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    "Hello There and welcome to my home!" You'll be staying awhile...

    There have been rumors going around lately about some sort of a secret experiment being run by the government as of late. Some conspiracy theorists have been going crazy about this but most sane people just ignore it, as you probably did. Little did you know that they weren't the crazy ones. oh not by a longshot one day you woke up in an empty white room full of other people and given a simple note that read:

    "Congratulations human!, you have been chosen to be the next test subject in my huge worldwide experiment! You human will be subject to every sort of horror imaginable and put through all sorts of agonizing pain and trials! And the best part is that those of you mortals that survive to the end will be given a secret reward!"

    You have been chosen to stay at the home of one of the terrifying entities running this test of man's strength. Some say that this so called secret reward is immortality or something beyond human comprehension, the knowledge of the universe, well if you manage to live through this you'll find out.

    (I will show a list of 3 pre-made characters later to choose from, these will be the only supernatural beings possible to play so if you want one you'll have to pm me a sample post, it can be from anything I just want to be sure your style can fit that character)

    Character Sheets: (These are for Humans only, test subjects * = opt.)

    Appearance: (Pic or desc. is fine)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Entity: (Whose home are you staying at?, keep in mind all players will eventually combine in one location. your entity is simply who you stay with and like your team in the experiment)
    *Theme Song:
  2. My Character:

    Name: Kyuuketsuki Nightshade
    Age: ?
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    He has a lot of psychological issues and has a tendency to test people and tease them as well. Doesn't tend to get along with others but is still a great leader, while he can be an ass at times he will always be there for those who are loyal to him. He has a bit of a masochistic personality at times but as cruel as he is there is a much deeper part of him.

    Cold, Calculating, Whimsical, Deceitful, Mental, Masochistic,
    Bi-polar/Mood swings, Wise, Tsundere

    Crush: (Open)
    Bio: (To be revealed in rp)
    Theme Song:

    Entities: (Name, Face, and race only)


    Juno, Demon

    Anna, Werewolf - Played by Mikan Nikoru
    Theme Song: She Wolf by Shakira

    Sakura, Fallen Angel - Played by - Zoey Redbird
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  3. May I try Anna, the werewolf? o u o Shapeshifters are interesting characters.
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  4. Sure thing!, just pm me a sample post and I'll give you some more detailed info on the character, you can personalize her and adjust somewhat which is why I ask for really just a paragraph will do, of anything doesn't matter what.
  5. could I take one? Juno seems cool~
  6. okay go ahead and pm me a sample post, again can be anything I'm not picky more for seeing your style than anything I don't care how long it is or anything a paragraph is fine.
  7. Is Sakura open?
  8. sorry for the late response I have recently been sucked into IMVU and well yeah. But yes she is still open and after her we just need someone to be Juno which I might just do and at least one human, again I might do that so this can start.
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  9. Do you need a sample paragraph or do I simply ask to reserve her?
  10. I'd like to be the human :O
  11. A sample paragraph, you already have her reserved since you asked for her. Just PM me I usually accept most anyone I just want to be sure I have people capable playing the Entities. I will give you a background of her and such info after I accept you in said pm so its also a way to keep the entities in the know without spoilers for the human char's.
    Good!, the character sheet is up there for humans, also I will still make a human char and probably play Juno as well.

    I stand corrected lol, never noticed your post sorry... gosh I feel so stupid now, anyways yeah same as the others just pm me a sample paragraph or so and I'll give you further info on him.
  12. what type of paragragh will you want to see?
  13. Doesn't matter, it can be completely unrelated to this if you want. Anything works.
  14. I would be interested in being a human :)

    Can we have more than one Char? Like could I have one human in one home and another one somewhere else?
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  15. Then all you need is to fill out the cs in the first post, and post it here.
  16. Name: Clarice
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Entity: Juno
    Crush: Open just ask
    Bio: Clarice is very timid, she works at a law firm. Her boss is the biggest jerk ever, but she puts up with him. She is very submissive. Though at times she seems to submissive, she is actually holding her own very well. She lives a condo all by herself, Pays the bills every week on time and all other payments that need to be paid are done with ease. Clarice Holds her own, but when it comes to men she seems to be more o a push over. Her father was a gentle man and her mother was a college graduated (doctor). She is extremely intelligent and hopes to become a lawyer on day and open her own firm.

    Name: Luther
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bi (tries his hardest to hide it)
    Entity: Kyuuketsuki Nightshade
    Crush: Open
    Bio: Luther has lived on the streets his entire life, he joined up with a gang when he was younger and made his way through life fighting. He is very rude and outspoken. He has somewhat of a bad attitude all the time. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants and a majority of the time he wins. He grew up as a child in an orphanage running away when was 10. The leader of the gang he joined became somewhat of a father figure to him. He cares little for the government and has the same attitude towards anyone else that tries to tell him what to do.
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  17. Nice I love them both, accepted!
  18. Yay :) thank you. when is the rp gonna start?
  19. Name: Liam
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Entity: Anna
    Crush: Sakura
    Most of the humans don't really enjoy their forced participation in this experiment, this guy is an exception. He seems to actually enjoy this whole situation, he sees this as an ultimate challenge, he does what he needs to succeeed and tends to use people, as Kyuuketsuki says:

    "Sometimes I think that, that guy is more of a monster than even I am, and that's saying something. I may be an asshole but at east I know what I want, monsters who lie are the worst kind"

    He tends to lie and cheat more than anyone else, and he's good at it. He always manages to trick someone into trusting him to get an edge. He appears to also have an unhealthy obsession with Sakura that borderlines stalker behavior, to the annoyance of her wich often ends with him getting the shit beat out of him.

    Theme Song:
  20. Hopefully soon (this has been ging on awhile) I'm trying to get all of the Entitie's spots taken. that one person wanted Juno but I haven't heard from them and the one wanting Sakura seems to be worried about the whole sample post thing.