Blue Exorcist: Keys to the Future

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  1. "Children, children. Please settle down..."
    True Cross Academy has ran into a new problem in 2059; demons have conducted a new plan to have vessels on Earth to take over; halflings.
    They have managed, in a rather broad spectrum, impregnated many, many women with children bearing their DNA. Satan himself has come into this plan, having been able to possess his latest child, though after impregnating the woman, the child passed away. This child will be meant to lead their fellow half-demon vessels into war against humanity...

    Though, a slight problem wedged it's way into the demon's plans.

    True Cross has now been seeking out and detaining these children, thus putting a giant thorn in the demon's side. They were found and taken young, and are trained to fight against their ancestors, rather than with them. Most of them, are unaware of their heritage, but the few who truly know, are told be be silent.

    The Player's Role

    Your role in this rp, is a child of one of the many demons in existence. You're trained like any other True Cross student, and may or may not have an awareness to your heritage. If you will join the demon's side or not is up to you, and you only.
    You may also play the role of a human, aware of the demon's presence, but told to be silent about it.

    NOTE: The child of Satan's role will literally be dictated by a coin. Whether I will play them, or they will be kept into obscurity, will be decided fairly, by coin.
  2. oooooo Blue Exorcist... hm... I MIGHT be interested, depends on how quickly I'll be able to come up with a character though I don't have one for Blue Exorcist
    Edit: sorry but it's been a while and i just have nothing that works for a character so far, so I wouldn't count on me anymore, good luck on the rp though, hope it still works out well enough for you :3
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