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  1. OOC

    Welcome to Bloomfield High

    A fancy new boarding school for the most academic, artsiest, and athletic female students in the country has just opened up on the outskirts of New Tokyo. It boasts brand new facilities, with a large campus, and the best teachers from all over the world. The primary goal is to compete with other schools in the area and within itself, and to eventually gain national recognition as the best school for girls.

    The Roleplay

    The roleplay is meant to shine a light on the lives of some of the young women accepted into Bloomfield High. It follows them through their day to day lives as they forge new friendships, spark new flames, and stir up drama within Bloomfield.

    The main focus is on the relationships of the girls and how they interact with each other, with a light emphasis on school work, and the activities they choose to participate in. There will be competition for the school extracurricular activities, as well as festivals, and events on and off the campus.

    Romance is heavily encouraged, but your character does not have to seek out romantic relationships. The most important thing is to develop your characters thoroughly and get acquainted with the cast. You're expected to create your own scenarios and situations with other characters, though I'm more than happy to lay out the environment to assist with this. The campus is your playground.

    Bloomfield, New Tokyo

    New Tokyo is a fusion of New York City and Tokyo, with lots of traffic on the sidewalk, and even more on the road. At night it lights up with neon signs, and electronic billboards. It's a melting pot of cultures, and no one race or ethnicity is the majority. It shares in many formal Japanese customs, and the language is still spoken by most people, however it is not uncommon to hear other languages spoken fluently in the city.

    Bloomfield is on the outskirts of New Tokyo, thought it is still considered to be in the city it lacks the bustling traffic and electric nightlife. You'll find a lot of shops, cafes, and lounge spots. It's a very romantic setting, with plenty of nature surrounding the place, and a natural lake in the area.
    OP. 1

    Extracurricular Activities
    Basketball/PE: Mr. Kirigaya
    Track: Miss Rupa
    Swim: Mrs. Morell
    Horseback Riding: Mrs. Vanderbilt
    Tennis: Ms. Aki
    Martial Arts: Mr. Seung
    Fencing:Mr. Allard

    Archery: Mrs. Tsukino
    Volleyball: Ms. Aki

    Fine Arts: Advisors/Instructors
    Dance(Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop): Miss Bellamy
    Art: Mr. Durant
    Orchestra: Mr. Yoshiro
    Band (Jazz Band)^
    Theater: Mrs. Phillips
    Photography: Mrs. Durant
    Choir: Mrs. LaBelle

    Academic Clubs: Student and Teach Advised
    Computer Science/Coding:
    Chess: Mr. Yoshiro
    Mathletes: Miss Yamada
    Debate Team: Mrs. Phillips
    Science Club: Miss Rupa
    Tech Club (robots, gizmos and gadgets): Mr. Durant
    Literature Club: Mrs. Durant

    Miscellaneous Activities: Advised by Sports Coaches and or Students
    Rock Climbing: Mr. Seung
    Bike Riding: Mrs. Vanderbilt
    Surfing: Mrs. Morell
    Skiing - During Winter: Miss Rupa
    Ice Skating: Miss Bellamy
    Yearbook - Lit. or Photography Req. Mrs. Durant
    Anime/Doujinshi Club: Mr. Durant

    Bloomfield House Uniforms
    House of Nightshade

    House of Rose
    House of Lotus
    Note: Three styles of bottoms are available for each uniform. An above the knee length skirt, ankle length skirt, and slacks are all valid options for every season.

    House of Nightshade

    House of Rose

    House of Lotus

    Must Read Before Applying!!!

    I'm only seeking active players. If you can't commit to posting once a week - I do not want. If you often bail on roleplays, also do not want.

    Houses and roommates will be decided after everyone submits their cs. Please don't ask what house your char is gonna be in. :D Additional tabs and info will be added in the OOC. If you're returning feel free to dump your cs here, but I'll need you to post it in the ooc as well for linking.
    General Rules
    1. Respect me as the creator of the roleplay and the amount of work that I put into the roleplay to make things enjoyable. Respect your fellow players, and try to be civil with them.
    2. No Godmodding. Never take control of another player's character without their consent, and give them the opportunity to respond before assuming.
    3. If you have complaints - breathe. Then tell me what the problem is so that we can resolve it calmly.
    4. Post at least ONCE a week - Anything less too often and you will be considered for removal, unless otherwise stated.
    5. No sex scenes in the roleplay. Meaning, actual sex. Refer to Iwaku's FAQ and Guidelines for clarity on the subject.
    6. Be courteous. If you're going to be away for an extended amount of time, say something and we'll figure out what to do with your character in the mean time.
    7. Repeatedly being rude to the GM/Co-Gm, and the players will get you removed from the rp. If both GMs agree to kicking you, you're out without the two strike warning. The last thing we want to do is remove cast members, so always come to me first if you have an issue.
    8. If your character joins for academics, at least twoAcademic club slots should be filled, especially if they're not in any other activities. The same goes for the Arts and Sports.
    9. No discussing politics, or religion in the OOC. Some conversations are better left for General Chat and PMs I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.
    10. NO SPAM.
    Posting Rules
    1. Atleast 1- 1 1/2 paragraphs on average. More is welcome, but not required. Absolutely no one liners.
    2. As stated in the official rules, post at least once a week. If something comes up, just inform me and we'll work something out.

    3. No collaborative posts unless authorized by me. That doesn't mean I'll say no if you ask.
    4. Proofread. Your post doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be easy to read and understand.

    Character Sheet (open)

    What’s your name?

    How old are you?

    How tall are you?

    How much do you weigh?

    What grade are you in?
    [1st, 2nd, or 3rd - with 3rd being seniors]

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    (Academics, Athletics, or Arts? Must select 1, and only one. Note: this doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the others)

    (You get 7 points for extra-currics, with 3 being the max for the category you were accepted for. 1 point = 1 activity)

    Are you playing any sports?

    Do you participate in the fine arts?

    Any Academic Clubs?

    Your favorite color?

    Your favorite foods?

    Your most cherished item?

    Five things you’re good at?

    Four things you’re bad at?

    Traits you look for in a friend?

    Traits you dislike in a person?

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?


    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?

    (At least three sentences)

    Background History:
    (At least five sentences)
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  2. Interest has been expressed! I'll post my CS as soon as I can :D
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  4. Rose will be up once I get home.
  5. Thy interest is this. Thoust shall recieve my sheet tomorrow evening as I can not be arsed to post it and modify it today.
  6. Also guys please vote on the poll! I haven't decided what I wanna do for rooms yet, and I want you all to weigh in.
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  7. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]What’s your name?[/BCOLOR]
    "Shizu Yaken, proud member of the Yaken clan!..Erm, carried away with that"

    [Shizu Yaken]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]How old are you?[/BCOLOR]
    "Fifteen...Three more years..."
    [BCOLOR=transparent]How tall are you?[/BCOLOR]
    "5'0..A bit short too be a proper warrior..."
    [BCOLOR=transparent]How much do you weigh?[/BCOLOR]
    "110 lbs...No muscles sadly "
    [110 lbs]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]What grade are you in?[/BCOLOR]
    "First year..."

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?[/BCOLOR]
    "Academics, not much of a athlete or artist..."
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Are you playing any sports?[/BCOLOR]

    "My clan have take pride in using weapons of the old such as swords and bows, while they are rather obsolete weapons in this era we are still taught the basics of them as they are the weapons that our ancestors started with centuries ago...I wish to take on archery and master one of the weapons of the old"
    [Archery ]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Do you participate in the fine arts?[/BCOLOR]
    "It was a weird idea..But for some reason i wanted to sign up for photography, maybe i can learn skills in reconnaissance! "

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Any Academic Clubs?[/BCOLOR]
    "I would say I'm decent at chess, maybe i can improve my skills in that club...Also i like literature, so i guess il join that club also! "
    [Chess and Literature]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your favorite color?[/BCOLOR]
    "Red! The official colors of the Yaken Clan! The Symbol of our aggression!...B-But I'm not aggressive...Sadly"

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your favorite foods?[/BCOLOR]
    Well i never really had anything special, all the good food was reserved for those that were in training and since i didn't train i was simply fed bread and maybe fruits so i would not consume valuable resources i didn't earn..
    [Bread and fruits]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Your most cherished item?[/BCOLOR]

    "A Heirloom given to me by my mother...Its a necklace that belonged to my father that had the bullet he used to claim his first kill, a millstone in his career of being a soldier. In our culture its said that heirlooms are a connection between the living and the dead, when my Father died in combat it was given to my mother and then to me so he can watch over me during my time at Bloomfield"
    [A necklace with a old 5.56mm bullet attached to it]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Five things you’re good at?[/BCOLOR]
    Oh Well...Not really sure what I'm good at, as before i said i was decent at chess, if i can't be a fighter then maybe i could be a strategist!..Wait, you want me to list more? Errr...I'm good at being a walking history book of my clan! I can write stories..i can adapt!...i can..breathe? Ok not really..(Asthma), I don't know....Playing video games? Yeah...I'm good at that.."

    [Nothing note worthy]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Four things you’re bad at?[/BCOLOR]

    "Oh, were to start...Being social, fighting, being useful, cleaning, meeting the clan Elder's expectations, cooking, remembering things i need to do, staying focused...Oh wait you asked for just four..sorry.."
    [Pretty much everything]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Traits you look for in a friend?[/BCOLOR]

    "Honorable! What good is a person if they don't have honor?!...Sorry i get carried away sometimes with that...I just want someone i could depend on, someone who would not betray me."

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Traits you dislike in a person?[/BCOLOR]
    "Dishonest, treacherous and all around dishonorable! They are SCUM!...But also people who are just plain mean..."

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Why? [/BCOLOR]

    "Well its a more tactical choice...Camo skirts don't really work..."

    [BCOLOR=transparent]What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Something..While i can't really learn much about being a warrior here, maybe i can learn something useful and contribute to my clan that way! Just be good at something useful for once...My mother sent me here in saying that i been in a "toxic environment" for far too long. Never really saw it as that..."[/BCOLOR]


    Shizu can be best described as a "nervous wreck" who for far too long has been pushed around by her own people for being "weak" and a "failure" , she truly believes that she is theses things and finds it hard to think otherwise. Her Confidence and self esteem has been drained from this constant mental abuse by her clan and she became self loathing, agreeing with all the criticism about things she has no control over, much like her asthma and her submissive nature. She then becomes paranoid about the outside world when she firsts attends Bloomfield, feeling incredible unsafe around all theses strangers that could very well kill her if given the chance. A ludicrous idea but thats exactly the type of things her anxiety will conjure up and torment her with. The Only place she felt safe was back at home and despite the hostility she received there she still felt safe there

    She finds escape in video games, a small luxury some children of the clan had the chance to enjoy. Here she found a way to escape her dreadful existence and live out a different life in a virtual world as a way to live out some fantasies of hers. Its something a lot of people might find pathetic but she finds happiness in it, something that allows her to enjoy herself. To add to this she also finds pleasure in reading stories, once again wanting to escape reality and immerse herself in another world.

    Due to the Clan's agenda of "Carrying on the bloodline", a heterosexual lifestyle is pounded into the minds of their children so that they will grow up and find a suitable mate to create off spring with and carry on the clan's bloodline and legacy and same sex relationships are considered taboo and Forbidden love that will be swiftly dealt with if discovered. Due to Shizu's frailty and defects she was forbidden from mating as the higher ups in the clan did not wish to risk contaminating the gene pool any further and creating weaker generations. Bloomfield high was selected for her as it was a all female school so Shizu would not get "involved" with any male students and disgrace the clan. They however did not take into account that maybe Shizu would develop a attraction to the same sex

    Despite the venomous treatment Shizu has received over the years, She still remains ferociously loyal to her clan. Wanting to prove herself somehow to earn the respect of her family, but sadly theres not much she can do as shes not trained at all to be a soldier. Still she would happily be the first to put her life on the line for her people (if they allowed her too) and would even go as far as kill a enemy of the Clan if given the opportunity despite not being trained to fight.


    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Shizu was born into a highly militaristic Japanese clan that holds on to ancient traditions in the modern age. This clan's history dates back to Feudal Japan as a highly dangerous Mercenary group that oddly enough had the same amount of honor as some feudal lords. To this day they continue their traditions of being honorable mercenaries in the modern era as it is their calling in life, following this path has kept them alive this long and pleases their ancestors who set them on this path. They favor four things "Honor, Strength, Discipline and of course Money" and theses four things is what every Yaken desires most, they are warriors and wish to only breed the most fearsome and deadliest soldiers for hire in the world. Due to this the Clan is very picky about who is brought into the clan via marriage, as the Husband/wife would also have to be a mercenary as well and damn good one to keep they gene pool strong and vibrant. Any child that is born with any kind of defect or disability is euthanized as a "Act of mercy", every child is too be brought up as a soldier and anything that could inhibit their ability in the field is a sign of weakness.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Shizu was suppose to be snuffed out, she was born with Asthma and was quickly was put on the chopping block to follow protocol as this would prove to be a liability in her training and out int he field. But her Mother pleaded with the Clan's Elders to spare her life, saying she would outgrow her Asthma before she is old enough to be trained. In the clan every child is trained for 10 years straight in a brutal training process once they reach age 8, seeing it as the perfect time to mold them into true soldiers and prepare them for their future as proud Yaken mercenaries. Along with the plea and claim that her Asthma will go away over time she talks about its all she has left of her Husband who died out in the field during her pregnancy. After a few pulled heartstrings the Council allowed Shizu to live in hopes that it WOULD get better.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]It didn't sadly, it got far worse and became a chronic issue. Needing medical attention for simple exercises By age 8 she was forbidden from joining her kin in training as it would end up being too much for her to handle and would possibly end up killing her. While she could not be apart of the physical training she did however attend mental training, attending home schooled classes that taught her and her kin the basics of Math, science, reading and writing. This is to prevent the next generation of warriors from being mindless brutes by giving them the basic education they need to develop their brain properly. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]However throughout this entire period of her life she was harassed and bullied by her kin for being this "defect" that only brought shame to the clan, for being a weakling that only leeches of the Clan and its resources. She was picked on by her superior kids with parents turning a blind eye to to it, even going as far as roughing her up (Which is usually some playful fights kids of the clan play, yet theses kids knew how physically weak Shizu is...) and thought this harassment she can't help but think their actions are "Justified"[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Her Clan's culture is all she knows, she was raised in this small bubble and only had her kin to socialize with and only influenced by their ideology and nothing from the outside world and this culture teaches them that being a warrior is what they were made to be and Shizu was incapable of living up this, she became self loathing and accepted the poor treatment she received submissively. She believed the she was indeed a "bad egg", a "failure", a "Disgrace" to her people and that what she got was her just deserved despite not being able to help who she is. She remained Loyal to a culture that did not want her.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]She hardly had anyone to talk too in theses times, being a outcast to her own people, her Mother was one of the only person she could talk to comfortably but she was deployed most of the time to some conflict zone to fight for Honor and currency, leaving Shizu with nobody to talk to her or comfort her. When her mother was deployed She would be put under the care of a cousin named "Avio Yaken" who showed a softer side for Shizu, knowing its not her fault for whats wrong her, at first Shizu was shy around him despite them being family...but eventually opened up to him. However when he was deployed she was left with nobody to talk too and the council could not keep assigning her babysitters.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]At some point she began wearing a Jacket that acted like a "security blanket" for her, something that comforted her when she had nobody to be with, something that made her feel safe and hid her from her kin that were a bit annoyed by her presence. At first it became her most valuable item, while it was not a expensive jacket it had sentimental value to her as something she would not leave her room without and would wear it even in the middle of summer and would sometimes have to be forced out of the jacket to avoid having a heat stroke. Even then if she didn't have her jacket she found other means to hide herself, not wanting to be seen by anyone to avoid offending them by being in their eyesight.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Her Mother shared her loyalty to the clan but still saw what torment they put Shizu though, she suffered 13 years of this mental and sometimes physical abuse that twisted her mind and destroyed all self esteem and confidence in herself. Her mother felt as if this was all her fault, she still does not regret pleading for her Life when she was born but due to her actions she was put in a place were she was not wanted by her own blood relatives. She had to make up for this and repair the damages she caused and ease Shizu's pain.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]She had to get her away from this, while she hated the idea (along with the ENTIRE clan, Shizu included) she plead to the Elders once more on Shizu's behalf to perhaps allow her off family grounds to attend a school in which she may be around a more "positive" environment as she certainly was not gonad find a place here that "positive". Obviously the Elders mocked the idea but the Clan's High Elder allowed it out of sympathy for the Girl.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Bloomfield High is the School the Clan chosen for Shizu to attend, its somewhere in "arms reach" of the clan where they can keep tabs on her, Plus its a all female school so Shizu would not be playing around with "boys" and getting knocked up and disgracing the clan's gene pool. Using various contacts and some funding they landed Shizu a spot in the school.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]
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  8. I voted. But i shan't tell you who! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *mention of underwear here at random*
  9. Hanako aka now Airetta will be transferred tonight too :D
  10. I'm actually editing Delilah's cs., but only a little. Her appearance has changed to have some cute odango. :D
  11. Also everyone, I have updated the CS specifically the system for how you join clubs. I've decided to let you have 7 points, with 3 being the max for whatever category you were accepted for. So say you're accepted for athletics, you can join 3 athletic clubs. and then two activities per academic and arts.

    @Fendisteel Question, if your character had asthma and is not athletic, do you think putting her in martial arts is wise as all athletics will be competitive and it's not likely the martial arts team would have her as she would be a liability. It would make more sense I think to say she is an admirer of the sport, but I can't see her being on the team based on your cs.
  12. Well if the school won't let her participate then i can't really argue, i just had in mind that this would be some challenge for her, to overcome her asthma...Of course she would horrible at start, but the process would be that she tries to earn her way in though commitment
  13. I'd be fine with you roleplaying that out as a part of her story, like she joins later after getting stronger through practice as character development, maybe another martial artist helps her out. But initially, based on your cs I don't think so. It just wouldn't make sense for me to see her be on any competitive athletic teams as your character sheet contradicts that, unless it's something less athletic like archery or even horseback riding which is fine. Keep in mind each category is for the best of the best, and while I'll let people join something if they suck at it depending on what category it is, your character doesn't just suck she is also chronically ill?

    There was another character who was also going to have someone join a sport after some character development, which makes sense to me if they're not initially ready for it.
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  14. [​IMG]
    What’s your name?
    "Hachimitsu Delilah, Nice to meet you."

    How old are you?
    "I'm 16. "

    How tall are you?
    "...I'm 4'9 and a half." *blushes*

    How much do you weigh?
    "I weigh 89 pounds." *glances around shyly*

    What grade are you in?
    "This is my second year in high school."

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    "For my dancing, but it's possible Bloomfield wanted me for something else. I'm a woman of many talents."

    Are you playing any sports?
    "Tennis, Archery."

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    "I'm in a dance class. I love to dance contemporary, and ballet. I'm not sure which I prefer, but I suppose I'm a better ballerina..." Delilah drifts off into thought briefly, and then snaps back to attention.
    Dance, Choir, Theater

    Any Academic Clubs?
    "Mathletes, Science Club."

    Your favorite color?

    Your favorite foods?
    "Let's see...Sushi, Fruit, and Omelettes."

    Your most cherished item?
    "My body, or more specifically, my feet."
    First pair of ballet slippers

    Five things you’re good at?
    "Well, I'm an excellent dancer. I've studied many dances and I can say that I'm a master of one, but perhaps that's a bit conceited of me." Delilah giggles, and then begins again. "I'm also good at crocheting and knitting. It's something to do when I'm not dancing, and isn't totally unproductive... And then there's organizing, singing, and...fitting into small spaces."

    Four things you’re bad at?
    "I'm horrible at...being horrible at things?" Delilah giggles, wondering if that question was meant to be serious.

    Admitting to shortcomings, Making friends. Cooking and/or baking. Listening to authority.

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    "Athletic, stylish, flexible, sensible, and kind. If you're all five, that's even better.."

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    "The opposite of everything I like in a friend?"

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?
    "Dresses, if that were an option."

    "It's a full outfit in one."

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    "I hope to graduate from Bloomfield, and to be taken seriously as a dancer and singer by my peers. I'd love to gain recognition in New Tokyo and carry the Bloomfield name. People will see that you don't need long limbs to be graceful and elegant on stage ."


    A soft spoken individual who walks with her head held high, and her shoulders pushed back at all times. She's generally polite, though this often gets lost in the way she looks at people at times. On the outside looking in, Delilah appears to be very focused and polished. She's a perfectionist and a neat freak, preferring things her way at all times. As you can imagine, a girl like Delilah enjoys her order, and becomes flustered very easily when things don't go in her favor...or if someone points out her height.

    As stated earlier, the way Delilah looks at people can sometimes give off an air of superiority and frigidness, but when she begins to socialize she is much gentler. She's a naturally competitive person, and takes everything she does seriously. She takes defeat particularly hard, though she'll try to remain humble in front of an audience. There are some qualities she retains from being spoiled and privileged, but the main one is that she can be shallow, and a little judgmental.

    Background History:
    Delilah was born in a private manor in Bloomfield, New Tokyo with a ginormous silver spoon in her mouth. She saw very little hardships growing up, and this turned her into the entitled, but kind young woman she is today. From the moment she took her first steps, her mother had her in a pair of ballet slippers at the best dance academy their money could buy. Much to Delilah's relief, Delilah turned out to be a very talented dancer, and over the years she would develop her vocal talents as a skilled soprano.

    At the age of ten she watched as the construction workers moved into her hometown, and began work on what she could only describe as a monster of a mansion at the time. For four years, she watched as Bloomfield High was built, and six months when she learned that it was to be a prestigious academy for girls. She could only dream to be invited there, and didn't want to waste any time waiting around. One day, as she was heading outside to put her application in the mail, she stumbled across a package laid out on her porch. It was an invitation from Bloomfield High.

    Leaving her old school in favor of a new, prestigious academy didn't require a second thought on Delilah's part. She left what few friends she had behind and excitedly prepared for her sophomore year of High School.
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  15. Alright i edited Martial arts out but left archery, Sorry i got carried away there :x
  16. No worries. You won't be the last to be asked to fix the cs.
  17. Wait, sailor, is it the girl or the swan? Cos there's actually nothing in the CS that states, besides common sense :P
  18. It's a Swangirl. A new breed of chimera.

    I actually might change her picture again. >_>
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  19. I feel like bird-based romance is the way to go. That swan does look kind of pretty, with it's crown and everything.
  20. I liked it for my ballerina because it kind of reminded me of Swan Lake, which is a ballet with a Swan Princess? Haha idk