Blow the Horn!

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  1. ( @pooderthepirate ; Sorry it took so long >n< I've been a little busy but now I don't have any school for one whole week! )

    Spring, a beginning of new life, familiar sounds and warmer weather. Finding food, mating season, making through the day as any other while the forest grows. It has now gotten more green and berries grows out of the buches, the birds are on their way back and some have stayed through the hard winter. Camron, a ram and one of those who will not get involved with the "sheeps" is for the most lonely, he've tried to go after the girls but failed and those who wants him is... not really his kind but he can make it. He've now transformed into his human state, though his horns are visible he haven't seen any human around for days. Probably because of the winter. He walked around the forest with his arrow and bow ready while looking around for any threats but didn't see any, after some minutes it seemed that the situation was calm as ever and he wondered if he should go back to the other rams and sheeps. His duty were to look after danger and then warn the others but nothing have happened, at all. He sighed behinde his mask.
    -"God~... this is boring." He said in anger. Wondered what the others did, surely ate while he himself didn't get any breakfast and was now starving.
  2. A young human girl walked through the forest, a smile present on her face. In one hand she carried a twig woven basket half filled with a various amount of berries and herbs. In the other hand was a long wooden staff, carved beautifully with vine-like designs.
    "I know she doesn't like berries very much... But it's all I can find." Serah's voice sounded a bit sad. She always hated to disappoint Xyla, but hunting wasn't really something she enjoyed.
    It was almost time to get back to her still sleeping wolf friend.
    But in fact, Xyla wasn't sleeping. The female wolf stalked through the forest step by step, searching for her next meal. She would always go hunting before Serah returned from her morning outings. Carnivores can't live off of berries, after all.
  3. Camron was now almost done for it, his body was tired and he didn't want to stay any longer than he had to. He was about to turn around when a smell hit him and he turned around, almost drooling.
    -"BERRIES!" He said and felt his stomach turn and without thinking he started to follow the smell. Oh how hungry he was but was it really that safe? He started to slow down and walked more behinde the trees and fell the smell get closer and closer till he saw a person but it was too hard to see whom it was. All he could think about was food. If he had to turn into a ram to get it, he didn't mind that at all! But then he sensed someone else and stopped, he crunched down behinde some bushes where he could see atleast a little but not much. He saw the berries and tried to calm himself down.
  4. Serah hummed to herself as she walked along quietly. Her bare feet caused the twigs and leaves to crunch beneath her weight. She wasn't a very cautious girl, but she had her race to her advantage. She was human, so if another human strolled along they wouldn't hurt her, right? Then there was Xyla. She was always there, it seemed. Whether Serah knew it or not. It was almost like Xyla had a sixth sense for when she was in trouble.
    Serah's thoughts had been interrupted by the sight of a berry bush filled with ripe blackberries that she hadn't noticed when she left this morning. "Oh, look!" she said out loud, her bright eyes filled with happiness at the sight of berries. Her stomach grumbled. She hadn't had blackberries since the spring started.
    With a flick of her wrist she let her staff fall onto the ground and plucked a large berry from it's home and placed it into her mouth. It was so delicious! She nearly drooled as she ate a few more. "I'm sure she won't mind if I'm a few minutes late." Serah said quietly as she placed more berries into the basket she held.
  5. "My berries, she's eating my berries!" He thought to himself, trying to stay quiet but then he couldn't hold any longer and started to snatch some, hoping she wouldn't hear but since the buch moves it made some noises. He got panic and started to back away, wondering if she saw him or anything but he didn't hear any noises and it didn't seem like he've been caught. What was happening out there?
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