Bloody Melodies

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  1. City: New York City

    Location: The Brooklyn Bridge Troll Market


    The best thing one could say about most of the places around the Troll Market, was the Hidden Worlds propensity to select a favorite era and stick with it. Like this particular one, in the image of a speakeasy. Complete with sultry saloon singer as a singular priest sat alone at his table. One hand flicking a coin, finger over finger as red eyes reflected back from his glass, untouched so far.

    It was one of his favorite places to hang around, but at the moment? He had no mood for the music or for anything happening around him as Lucifer ignored the audience. After all...He was doing this as a favor.

    The only question was where to begin.

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  2. The singer's shift was apparently over, as she was replaced by a tallish, thin yet not emaciated looking woman with vaguely blonde hair and hazel eyes. She walked back and picked up a ukulele from further back on the stage and began playing and singing.

    ♫♪ "No one to talk with
    All by myself
    No one to walk with
    But I'm happy on the shelf

    Ain't misbehavin'
    I'm savin' my love for you
    For you, for you, for you

    I know for certain
    The one I love
    I'm through with flirtin'
    It's just you I'm thinkin' of

    Ain't misbehavin'
    I'm savin' my love for you

    Like Jack Horner
    In the corner
    Don't go nowhere
    What do I care

    Your kisses
    Are worth waitin' for
    Believe me

    I don't stay out late
    Got no place to go
    I'm home about 8
    Just me and my radio

    Ain't misbehavin'
    I'm savin' all my love for you

    I don't stay out late
    Got no place to go
    I'm home about 8
    Just me and my radio

    Ain't misbehavin'
    I'm savin' my love for you" ♪ ♫

    There was something special about the way that she was playing. It seemed that every ambient noise in the place became part of that song, from footsteps to clinking glasses to murmurs of conversation.
  3. He downed his drink, the song bringing him out of his current thoughts as the applause began afterwards and rising up he approached the area backstage. Though as soon as he set foot, a statue he thought was mere decoration turned to him...A golem as it rumbled.

    "This area is off-limits, save to employees and invited guests and entertainers."

    "My name is Father Lucifer. Executor. I'm looking for one of your employees. Let me past."

    "I cannot ignore my duties."

    Golems...Wonderful guards. Not so good on the thinking. Lucifer frowned, looking at the Golem before finally nodding.

    "Of course."

    He then strode over to take a seat next to the stage, waiting till this one was finished before approaching her as he cleared his throat.

    "Excuse me miss? I was wondering if we might talk...Someplace more private?"

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  4. She looked down at him with a smile, but her eyes were full of confusion.


    "Well, that's an interesting first line." Melody responded, drawing the little shawl she had draped over her shoulders a bit further down. "I'm curious as to what the second would be. Did you have some particular private place in mind, sir?"
  5. "Your dressing room would be a wonderful start."

    He replied without thinking. A few moments later, the innuendo kicked in as he realized what he said. One hand moved to rub over his face in consternation as his pale features reddened along the same shade as his eyes.

    "...I'm one of the three Executors for the Church in this city. I would like to ask you some questions on a coworker as well as get backstage. If its not too much trouble, miss....?"

    His voice trailed off as he lowered his hand, looking expectant at her.

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  6. Melody's jaw dropped as he mentioned her dressing room, but by the time that blush of Lucifer's started, she was chuckling openly.

    "I'll save you further embarrassment. Follow me." She said, waving him on as she headed toward her dressing room. "I'm Melody Singer by the by, and your name is...?"

    She cast her eyes over at him again as she had to pause and let the golem know that indeed Lucifer was with her so that he'd be allowed by the guard.
  7. "Lucifer. The rest of my name is something of a mouthful." He admitted as they bypassed the guard golem who let them pass without complaint. The rest of the backstage area was more or less, the same as any other. The singer from before would be downing a shot with some friends, the lights were mostly candles- Widespread electrical grid draining would bring the Mundanes noticing. But the dressing room itself was cozy and in its close confines, Lucifer would glide wordlessly to close the door behind them as he waited till she was comfortable before speaking.

    "Her name was Oinaze King."


    Subject is female, around twenty-five years of age. Body shows repeated signs of drug abuse, from the marks on her inner arm. Cause of death...Undetermined. No blade wounds I can see. Not even a papercut. And the body hasn't been left that long-The smell isn't that foul, and yet we discovered it chock-full of roaches. Just like the others.

    Sounds like magic to be frank. But she was a mage- The ring identifies her as that much. At this age, something as simple as a spell to invoke vermin could be countered easily. And she had friends with her. Some of them dangerous in their own right. So what persuaded all of them, to remain where they were and die slowly to...Being devoured from within?

    No idea. Lucy? I've no idea whats going on, but you make sure you find out and stop it. No more of this in my city.

    That had been a while back, talking with Officer Celadon. As it was, they found out her identity through her prints. Minor police record, mostly drunk driving and the like. The ring was just the icing on the cake as he added aloud.

    "I was wondering if you knew anything about her or her friends around here?"

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  8. "To be honest, I've only seen her a few times. I tend to spread myself around the city and not play the same place too many nights in a row, because things tend to get a little strange when I perform in the same place for too long. Nice girl, if a bit rough around the edges. We talked now and then, mainly shop talk. I have to assume something's happened to her if you're referring to her in the past tense and showing me her picture." Melody frowned, and shook her head.

    "To the usual questions, I have no idea if she had any enemies, or even an ex-lover who might want to see her dead. She was talented, but like I said, she could be a bit abrupt. Brutally honest, like. So it's entirely possible she gained some enemy through an offhand comment, but nothing to the extent of wanting her dead, to my knowledge. You might want to check with the local covens, as they might know more. I don't exactly fit in the neat category most practitioners drop into, so I don't have a lot of dealing with the local witches, mages, and suchlike." Melody paced, her face strained some as she talked while dredging her memory.

    "Wait. I do recall something. She seemed a bit twitchy the last time I saw her. It came off like when you're waiting for someone that you've an appointment with but you really don't want to talk to? I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but the only thing unusual is how she seemed to be expecting unwanted company, or something similar. I hope that helps."
  9. Honestly, it was helpful to an extent as Lucifer began to consider everything he had just been told. No apparent enemies and the last time she was seen, it was in apparently disquieting anticipation. Which told him what? Well.. Nope. Still nothing and he sighed out, about to thank Melody for her time when he looked past her and into the mirror. Wait...He blinked, looking at his eyes.

    Of course.

    "Melody, I've one question. The company she kept...Was it mostly vampires that you knew of?"

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  10. Melody blew out a long breath. "I suppose it doesn't matter now, but I think she was addicted. To use the rude term... She was a fangbanger. I'd thought to keep her private life private, but it may be as I feared, and her habit got her killed. It just takes a moment for someone to slip with their willpower, and there you go. I didn't keep company with her much because while I have no prejudice, I'm also not one to sleep in the lion's den."

    She paced a little more. "If you need help investigating this, I've talents that could be utilized. And resources."
  11. Of course the inquest would say drug use. What else would it be, to a mundane eye? After all, it'd be a very special figure who could identify a vampire bite from a druggies needle. So those vampires with the bodies weren't bodyguards.... They were her friends. Or her masters.

    Why and what were still a mystery to him however. Though the gears were grinding away now. In response to Melody and her declaration, he raised an eyebrow.

    "I'm half vampire. Will this be a problem?"

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  12. "You're an Executor, so no. Besides, I've vampire friends, I just have avoided... Partaking. I don't want to be drawn into that lifestyle, and my particular... Race? Origin? However you want to term it, might have unexpected interactions if ingested." Melody explained.

    "What I am is a little unbelievable, even by Hidden World standards. And it might sully my credibility to come out with the claim."

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  13. As she liked. Besides, he doubted it'd be a problem as he considered her before speaking.

    "Very well. Two things then. One, what are your capabillities and resources? Second, are you a fellowship member?"

    Most factions had their own cadre of folk to clean up after affairs they had a stake in. But for matters that had potential to threaten everyone, the Fellowship was born. People from every faction, volunteers who would investigate under a committee triumvate. It simply meant you put your respective talents at the service of the community.

    And made it easier to pinpoint people of interest.

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  14. "If it has to do with sound, or more specifically music, I can do it. I can hear better than the best vampire or were, at a much longer distance. My voice can take on many properties, from soothing to outright damaging, and all sound within a hundred meters or so is something I can sculpt to my whims. Also, due to my nature I'm rather more durable than a mor- than a mere human, but possibly not as much as a half-vampire Executor. And yes, I'm a member." She rattled off and smiled at Lucifer.

    "Then there's the fact that I know the ins and outs of this Troll Market like few others. Everyone, well practically everyone, enjoys a bit of music everry now and again. Will that be sufficient?"

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  15. "It'll do."

    He said courteously with his first smile of the night. The agreement made, he spoke.

    "Where in the market do you believe our coincided interests are best served? I bow to your superior experience in local matters."

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  16. "Well, if we're looking for what happened to a fangbanger, we're going to have to go to places where they hang out. Around here, that'd be The Queen's Table. By day, it's a normal everyday smorgasbord, by night... Well, let's just say you'd find a lot more on the menu that you'd like there than I would. Run by a man named Sebastian. No last name that he's ever given, though I assume he has one, though it's likely an assumed name anyway. Assuming a familiarity with the clans and politics, he's the Toreador Primogen around here. Older than perhaps even the local Kindred Prince is, but he seems happy to just run his business. But, as one of the main feeding grounds around here where one can just pick up a willing donor, which Oinaze was, you can be sure that someone there knows more about what was going on with her recently than I do."

    She rattled off, as she looked him over. "Now, you were going to poke around here before you came across me. I heard you trying to get back here prior to talking to me. Was there anything else you wanted to dig up here? I have... two more sets I have to do tonight or I might find myself out of a job. I don't need the money but I do need to perform in front of an audience, it's a requirement of mine, in a similar way as your special need. Recharges my battery. In any event, give me half an hour, and enjoy the show, if you're coming back out."

    Melody headed for the door to her dressing room, so she could head back to stage for her next set of songs.

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  17. He bowed from the waist in acknowledgement before he removed himself from Melody's dressing room. There was nothing more to be gained there.

    From the other dressing room though, that had once belonged to the poor mage though? That was an entirely different story and he glided off towards its direction as he searched. At one point, retreating into the shadows as security walked on by before moving on.
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  18. Melody stayed where she was in her own dressing room but eavesdropped on Lucifer as he searched the rest of the place, and kept an ear out for anything unusual, like say, someone trying to sneak up on Lucifer to ambush him while he looked for clues.

    She gathered her violin case to her and grabbed the small knapsack of 'essential stuff' to toss over one shoulder before she headed over with the goal of meeting Lucifer in the hall in front of the room once he exited the other woman's room.
  19. "Melody! There you are girl! You got two more sets and the boss wants to-"

    She blinked and raised an eyebrow.

    "Going somewhere?"


    Evelyn Brewster.

    Brawler, Huntress. Closet magical girl fan.

    Security for the club.

    There didn't seem to be anyone around Lucifer from what she could hear, but there was now an obstacle preventing her from meeting. Unless she played her cards right.

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  20. She thought fast, a smile coming to her face after a brief flinch of being 'caught'.

    "Eventually, yes. I was just getting my things together. Was going to leave them behind the stage so I can bolt as soon as my sets are over tonight. It's... sort of like a date, but not really since I just met him tonight. Not set in stone though, if you wanted to just hang out and have drinks after you're off shift?"

    She kept a good portion of her awareness on Lucifer but she reached into the main room with her ability, and made a heated conversation sound like it was a bit closer, as well as louder, so perhaps she'd head back that way and not deeper in toward where Lucifer was.
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