demons and half-demons only)
    Weapons: (your weapon of choice, if none just put N/A)
    Theme Song(s):(optional)

    List of Accepted Characters (Aqua = Male, Pink = Female)

    Aitheria Kimimaru|Half-Demon - Zlog - Tamer/Knight
    Asmodeus "Deus" Todoroki|Demon - Zlog - Doctor/Knight
    Mitsuru Haru|Half-Demon - Edge - Knight/Dragoon

    Mai Ukiyo|Human - RareSecret - Tamer
    Mika Dhana|Half-Demon - Sandra - Knight/Dragoon

    Rei 'Astaroth' Mitobe|Half-Demon|Villain - Akashi
    Risa Harumi|Human - Roxshi - Knight
    Kinira Harlow|Human _Keekayani - Tamer/Knight
    Kaida Akatsuki|Demon - Kuroshi - Tamer/Dragoon

    Ryuu Akatsuki|Demon - Kuroshi - Tamer/Dragoon
    Seina Syrenei|Human - RaineSensei - Doctor/Dragoon
    Lairen Syrenei|Human - RaineSensei - Knight/Tamer
    Terumi "Femme" Kitigawa|Demon - LaFemmeFatale
    Renegade "Ren" Shirogane|Human - InfiniteExcel - Dragoon

    Shunske Watnabe|Human - Rin Mico - Aria/Doctor
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  2. Hmmm. A Blue Exorcist RP
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  3. Yup, interested? =D
  4. Possibly. Who knows, I guess I have room for another group RP.
  5. wallpaper_anime_girl_widescreen_hd_wallpaper.jpg
    Name: Aitheria "Aithi" (of the wind in Greek) Kimimaru
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 144
    Race: Half-demon
    Class: Knight/Tamer
    Powers: Slightly enhanced physical attributes (slightly faster, stronger, ect than a human)
    Her other powers are sealed within a necklace right now.​
    Fears: Bugs, large bodies of water, restraints/cages, pink, suffocation.
    Brisinger (open)

    Personality: Will rp
    Bio: Will rp
    Theme Song(s):
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  6. Well if you are your more than welcome =)
  7. Could I reserve a Half-Demon spot?
  8. Sure
  9. I love this series! I'm a definite fan of this show. I'll post my Character sheet later today.
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  10. Reserving half-demon!
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    Name: Mitsuru Haru
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Race: Half-Demon
    Class: Knight/Dragoon
    Powers: Lightning (Sealed unless sword is drawn) Increased Strength, Speed, Agility.
    Weapons: Katana (Rakurai Shi), Pistol.
    Fears: Losing of any sort (Fights, Friends, etc.), Small Spaces, Dark, Betrayal.
    Personality: WIP
    Bio: WIP
    Theme Song(s):

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  12. Hmmm. I suppose there is no limit to half-demon chars?

    Since everyone who has posted a CS so far is basically half-demon?
  13. Actually there is.... I took the last spot by reserving it.. Sorry. D:
  14. Uhh.. okay?

    I never actually intended or implied i wanted a half-demon spot :)

  15. :000 whoops. I just assumed. Ehehe, ^_^;;
  16. Appearance:

    Name: Mai Ukiyo

    Age: 16


    Height: 5'3"


    Race: Human

    Class: Tamer

    Weapons: A whip for self-defense just in case. Her familiar is also a fire lion. It's a red-orange and it's so big it goes up to her waist.

    Personality: Her outfit actually contrast her personality. It may seem like she is elegant but that's a front she puts up until the people she need to impress are gone. In reality, she is a lazy, not-giving-a-crap, blunt, and arrogant person. She actually hates acting all elegant and nice but it's needed to survive. She is strangely confident in her ability to do anything. According to her, if she can fool the king of the world, she can do anything.

    Fears: Losing control of her familiar. Also strange, snails and slugs.

    Bio: Her family were very honest people. They taught her to be polite and to care about everyone. She didn't really want that but would put up that front everywhere she went so they wouldn't be disappointed. Now dead from an attack from a demon while she was at a summer camp, she only puts up the front when in the presence of important people since she is lazy.

    BTW ~RareSecret
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  17. Wow I'm loving all the interest! =D

    @Roxshi: Awesome so do I! Cant wait to see your CS!

    @Edge: Looks good so far~

    @Sandra: Dokay reserved!

    @Akashi: Muwahaha it seems another of my rps lured you in! (jk) lol. Actually 1 Half-Demon spot is left since theres only MC, Edge's, and Sandra's and there was originally 4 spots. Theres 7 human slots available and 4 Demon too. But if Sandra's half-demon isnt the Villain then the last Half-Demon has to be.

    @RareSecret: Accepted! She'll make a great addition, maybe her and Aitheria will get along since their both Tamer's =)
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  18. Sorry for assuming things!!! I've got to stop doing that!!! Anyways, mine won't be evil.. But it can if Akashi wants to make a half-demon that's not evil.
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  19. No biggy, I get things mixed up sometimes too hehe. I dont know what Akashi wants to make but I do know he tends to like playing the anti-hero so we'll see =) make whatever you wish
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  20. Hmmmm. Still working on CS
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