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Do you want to set sail on the ship once it's completed?

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  1. Welcome to Blorbs

    This is the Discussion Thread. Do not put your game inputs here, put them into the Game Thread. Here you can instead talk about the game, to keep the game thread cleaner and easier for me to read so I don't lose track of commands!

    Blorbs is an interactive forum game, one that I've run before but haven't in... a year. The game plays very simply. You spawn with a blorb (that you name on spawn) and then each round you give your particular blorb an action.

    To do this, simply message the thread with :: and then your action


    :: Spawn (Jacob)

    :: Gather branches from tree

    :: Make axe from branches

    :: Chop down tree

    Pretty simple!

    Each blorb is a set of two 'fuzzy' (just roll with me here) white circles, the base creature and its single hand. Due this, blorbs have limited carrying capacity and strength and stuff that they can do. But, to make up for this, blorbs greatly increase their abilities (even if such doesn't make sense) when working together as a team!

    :: Hunt the Spiked Hog together!

    :: Jump with Suzy in order to jump higher!

    In the latter, Jacob and Suzy jumping together means that if they did want to both jump higher than they could have on their own, they can now because of teamwork. The magic of friendship!

    The goal of the game is simple, try to establish a little home for yourself, or if you'd rather, gather everyone together and go on a journey! Who knows what you'll find?

    That all said, let's begin!


    There's a rock, and a tree in the spawning area!

    Remember, by leaving the starting area, you will expand the game map, and open up more of the world! It's as simple as walking left.

    Or right, I'm not the boss of you.

    Blorbs by Elendra DeShan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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  2. Ooh, this thingie again! I love it :D
  3. You can always count on me and my hated for timber. I be in!
  4. :: Spawn Excitement
  5. Aww yiss, Blorbs. I'm hyped.
  6. Looks like I'd better pull out the old REDACTED again. :D
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  7. no let the new players learn on their own D:
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  8. Just once, I wish I could be a Blorc.
  9. okay

    i meant more so that i could update it

    Should we eliminate all mention from the convo for safety's sake?
  10. that was a thing before; a short run but it happened
  11. Also, question: I know Blorbs have only one hand, meaning they generally can only hold one thing at a time (and trying to hold something an/or strike at something while climbing would thus be a bad idea). However, are we able to contruct something like this?


    On Blorbs scale, of course. Anyway, the point is that throughout history, humans have created things like these to be able to carry more stuff at the same time, or the same amount of stuff with less hands. So would Blorbs ba able to make things like these too, so they can at least carry more stone/water/materials at the same time?
  12. Blorbs are indeed capable of making containers to carry stuff.
  13. Ihu elly <3
  14. So I thought on this for a bit before deciding to just tell you.

    You don't know which way is east. I know you mean 'go off the right side of the map screen and expand it that way' but your blorb doesn't know which way is east so it could also walk to the left or be confused about why you're trying to make it walk into the fore or background.

    So if you could change your map compass to 'left and right' instead of 'west and east' that'd be lovely.
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  15. :: Go starboard
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  16. you monster
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  17. K
  18. Okay got distracted with stuff and redrew the water and things in the water several more times than I probably should have but yay it's up
  19. YAY, BLORBS!
  20. I can only imagine Elendra cackling maniacally at this.
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