Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing?

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Blue Cheese or Ranch?

  1. Blue Cheese

  2. Ranch

  3. NAKED

  4. I don't eat wings! D:<

  5. Desist with this tom foolery and go make me some dinner!

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. You don't need to know the vicious blood bath that used to happen over whether or not we got Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing to eat with our hot wings. The important thing to know is that the battle is long over and now we get both.

    However, I find myself curious about how the rest of the world likes to dress up their wings. 8D Spicy or not.

    Blue cheese or Ranch? NAKED? MEAT GROSS?
  2. Bleu cheese and ranch, both are delicious!
    Sometimes I like my wings naked, too. :O
    It depends on he hot sauce. I love having a variety...
    Spicy garlic hot sauce is most delicious with bleu cheese while mango habanero is better with ranch, for example!
    But curry hot wings are best nude.
  3. Seeing as ranch makes me gag, I go with bleu cheese dressing. It's so delicious!
  4. Most of the time when I get wings it comes with pizza which usually comes with a little bleu cheese cup. I'll usually just use the bleu cheese.
    But this is because I'm spoiled and most wings suck and need dressing.

    I was born in Buffalo, New York and know what a really Buffalo wings are supposed to taste like. You can only get them in NY and those are the only wings I can stand not using dressing.
  5. Ranch for the F'in win blur cheese can suck Ranch's #!$@......just saying
  7. Bleu cheese dressing, as it balances out the sweetness of the hot sauce better. ._. Or it could just be that I really enjoy bleu cheese.
  8. I dislike both dressings. But I'll have ranch with pizza <.<;;
  9. Dressings are for little girls, not food. >:(
  10. I find both ranch, and blue cheese disgusting. Why would you want to take away from perfectly good wings anyways?
  11. Ranch. All the way. I can't do blue cheese.
    I don't like/don't eat either D;

    BBQ sauce is the hillbilly way, I say!
    I put that shit on everything!
    Lmao, get it? ;D
    In actuallity I never use any actual dressings. Since I never eat foods that actually require it.
    BBQ with rice, french fries and chicken is daaa force.