Blue Exorcist: Rise of Gehenna (Accepting!)

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    • After winning their battle with Satan and his minions, freeing Assiah from being swallowed into Gehenna. Yukio, Rin, and the gang went back to their lives like normal. Eventually Rin became a Knight Exorcist, both him and Yukio became rather famous among the Order for being the youngest Exorcists to obtain such power and skill. Now Rin teaches at the Cram School while not working his jobs as an Exorcist. Yukio occasionally helps out but is usually occupied with his headmaster duties now that Mephisto was gone.

      Since the odd and sudden disappearance of Mephisto Demons in the True Cross area have been getting fiercer and more active. Nobody in True Cross could find out why, but many new Exorcists were going missing or turning up dead with Demon wounds covering their bodies. That is until Rin, out on a Exorcist mission, comes across a half Demon just like him though this boy/girl is only 14-15. The teenager was covered in little ice crystals, just like the way Rin's blue flames covered him when unleashed. The Demon was standing amidst a circle of bodies, some were partially frozen with a mask of permanent terror on their faces, some were slashed and torn to pieces like a wild animal was let loose. The Demon's clothes and hands were dripping with blood as its cold demonic eyes looked up at Rin.

      Rin enraged over the innocent dead around him let loose his power flames bursting over his body as he rushed for the teenager. But before he could reach him the Demon disappeared in a cloud of smoke leaving Rin furious and confused. Rin reported this to the Order and Yukio, but they couldnt find the Demon.

      Okay so basically a new half-demon has showed up causing havoc and strengthening the Demons in True Cross City. This halfbreed is the offspring of one of Satan's full blooded sons. I need someone to play this half-demon as the villain, you can completely choose who his/her father is, what they look like, ect. The only thing I require is he/she has to have Ice abilities. (this role has been filled)

      We will be starting as the new class of Exorcists in training! Just a reminder only humans that have received the Temptaint (have gotten a spirit wound by a demon) can see demons, those that have yet to receive it but still want to be an Exorcist will recieve it via the teacher on their first day. Demons and half-demons can already see demons unless their powers are sealed.

      This roleplay will be starting about 35 years after the anime ends, since I havent read the manga I'll be going by the anime so I dont get anything wrong =)

    • Aitheria Kimimaru|Half-Demon - Zlog
      Asmodeus "Deus" Todoroki|Demon - Zlog
      Mitsuru Haru|Half-Demon - Edge
      Mai Ukiyo|Human - RareSecret
      Mika Dhana|Half-Demon - Sandra
      Rei 'Astaroth' Mitobe|Half-Demon|Villain - Akashi
      Risa Harumi|Human - Roxshi
      Kinira Harlow|Human - Keekayani
      Kaida Akatsuki|Demon - Kuroshi - Tamer/Dragoon
      Ryuu Akatsuki|Demon - Kuroshi - Tamer/Dragoon
      Seina Syrenei|Human - RaineSensei - Doctor/Dragoon
      Lairen Syrenei|Human - RaineSensei - Knight/Tamer

      Human - 5 slots
      Demon - 1 slots
      Half Demon - Unavailable

    • General/Homeroom
      Teacher - Kamiki Izumo


      Aria Class
      Teacher - Shima Renzou

      Knight Class
      Teacher - Rin Okumura

      Tamer Class
      Teacher - Shiemi Moriyama

      Dragoon Class
      Teacher - Suguro Ryuji

      Doctor Class
      Teacher - Konekomaru Miwa

    • Dormitory Building & Courtyard
      The dorm is separated by gender, females on the left, males on the right.
      Theres 1 large communal bathroom on each floor (theres 3 floors for each side)

      Dorm Rooms

      (Dont worry True Cross has upgraded to AC, finally lol)
      Theres a twin bed on each side of the room along with a small closet.

      Dorm Kitchen


      The Chef - Ukobach

      Dormates (these were selected at random)
      Red for Demon, Purple for Half-Demon, Aqua for Human

      Aitheria Kimimaru ~ Kinira Harlow
      Mai Ukiyo
      ~ Mika Dhana
      Risa Harumi ~ Kaida Akatsuki
      Seina Syrenei ~ Unknown

      Asmodeus "Deus" Todoroki ~ Mitsuru Haru
      Ryuu Akatsuki ~ Lairen Syrenei

    • [​IMG]

      Daily Class Schedule

      General/Homeroom ~ 8am
      Aria Class ~ 9am
      Knight Class ~ 10am
      P.E ~ 11am
      Lunch ~ 12pm
      Dragoon Class ~ 1pm
      Tamer Class ~ 2pm
      Doctor Class ~ 3pm

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  2. Mai Ukiyo, orange Mai was walking the hallways down to her homeroom on her first day. She was wearing her new school uniform as elegantly as she could and was showing off a pleasant smile on her face for all the teachers to see. "The teacher's name is Kamiki Izumo. She is a tamer so she will be relatable. She is also known to have a hot-head so it's best to be on her good side." Mai recited in her head. It's best to have some background information on the person you were going to impress. Mai finally reached the door and stopped in front of it. She took a deep breath in and opened the door. "Good morning!" She said politely as soon as she saw the room but no one was here yet. Even so she still kept her smile. She doesn't know the how important these students coming in are since she neglected to get information on them due to her laziness.

    She walked to an empty desk and put her stuff down but in a manner that made it seem like she was mature and classy. Then she shuffled through her items in her bag in order to find her schedule. "When can I take a break? I'm sick of this already." She thought as she looked over her schedule. Mai frowned at the fact that it doesn't seem like she can take one today. "I guess it'll have to wait tomorrow or maybe the day after depending on the amount of information I gather. Man, the first day is always a pain." She then put her schedule away and took out a book on taming to read or so it seems. On the cover it was Taming 101 but in reality it was a funny book with a plot about a high school girl and her awkward experiences with a bit of profanity. It's not the comic book she has in her bag since it's too dangerous to pull that out since it noticeably has pictures. Either way it kept her smiling while waiting for Ms. Izumo. This is also what kept her occupied for the next few minutes.
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  3. Kinira Harlow, skyblue Kinira drifted through the halls of True Cross Academy, her sapphire eyes staring vacantly around her. She was dressed in her school uniform, her long white hair tied into two pigtails. She had a few books in her arms and a class schedule rested on top. She searched for the room number along the walls as she walked. Soon she'd found her destination and she paused, staring hard at the door as though strengthening her resolve. Inhaling deeply, Kinira opened the door and was relieved to find that only one other student seemed to be present in the room. Kinira smiled ever so slightly, at least she wouldn't have to walk into a room of strangers on the first day. She slowly made her way to a desk near the back center of the room. These spots were safe zones, she felt, she could see everyone in the room from that vantage point. She sat quietly, taking out a piece of paper and doodling on it while she waited for the rest of the class to arrive.
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  4. Mitsuru Haru, #33CCCC
    Mitsuru walked through the hallways of True Cross academy, his Katana was strapped to his back securely and his pistol hidden away from sight so he had a tactical advantage when it came to range. His demon powers did help in ranged attacks and up-close attacks, but he was still young and learning how to refine his fighting style to be more precise and able to use his powers more sparingly. His eyes scanning the hallways, unsure of what he was really looking for. Maybe if he pulled out his schedule then he would be able to tell which class he should be heading to.

    "Man...this is more hassle than it is worth in my opinion. Why am I taking a Tamer class when I'm not even going to be a Tamer..." He rolled his eyes and stopped in front of the door to the classroom. His snow white hair was recently cut and not so much in his eyes at the moment, his body was athletic and slim. His strength coming from his demon side. He was pretty average for his height, standing at 5'11".

    Letting out a sigh, he turned the doorknob and entered the classroom, spotting two students already in the classroom ready for the class to begin. "Great..." he mumbled as he thought he was actually late. Now he seemed like one of those students that showed up to class early and ready to learn. Which wasn't the case. But he was already here, so what the hell?

    He moved forward into the room and took a seat in the middle of the class, as one of the back rooms seemed to already be taken by a girl. He didn't even say a word to the two students, just taking a seat and propping his feet up on the desk and leaning back into the chair. His eyes closing as he was going to take a nap before the teacher arrived for the day.
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  5. Tamer/Knight, purple

    Aithi frowned at the slip of paper as she walked down the tiled hallway, her brow furrowed in frustration. Sighing in defeat she stops looking up and around 'Where is it....' She swore she'd spent at least 10 minutes just looking for the blasted classroom. It wasnt bad enough she was super nervous on her first day, but now she was gonna be late! Finally her deep magenta eyes spot the numbers she was looking for on a plain would door 'Gotchya!' Grinning she shifts Brisinger slightly, her sword was sheathed and tied up in a dark blue cloth right now. A black strap held it at an angle against her back, the strap going down from her shoulder to her hip.

    Taking a deep breath she reaches for the handle but freezes midway 'Come on...Its not like you havent done this before!' Steeling her resolve she opens the door and steps inside. Seeing 3 others already there she gulps before giving them a nervous smile 'At least the teacher isnt here yet...' Walking down the rows she took a spot in the back right corner, this way she wouldnt feel like someone was staring at her from behind, which she hated. Seeing another girl sitting at a desk opposite of her Aithi gives her a friendly though shy wave​

    Knight/Doctor, red

    Deus really had no idea why he was doing this to himself 'I mean really, a Demon taking Demon killing classes to become an Exorcist.' The thought sounded so ridiculous in his mind that he almost turned back right there, stopping in the middle of the multi-colored hall he runs a hand through his thick red/orange hair with a heavy sigh. 'I mean there is the Okumura guy, but hes only Half-Demon, what would they say about a full Demon? They just better not spray me with some holy water shit...'

    Rolling his shoulders he stuffs his hands into his pockets before moving on, Eien and Kaze were both in maroon sheaths crisscrossed against his back, Deus didnt bother concealing them. Finally reaching the door he mentally kicks himself one more time before swinging it open to reveal not 1, not 2, and certainly not 3, but 4 people there already. 'Ugh, an audience...Great....' His expression a mix of blank and brooding he gives a small wave to the class which consisted of one swipe of his hand through the air before plopping down into a desk behind a white haired guy. Deus could already smell the kids Demon blood 'Hmm, a halfie...Maybe this wont be so bad....Maybe.'

    ((I'll introduce Izumo once everyone has arrived))​
  6. Kinira Harlow, skyblue Kinira's eyes widened slightly as the girl sat beside her, of course she knew someone would fill that seat but the girl waved. "Uh.. um.. Hello." She breathed, ducking her head down with chagrin. She was the definition of socially awkward. Something about strangers made her throat clench up and her brow sweat, she was a total mess. Others her age we so open and bubbly. She was so... Empty. Despite how she tried, she could find no passion to cling to, no reason to be as she thought she should be. She could try harder, maybe ask the girl beside her a question, she seemed just as shy. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad... But maybe it would be. What if by talking to her, everyone talked to her and she became the center of attention? Kinira shuddered invisibly, opting for silence as she diverted her gaze from the girl beside her.
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  7. Mika came in running.

    She thought she was late. Apparently. She wasn't. Her short hair looked fine. Her big yellow eyes darted all over the classroom. And she felt so jittery, what's up with her?


    Mika scanned the room, looking at the two girls in the back.... And saw the boy taking a nap in he middle. Another girl as well. The boy won't bother her much, since new as going to take a nap. So Mika decided to sit next tot he boy.

    Boy sleeping. Two girls in the back. Where the hell is everyone??

    She thought..

    Mika looked at the girl near by. Not the two in the back. Just the one sitting alone. Mika stared at her for a while before returned to look at the boy..
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  8. Tamer/Knight, purple

    Aithi gives the girl a bright smile, noticing the girls awkwardness and shy actions she giggles softly, apparently she wasnt the only nervous one. "Hiya! First day huh? Gotta love em..." Her voice was friendly and soft, trailing off at the end as she thinks of something to say. Suddenly she holds out her hand clad in a fingerless glove for the girl to shake, her other hand was in a different glove. "My names Aitheria Kimimaru, or Aithi for short" She says hoping to make the ice a bit of the girl she would be classmates with for the rest of the year

    Homeroom Teacher, orange
    Izumo waited patiently in the shadows as she watched each student enter he classroom, glancing at her watch she nods seeing it was time to start class. Slipping out from the corridor she had been hiding she opens the door and walks into class, her amethyst eyes intense as usual as she looks over the students with a stern expression. Finally after what seemed like forever (but was actually like 30 seconds) she addresses the class. "For those of you who dont know I am Izumo Kamiki, Upper 2nd Class Exorcist and Tamer. I will be your homeroom teacher for the remainder of the year. I dont take being tardy well so expect severe punishment if you plan to be late. Now then lets start role call shall we?" Her voice was serious and bland, leaving no room for argument. She drew her name on the chalk board behind her as she stated it before pulling up a pamphlet on her desk.

    "Mai Ukiyo. Asmodeus Torodoki. Mika Dhana. Risa Harumi. Mitsuru Haru. Kinira Harlow. Aitheria Kimimaru." Izumo calls out in a clear voice, waiting about 5 seconds for someone to answer before moving to the next one
  9. Kinira Harlow, skyblue Kinira froze momentarily as the girl beside her struck up a conversation. Wait, did she laugh at her? Kinira was bewildered for a moment. She couldn't help but just stare at the girl as she continued to talk, her words coming across like a foreign language. Kinira blinked at the extended hand before shyly extending her own hand, her pale skin beginning to get clammy from nerves. "I'm.. uh.. Kinira." Her voice was soft, barely above a whisper as she stared down at her hand, too nervous to make eye contact without breaking into a nervous sweat.

    As soon as that interaction was over, the teacher had finally made her appearance. Kinira sank back into her desk and examined the teacher's features, memorizing everything she could. She answered roll with a bland 'present' trying not to draw any more attention to herself. She began to look around her with just her eyes, taking in the features of each of her classmates, cataloging them mentally.
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  10. Seeing the entrance to the school of True Cross Academy, Risa took a deep breath in and out. This is her first time she has done something with out her parents. She pushed away her nagging thoughts, clenched her fist and pushed open the door. The brown haired girl glanced at the layout of the school. It was bigger than she had originally thought. She admired the various things that lined the hallways, suits of armor, statues of demons, and other memoirbilia. Risa continued down the hallway until she found her classroom. She heard students in it and knew she had chosen the right class. Walking in, she held a solemn look on her face and picked a seat and sat down. Good thing she wasn't late, but why was the classroom so empty? Seeing the teacher walking in she sat up a little straighter and stated, "Here."
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  11. Mai Ukiyo, orange Ms. Izumo finally arrived though the door. The sound of the door closing caused Mai to store her book in her bag and give all her attention to the Ms. Izumo just like a "good" student would. Ms. Izumo stood at the podium for a while probably trying to intimidate the students but Mai continued to give off a friendly smile. "For those of you who dont know I am Izumo Kamiki, Upper 2nd Class Exorcist and Tamer. I will be your homeroom teacher for the remainder of the year. I dont take being tardy well so expect severe punishment if you plan to be late." Ms. Izumo started out with. "I already knew everything except that she doesn't like tardy students. Now, I can't play "good girl was tardy because she was stupid and it was an honest mistake" for the times I want to sleep in. I have to set up all 5 alarm clocks now." Mai thought after her introduction. She was still planning how to get a break during the year because keeping up with goody-goody everyday is too much work.

    "Now then lets start role call shall we? Mai Ukiyo." Her name was the first one called. "Present." She responded. Present was a lot more elegant and mature that 'here'. That's one of the basics anyone should know when they start fooling teachers. The names of the other students were being called and Mai was taking mental notes of them. Knowing someone's name before they tell you makes them open up to you quicker. After the name calling, Mai sat there with her arms folded waiting for more instructions.
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  12. R E I - A S T A R O T H, #ff0000
    Blood was splattered on the ground, on the walls. A big hall surrounded the embodiment of the echoes from each step that became louder as it blended with the blood. A long grey coat fluttered. The area was canvassed with nothing but darkness, with blue lights stuck to the walls, flickering, making it almost feel like the moon was enveloping the surroundings. A red chair was at the end of the vast hall, almost making it look like a throne room. He went by the name Astaroth in both hell and amongst the demons who knew about him in the human world.

    Dead bodies were on the ground, covering his path. Taking out a white napkin to wipe the red from his hands, a small grin was reflected in the mirror behind the chair. His eyes narrowed down, as he turned around, sitting on the chair itself. Leaning back, he tilted his head slightly to the left, with his hand supporting his chin, along with his leg crossing the other. Sitting there in an elegant manner, he uttered. "The demons in this world.. They never understand, do they..."

    Gazing towards the entrance to the hall, some of his enemies were standing there, but they showed no emotion except fear and despair. They couldn't escape, they knew the outcome, they could either heed his words, or die on the spot. His right hand on the supporter, drumming with his fingers as he felt entertained by the spectacle earlier.

    "All I want are some friends who can share some unfound knowledge about this place, this world.. Is that so hard?.. Hmm?" Rei asked though with a mischievous but dominant voice. Moments later, one of the survivors in the hall snapped, coming with force while making a battle cry. It was a suicide.

    Unhinged, or rather, not fazed at all, a small bullet made of ice pierced through the center of his forehead, killing him on the spot. He was unable to react, the speed was unimaginable. A small sigh left Rei's mouth, before he continued. "Hmm, I guess thats his answer.?.."

    Changing his direction to the remaining people in the area, he noticed how they trembled in fear, but Rei had lost his interest in this batch he had collected. "This was certainly unpredictable..." Still in the same position as he was before, two shadows from behind him, dashed forward, killing and slaughtering the remaining survivors.

    Minutes later, from all the screams and agony that was heard in the hall, two high demons showed up by him, kneeling before him, showing nothing but pure loyalty and respect. "Astaroth-sama, we should head out.." Rei almost glared at his subordinate, before he stood up, wiping the dust off of his cape. "I guess you're right, Kagura, Shinra.."

    "Atleast, this'll bring out some of the exorcists from the Academy to investigate once the wind of this gets out, Astaroth-sama." One of his subordinates uttered.

    "I wouldn't expect anything less from the Academy.. But thats a good thing.. Things will only get more interesting.." He finished, before they all disappeared, leaving no trace of their existence, but only of blood and bodies of none but the demons.
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  13. Mitsuru Haru, #00CCFF
    As the rest of the students entered the classroom, his ears could hear them and just how close they were but it didn't change him from moving to act awake. He kept his eyes closed and his feet propped up on the desk as he waited for the teacher. He could hear the faint talking of two girls, trying to make nice to one another which sounded pointless at the moment. Then the teacher entered the classroom and how she didn't appreciate tardiness and began to call roll. When his name came up, he just continued to keep his eyes closed, arms cross and feet propped up on the desk.

    It didn't seem like that stopped her as she continued to call out names as people said present and what ever else they said. Deciding he didn't want to hear the teacher bitch and moan about how he was being rude on the first day. He pulled his feet off the desk and sat up straight, opening his eyes and looking forward as he rested his chin on one of his hands, propping his elbow on the desk.

    He felt like class was going to be boring all year long and she wasn't going to have any fun with the class. She was also probably going to be a stickler about grading and just how she won't put up with people. She seemed like the kind of person that was like that.
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  14. Kaida & Ryuu Akatsuki, DarkRed Ryuu was walking a few paces ahead of his identical looking twin sister, Kaida, and frowned as he cursed under his breath. "Great.... We're late." He mumbled to himself, but loud enough for his sister to hear. "How long has it been since we've walked around this school?" Ryuu questioned his sister.
    "Approximately 45 minutes," she answered as she caught up to him when he stopped walking. "Just where the hell is that classroom?" He exclaimed frustratedly as he flung his arm in the air, making fire spark from his hands.

    "Calm down brother. Who's fault do you think this is anyway?" Kaida stated as she gave her older brother an accusing look. "It was you who said and I quote, 'we don't need to ask for directions, I know exactly where to go.'" Kaida spoke, quoting her brother's every word by memory. "There's more. Shall I continue?" She offered with a sly smile as her brother glared at her, making her stick her tongue out at him quickly before regaining her expressionless face.

    "Whatever... It's this school's fault for being so big. I swear I would've known where the classroom was if it weren't so big." He retorted, putting the blame on the fact that the school was built so massively large. "Don't blame the school, blame your terrible sense of direction." Kaida said as she looked around the corridors of the school, making her brother pout from her coldness. "Don't worry, I have slight idea of where it is," she said to her brother with a gentle smile as she led the way, making him follow behind her in confusion.

    As Kaida followed the sound of a faint noise in the distance, coming from a classroom that indicated that class had started, Kaida took her time approaching the classroom as her brother walked slightly in front of her. "You know brother, if you ever leave your dorms in the middle of the night-" Kaida began, unable to finish before her brother interrupted her and walked ahead with his hands over his ears. "No way! I'm not listening to your dumb ghost stories! Nuh-uh, especially not here." He exclaimed as he walked towards the noise coming from a classroom. "Why is that? They aren't dumb. Their real." Kaida spoke in a haunting voice near her brother, when she caught up to him.

    Before she was able to say anything else, Ryuu swung open the door of the classroom, not bothering to check if it was the correct one and silently stared at the teacher they probably, most likely interrupted in front of the classroom while Kaida stood behind her brother silently. "Uh... Sorry we were late. We got lost," Ryuu spoke as he bowed slightly with a laugh while scratching the back of his head.
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  15. "Sei.... Sei... Sei !" The tall, lightly-colored red haired boy called out while shaking the sleeping girl who he was carrying on his back. As he did so, her long blue hair fell over face and shoulders. A mumble and groan arose from her and slowly, her eyes fluttered open. Her dazed red eyes stared sideways at the boys face before she rose a finger to poke his cheek.

    "Ren. Where are we?" Seina asked him, pushing herself off his back and taking a look at the hallway they were walking through. Her face remained blank as she continued to walk closely beside her brother. "Almost at homeroom, though we're a bit late," Lairen replied with a doting smile upon his face. One could tell at first glance that he treasured his sister more than anything and spoiled her rotten, which only went to show how much he loved her.

    "..... M'sorry we're late. It's because I took a nap half way here..." She turned her gaze downward, feeling slightly guilty. With a low chuckle, Lairen placed his large hand on top of her head, ruffling her hair lightly. "It's not your fault, Sei. Don't worry about it so much. It is the first day, after all."

    His words earned a small nod from her as they approached the said-classroom. When they neared it and opened the door, they were immediately faced with the backs of two people, both taller than Seina but shorter than Lairen. A startled noice slipped through Lairen's mouth just as he stopped himself from bumping into them. "O--Oh.. Excuse me," Lairen said, slipping past them and turning to the teacher. Following the other boys example, Lairen bowed, "Please excuse our tardiness. "
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  16. Kaida & Ryuu Akatsuki, DarkRed Kaida and Ryuu heard a startled noise behind them and turned to see someone behind them. Ryuu quietly apologized for them being in the way as he stepped aside, Kaida doing the exact same although she stayed slightly behind her brother without uttering a word or a sound. As Kaida scanned the classroom, Ryuu sighed to himself, not really looking forward as to whether the teacher would punish, or scold them on the first day. This is just great... This teacher doesn't even look she's going to let us off. Ryuu thought to himself as he smiled at the teacher, giving her an apologetic look; having slight hope that she would let it pass on their first day. Though another part of him said that they weren't as late as the people who had just came in right after them. Siblings? He thought to himself as he took a closer look at the two, shrugging at the thought, he waited for the teacher's response to their tardiness.
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  17. "Here."

    Mika muttered, closing her eyes and reclining her head back.

    ...I wanna leave...

    She complained in her head.

    Mika played with her fingers, tracing a tiny circle on her palm with her thumb. She started to Hum. But quietly. Her favorite song.. The song Is called Innocence it's from her favorite anime. Sword Art Online.

    Mikas casual outfit didn't really look good with that little petite face of hers.

    Well. He father and mother would of thought that. She didn't care.
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  18. Half-Demon, purple
    Aithi slowly lowers her hand as she sees the girl wasnt going to take it, that didnt deter her for long though as she smiled once again. "Nice to meet you! I hope this year will be fun for the both of us!" She says excitedly before sitting up straight in her chair facing the teacher as she addressed the class. 'Yikes...She doesnt look like the "Fun" kind of teacher.' When her name was called she made an enthusiastic "Present!" Right before 2 others rushed through the door. Blinking in surprise she inwardly cringes 'I hope they dont get in trouble...' As the 2-siblings maybe? Instantly apologize Aithi relaxes slightly thinking that considering they apologized and it was the first day, Izumo-Sensei might be a little lenient. When another set of 2-possible siblings come in behind the others she almost laughs at the irony but keeps quiet

    Wind Demon, red Deus was bored, so bored that to pass the time while the teacher addressed them he made a mini (4 inch high) vortex between his hands on the desk. He wasnt really paying attention to Izumo so when he heard his name being called he was startled a bit, the swirl of white and grey he had been pretty much bouncing back and forth suddenly shot forward hitting the back of the half-Demon's head, it didnt do any damage other than blowing his white hair forward into his face. Blinking he attempts to stifle a low chuckle as he looks away from the snow head innocently stating in a clear voice. "Here" Just before Izumo called another kids name. 'I'm problay gonna pay for that later...' Oh well he didnt care, it might just make something interesting...For once

    Homeroom Teacher, orange
    A slight twitch had started on Izumo's brow when the white haired guy she knew to be Mitsuru Haru refused to answer the role call, but she continued on deciding to deal with it later. "Kaida and Ryuu Akatsu-" She was interrupted when the 2 she had just been calling stumbled through the door. 'Late already....' Sighing she was about to address them when another pair, who she assumed were Seina and Lairen Syrenei, come through almost slamming into the others. Twitch twitch not 2, not 3, but 4 late......With a "Humph" she waves them off so they would go to their seats.

    "Ahem, as I was saying. Kaida and Ryuu Akatsuki. Seina and Lairen Syrenei." Once the 4 declared they were here Izumo suddenly slams the clipboard down making a loud clang sound as it hits the wood desk, the sound was sharp enough that it should draw everyones attention in the room. Looking down at her students her dark purple eyes showed a devilish fire. "Now that everyone is here. We will be starting with the Temptaint application. Who here hasnt received their Temptaint yet?" She knew the Demons would already, but the others were unknown. As she said this Izumo opened her desk drawer pulling out a vile filled with a black liquid that looks ominous
  19. Seina and Lairen took a seat beside each other on the edge of the room, taking a quick glance at the others along the way. There were a couple fierce looking men and women, much in contrast with the two. In a way, Seina felt out of place, but Lairen seemed to be enjoying the sight of interesting looking people.

    When their name was called, Lairen lifted his hand just above his head, and immediately put it back down as a simply gesture to show that they were present. Despite looking and acting like complete opposites, the two were indeed siblings. Often times, they appeared to be so different that they didn't even seem to be related.

    When the question of whether or not they had received their Temptaint came up, Seina hesitated to answer. During training when she was growing up, Lairen always refused to her receiving her Temptaint, even though he received his when he was young, but now it was necessary. With a troubled look, she timidly raised her hand above her head.
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  20. Kinira Harlow, skyblue Kinira guessed she had been too slow to take the female's hand so she simply dropped her hand back into her lap. She wanted to say something in response, this girl was so friendly. As she opened her mouth to reply she felt as though she were chewing on cotton. "Let's hope so..." She managed after a moment of struggling with her nerves. Kinira inhaled sharply at the loud clack of the clipboard on the table, as she turned her gaze to the teacher. "Temptaint... I don't have one yet," she thought to herself as she timidly raised her hand. She began to wonder what the sinister looking vile in the teacher's hand was for.
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