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  1. Vampires had always prided themselves on being hidden from the world. They waited until the night to prowl, always killed swiftly and cleanly, and never ever let their victims live. Cristina Vasile was extremely proud of her ability to leave no witnesses. She was the best at stealthily feasting, known throughout vampire circles as the best of the best. At least, until that night. Cristina Vasile had been thirsty and went out to find a victim when she met Eren Young. She started her routine, leading Eren Young away without raising alarm. However, as soon as she tried to bite the girl, she had a horrible reaction to the blood. Cristina Vasile didn't know that Eren Young was anemic, nor that such a disease existed. Since she couldn't kill her, Cristina Vasile decided that she would nurse Eren Young back to health so she could properly drain her and not ruin her perfect record. What could go wrong?

    It was a calm night in the bustling city of Walsenburg. While activity burst from the different bars and clubs, there seemed to be no incidents. Everyone was simply having a good time. No criminals seemed to be lurking about, no crimes alerting the police that trouble was afoot. For once in a long while, everything was peaceful. No one noticed the creatures out hunting that night, too absorbed in the night life that Walsenburg had to offer.

    Eren Young had always loved to dance. Even when she was just a baby, she had always had to be moving. So, it was only natural that her late night area of choice was a well-known club in the heart of the Walsenburg night life. She held onto a drink, some kind of fruity concoction the girl she was trying to woo liked, and danced on the floor with a pretty dark haired girl. In Eren's eyes, the girl's skin was the perfect compliment to her pale figure, the ebony to her alabaster if she got all poetic. She wasn't sure if the girl was simply drunk or actually interested in her, but the young red head was going to take the chance. After all, it was simply fun. No harm done.

    "Are you all right?" The girl, taller than Eren, asked as she noted how Eren was puffing through her smile. "We can go sit down if you'd like?" That was a plus to the red head. A caring girl was always one of the best girlfriends, in her humble opinion.

    Giving a fox-like grin, Eren shook her head. "No, I'm alright. I wouldn't give up dancing with a pretty girl like you for anything." She turned her charm on, the silver hoop in her nose twinkling under the club's lights. Her ripped skinny jeans hugged her legs as she moved closer to the girl she was dancing with. Her muscle shirt bounced underneath her leather jacket. Bad girl, many a people would call her. If it got her the catch, then a bad girl she would be.

    The girl seemed to take Eren's answer at heart, downing the rest of her drink and setting it some place before going back to Eren. The red head discarded her own drink, moving her hands to the girl's hips. Her hands hovered for a moment before placing themselves there, pulling the girl in front of her towards her body. The two seemed to almost grind against each other, a sexual tension tinting Eren's vision. Oh yeah, this could possibly work!

    "Babe, there you are!" And it was all ripped from her grasp. The dark skinned girl abandoned Eren in favor of kissing some guy. Oh. So she was straight. Damn it. "What were you doing, Bae?" The man asked, throwing his arm around the girl as they started to move to the music.

    "Just dancing with a new friend, but I think I'm ready to leave." And a double kill! Eren could only watch as the couple walked out of the bar, staring at the girl who she thought had been really interested. Sighing, the red head sulked back to the bar area of the club. She grabbed a shot, tossed it down, and returned to the dance floor. Not drunk in the slightest, the red head let her limbs fly as she danced to the music, not bothering with the fact that fatigue was starting to taint her night. Nope, if she couldn't get the girl then she was going to have a fun night regardless. She swung her hips to the beat of the song, dancing on her own despite the groups surrounding her. She was alone, with no one to worry about her if she were to suddenly disappear.
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  2. Clubs were always one of the best places to find and take home a human. A place teeming with alcoholic drinks meant to lower one's inhibitions, people looking for a good time, and sexual energy abound, it was easy for the more nocturnal creatures who inhabited Walsenburg to slip in. The humans would never notice or see it coming as the true night owls spirited them away from bars and clubs, all under the guise of one-night stands. No one would be aware that in some pay-by-the-hour motel in the city, a human would be preyed upon and their precious blood taken.

    Walsenburg's night life was no exception. It was one of the few things Cristina liked about America, though her heart would always belong to the place of her birth. Maybe the elders did do something right, moving half of the clan to this country where people of many races and walks of life came to prosper. But she missed the old estate where they had once spent their days, where she could always count on a peaceful escape if she needed it. Not that she needed it much, being part of the younger generation. Her generation was always moving, always traveling. Restless, they moved all over Europe, searching for something to occupy their time. Unlike the older ones, they hadn't yet been affected by the apathy that seemed to come over those who lived long enough.

    So they became musicians. Painters. Art collectors. Writers. Some even scientists, if they dared to come close to government scrutiny. They even tried once or twice to go to the humans' universities or colleges, especially the ones who had a high day tolerance. She was one of those few who could go around in the day long enough without feeling the sun raze her skin, flesh and bones, even longer when she wore dark clothing that covered her skin and her head. But she still preferred the night over the day, despite what fascination some of the others found with everything under the sun.

    She quickly found her favorite places to be in Walsenburg. The bars and the clubs, where it was almost embarrassingly easy to come and get human blood. It had its downsides. Humans who had more alcohol than blood in them made even her kind intoxicated in turn, and while she did like the slight buzz that came like a bonus after the meal, she didn't like actually being drunk. Vampires, drink moderately. She had made a game out of finding someone who was just tipsy enough to lure and convince to come with her, but not straight-out drunk. Those who were just tipsy enough and actually interested were far more fun than having an armful of someone reeking of alcohol mumble incoherently against her. At least a touch of class, please.

    Tonight proved promising. Her eyes followed a flash of eye-catching red, seeing a girl rather boldly pull another girl towards her. Cristina's lips quirked upwards slightly as she raised her drink, tipping her head back as she took a sip. She watched the redhead grind against a dark-skinned girl, eyes tracing down to where they were connected by their hips. Then she shook her head as the other girl went and kissed a man, abandoning the redhaired girl. The disappointment in the redhead's face was so open. It won't be for long.

    "I think I've found my catch," she flashed a smile, all teeth, at the man sitting to her right. He seemed to be far too busy staring at one of the men on the dance floor. Following his gaze, she chuckled as she saw a human man, all smooth olive skin and toned muscle. Tousled dark brown hair and shining green eyes, and a rather boyish smile. And an expert dancer. Exactly his type, huh? Sitting up and idly brushing some of the dark brown locks away from her face, she then dryly added, "And if you want to go and get him, Ash, stop sitting there and making eyes at him."

    Eyes a similar shade of blue grey to hers flickered, and her brother scowled at her. "Just because I'm not as forward as you sometimes, Chris, doesn't mean I can't get him." She raised a brow at that as she adjusted the hem of her apple-red shift dress. Then what was he doing sitting there, when he clearly wanted to go over to that man? Then again, he was the shyer one of the two of them, despite being the older brother. But he always did get what he wanted, almost as often as her, so she knew he would be fine. "Suit yourself. The night is still young, for sure."

    Shaking her head, she made her way around the people, flashing smiles at anyone who met her eyes on the way. But her eyes were set on the redhead who had gone to the bar, almost sulking, before returning to the dance floor. She's out of breath. Cristina wondered how long the girl had been in the club. Now she was dancing alone, groups of people around her. It would only be easier to lure the girl away from here, since no one was keeping an eye on her. Stepping into the dance floor and making her way in front of the girl, she started to swing her hips in time with the music. Catching her brown eyes, Cristina flashed her a smile. "Mind if I join you?"
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  3. Eren had been simply enjoying herself when another beauty approached her. She smiled. Man, she didn't know what about her tonight was attracting the girls to her, but whatever it was she needed to do it again. Despite the puffs, Eren managed to get out a coherent and not in any way awkward reply. "Of course." She moved a bit to let the girl better into her circle, smiling as a more sexual song came on. She'd have to wait a bit to properly put the moves, but it certainly set the tone as she started to dance with the beautiful woman in front of her. Oh, if she could bag this one then she could probably deal with being single just to have that one night stand... If the woman actually wanted to have a bit of fun with her. After all, hopefully she turned out to not be straight as the last one had.

    Slowly, the red head moved to dance closer to blue-eyed woman. "So, what's a beauty like you doing in a shabby place like this?" Her brown eyes searched up and down the woman in front of her, taking in the classy look of the brown haired woman. She definitely belonged somewhere else. In her worn and old clothes, Eren felt a bit inadequate. However, something attracted blue eyes to her. It did no good thinking about it when she could just chat up the woman in front of her. "I mean, someone as good-looking as you should be hanging out with models and not us silly common people." The girl managed a foxy grin as her brown eyes shown. "Though, I'm glad you came tonight. Gives me a chance to admire you." Her charm, as horrible as it probably was, was turned up to its highest setting.

    As she tried to chat up the woman, Eren worked her way to dance closer to the woman. She took baby steps, inching closer until she could practically touch the woman in front of her. Her breath was coming out in huffs of warm air, tinted ever so slightly by alcohol. Slowly, Eren reached her hands out to hover over the other's hips, wanting so badly to just grab the other girl. However, she didn't want to be too forward with this classy-looking woman. So, her hands hovered as she looked the woman in the eyes and gave a large grin. "Name's Eren, by the way. Could I have yours, or am I going to have to call you beauty for the rest of the night?" She had to look up at the woman slightly, but that was perfectly fine with Eren. She preferred her girls tall, after all.

    Despite the close proximity, Eren didn't note any of the possible signs that might have indicated that this woman was not who she said. She didn't note the hungry look in the other's eyes, nor how the woman seemed to be cunning in her tactics. The red head focused more on her tiring limbs and keeping them moving at a fast pace. Surely, she would just be another victim, a body that they would have to bury without an explanation. However, until then the fire in the brown eyes shone brightly as sweat dripped down the girl's freckled face. She was having fun, and hopefully the woman in front of her was as well.
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  4. My, my. Cristina's own smile widened, showing more of her perfectly straight white teeth as the music shifted to a more sensual song. Even the redhead, now called 'Eren', could feel the shift in the mood, her brown eyes looking back at the taller girl's blue boldly. She liked that, moving to dance with her. Eren was quite forward, already making her way closer to the dark-haired woman. Tilting her head a little downwards to properly meet her eyes, Cristina noted the girl's pale skin. Even under the flashing lights and colors of the club, she could see the pale skin, almost as pale as some people she knew. Eren was also shorter than her, almost petite with her vibrant red hair, brown eyes, and her many freckles, which were all the more obvious due to her pale skin.

    Smiling, she chuckled a little as she felt Eren's eyes roam up and down her figure. "I'd ask you the same question, but thank you," she retorted with a playful tone, raising an eyebrow. The redhead was turning in the charm, she felt obliged to return the same. Always good etiquette to make them happy before the meal, after all. Unlike some who reveled in tasting fear-tainted blood, Cristina thought that they tasted better happy and satisfied. "Now, why would I hang out with them when I could meet you?" Her voice was low, but clear and audible despite the loud music. She returned Eren's grin, also moving closer until they were almost touching. Now that they were this close, she could feel the warm, lightly alcohol-scented puffs of air from her lips, the heat of Eren's body warming up her cool skin. Her eyes darted down to where she could hands hovering over her hips, before she met the other girl's eyes again.

    "I'd rather call you that for the rest of the night, but my name is Chris." Grabbing hold of the shorter girl's hovering hands, she set them on her hips. Her face was angled downwards, drawing closer to Eren's, as she deliberately put her hands on either side of the other's waist. "My turn asking questions." Cristina's eyes shone impishly back at Eren, her voice playful as she gave a brief squeeze around her waist. "What are you doing alone in a place like this?" Her lashes lowered a little over her eyes, a soft smile curving her mouth. "Not that I'm unhappy to have you all to myself for tonight, if you'll let me." As the music pounded on, heating their blood and their skin as they moved against each other, she took the time to let her eyes linger on the girl's freckled face, as if to drink in the sight. In truth, she was more focused on the flush of blood that was barely hinted at in those pale cheeks, and the quick pulse she could spy in Eren's neck.

    But as they continued, bodies moving close to each other and touching, she knew that Eren was tiring. She was breathing rather fast, some sweat dripping down her face. But her brown eyes were bright, and she seemed to be having fun despite the fast pace they were moving at. Cristina almost felt a touch of remorse; Eren was young, and in the human's eyes just starting out in the world, just the same as she was in the eyes of her own kind. Still, dinner was dinner - and she could make her new friend enjoy it up to the last second.

    "I saw you dance earlier," she murmured, lowering her head a little to speak in her ear. "That girl wouldn't know what she just missed, but that's her loss." From behind Eren, she caught her brother's eye. He had finally stood up and gone to the dance floor himself, and was talking up the green-eyed man she had noticed him eyeing earlier. They both shared a hidden smile through their eyes.
  5. Eren could feel her smile widen as the woman responded well to her questions, responding with similar sentiments. The red head knew she was what many would call a bit of a Plain Jane in terms of looks, so hearing the beauty, Chris she said her name was, call her a beauty made her heart soar. As she danced, the girl felt blood rush to her cheeks and ears as the other grabbed her hands, putting them on the other's hips. Hands made themselves a home on her waist, squeezing them. Oh, Eren could swoon right then and there. She was sure her ears and cheeks were tinting themselves various shades of red, but the girl couldn't find it in herself to care too much. Right now she was in heaven.

    The girl smirked at Chris's inquiry of her lone wolf status. "I'm just waiting for you." She winked before laughing. "But, seriously, I just wanted to have some fun and nobody else wanted to come with me." She sounded completely sincere as she danced with the taller woman, only to blink wide eyed at Chris's suggestion of being alone for the whole night. Eren couldn't hold back the happy giggle that bubbled up her throat, squeezing the woman near her a bit closer. "I wouldn't mind that at all. Though, eventually I'd love to get somewhere a bit more private." Her brown eyes gleamed at the woman in front of her, drinking in the sight of the woman who seemed to have the same intentions as her.

    For a while, the red head simply danced. She touched and grazed her hands across the woman in front of her, smiling despite the quickening of her breath. She was tired, that was a complete given, but the fact that she was dancing with someone who seemed as interested in her as she was interested in them made her quickly forget the tiredness. She didn't notice how Chris's skin was cooler than her own, simply enjoying the dance.

    A shiver ran down Eren's spine as Chris spoke into her ear. Ah, she had seen that? With an impish glint in her eyes, Eren grinned at Chris. "Oh? Maybe we should show her what she's missing." The red head knew the girl couldn't care less about her. However, Eren moved her hands up to wrap around Chris's neck, pulling her down to meet her lips. She hoped to God that this was what Chris meant. The kiss was tainted with the fading alcohol, but Eren could feel her nerves alight as she tried to keep the warmth going, slowly starting to inch away from the crowd. Pulling away and panting, Eren could still feel her skin tingle from excitement. "How about we blow this place and get to know each other somewhere a bit more private?" Eren hoped Chris wouldn't push her away, would allow her to continue to kiss her and maybe even get to know her more as a person.
  6. Cristina smiled against Eren's lips as the other pulled her down for a kiss, feeling the other woman's warm arms wind around her neck. With a slight chuckle, she lowered her head, parting her lips against the redhead's. One of her hands reached up to hold her the back of her head, tugging lightly on the red hair and massaging her scalp. Her other hand remained on the other's waist as she deepened the kiss. Eren's mouth tasted a bit like alcohol, some fruity drink that she had seen her tipping back earlier.

    They slowly maneuvered out of the dance floor, settling near one of the walls where the other couples were staying, all the while she moved her mouth deeper and firmer against her new friend. She could feel the woman's excitement through the kiss, a heated passion that made those pale cheeks flush red with blood and her own throat feel dry. When they parted, both of them were breathing quickly, but for different reasons. Looking down at Eren, whose eyes were bright and whose face was flushed, the dark-haired woman felt another pang of hunger.

    She swallowed and took a deep breath, disguising her thirst with a smile and heavy-lidded eyes. Letting out a breathless little laugh, she nodded, taking Eren's chin with her fingers and pressing one more hot kiss against her lips. Afterwards, she leaned her forehead against hers, looking deep into her eyes. "I wanted to buy you a drink first, but now I can't wait," she whispered, voice coming out husky. Eren's excitement was heavy around her, her heartbeat positively loud to Cristina's ears. There was no doubt that she had fully lured this human into her arms, there were few who could resist her when she used the full force of her eyes and her voice.

    Hook, line and sinker. She now had a something to sate her thirst for tonight. And she was very thirsty, with the rules the elders had placed, they could only indulge in fresh, human blood thrice a week. Tastes much better than the animal blood the staff raise. True, she only needed actual sustenance every few weeks, but she liked having human at least once a week. Even if they scolded her and told her she was just barely skirting the edges of the rules, she left no tracks - what more could they ask for? No wonder she had become something of a notorious name among her clan members.

    Pulling back, she took hold of Eren around her waist with one arm, leading her around the club. She exchanged a smile with her brother, who she spotted leaning close to his target. Both of them tended to choose the other to go with whenever they needed blood, and it was fun to see how they drew in the humans. But now her throat was burning slightly, and she led her meal out of the club. Once they were outside, she looked down at Eren with a gleam in her eyes. "My place or yours?" She sounded amused that she was even using that line, though she was fine with either place. If they went with Eren's choice, she could still cover anything up, even the unexplained death. If they went to her flat, it would be even easier.
  7. Oh this woman was absolutely driving her mad. Eren practically wanted to drag Chris into a bathroom and just have her way with her in one of the stalls, but the more sensible side of her noted how much better it would be to have someone to lie next to her in her own bed, to have company if only for one night. She gave another heated kiss when the woman noted how she couldn't wait to get out of there, deepening it as she let her fingers run over the other's back. Oh, tonight was going to be fun. That hole in her heart that the red head refused to recognize could be filled for just a little while. Parting once more, she let the taller woman take her by the waist and lead her around. In a surprisingly demure way, she leaned into the hold, moving her own arm to wrap around the other woman in turn. In the back of her mind, Eren wondered if this was what those couples felt like when they walked around holding hands.

    As the brisk air met Eren's heated face, the red head looked up at Chris with a foxy grin. She chuckled as the other recited the well-used line. "I am so glad to hear those words tonight... My place is only a few blocks from here. Plus it's kinda isolated so we won't get interrupted." She giggled a bit as she started to lead the woman toward her home. She kept close, occasionally reaching up to kiss the woman and even stopping in her tracks once to start a very heated and heavy make out session. After remembering that they were still very much outside and could be interrupted at any moment, Eren rushed to her apartment building to hopefully continue inside her own humble abode.

    The building was nothing to brag about. It was rundown, and filled with those attracted to and working in the night life. Eren quickly ran up the stairs past an elevator that never quite worked, pulling Chris along. She stopped in front of a fading door. Apartment 6E seemed to be where Eren called home as she stumbled with her keys before finally throwing open the door and leading Chris inside. The apartment was about as impressive as the building itself. The floors were an old wood, while the kitchen they entered was small, only containing a small table and chair along with the normal necessities. A small couch and old tv were situated straight across from the kitchen area while down to the right were two doors, probably the bedroom and bathroom. The walls were colored a deep purple, some of the paint chipping and peeling simply from age. All of the furniture looked well worn and used, probably hand me downs of some sort. A few posters dotted the walls here and there, mainly showing various punk musicians and bands.

    Eren wasted no time pulling Chris back into a heated kiss as soon as they managed to step foot into the apartment. She shrugged off her leather jacket, her muscle shirt showing off the sides of her bra. She quickly found her arms wrapped around Chris's neck as she moved her lips against Chris's. Eren dared to include a bit of tongue, slowly walking backwards towards the living room. They could get to the bedroom eventually. For now, she was just going to have a bit of a fun make out session then get to the serious stuff. Eren felt like her whole body was burning with electricity, heat pooling in her stomach and stretching outward to make her limbs tingle wherever the other girl had touched her. Everything seemed to be going well for the red head. She had made it all too easy for the hunter currently in her home.
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  8. Laughing at Eren's remark, she let herself be pulled along by the human woman. "Perfect," she murmured, eyes scanning the area the redhead was taking her to. And it was perfect. Isolated, with the sounds of the music slowly dying out as they headed deeper into a street with sparse lighting and few people. Unknown to the redhead, she was only welcoming the hunter further into a trap of her own making. Enough that it made Cristina pleased enough to hungrily kiss her back, the two of them becoming distracted once again by a rather heated, open-mouthed kiss with their breaths mingling in between them. She was starting to feel impatient, just like Eren, but for different reasons as she felt her throat burn once again as they parted, giggling together as they stumbled into the run-down building that was the human's apartment.

    They ran up the stairs, both laughing breathlessly and sending each other heavy-eyed grins until they reached Eren's floor. Scrambling to her door, Cristina smiled down in amusement as she watched her fumble for her keys, before they finally stumbled into the apartment. The young vampire was feeling indulgent tonight, and she wasn't ashamed to say she was finding some enjoyment out of Eren's fervent kisses and touches. Inside the apartment, she only quickly scanned her surroundings and dismissing them as Eren pulled her down. Parting her lips once again against the redhead's heated mouth, she helped her shrug off her leather jacket, before her cool fingers started rubbing up and down the other's back. Her fingers quickly found their way up under muscle shirt, dancing up Eren's sides.

    Knowing the human was gradually guiding her to her bedroom, the blue-eyed woman pulled back, sending a grin at Eren before she lowered her head to start pressing butterfly kisses at the soft, hot skin of her neck. Cristina started to suckle and nip gently along the other's skin, finding that one spot she knew made humans shiver, the junction between their neck and shoulder, and starting to suck there. All the while, she was looking forward to actually piercing the slightly sweaty skin and getting to the good part. She let herself grin against Eren's neck as she scraped her teeth sensually over her skin. "Tasty," she stated with a playful laugh, before she started wetly kissing the redhead's neck again.

    Eren seemed to melt into her arms with every touch, shivering as Cristina started caressing her sides and slipping her hands up under her shirt. She once again pressed her lips against hers in a kiss, her tongue laving the other's lips and mouth as they reached the front of what must have been her room. The apartment was dimly lit, but unnoticed by the human, her eyes were glowing slightly, flicking over to where the door was. Cristina was almost disappointed at how quickly this went, but Eren was entertaining. If she wasn't a human, the young vampire honestly would have considered going for a tumble in bed. As it was, this was simply a meal for her, though at least the human would die happy. There were now laws placed on whether they could transform a human, and anyone they didn't consider transforming should be dead by the end of their encounters. Shame.

    There was a reason why she preferred women over men, in times like these. Though she considered herself more of an equal-opportunity enthusiast, not caring if the person looked attractive or appetizing enough, the women tended to be softer. And cleaner, with a sweeter taste in their blood. Cristina also didn't like how men would sometimes paw and grope roughly, without any finesse - though she had her share of the ones who actually cared about their partner's enjoyment. But women also seemed to be much more sensitive, and easier to render breathless with the right touches.
  9. As soon as Chris hit that sweet spot, Eren let out a small moan, blushing as her breath was coming faster. Her body was screaming at her to just hurry it up, to get past this foreplay and get to the main event. However, Eren liked to take her time in some of these things. Chris seemed to be working on a bit of a hickey while Eren simply melted in her arms, her hands running over whatever skin they could find. For once, the girl noticed how the woman in front of her was strangely cool, but quickly dismissed it. She slipped her hands under the other's shirt, running her hands over and massaging any piece of skin she could find while Chris had herself attached to her neck.

    When the woman stopped with a graze of her teeth, Eren whined slightly, before giggling as she was quickly pulled back into a proper kiss. She gasped as Chris's hands seemed to know exactly how to get her skin tingling and excited. For once, Eren felt a small rush of embarrassment that she was being so vocal about the pleasures of the heavy make out session, but slammed the thoughts away as she fell to the ministrations of the taller woman's hands and mouth. Oh she seemed to be quite the talent with both. Those thoughts flared the heat running through her veins as Eren quickly stumbled to get the door to her room open while continuing her kisses and touches. Moans and whimpers started to become interspersed in the red head's panting. Always the vocal lover, she finally managed to throw the door open as she led Chris over to the bed.

    The room was just as impressive as the rest of the apartment, only more posters and pictures plastered the wall. The bed sat tucked into a corner, probably to give the owner a false sense of security when she laid in it at night. Eren stepped back and settled herself on the small bed, just barely able to hold two, and pulled Chris down so the taller was straddling her. For a moment, Eren paused in the kisses and touches, looking Chris up and down in admiration and lust. "God, how did I get so lucky to get you coming home with me, tonight?" The woman's brown eyes looked earnestly and brightly upon her current catch. Oh yes, how lucky indeed.

    After admiring the other, Eren got to work and started kissing the woman in front of her. Her hands roamed underneath the woman's shirt and snuck up to her chest, gently starting to massage the area. Eren couldn't help letting out a throaty moan as she felt the woman up. The whole night couldn't be going better as she tried to get as much contact between the woman and herself as possible. The young red head, lost in the pleasures brought to her by this mysterious woman, didn't notice that she had pretty much finalized her doom.
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