Blue Blood

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  1. Samael watched the swirl of fabric on the ballroom floor. Wrapped up in the glory of the dance, no one cared to pay a quiet man in the corner any mind. His velvet doublet was embroidered with a subtle design that didn't link him to any prominent house. He scanned the twirling throng from behind his carved and painted mask. He itched to find a soft featured lass, but he refrained. Tonight was the Princesses debut in court, and he would not pass up this opportunity. The candlelight from above cast gentle shadows and threw his face into relief. A crier announced the arrival of the royal daughter. He turned from the dancers to the elegant staircase. At last, he would see her.
  2. Princess Mai stood behind the oak tree doors at the top of the staircase shaking like Hell. She wore a long, poofy purple dress that was easily noticable with matching purple heels and her hair done the princess way she had. Mai waited for them to announce her name to walk down the staircase that was hard, strong vines. The grand duke said,"and now to announce her royal highness Princess Mai Anne Marie Stewart,"she stood with her hands to the side. The guards opened the door and she walked out. Mai thoughtI hope I don't trip this time, she walked out and smiled. Mai walked down the stairs with one hand on the banister and the other hand by her side with a gentle smile, she looked at everyone, she hoped that her nerves weren't showing through.
  3. The princess was dressed in the expected finery. The crowd parted for her as she made her way down the stairs. Samael smirked. Showing reverence to one so young... the fools. She had done nothing to deserve their respect, no more than any palace maid or farm girl. His dark eyes glinted in the light as he reigned in his hunger at the thought. She was close now. His fingers clenched beneath the white gloves as he saw her face. It couldn't be.
  4. Princess Mai got to the bottom and smiled. She walked over to where her father was and smiled, she wanted this to end so much. Her nerves were so weird. She walked over to the punch bowl and grabbed a glass and took a sip, she turned around and looked around to see if she knew anyone. Without even looking she bumped into a tall gentlemen, she said,"I am terrible sorry sir."
  5. He steeled himself. In soft tones he replied, "Not at all, Princess." Even her voice mocked him. What cruel force had cause to do this to him? He made himself take her hand and delicately kiss it. Her pulse called to him. He would laugh in the face of fate. "May I beg a dance?"
  6. "I would be honoured,"she smiled and said taking the kind gentlemen hand. Mai felt soft coldness as he kissed her hand and it made a shiver go up her back. She followed him to the dance floor and she curtseyed before taking her right hand in his left and her left on his shoulder, she let him lead first.
  7. Samael moved quickly with the music, spinning the pair between couples. Being so close to this girl, this echo, was maddening. He forced a gentle smile over the grimace he would otherwise wear. He would not let Elaine's spirit torture him. Far from it. He leaned in to breathe in her ear. "My dear, you are a most excellent dancer."
  8. As she spun around with him, her breathing was getting faster as they moved to the music. She had a smile on her and replied,"Sir you are the wondeful dancer too, I only go along with what your doing, if you don't mind me saying I don't know the hell what I'm doing, most of its practise from princess classes,"she said with a smile and the song ended and departed from his body and clapped to the wonderful instrumentalist and she curtseyed again and said,"thank you for your time sir."
  9. "It was my-" He paused slightly, not long enough for a human to catch. "...pleasure. Please say that you are not through with me? I do so wish to be in your company. Might we go someplace to talk?" He gestured to one of the several velvet curtained rooms to the sides of the dance floor.
  10. "Okay,"she smiled and walked with him to one of the rooms. "What do you want to talk about sir?"she was nervous, why would this guy want her company? she was just a shy princess who preferred to be by herself but maybe this kind gentlemen could build up her self - confidence.
  11. Samael wondered briefly what the courtiers would think of the princess disappearing into the room with him. They all knew the rooms' true purpose, though they never spoke of it. The thought brought a smile to his face. "Firstly, Princess, I would like to say that there is no need to call me 'sir'. I am Samael Machen." He led her to one of the plush couches. "Please, sit."
  12. "Okay Samual I am Princess Mai, but you can me Mai, not many people do,"she smiled and sat down on one of the plush couches. "Sit with me Samuel,"she asked him kindly.
  13. He sat close to her, too close for propriety. His gloved hand rested on her shoulder lightly. "My dear Mai... do you believe in heaven?"
  14. Princess Mair stared at him and was wondering why he would ask that. She replied,"Why yes Samuel I do? Why do you ask?"
  15. Samael wound his fingers through her dark hair as he spoke. "I am not sure what I believe of heaven or those who have gone there, but..." He trailed off, leaning in close to her ear. "I know it can be found on earth."
  16. "So then where do you think you will go after death?"She asked and wondered why was this a subject to talk about and why was he messing with her hair.
  17. "There's the thing, I don't plan on dying." Samael wrapped his gloved hand around her mouth, and sank his fangs into the soft flesh where her neck met her shoulders. "You will not take me, Elaine."
  18. Princess Mai tried to scream through his glove but struggled to. She got her shakened hand and hit him where his nose was hoping it would move his position, who the heck is Elaine? She thought. Her neck was hurting like hell.
  19. Samael flinched at the blow to his face, but didn't let go. Instead, he bundled up the princess in his arms and carried her to a nearby window,his hand pressing harder against her nose and mouth to pull her from consciousness. He placed a foot on the sill, then vaulted out into the night with her.
  20. When his hand was placed on her mouth and nose, she tried to scream and breath but it was no use and it made her faint. She was asleep for a while and then woke up in a dark place like a layer or some what and she was tied to a chair in nothing but rags showing her bare skin. What kind of psychopath is he? What is he? Her neck was still sore.
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