Bloody Nightfall

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  1. New York, such a busy city even after the sun finally decides to rest. Some times it felt like the city didn't notice since all the lights from cars, streetlights and even the building kept peoples eyes off the stars above. To some it was a loss but for Ciel it was a perfect disguise for her job. Being only 26 most would assume this young lady had some kind of career starting up to be a part of the productivity of life. She'd merely laugh at the though of working 9-5 and actually be happy. Regular life was a lot more restricting than anyone could ever realize. Your pay was never enough, you're hours were horrendous at times and lastly the people you work with. Not everyone can be trusted and given the opportunity coworkers can easily turn on each other for their own benefits. For now Ciel will allow them to walk in their bliss. Believing their way was the only way to live while she worked. Nothing good ever comes from the dark, but so much fun can be had if you're willing to gamble it.

    Ciel was on route for her next job. A collector has been dying to get his hands on a rubis that dates back to the Roman era. He complained about the man who wouldn't sell it. How stubborn and ridiculous he was to refuse such a price. The collector wanted this piece and he was going to pay a pretty penny to obtain this item. Ciel merely listened with fake intent just to seem polite and understanding. When in reality she didn't care how stubborn this mystery man was. All she needed to know was the place and who she may be dealing with. All he could supply was a place and barely a description of the guy.

    The skyscraper this apparent item was housed in was odd. Usually apartments are always being bought but this one didn't have very many tenants. That sounds like a dream considering how easy it can be to get in and out of the building. There is no such thing as an easy steal. Problems can arise and for it Ciel looked deep into the records of this apartment building and noticed that those vacant spots were highly expensive and that was monthly. They were overly priced compared to other vacant spots in his area. None of that made sense and for it made things very suspicious. "Well my job just became harder than it's worth, but it's a challenge I accept." She said to herself as she made her way to the building.

    Ciel pulled down a faceless black mask over her own face. It was matte to be sure to keep all forms of light from reflecting. There was only openings big enough for her eyes and nothing else of identifying traits. She used the back entrance that the staff mostly used and considering how late it is they should all be home. Keeping out of sight she used the service stairs instead of the elevator. Those came with cameras but service stairs usually didn't. The higher she headed up she knew there was a limited window she allowed herself to be in there. Once she was underneath the top floor she looked at her map and knew an air vent held in a service closet had the best access. After picking the locks Ciel unlocked the air vent and entered inside.
  2. Ealier that night, the sun had set at around 7 PM.
    Remy Nightfall, was a vampire, his body could sense the threat of sunlight was gone and he woke up. Unlike humans, vampires don't need to rest more or feel tired when they wake, as soon as the sun sets they are fully aware and sharp. He unlocked his coffin/bed and stretched out then he proceeded to his routine... At wake up vampires are weak, they must feed, their daily stasis that regenerates them prevents them from aging wastes mostly of the blood they drank the previous day, so, every day, at wake up, they are starving...
    He left the room (room 2), then the house and secured the place. In this new age, with the media giving you sexy vampires and other perspectives on the creatures of the night, it was easy for a vampire to flirt and get a free meal, as long as he doesn't kill, he may feed on as many people as he needs to, but that's not how he prefers to use his gift, he hunts the worse society as to offer, thieves, murderers, rapists... and NYC is a never ending feast...
    He started by going in the more dangerous neighborhoods, walk through the darkest alleys, till someone approached, someone casually asking him what time it is, to check if he has a valuable watch or a smartphone... or someone who'd straight out try to mug him... Tonight was no different, soon he was surrounded by 3 delinquents, they were young yet, but they made their choice... they never stood a chance... maybe it could be considering cruel to kill them for this crime, they didn't even succeed in mugging him after all... but not really, he knew he was dealing with scum, they wouldn't hesitate to kill a victim who'd fight back or could identify them, they had killed before... they deserved to be put down...

    Remy dodged the blade being pointed at his stomach, instead it pierced the one who was trying to choke him from behind with a chain, the third attacker immediately tried to strike him with a bat, Remy aloud this, the bat was swung and hit him, but the effect was not what was predicted, it was like hitting a stone wall, the attacker fell on the floor in pain, then, the first attacker, the one with the knife tried his luck again, Remy grabbed his wrist and broke it, then grabbed him in the air with one hand and bit his neck draining his blood in a matter of seconds, the one with the chain was wounded by accident with the knife, Remy lifted one hand and the blood fled from the wound into his mouth, till the bandit was fully drained, Remy was satisfied, there was no need to kill the third attacker, he ducked and held his head by the hair
    "You're gonna be here all night, waiting for me, hide from anyone else... if I don't come tonight, grab a friend, someone... as evil as you, and convince him to be here tomorrow with you..." his voice was deep and strong and he was using a charming spell of sorts, the attacker's weak mind had no choice but to obey.
    Now that he had fed Remy was not reluctant to use his vampires abilities without fear of consuming too much power, his body morphed into a swarm of bats and he flew away.

    The night was young, he went to a bar... he was 1895 years old, he grew tired of most other vampires he knew, he saw to many human loved ones die, his heart was hard as stone by now, he just lusted for some frivolous fun, he easily seduced 2 young women and took them to his house.
    In a room (room 3) which was not his sleeping room but had a comfortable king size bed and other kink ornaments, he engaged into sexual interaction with both girls, they were both too drunk to remember this the next day... maybe he should feel bad for taking advantage of them... but if he didn't someone else would, someone who could rape them, hurt them, impregnate them, or have an STD, with him they were far better, plus, he was surely better in bed than any regular human, he had over a millennium of experience.
    By 1 AM he had banged the brains out of each girl about 5 times, they were starting to sober out, he didn't want them spending the night, he'd need to sleep in his coffin to ensure he was not harmed by sun light when the sun rose, he didn't know or trust them to be alone in his lair while she slept... he convinced them to take a shower and leave and called a cab for them, as they were in the shower he sensed an unknown heartbeat in his house, he pretended not to know, but casually placed himself as close as possible to that sound, making it a pain for Ciel to get out of the air tunnels unseen.
    Eventually the girls left and he was alone with her in the apartment, he decided to pretend he was not aware she was there and casually laid on the couch relaxed checking his email on his laptop.
  3. Ciel planned each move to be sure she was quiet while crawling through the vents. She needed to be sure no one knew she was there at all. Who knows who could honestly be living in the floor below. The record may so no one lived there but who said a landlord kept many records of his guests. They could be dear friends or families hiding out with his help. Or in few cases they could be used for other means that weren't pleasant. With haste she shook the unwanted thoughts from her head and focused on the mission at hand.

    Once she made it to the necessary floor she could see the living room and it was well kept. The black and white scheme had accents of red and looked contemporary. Who ever lived here definitely had cash to burn since Ciel can already name a few prices for the items. As she scanned the room she knew there were three bedrooms with the apartment. Yet all she could see were two. All three were quite large in their own way and it seemed strange that the apartment didn't show all three doors Maybe there was some remodeling done and he knocked down a wall to have two rooms instead. Ciel soon heard talking, a bit mumbled but it was just two girls heading their way out from the second room. They looked like they were once wasted but had sobered up just a little, enough to get them out the door. During their commotion she timed it to their clicking heals and pop the bents just enough to have it be masked. Well, masked by the untrained ear. She waited for the man to take his leave but he wasn't planning on leaving the room. Instead he sat down and started to use his computer.

    Since his back was turned to her the only door available to her was the second room. Gently she sat the sat the vent grate down and crawled her way to the second room. Ciel hoped her gracefulness would be of use to have her get to the second room noticed. The room was smaller than she thought. Did this guy create a secret room? It might have been a way for him to hide his valuables now it was time to find a door.
  4. His inhuman senses were able to pick her every motion, no matter how agile or silent she was, he could hear her heart beat like a drum and easily track the scent of the blood that flooded her veins.
    He silently laid his laptop on the couch as he vanished in a black mist foam like shape as he approached Ciel she could notice a very subtle darker fog and a temperature drop that would cause her to shiver involuntary, before she would be able to perceive the dark fog it would vanish as it shaped itself back into a human form behind her, and ordinary person would dismiss the instant in which they saw just a slight shade darker.
    She had done an amazing good job sneaking in so far, Remy was sure she was not ordinary, he made no further movement to announce his presence, yet he was expecting her to notice him anytime soon, he could have caught her of guard, but testing the limits of his prey made things a lot more interesting.
  5. It was interesting that the room really was smaller than she had thought. There shouldn't be a wall in between room 1 and 2 yet there was. She walked over the wall and saw that it was seamless. It was just what she needed, more complications. Before she could even start thinking about where the door to the secret room would be a slight chill came. Her body shivered with a quick tremble and a weird fogginess was barely seen. All of that didn't make sense. Just seeing the faint fog made her hold her breath thinking it was some kind of security measure. That changed when an eerie feeling of being watched was felt. Normally people pass this off as paranoia and continue on their day. Not a thief, especially in those who worked with high class clientele. Ciel couldn't take that chance and had taken a quick turn to see who was behind her. It was in the shape of someone but he looked more like the man that was on the sofa. Somehow an ordinary man was capable of walking up behind her. Though ordinary people didn't just stick around nor do they try to face them. Just seeing him there made her mind scramble for answers to make her shock less apparent. "How did you even get here..." She whispered to herself as she looked at him. Her brain hadn't caught on that she had broken one of her cardinal rules. Never speak for your voice is very much apart of your identity. Ciel wears clothes to hide her figure, her hair and face. All that was available was her eyes but you can't narrow down peoples eyes. She didn't know what this guy was capable of and she really didn't want to find out. "We could make things easier on each other. I don't have to ruin your home and you can easily go back to relaxing for the rest of the night. A lot better than fighting each other..." Talking was bad but maybe there was a way to reason with him. She could leave, tell her client it was unattainable and he could go back to doing nothing.
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  6. "You've been here for a while..." Remy replied to her "... you should have noticed by now that I don't settle for a relaxed night... despite of that, I thought it was better to keep those innocent girls safer, or I would have approached you sooner..." he there was something perverted, wicked and evil on his voice tone, yet he it sounded somewhat flirty almost hypnotic.
    His grin was still present but not as large as before "So, you're wise enough not to fight me... a part of me is disappointed, yet thrilled that you have enough sense for us to be talking rather than me ripping your pretty head from your shoulders..." at this point she realized she was not wearing her mask anymore, it was as if her brain was numb while he was talking to her and she just suddenly awake now.
    "I am not going to attack you if you don't want to fight, but I am not letting you go just yet, why don't you have a drink with me while we talk this over?" he said in a tone that was hard to refuse, while lifting his arm to lead her the way out of the room into the living room.
  7. Ciel was very much confused by this man. He was calm and slightly happy to have an intruder in his home. The more he spoke the more it numbed her mind of quick thoughts. She never had been at a lost for words, there was always something to say. Ciel rubbed her eye for a moment and noticed her mask was gone. "What the hell..." Ciel mumbled to herself as she felt entirely slow for no reason. Somehow her mask was taken off her face and he was capable of doing that. In the dim light the room owned it was obvious she didn't look all that old. Ciel was still pretty young as her face didn't held the soft features of a child but that of a young lady. Possibly in her mid twenties but had doe eyes that held deep blue irises. With her mind a little more clear she could listen a little better. "I'd rather live, besides you're hiding the item pretty well. I should be getting paid more if I knew I had to deal with you." She said as she tried to get her mind straight. The strange man gave her his arm as he asked to talk things over a drink. It was hard to refuse so took his arms but looked at him questioning eyes. "Normally I don't have drinks with strangers or the person I'm trying to steal from. Yet you don't really seem to mind, guess you don't get many visitors." Ciel walked with him back to his living room trying to figure out his motives.
  8. "Oh I do get visitors, I am sure you overheard me with those two girls earlier... just never such thrilling ones... so what is it you came to steal from me?" he inquired as he escorted her out that room.
  9. "Ah yes the two young drunken sluts you had earlier. I bet they were a lot of fun." Ciel said as they made it to the living room. She released his arm but was still questioning his every move. "Its supposedly an item to die for. A Rudis. My client has a thing for Roman artifacts and wants it desperately." She said and soon smiled at him. "You can part with it, it's just an artifact and I gotta make a living somehow." Ciel was hoping that he'd let her have it. So far he was playing nice, what harm could parting with it create.
  10. "They provided some entertainment, I can't complain... but that was expected, you however were not, therefore I am thrilled..." He said pausing before addressing the matter of the Rudis "How much is he paying you for my Rudis? Just curious, cause, just so that you know, he only hired you cause I wouldn't sell, I wonder if he paid you as much as he offered me, or if you can still bargain a better deal..."
    He poured her a drink, it was a small glass with strong vodka and he handed it to her.
    "That Rudis has sentimental value to me, it's been on my bloodline since the original owner you see..." he said giving her a partial truth, yet not disclosing that it was actually his Rudis from over a millennium ago.
  11. "That man was difficult. At first it was 200,000 but I had to pull a gun out for him to reach 800,000. He valued his life a little less than I thought but I knew I was going to be a cheaper option since you wouldn't sell." Ciel said as her eyes scanned the room for anything and everything. She could put a price tag on ever special item he had decorating his home but still no Rudis. "Sentimental.... Thats why its hidden so well." She mumbled to herself. Ciel took the drink from him and watched him carefully as she took it. "So you really don't want to separate from your precious item? Fine, if you really care about this item then offer me something better. I'm not exactly loyal to many people and that client means nothing to me. If not then I'll just go look for this Rudis and be on my way to collect my cash." She took a sip of her drink letting the strong taste cover her tongue with delight. Hopefully his deal was a lot better than her client.
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