Blow the horn! (Fantasy)

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  1. A forest, filled with greenery, food in different ways like berries and a sun warming up the place. A peaceful place some would call it but what they don't really know is what's hiding in the big forest.
    Once upon a time a meteor struck the forest and burned most of it down until it would soon grown up again but what the animals didn't know was the meteor, hiding burried in the ground. As soon the animals went near it a power struck them together with the faries in the forest and suddenly, their bodies turned into humans?! Although their ears and tail still were their they soon learned how the body worked and soon learned the human brain after some generations and would teach the kids. They would soon after that go into the humans village, living, learning more untill one day. A man discovered them.
    -"Monsters!" The man would yell at the half human, half animal creature. They were haunted by the humans and soon would hide in the forest once again.


    It's year 1435, the world is known for it's use of magic spells and medicine but the therianthrope, the half human, half animal will still be hiding in order to protect themselves and the meteor is still hiding somewhere unknown inside the forests heart.
    Different colonies have been built up but the animals can still live their ordinary lifes, although in their humans forms it can get a bit odd. In order to live in the human world they have to hide themselves such as wearing a hat. But will the humans accept the therianthrope's someday in the future?


    Plot: What I was thinking is that the humans have found one of the animals colonies and have found a horn that is representive to a god for the animals that in this place is going to be the rams/sheeps. One of the rams (my character) have the task to bring back the horn from the humans but how easy will it be? And how is the half human, half ram going to live in the human world, filled with difficulties?
    (I chose a ram(sheep) because of their nature and I want to see how my character is going to hide his huge horns on his head xD)


    Rules: This is a fantasy, magic spells can be used but in different grades. You as a human can't turn yourself into an animal for example nor make all too mighty spells since we've to go low on the God-mod play. The animals have weaknessess such as any other human being, the only thing they can is to turn themselves into humans and back into animals again. But when they turn back into animals their stuff and suplies falls off and when they turn back to humans, they get naked and have to get back their clothes.
    As I've said, no god-mod.
    You can write till your fingers drop and if you're difficulties on making an answer on a post, please do tell and I can always change it or edit it different.
    You can have as many characters as you want but please do have a main-character at hand.
    You can swear and say things as fuck, bitch, etc. But please don't overdo it so you've to say fuck in every sentence.


    My Character sheet:



    Human age: (If you're an animal please write your human age)

    Kind: (If you're an animal, write what animal you're, if you're human you can just write human)



    Animal Appearence: (If you're an animal, if human. skip this)






    My character:

    Name: Camron

    Age: ??

    Human age: 22

    Kind: Ram (sheep) animal

    Gender: Male

    Camron (open)

    Animal Appearence:
    Show Spoiler

    Weapon: Arrow and bow, his horns (if he's really angry and you don't want him to be angry) and a rod made in wood that can be very dangerous when hit on the right spots and tree can really hurt

    Personality: Can go up and down but he's angry for the most, isn't very much of the guy who's crying over everything and isn't happy except when it comes to food and mating season, he can get really furious in mating season though when other males are trying to get his girl, is for the most serious and angry, he's only calm when sleeping

    Background: His father have left him when he was only small and for what reason is unknown, he've lived in the forest for a very long time and has a very up-and-down personality, he've always wanted to go to the human world and see what their nature is like since he's a half human but never got the chance and when he asked his mother or any other relatives, he always got the answer "no".

    Other: His favorite/or most used sentence is "I'm a ram you dipshit!" And his favorite weapon is the arrow and bow and already at a young age started to master this odd weapon humans use.

    If you're questions, please PM me or comment ^^
  2. Name: Xyla
    Age: unknown
    Human age: 19
    Kind: Wolf
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Animal Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon: Teeth, Claws(Only in wolf form) In human form, a dagger made from the bone of her wolf mother.
    Personality: Quiet, not very friendly to strangers
    Background: Xyla roams the forest with no other wolves but herself. She has a specific hatred for humans, but happened to bond with a human girl when she saved her life from hunters. Now, they travel together, surviving off the land.
    Other: Hearing of rumors of the horn, Xyla has decided to try and take matters into her own hands. And paws.
    (next CS is on the way.)
  3. Name: Serah
    Age: 17
    Human age: 17
    Kind: Human
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Weapon: A wooden staff that Xlya made for her.
    Personality: Friendly to others, and very protective to the people she loves
    Background: Serah is an orphan. Her parents were murdered by bandits when she was only 5, and since then, she had to fend for herself. One day, she seen a group of people attacking a young girl. A girl with wolf ears. Angered at the fact that an innocent girl was being attacked, the chased the men away, and saved the poor wolf girl.
    Other: Serah now travels with Xyla, helping out injured creatures. She can use very minor healing magic, taught to her by her mother.
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