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      Welcome to Bloomfield High

      A fancy new boarding school for the most academic, artsiest, and athletic female students in the country has just opened up on the outskirts of New Tokyo. It boasts brand new facilities, with a large campus, and the best teachers from all over the world. The primary goal is to compete with other schools in the area and within itself, and to eventually gain national recognition as the best school for girls.

      The Roleplay

      The roleplay is meant to shine a light on the lives of some of the young women accepted into Bloomfield High. It follows them through their day to day lives as they forge new friendships, spark new flames, and stir up drama within Bloomfield.

      The main focus is on the relationships of the girls and how they interact with each other, with a light emphasis on school work, and the activities they choose to participate in. There will be competition for the school extracurricular activities, as well as festivals, and events on and off the campus.

      Romance is heavily encouraged, but your character does not have to seek out romantic relationships. The most important thing is to develop your characters thoroughly and get acquainted with the cast. You're expected to create your own scenarios and situations with other characters, though I'm more than happy to lay out the environment to assist with this. The campus is your playground.

      Gm: Sailor Moon
      Co-Gm: saberwolf

      Bloomfield, New Tokyo

      New Tokyo is a fusion of New York City and Tokyo, with lots of traffic on the sidewalk, and even more on the road. At night it lights up with neon signs, and electronic billboards. It's a melting pot of cultures, and no one race or ethnicity is the majority. It shares in many formal Japanese customs, and the language is still spoken by most people, however it is not uncommon to hear other languages spoken fluently in the city.

      Bloomfield is on the outskirts of New Tokyo, thought it is still considered to be in the city it lacks the bustling traffic and electric nightlife. You'll find a lot of shops, cafes, and lounge spots. It's a very romantic setting, with plenty of nature surrounding the place, and a natural lake in the area.
      OP. 1

      Bloomfield Hot Spots
      On Campus

      A brand new, three story library. A classic among students, but better be quiet in here. If you're too loud, you'll be kicked out for disturbing the peace!
      A gorgeous courtyard surrounded by trees, a clean fountain, and stone benches to sit down on.
      A seasonal flower garden. Not much to do there, but it's quite a lot to look at. Don't get caught picking the flowers.
      House Hall
      Each house has their own hall to lounge and hang around in. It's loaded with cute, comfy furniture and snack machines.
      Bath House
      Where everything dirty happens.
      Dorm rooms
      Friends are welcome here, but curfew is at 8:30 on weeknights!
      Lake Hana
      A beautiful lake technically off campus, but claimed by Bloomfield's High. It's nearly hidden by the trees.
      School Roof
      The roof of the school is easily accessible, but only if you're willing to make a long journey up a flight of stairs!
      Bloomfield Shop
      A shop for all of your Bloomfield themed attires. They also sell the alternative versions of each house's uniform.
      Laundry Room
      Each house has one, as well as the main one in the school. Pretty self explanatory.

      Where the horses are kept. A short ways from the courtyard.

      The Great Dining Hall
      A large dining hall with elegant furniture, gold and white accents, floral decorations, and skylight windows. All of the houses share their meals here, and are allowed to sit wherever they please, with whomever they please.

      Off Campus
      Shin's Arcade
      A large arcade with plenty of games to play, and a lounging area.
      Neko Cafe
      A cute cafe with a cat theme.
      Post Office
      Pick up and send out packages and letters, and also buy stationary.
      Blooming Comics
      A place that sells manga, comics, and video games.
      Hana Shrine
      A popular place for lovers to meet and confess their love. Cute shrine maidens work here and give out blessings.
      An upscale restaurant famous for their desserts.
      24/7 ~ Fresh Subs
      A convenience store merged with a fast food place that makes fresh sandwiches.
      Movie Theater
      A place to watch movies and have cute dates.
      Ice Rink
      A popular place when the weather cools down!
      Bloomfield Mall
      A mall with most shops in the medium price range.
      Aoi Beach
      White sand, and water so clear you can see down to the floor. Unfortunately you'll need an alternative form of transportation to get here. Unless your character doesn't mind the long walk down to the beach.
      Ichiban's Ramen
      A family owned Japanese restaurant famous for their ramen and special house sake.

      Bloomfield House Uniforms
      House of Nightshade

      House of Rose

      House of Lotus
      Note: Three styles of bottoms are available for each uniform. An above the knee length skirt, ankle length skirt, and slacks are all valid options for every season.

      The Event Calender
      Any and everything happening on and off campus will be posted on the event calendar before it happens. It will detail competitions, special classes, festivals, and temporary hot spots like carnivals, themed cafes, and anime conventions. It will also give you some insight into what will be happening that day for your characters, e.g., class, p.e., field trip.

      The date of the events arrival will always be posted, and temporary hot spots will have both their arrival and departure. Sometimes a time stamp will be posted in addition, as they may only be available during certain hours of the day. If an event is house specific, grade restricted, or requires special attire then it will also be posted there.

      Character Subplots
      A character subplot is a major event or crisis in your character's life that will impact them negatively, or positively. It will be created 100% by you, but approved by me. You're also welcome to have a character subplot involving some of the other characters, with their consent. All you need to do is contact me via PM and explain the subplot to me, how it will effect your character, and when you want to implement it.

      House of Nightshade

      House of Rose

      House of Lotus

      Character Sheet (open)

      What’s your name?

      How old are you?

      How tall are you?

      How much do you weigh?

      What grade are you in?
      [1st, 2nd, or 3rd - with 3rd being seniors]

      Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
      (Academics, Athletics, or Arts? Must select 1, and only one. Note: this doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the others)

      Are you playing any sports?
      [Max 2]

      Do you participate in the fine arts?
      [Max 2]

      Any Academic Clubs?
      [Max 2]

      Your favorite color?

      Your favorite foods?

      Your most cherished item?

      Five things you’re good at?

      Four things you’re bad at?

      Traits you look for in a friend?

      Traits you dislike in a person?

      Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?


      What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?

      (At least three sentences)

      Background History:
      (At least five sentences)

    • Schedule
      6:30am-7:30am: Breakfast
      8:15am: Class starts
      11:30am-1pm: Lunch
      1:15pm-2:30pm: P.E./Extracurriculars
      2:30pm and after: Clubs/Free Time
      6:00pm-:7:15pm: Dinner
      9:05 pm: Curfew for Monday-Friday
      10:00: Curfew for Saturday and Sunday

      Home room Teacher:
      Mrs. Yamada - 1st Year
      Mr. Reinert - 2nd Year
      Mrs. Rook - 3rd Year

      Extracurricular Activities
      Basketball/PE: Mr. Kirigaya
      Track: Miss Rupa
      Swim: Mrs. Morell
      Horseback Riding: Mrs. Vanderbilt
      Tennis: Ms. Aki
      Martial Arts: Mr. Seung
      Fencing:Mr. Allard (Not accepting)

      Fine Arts: Advisors/Instructors
      Dance(Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop): Miss Bellamy
      Art: Mr. Durant
      Orchestra: Mr. Yoshiro
      Band (Jazz Band)^
      Theater: Mrs. Phillips
      Photography: Mrs. Durant
      Choir: Mrs. LaBelle

      Academic Clubs: Student and Teach Advised
      Computer Science/Coding:
      Chess: Mr. Yoshiro
      Mathletes: Miss Yamada
      Debate Team: Mrs. Phillips
      Science Club: Miss Rupa
      Tech Club (robots, gizmos and gadgets): Mr. Durant
      Literature Club: Mrs. Durant

      Miscellaneous Activities: Advised by Sports Coaches and or Students
      Rock Climbing: Mr. Seung
      Bike Riding: Mrs. Vanderbilt
      Surfing: Mrs. Morell
      Skiing - During Winter: Miss Rupa
      Ice Skating: Miss Bellamy
      Volleyball: Ms. Aki
      Yearbook - Lit. or Photography Req. Mrs. Durant
      Anime/Doujinshi Club: Mr. Durant

      Curfew Note: The gates, as well as the doors leading into each House lock automatically at the curfew time. If your character is late for curfew, they'll be locked out of their dorm house, or possibly the campus. Bloomfield claims it has something to do with a faulty security system, and can't help you if you're locked out. It's up to your character to find another way inside, or they're just out of luck for the night.

    • Third Years
      Evelynn Janna Villiers - Basketball, Swimming, Science

      Aksana Yuki - Fencing, Swimming, Coding/Tech

      Yuzuki Tsubomi - Basketball, Martial Arts, Literature

      Hanako Annalise Fujimata - Fencing, Art, Horseback riding, Literature, Theater

      Homuke-Day Michiko - Track, Swimming, Ballet, Chess

      Mischa Iizuka - Mathletes, Martial Arts, Track

      Second Years

      Takaro Urano - Track, Martial Arts, Mathletes

      Rosemary Victoria Childs - Dance - Contemporary, Theater, Science

      Natsuko Hamasaki - Horseback Riding, Tennis, Orchestra, Photography

      Eshima Nori - Horseback Riding, Fencing, Art, Literature

      Shizu Yaken - Chess

      Matsu Aya - Track, Swimming, Mathletes, Choir, Lit. Club

      First Years - Full

      Ogawa Usagi - Choir, Theater Club

      Asuna Strauss - Tennis, Fencing, Dance

      Hachimitsu Delilah - Tennis, Dance - Ballet/Contemporary, Choir, Mathletes

      Sera Petrov - Art, Computer Science, Technology

      Akira Harris- Swimming, Volleyball, Theater, Dance-Contemporary

      Drop Outs

      Akemi Venison - Art, Theater, Computer Science/Coding, Debate Team

      Haru Ayano - Dance, Photography, Track, Volleyball

      Naomi Holmes - Track, Swimming, Photography, Literature

      Luna Arianna Devereaux - Fencing, Ballet, Chess

    • The Event Calender
      First Quarter ~ Spring
      Saturday April 1 Welcoming Ceremony&&Banquet: April 1st is the first day that Bloomfield will open it's doors to the public. A Banquet will be held in the evening for the staff and students. Attire: White pleated skirt/pants, white blazer, black blouse, and black dress shoes.
      Sunday April 2nd Move-in&&Meet roommates: Students have the day to get moved in and acquainted with their roommate, and the campus.

      Monday April 3rd First Day's: The girls' first day of school begins. They'll go to class, and at the end of the school day attention their extracurricular activities.

      Tuesday April 4th Spring Concert for Choir and Orchestra: Choir Soloist Auditions: Two solos available, one being lead, and the other with a shorter piece for Choir. (Dice Rolls will be used to determine lead soloist and shorter piece.)

      Wednesday April 5th Auditions for the Spring Play: Roles Available: Lead: Peter Pan. Supporting: Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Wendy, Smee, and extras. Eligible for Roles: Theater (Note: Audition for the Role you want + Highest Dice roll lands you the role) Unfilled roles can be auditioned for by non-theater students. Orchestra students will be used for the live music.

      Friday April 7th - Saturday April 8th Hanami: An off campus event where people set up blankets, eat sakura themed food, and appreciate the cherry blossoms.

      Thursday April 16 Spring Fest. Auditions: Auditions for two spots on the biggest float in the Spring Festival Parade as the Flower Prince and Princess, as well as Three Flower Fairies(one for each house.)

      Friday April 17 Basketball Game: First Basketball game of the season! Held in the Bloomfield Gymnasium with concessions, the band, and dancers for a half time show. House of Lotus vs House of Nightshade

      Saturday April 18 Fencing Competition: A fencing competition for all the fencing students willing to participate. Eligible: Nori, Luna, Asuna, Hanako, Yuki (Dice Rolls will be used to determine the victor per match + Roleplaying it out.)

      Sunday April 19 Spring Festival: A big spring themed festival with food, games, and a parade in the evening.

      Thursday April 23rd Art Competition: An Art Competition for all of the grades and houses to compete for a chance to have their art piece featured in the School Magazine, and hung up in the school.

      Saturday April 25th Horse Competition: A horse event for anyone in Horseback riding. Barrels, and a race.

      Tuesday April 28 Mathletes: Mathletes Competition. House vs House vs House

      Wednesday April 29 Track: Track Meet for all the track students. Dice rolls will be used to determine the winner.

      Thursday April 30 Choir Concert: Spring Concert! Eligible: Choir

      Friday May 7th Spring Play: Peter Pan! Starts in the Evening.

    • General Rules
      1. Respect me as the creator of the roleplay and the amount of work that I put into the roleplay to make things enjoyable. Respect your fellow players, and try to be civil with them.
      2. No Godmodding. Never take control of another player's character without their consent, and give them the opportunity to respond before assuming.
      3. If you have complaints - breathe. Then tell me what the problem is so that we can resolve it calmly.
      4. Post at least ONCE a week - Anything less too often and you will be considered for removal, unless otherwise stated.
      5. No sex scenes in the roleplay. Meaning, actual sex. Refer to Iwaku's FAQ and Guidelines for clarity on the subject.
      6. Be courteous. If you're going to be away for an extended amount of time, say something and we'll figure out what to do with your character in the mean time.
      7. Repeatedly being rude to the GM/Co-Gm, and the players will get you removed from the rp. If both GMs agree to kicking you, you're out without the two strike warning. The last thing we want to do is remove cast members, so always come to me first if you have an issue.
      8. If your character joins for academics, both Academic club slots should be filled, especially if they're not in any other activities. The same goes for the Arts and Sports.
      9. No discussing politics, or religion in the OOC. Some conversations are better left for General Chat and PMs I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable.
      10. NO SPAM.
      Posting Rules
      1. Atleast 1- 1 1/2 paragraphs on average. More is welcome, but not required. Absolutely no one liners.
      2. As stated in the official rules, post at least once a week. If something comes up, just inform me and we'll work something out.

      3. No collaborative posts unless authorized by me. That doesn't mean I'll say no if you ask.
      4. Proofread. Your post doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be easy to read and understand.

      5. After everyone gets up their introduction posts wait for 4 people to post before you post again. This is to prevent speed posting and people getting left behind.
      6. I will move a scene along without you if you are holding up the roleplay. Of course this isn't what I want to do, but I will if you are not posting.
      7. There is a 6 person capacity limit on each on and off campus hot spot. This is to prevent overcrowding. Your character can't be everywhere at once. I will lift the capacity limit for competitions and events.
      8. If you're unsure about something - Ask me.

      9. If you take more than a week to respond to an interaction, then the person interacting with you can skip over you or redirect it to someone else. You don't have to skip over the person, but if they're MIA or not posting without warning then it is encouraged to keep things flowing.
      10. Use a header please. Your Character - Who's being Addressed - Location. Thank you!
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  2. [​IMG]
    "Wow, you're so pretty! I love your outfit. Huh, you'd like to ask me some questions? Go right ahead!"

    What’s your name?
    "Natsuko Hamasaki at your service! You can also call me Natsu!"

    How old are you?
    "I am of the wonderful age known as sixteen."

    How tall are you?
    "I-Is this really necessary? Fine, I'm five feet, if you must know. Yes, I'm short!"

    How much do you weigh?
    "I weigh ninety-two pounds. I've always been pretty underweight."

    What grade are you in?
    "I'm in my second year!"

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    "Do I look like someone here for Athletics? No, I'm here for Arts. My grades are pretty decent, but not enough to get here on."

    Are you playing any sports?
    "Despite not being an athlete, I do enjoy horseback riding and tennis. They're quite fun."

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    "Of course! I'm in Photography and Orchestra. I play the viola."

    Any Academic Clubs?
    "Ha, I wish."

    Your favorite color?
    "Hmm...It has to be gold. Wait, no! Maroon...? Both...? Can I just say both?"

    Your favorite foods?
    "Uwaa, there's so many! I love pizza, sandwiches, salads, cake, and sushi! These are only a few, really."

    Your most cherished item?
    "Ehhh, I have this stuffed bunny from when I was younger. I love it so for my grandmother gave it to me before she fell ill and passed away."

    Five things you’re good at?
    "Things that I'm good at? I guess that I'm pretty good at playing my viola. I'm also a good listener, if you ever want someone to rant to. I keep secrets pretty well, so I can be your personal safe. I'm quite the cook, if I do say so myself. One more thing, huh? Hmm, what else? Oh! I am the Queen of Mario Kart, and I won't hesitate to beat you at it."

    Four things you’re bad at?
    "Aww, I thought we'd only be talking about positive things!" [sigh] "Well, I'm pretty bad at being focused. I happen to have a short attention span. I'm terrible with remembering important things, like special dates, but I can remember what someone's favorite food is! Uh, I can't draw. Like, at all. I was never one for arts and crafts. Lastly, I'm terrible at keeping my temper in check and my hands to myself. I'm pretty sure you know what that means."

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    "Anyone I can click with, really. I don't think I look for anything specifically. Although, someone who gets my sarcasm is greatly appreciated. Also, one who respects my boundaries as I respect theirs. I don't need someone forcing me to do things, okay? Someone who isn't overly clingy and doesn't mind us being separated for a bit of time, or if I don't text back immediately. I'd also appreciate respect for my likes, dislikes, and hobbies. Actually, just respect overall would be nice. In the end, whoever I click with is my friend."

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    "I...don't really dislike anything, including people's traits. If I had to say any, I guess I'd say judgmental. I understand that we can't help it sometimes, but deliberately judging people is just a no-no. I think just being plain mean is also something I don't really like. Bullying is a huge trigger for me to get upset. Oh! How can I forget about clinginess? God, having someone always wanting to be by me is just—ugh! Other than those things, I'm pretty sure that I just tolerate everything else."

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?
    "Skirts, obviously."

    "Why? Whadda ya mean 'why?'? I love the freedom that comes with wearing a skirt! When it's hot, you can feel the breeze caress your legs and keep the heat at bay. And when it's cold? Heck, just throw on some cute stockings or leggings underneath. There's so many designs, styles, and lengths when it comes to skirts. The possibilities for cute outfits are endless. Plus, they show off my nice legs~!"

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    "This is a pretty general question. What do I hope to accomplish? Well, I'd like to graduate with flying colors, of course! Other than that, to make lasting memories that'll make these the best three—now two years of my life. I want to smile and laugh when I look back at what I got up to in my years here as I'm an adult. I want to create lasting bonds like no other. I want to live, despite this just being a school."


    ♣ Personality ♣
    + Protective | Flamboyant | Loyal | Kind-Hearted
    - Sarcastic | Childish | Rebellious | Short-Tempered

    Natsuko is a layered individual, like anyone in the world is. On the surface, you'll immediately notice how flamboyant and loud she is, always one to attract attention with her actions and voice without truly meaning to. Said loudness seems to disappear, though, when she's playing her viola. She is instead replaced with a quiet, concentrated, and graceful young lady who pours her heart and soul into the music that she produces. When friends with Natsu, you can expect her to always have your back, no matter what's going on. She's a girl's best friend when it comes to loyalty, and even more so when it comes to protecting those she loves. She is always quick to defend her friends and family—heck, even strangers—if she sees them being mistreated. She doesn't like seeing others being picked on and tries her best to stop it. The redhead is a kind-hearted individual who will always lend a helping hand, even if it means sacrificing something of her own. She puts others before herself and people always remind her to take care of herself since she tends to forget.

    Below the surface, or as you become closer to her, you notice other traits appear. Natsuko happens to have a sharp tongue on her. She's quick to spit out sarcastic remarks, especially if she isn't in a good mood. Majority of the time, it's playful and isn't meant to harm, but some people don't appreciate it either way. Being an only child, the young teen has her moments when she can be ridiculously childish, and you forget just how old she really is. But they're quite rare, and only truly happen when she's around her parents. Authority and Natsuko don't really get along all that well. She has a mindset of 'I'll do what I want when I want to do it' and it always leads to her getting in some sort of trouble. Despite her sweet appearance, Natsuko happens to be a little ball of pent up dynamite. She's like a ticking time bomb whenever she becomes upset. She has to have one of the shortest fuses ever, and no one can ever be sure on what sets her off. One day, it can be someone harassing her; the next day, it can be the fact that she forgot to pack a lunch. Her anger is unpredictable, just like her.

    ♣ Background History ♣
    Natsuko Hamasaki doesn't have much of a history. I mean, she still has her entire life ahead of her. But, we'll catch you up to speed until the present.

    Natsuko was born to a small family in the heart of New Tokyo, but not the posh side. She lived on the not-so-nice side, but that never put a damper on her lively spirit as a child. Her family wasn't rich in the least, but they managed to get by with the money they earned from their many jobs. Sometimes, they struggled, but there was always food on the table at the end. Natsu only got what she needed. Despite the longing she'd get as she stare into display cases of expensive stores, she never made any requests for things. She had an understanding of her family's financial state and didn't want to be the one to put them in danger of becoming broke.

    She never attended a fancy school in her entire life—until she hit fifteen that is. With how financially stable her family was, they were only able to send her to the public schools that were dirty and full of kids who could give not one care for education. She happened to be one of the few who actually did pay attention and try her hardest, coming out with pretty decent grades that always made her parents proud of her. Kids began to notice and would pick on her for actually learning, which was what school was for. That's when the fights began. Despite her small stature, or how outnumbered she was, she never ran from a fight. It had gotten to the point that she began to learn from them and got better, more skillful. Soon, she was known for her amazing fighting skills, especially her kicks, and violent temper, making most stay away from her. The few who did interact with her realized just how nice she really was.

    Around her pre-teens, Natsu discovered her love for the viola. On her walk home one day, she had heard someone playing it as she went the usual route. Stopping in her tracks, she was mesmerized as a woman played the small instrument, eyes closed and body moving gracefully with the music. It had to one of the most wonderful sights that she ever laid her eyes upon. That day, she went home and indulged in anything that involved the instrument—mostly videos. Unbeknown to her, her parents had taken notice of her interest and secretly planned to surprise her. They worked extra hard and, with the help of other family members, were able to save up enough money to buy Natsuko her very own viola on her thirteenth birthday. She was more than surprised. In fact, she had been crying tears of joy. Her parents couldn't afford to have her go to a teacher, but that didn't stop her from learning on her own.

    In three years, she was a pro at the viola and everything she played was self-taught. Some of the pieces she played was classics, while others were things that she made up by herself. While checking the mail one day, she had found a peculiar letter addressed to her from Bloomfield High. Making her way back inside the house, she had placed the other mail upon the table and set to open up the letter addressed to her. Her family was there to witness her reaction as she realized that she was invited to a very prestigious school for her music talent. Excited and shocked beyond belief, she was packed and out of the house before she could blink, moving to Bloomfield, where she would attend her new school.

    Now, she's settled in Bloomfield and enjoying her new home city. She's excited for the year to kick off and wonders what Bloomfield High will bring. Since she's moved, Natsu has been keeping in touch with her parents via letter and phone call. They were unable to move with her, but they all understand why. Lately, she's been thinking about getting a part-time job, so she has a bit of cash and her parents could stop sending her some.
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  3. [​IMG]
    "That photographer was a pervert! He chose exactly the wrong time to take a picture after my fencing match!"​

    What’s your name? "Luna Arianna Devereaux. I don't mind nicknames, as long as it's not my middle name."

    How old are you? "Seventeen."

    How tall are you? "Five feet, six inches."

    How much do you weigh? "Don't ask me that again." (130 lbs.)

    What grade are you in? "Second."

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield? "Athletics. I'd have preferred Academics or Arts, though."

    Are you playing any sports? "I'm a fencer. That's pretty much it."

    Do you participate in the fine arts? "I'm in ballet, only as a formality. Don't tell anyone, but I skip half the classes in favor of the Jazz Band."

    Any Academic Clubs? "Chess. That's all."

    Your favorite color? "Blue."

    Your favorite foods? "I love pizza. Also, corn dogs. Those are delicious, especially when dipped in mustard."

    Your most cherished item? "My old cavalry saber. It's been handed down through the family, and since I'm an only child, it's mine, now."

    Five things you’re good at? "Fencing, reading people, making strategies and adapting them, Dancing, and improvising music. Actually, just improvising period."

    Four things you’re bad at? "Lying, swimming, skating, and finding my way around campus. Seriously, I need a map to get around and I still get lost."

    Traits you look for in a friend? "I look for honesty and willingness to stick around in tough spots. I mean, a friend who'd abandon you when the going gets tough isn't a friend at all, don't you think? I also look for openness, but not too open. I want to talk, not know your life story."

    Traits you dislike in a person? "I don't like it when a person has no secrets. I mean, everyone should have some kind of secret. It teaches the value of privacy, I think. Think of it this way: if you have no secrets, what's to stop you from prying into someone else's? Respect? Good answer, but if you have secrets of your own to hide, then you won't be so interested in someone else's because you wouldn't want them prying into your own, right?"

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life? "Tough question. Skirts."

    Why? "Do I really have to answer this one? Oh, fine. It's because that, while I like both skirts and pants, skirts are less restrictive and can be used for distraction if short enough."

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield? "I honestly don't know. Should I hope to become a better fencer? A better dancer? I don't know."

    Personality: If you ask her friends and teachers, Luna is incredibly lazy, often found sleeping in the back of class. In reality, she just thinks she doesn't need to learn it again. She's more than willing to put all her effort into something that interests her, but if she thinks she already knows something, she'll either half-ass it, sleep through it, or do it anyways to keep her grades high. In conversation, she's got a fairly morbid sense of humor, once remarking that if she died, she'd end up tossing and turning in her grave because of how much she sleeps in class. As well, though she tends not to lead conversations, she's always got some kind of sly remark ready to deploy. It's said that although she's not good at teasing others directly, she's very good at turning someone's words against them.

    Background History: While Luna's family has a long and fairly noble history, Luna's own history is, in a word, checkered. While not strictly rebellious, Luna had a bad habit of getting into fights, doubly so once she inherited the family saber. In order to channel this apparent aggression, Luna was placed into fencing classes, where she performed quite admirably, right up until she got bored with the organized tournaments and started getting into fights again. Finally fed up with this, Luna's parents sent her off to Bloomfield, setting up which classes she would be in. The fact that Luna's parents chose her classes and not Luna herself actually explains why she has classes she doesn't particularly enjoy, such as ballet.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    What’s your name?
    I'm Nori Eshima, Nori is fine.

    How old are you?

    How tall are you?

    How much do you weigh?
    120 lbs.

    What grade are you in?

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    I was accepted to fence.

    Are you playing any sports?
    Horseback riding and Fencing.

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    I like to paint sometimes.

    Any Academic Clubs?

    Your favorite color?

    Your favorite foods?
    Meat, pasta, and fruit.

    Your most cherished item?
    My horse, Yoru

    Five things you’re good at?
    Fencing, swimming, running, horse back riding, and lifting

    Four things you’re bad at?
    Socialization, dancing, cooking, and math

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    Silence, intelligence, loyalty

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    Being too loud, cockiness, and being touchy

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?

    You can't ride in a skirt.

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    To graduate

    I don't really talk much. I tend to keep to myself, I like my privacy and don't mind being by myself. I don't go out of my way to speak to anyone, but that doesn't mean I won't participate in conversation if someone talks to me. I'm dedicated to my education just so I can keep participating in my sports.

    Background History:
    I've been riding horses since I was a six, competing in and only fencing since I was ten. I grew up the youngest out of two in my family and have an older brother who is off at university. Most of my childhood was spent riding and I never really had time to make friends. My parents spoiled me since I was the only girl and the youngest, but they also were fair and nonjudgmental. I've never been a materialistic person, I'd much rather spend my time outside reading a book than shopping. I applied at Bloomfield mainly because they offer horseback riding as well as fencing.
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  5. Arisawa 1692748-bigthumbnail.jpg
    What’s your name?
    "Rin Arisawa, nice to meet you"

    How old are you?
    "I'm 17 and a 1/2"

    How tall are you?
    "I'm 5'10, tall for a girl right?"

    How much do you weigh?
    "120 lbs but most of it's muscle"

    What grade are you in?
    "My 3rd year"

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    "By my Athletic capabilities"

    Are you playing any sports?
    "I'm in Tennis and Track"

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    "Art! I like to draw and paint"

    Any Academic Clubs?
    "Chess, I like a challenge when I play, and literature when I can"

    Your favorite color?

    Your favorite foods?
    "Spaghetti, and Doughnuts are my favorite, not together though"

    Your most cherished item?
    "Brother's Journal"

    Five things you’re good at?
    "I'm good at Sports, Drawing, cooking, dancing, and playing the piano"

    Four things you’re bad at?
    "I'm not good at singing, child care, decision making, seeking help"

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    "Someone who is loyal, friendly, and reliable"

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    "People who are Snobby ,Gossips ,Drama"

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?
    "Skirt!!!....., maybe Pants because I'd rather be warm than in style."

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    "I'd like to accomplish Academic Excellence"
    She's an active girl who is always trying to help those around her.
    She often tends to see herself as the elder sister. Though due to this
    she tends to not seek the help of others in emotional problems. She
    always holds in her bad emotions to help others keep smiles on their faces.

    Background History:
    Much of her past is in unknown. She though knows that she
    was once a member of the underprivleged society. Knowing
    that her parents looked for some family to adopt her, though
    they were unable. When her parents were killed when she was
    three. She was found on the street by a noblewoman. She was
    quickly adopted and she has been living her life with her adoptive
    mom and brother.

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  6. What’s your name?
    "Let's keep it simple. Call me 'Eve'"
    .:. Evelynn Janna Villiers .:.

    How old are you?
    "Basically old enough."
    .:. 18 .:.

    How tall are you?
    "...I'm not that tall am I?"
    .:. 5'11" .:.

    How much do you weigh?
    "Are you trying to say something?"
    .:. 155 lbs .:.

    What grade are you in?
    "Last one~"
    .:. Third .:.

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    "Unfortunately not because of my good looks."
    .:. Athletics .:.

    Are you playing any sports?
    "Some more seriously than others..."
    .:. Basketball & Swimming .:.

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    "No, and unlikely to in the near future."
    .:. --- .:.

    Any Academic Clubs?
    "Just the one that's closest to my heart."
    .:. Science Club .:.

    Your favorite color?
    "It's a toss between black and the purples."
    .:. Black or Purples .:.

    Your favorite foods?
    "Can't say I'm a picky eater, to be honest."
    .:. Omelettes, Salmon Fish, Croissants, Caesar Salads .:.

    Your most cherished item?
    "Now now, it's the story that makes it all the more valuable."
    .:. Earrings .:.

    ^ Click it ^

    Five things you’re good at?
    "Do we have to keep this clean~?"
    .:. Basketball, Swimming, Surfing, Video Games, Making New Friends .:.

    Four things you’re bad at?
    "...Why do you want to know?"
    .:. Board Games, Drawing, Otome/Ero/Dating Sim-Games, Being On Time .:.

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    "You sure you don't want to ask me about my dream woman too?"
    .:. "Let's see ... Someone reliable, someone who I can completely trust to have my back no matter the situation, you know? I also want to say someone who is confident, but it's not exactly that ... Mm, I guess someone who isn't afraid to be truly enjoy the moment. Someone who isn't scared to just let go and give the lamest joke, the dirtiest joke, or completely fail a dance in the heat of the party, you get what I'm saying? But of course, the important thing in a friendship or any relationship would be trust, loyalty, and honesty ... and probably a few other things." .:.

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    "Ay, I'll at least still be polite to them."
    .:. "Someone who might be ... cowardly, I guess the word is. I'm not saying that confrontation is the answer to every problem, but there's a difference between letting things slide and getting stepped on like someone's welcome mat. Mm, not to mention, it does get ... irritating when someone is constantly 'scared' of being there/here with the rest of the gang. Mood killer. Other than that, the 'Ojou-samas' trying to stick their noses up at the 'neanderthals' here are pretty insulting. Huff." .:.

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?
    "I know that I'd like to look at [up] the skirts for the rest of my life..."
    .:. Pants .:.

    .:. "Well for one. There are people like me. The other thing is that I don't look nearly as good in skirts as I do in pants. Hehehe."

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    "Whatever I haven't in what little time I've got left."
    .:. Meeting Admirable Adversaries - Making Solid Connections/Friends/Etc. - Making Good First Impressions - Having a Good Time .:.


    It's a little hard to pinpoint her exact personality, but Eve is someone who is independent for starters. Not in the way where she dislikes or is opposed to social interaction with her peers, but in a mature way where she seldom needs someone looking after her, or someone to worry over her decisions or situations. Eve is fully capable of taking care of herself, and should something end up horribly, she knows when to seek help. More importantly, she usually knows where to seek the help, too. However, most of this is usually overlooked because of her more open, and easy going nature which speaks volumes even when she herself is silent. Eve loves having the company of others, belonging in a group so to speak, and genuinely having a good time with others. She's not afraid to laugh a little louder than necessary, or take up just a tad bit more space in the hallways during rushing times, not if it means that she can spend those precious few minutes spreading a little joy and knowing that others enjoy her company just as much as she does with them.

    It isn't the best kept secret around that Eve favors the ladies, and has probably been in one or two 'serious' relationships. Eve herself isn't a player, but she doesn't see herself ready for a relationship and instead takes to appreciatively watching from afar, throwing in the teasing, but genuine, compliments from time to time. Ever since she's stepped out into the open, and into the multiple social rings, she's held a bit of a reputation as a 'tomboy', not that she really appreciates the label [she'd much rather be referred to as a 'badass'], but the rough, vulgar exterior she has really isn't helping her too much - not that she'd ever change it.

    As some may have guessed from the conducted interview, Eve is very much an impatient person. She herself doesn't exactly own up to it, but it is clear from her taste and preferences in her friends. Her need to be around people who are confident enough to snap back replies instantaneously, cruel or otherwise, people who are competent enough to do things right the first time, etc. It's why she can hardly stand people who take a long time getting their point across, or people who need her to look over her shoulder just even one too many times. She plans to only look forward, and doesn't have the time to wait for somebody to catch up. This goes double for those who intend to cling onto her.

    While Eve certainly can respect those who have innate potential, those who evidently throw their commitment into things gain a greater amount of respect from her. While she can get nasty, Eve can hardly overlook one's skill/work and downplay it with her words of impatience. To those who catch her eye and remain in her good books, they often find themselves saddled with a nickname of sorts, and an annoying senpai over their shoulders.

    Many of her closer friends will say that Eve is much like an overprotective puppy. Eve will tell you not to listen to them.

    Background History

    Eve was born into a rather normal family. They weren't rich or anything, but well off enough to give Eve a rather fulfilling childhood, and most of her 'reasonable' wishes from time to time. Growing up, her parents weren't too strict on her, nor were they expecting too much from her in all honesty. At a young age, Eve naturally took that as an insult and began to look for ways to prove her parents wrong. She found out quickly that she had absolutely no talent whatsoever in the fine arts, but that was fine. If she lacked delicacy, imagination and creativity, then she was sure to have an abundance of energy, ferocity, and ... talents in other places.

    So, one day as she strolled home, she passed by the local street ball field and found a few other classmate of hers playing through a few sets of games. Intrigued, she opted out of playing, content to just watch and brood over her planning. However, day after day, the other kids who usually frequented the place were a little nervous of her presence, when questioned, they simply asked if Eve was sulking because she didn't have a turn or something. It was absurd, but Eve couldn't help but to give it a go anyway - after reassuring them that they were wrong of course. That's how she got into basketball at least. She learned the tricks on the streets, and the skills at her school's team, but the experience at the tournaments were something that she obtained and made by herself. And that's what she realized as her parents walked into her room one day with an acceptance letter in their hands.

    Somewhere along the line, the whole 'proving her parents' thing was no longer there, something that she had forgotten about. It was somewhere there, that she had grown up, and while her parents had done a horrible job at teaching her, she had crafted something for herself, made her own path - in a stupidly cliche wording of it. The competitive nature was something she had in spades, and as a young child, she had expressed it to the only people that she could fully trust and in the only way that she could - as a young adult now, she has other people to impress and more things to accomplish in her life.

    As for her other interests and hobbies, those came along naturally as she gained more and more friends, from the street ball field, her team, and sometimes the people that she had played against. For her elementary graduation trip though, her entire team had voted for the beach or somewhere with a little water and spent the time picking up surfing. They were very capable athletes, but Eve had taken to it quite nicely and continues to practice so whenever she has the chance to - with or without some friends.

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  7. Think I can reserve a spot?
  8. When do you plan on submitting a CS?
  9. Either later tonight or tomorrow
  10. Okay. Well then there's no need to make reservations as we're not in jeopardy of closing, but if it gives you a peace of mind I'll save you a spot.
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  11. 150b8336cf93c4c677b470c6c8a75e54.jpg
    What’s your name?
    "Urano, Takara Urano."

    How old are you?
    "Dunno... from what I can remember I was turning forty eight next week...Pfft nah I'm just joshing you, I'm Sixteen."

    How tall are you?
    "Wow, getting my measurements already? You could at least take me to dinner first, but in all seriousness I'm at an overly healthy Five-foot Ten"

    How much do you weigh?
    "Last time I checked.... I think I clocked in at around 130... most likely."

    What grade are you in?
    "Eh, it's probably my second year give or take a few months."

    Why were you accepted into Bloomfield?
    "Athletics, underneath all this soft skin is sheer muscle I assure you, buddy."

    Are you playing any sports?
    "Yeah, mainly track but I'm down with martial arts as well."

    Do you participate in the fine arts?
    "Nah, not like I couldn't dance or paint or anything, but I just never felt like it."

    Any Academic Clubs?
    "I'm part of the Mathletes."

    Your favorite color?
    Your favorite foods?
    "Pizza, I mean it just offers so many options!"

    Your most cherished item?
    "A Double-headed fifty cent coin."

    Five things you’re good at?
    "Okay, I can run really fast, uummm, Oh! I've been told my Cooking is pretty good.... Math just comes easy to me... My leg work has gotten me quite a few praises... and uhm.... I've also got an extremely good memory."

    Four things you’re bad at?
    "Besides math, most nerd stuff just flies over my head....Terrible Puns, my greatest pleasure is my greatest downfall... Most stuff that doesn't interest me, I can get through classes on minimum requirements well enough but I can't really put effort into boring junk... I can not for the life of me play a single pleasant tune on any instrument."

    Traits you look for in a friend?
    "Eh, when I think of a friend I think of someone I can just pal around with, don't see why its gotta be more complicated than that. Someone I can laugh with, play games with, screw around with. I want friends who can enjoy themselves in my company, who think of a good time whenever they hear my name. Pals who I can just go out and chill with. I guess I just want people who like having me around and... I dunno enjoy talking with me or something. Eh, I guess I'm not really good at this whole emotional depth thing... sorry, buddy."

    Traits you dislike in a person?
    "Eh, I'm not really judgmental enough to really point out the flaws of others. And I'm pretty tolerant of most forms of annoyance in general. But I guess if I had to pick one thing that I hate to see in a person, it would be a lack of fun. People who take things seriously I can enjoy, but those who are incapable of having any form of fun just... don't do it for me..."

    Would you rather wear pants or skirts for the rest of your life?
    "Pfft, pants obviously."

    "Heheheh, okay... long story short, I had a bunch of dude friends at my old school. We hung out, palled about and just had fun and all. Plenty of gals got all bothered by it and stuff, but I thoroughly enjoyed their company. Only problem? Well, they tried to hide it as much as they could but they just couldn't keep from seeking out my few up-skirt moments. Windy days, passing cars, and the likes became like a spy movie for them to try to peak without me catching them. To their knowledge, I never did, but they were just so obvious. I was flattered of course, and decided not to press it. Guys will be guys after all. But if I didn't have to wear that short little skirt I wouldn't have had any problem in the first place."

    What do you hope to accomplish at Bloomfield?
    "Dunno, I'm here because my parents recommended it so.... I guess I just want to finish."
    Some may call her carefree, others call her careless. No matter which term you prefer all agree that Takara Urano carries herself with an air of passiveness. Despite her low levels of care, Urano often performs to the best of her abilities when faced with challenges she enjoys. Even in bleak situations, one could easily assume that Urano just knows her limitations, as not even stress seems to have any affect on her. With an all powering drive to have fun with friends, Urano seems like a strange, unholy mix between a passive wallflower and a social butterfly. A socially passive ButterFlower, oh the horror that could be associated to such an unsteady mix.

    Background History:
    Not much to say really, Urano grew up in an upper middle class family with a little brother and little sister. As the older sister, Urano often had to entertain her younger siblings whenever the parents were away. At school, she became known as what many would call a jack of all trades. She was able to hang out with a variety of cliques at any given time, and was able to get along with male students as well as her gal pals. In fact, most of her good time buddies would come to her for advice on hooking up with her gal pals. Though her lack of effort in some classes infuriated several staff members, and would often leave her parents scratching their heads. This continued on through most of the schools she was sent to, until her parents figured maybe she needed something just a little bit different. Soon enough, Urano was off to Bloomfield.​
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  12. So many tall girls O_O
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  13. My character will be up in a few^^
  14. @Sailor Moon okay I figured that. Sorry I was just in a few roleplays where they always required you to reserve a spot so I just wanted to make sure.
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  15. At 5'6", my character is second shortest. While tall characters aren't bad, we need more variety than just statuesque stunners.
  16. I'm actually happy to see more characters playing taller than average characters since women are shorter than men, it's refreshing to see. My character gonna be teeny tiny, though.
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  17. Pint sized powerhouse?
  18. Idk. :< I just know she's gonna be little.
  19. Variety is good.
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