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  1. Greetings there,

    So while I swum around I stumbled across this interesting place and decided to join.

    No, that is a lie. Half a lie. Someone recommended it, said that it was a nice place. So here I'm! Hoping that the stories will make itself true. -Though thus far I've only concerned myself with the settings of my profile page.-

    I won't make this too long, am not that interesting anyway, so greetings and nice joining the lot of you~ I've been a role player for around... I believe six years. Time flies when you're having fun -and I feel old-. Been on other role play sites, mostly forums. Some closed down and others were bad experiences that I rather leave in the past. Old cows are after all to be left alone in the ditch. However, now I've come to make my appearance here.

    So hopefully see you around. I won't bother you guys to read anything more about me, don't worry. I do hope that the next time we shall meet is inside of a role play.

    Best wishes,

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Minibit, and you can PM me anytime you're lost or bored :)
  3. Welcome to Iwaku and, hopefully, you will have as much fun as you expect to. We are all here for that same reason, a little piece of odd and mysterious on our lives, that small and fantastic piece of space and time that is controlled only by our feeling and desires. Let us touch your imagination in a good way and, in return, show us a bit of that small world where you reside. So hop on this moving boat and enjoy, because what matters most is not the destination, but the journey itself!
  4. Hallo there Nemo! :D I'm glad you picked Iwaku for your latest adventure! Welcome to the community. <3
  5. @Minibit, @Naoki and @Diana : Thank you all for your kind welcomes~ I surely shall come by to use my opportunity when lost, though lets hope not. Otherwise these fish jokes will never come to an end. c: