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  1. first of all i just want to say if you havent read the book im comepetely ok with that. this is supposed to be based off of the book not a copy of it. have people who dont have a clue could be fun :)

    this is a historical fiction book about a girl who pretends to be a boy and joins the british navy.... and gets herself into a shit load of trouble, being sentenced to hang on mutiple occasions. this takes place during the very late 1700's and early 1800's also be prepared to listen to and sing folk songs of the time period.... it wont be a musical but it plays a role in the book... and lastly wothout giving away too many spoliers some of the characters will die and a lot of characters dont come into play until later in the story and dont always stay in the story so feel free to fill in more than one spot... please fill in more than one spot. i beg you to do so.
    Book One: Bloody Jack (open)

    Bloody Jack

    After describing the death of Mary Faber's family and her entrance into a gang, the action starts out with the main character, Mary Faber, struggling to survive on the streets of London with the other orphaned children. Their leader is a clever adolescent named Rooster Charlie whom Mary learns to love as a brother and as a leader. The gang's life is rough as they try to survive each day on the streets of 18th-century London. When Charlie is murdered by a corpse seller named Muck, Mary takes Charlie's clothes and the name "Jack" to hide her identity as a girl. She quickly finds a position as a ship's boy.

    She is renamed 'Bloody Jack' after the crew of HMS Dolphin board a ship and she, still only about thirteen years old, uses a plundered pistol to kill a pirate who is about to stab one of her fellow shipmates, Jaimy, who is paralyzed with fright. She comes back to the Dolphin covered in blood, and her proud shipmates nickname the little "boy" Bloody Jack.

    Mary Faber is an orphan in a gang on the streets of Cheapside, London, during the late 18th century. After the death of the gang's leader, she dons boy's clothing and goes to the docks, where she attempts to obtain a position as one of six ship's boys on the British warship H.M.S.Dolphin. Her endeavor is successful due to her ability to read, and she is signed under the alias Jack "Jacky" Faber. After boarding the ship, she meets the other ship's boys, named Tink, Willy, Benjy, Davy, and Jaimy.

    Jacky and the other ship's boys gain their sea legs and begin their duties on the ship. Jacky meets a seaman, Liam Delaney, who becomes her sea dad. Liam teaches her the ways of the ship and how to play the pennywhistle. After some time on the ship, Jacky finds that she's grown, and needing some new clothes, she makes her own. Jacky's new outfit catches the Captain's eye and is asked to sew up more for the others. Around this time, Jacky gets her period, and having no education in that way thinks that she is dying. After, a pirate ship is spotted and a battle begins. The crew boards the enemy ship, and Jacky picks up a pistol from a dead pirate. She sees a pirate making a path for the side of the ship and about to kill the one of the ships boys Jaimy that Jacky is was starting to have feelings for. Then she shoots the pirate, who is carrying a chest of money, and thus gets the nickname "Bloody Jack". It is in this battle that Benjy, a ship's boy in The Brotherhood, (what Jacky and the other ship's boys call themselves), is killed. The ship heads for Palma to get there ship repaired after the battle. At about this time, Jacky first menstruates, and her upbringing having left her unaware of the details of female physical maturation, she believes that she is ill and about to die.

    After the ship lands at Palma the ship's boys go to get a tattoo to show their brotherhood. Jacky then goes to a brothel to find a woman to ask 'for a friend' why she had bled before, where the madam quickly sees through her disguise and informs Jacky of the details of female bodies. The rest of the ship's boys consider Jack a rake after this, as they only know one nominal reason for a visit to a brothel.

    Then the ship heads for the Caribbean Sea. While Jacky is in the schoolroom, Midshipman Bliffil starts to beat Jacky up, and only stops when the teacher yells at him. Jacky is put in the sick ward for her injuries. She convinces Midshipman Jenkins to stand up to Bliffil and teaches him some fighting moves. A crew member Bill Sloat threatens Jacky and her sea dad Liam Delaney he tries to protect her, which causes some problems. When Bliffil attacks Jacky again, Jenkins stands up to him. Jacky begins to sleep in the rope locker because The Brotherhood had an argument, and this is when Sloat tries to sexually assault her. Jacky tries to protect herself by stabbing him with her knife, but she injures him more than she had meant to, and ends up stabbing him in the stomach and he stumbles overboard. Liam is put on trial for the murder and he is going to be hanged. Jacky intervenes and confesses to stabbing Sloat. She is put in confinement and thinks that she will be hanged to, but she is set free because she acted in self-defense.

    After that she is welcomed back by into the Brotherhood but the feeling is still weird. Jaimy admits to her that he has strange feelings for her, and that is when Jacky asks him to hold up a dress so she can mark it, and Jaimy learns that she is really a girl and that she has feelings for him.

    Soon after they arrive in Kingston, Jamaica. Jacky and Jaimy go out on the streets, and Jacky wears a dress that she bought. They eat at a café, and Davy and Tink see them. Davy and Tink do not know that the girl Jaimy is eating with Jacky, and she leaves and changes back into her ship boy clothing. The group then finds a pirecing shop, where they all get a gold hoop earing. Jacky and Jaimy exchange rings. Then they set sail again and hunt for the pirates.

    They soon meet LeFievre ("The Fever"), a pirate, at sea. There is a battle, but LeFievre gets away, and the Dolphin is damaged and sinking but men are at the pumps pumping out water when land is sighted, and they stop there. Davy learns of Jacky's true identity when he discovers her and Jaimy curled up in a hammock together. Soon after, Mr. Tilden the teacher wants to put Jacky on a kite and fly her up so she can see more land, but the winds were blowing so hard that the tree she is tied to is ripped out of the ground and after many hours of flying she lands on an unknown island. She stays there for a few days and uses smoke signals to try to get the attention of HMS Dolphin. A boat crew from the Dolphin comes to rescue her and she finds out that LeFievre and his pirates are on the island with her and waiting to ambush the rescue crew. She tries to lead the rescue crew away but the pirates catch her and hold her for hanging and money. She is hanged, but is so scrawny and skinny that she just hangs there choking. The HMS Dolphin rescue crew lands, and Jaimy quickly cuts the rope she is hanging on, and Jacky survives.

    Then she is finally discovered to be a girl. She is guarded by someone everywhere she goes. She is confined from almost everyone on board, including her old mates, but they secretly sneak over to the grating above her room to talk to her. She is told by the captain that she will be enrolled in Lawson Peabody's School for Girls inBoston, and then the book concludes with her stepping off the ship.

    Book Two: Curse of the Blue Tattoo (open)

    Curse of the Blue Tattoo

    acky Faber has just gotten off from being on the Seven Seas fighting notorious pirates and other goons on the 'Dolphin.' At the end of the first book, she is found out to be a girl and since ship codes say that a girl is not to work on a ship or be on one, she is delivered to the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls in Boston by the uptight Professor Tilden. She is forced to leave her sea dad, Liam Delaney, and her ships boys including the boy she loves, James Emerson Fletcher.

    When they get to the school, Jacky is introduced to Mistress Miranda Pimm. She is seen as a very strict and unforgiving lady, soon lashing at Jacky for her wild and outrageous clothing style such as the gold hoop earring that her and Jaimy exchanged. Mistress Pimm can't get any satisfaction or respect so she has her cronie assistant Dobbs come and take off her unsuitable jewelry by force. After their initial meeting, Jacky is sent to meet the other girls.

    She finds them very different but takes up with one Amy Trevelyne, a bit of an outcast amongst the girls. Amy is from around the Boston/New York area and has a brother that is a renowned womanizer. She is instantly an enemy of the spoiled Clarissa Worthington Howe. She is the leader of all the popular girls in the school and soon Jacky cannot take this different attitude displayed by Clarissa and fights her, both leaving considerable bruises and marks on each other.

    She takes a horse riding class, an art class, an embroidery class, a class in French and an etiquette class. On Sunday mornings, the girls go to a church off in a desolate area of the school-grounds inhabited by one Reverend Mather. Rather than the preacher that the Deacon was for Jacky aboard the 'Dolphin', Mather is a bit of an unusual man and Jacky soon finds out why.

    While Amy and Jacky are walking through the graveyard by the church between classes, Jacky spots a man looking through the window of an old shed at the two girls. Jacky is creeped out and as they noticed an unmarked grave, they leave in a hurry.

    After Jacky is engaged in a fight with Clarissa, Mistress Pimm whips them both on their legs, and Clarrisa is shocked that she is actually getting punished. Jacky is right about Mather as she finds him to be more than a typical "fire-and-brimstone" preacher. And she thinks he has something to do with the unmarked grave, so she intends to find out nonetheless.

    But after deciding to skip class and roam the streets of Boston, Jacky winds up in the port playing herpennywhistle. Some sailors hear her, and they and she begin to dance. However, her shipman's dancing doesn't pass muster in the streets of Boston, and when a lisping constable comes across her showing her knees to men, she is imprisoned for lewd and lascivious acts. Jacky meets the "lady of the night" prostitute Mam'selle Claudelle de Bour-bon of the New Orleans Bour-bons. She finds Mam'selle to be a bit crazy (her sexual orientation is questionable) but she takes up with Jacky calling her delicate names like 'Precious' and others. Soon after time in jail, Jacky is seen before the feared Judge Thwackham. All is going well, for her lawyer is an excellent one. But when the constable produces her shiv, which is a knife, as evidence to her impropriety, it seems all is lost. Jacky falls to her knees in quite a display of innocent weeping, in which she, quite luckily, mentions the name of Miss Pimm. The judge and his jury are delighted that they have finally got one of "Pimm's girls" in their court, as they have fussy wives and daughters that are very proud of the fact that this has never happened. They are so tickled that they let Jacky off with suspended punishment, confident that the horrified Pimm will do enough.

    Jacky's lawyer, Ezra, returns Jacky back to the school and before Mistress. Instead of whipping Jacky, she expels Jacky from the school but keeps her to work for the cooks and maids. This horrifies and embarrasses her terribly, but it works out well, because she finally meets some nice girls; the serving maids. They grow a great friendship. But before this happens, Jacky must visit Mather to discuss her behavior in Boston. Jacky is shocked when he lashes out, calling her a whore and a minion of Satan. Mather is about to whip Jacky, but she fights back, telling him he has no right, and finally running out on a shocked Mather after warning him she has a lawyer.

    She goes to see Ezra one day and talks about Mather. Ezra says that one year ago, a girl by the name of Janey Porter who worked for Mather was found hung in her bedroom from a bedpost (Jacky finds it impossible but Ezra tells her otherwise) and that she died while pregnant. Ephriam Fyffe, Janey's love interest, also explains that Janey Porter was pregnant but it was not his child, though he said he would have raised it as his own. He says that many found her death surprising, as she was generally a cheerful girl. Jacky is convinced Janey did not die from suicide and consults with her friend, Ephriam Fyffe. He confirms that Janey was a very happy girl until the last month of her life, even through the most of her pregnancy. This gives Jacky more to investigate and she finds the Reverend walks the graveyard by night, recalling the events as if he was talking to the spirit of Janey. Jacky sees this a state of mental paranoia and conviction.

    She is convinced the Reverend Mather killed Janey Porter. She has Amy sneak out and watch the Reverend for herself before they go and tell Ezra and Ephriam about it. Ezra sees it possible now to press charges against the minister. During the time of being a maid, Jacky writes letters back and forth to Jaimy even though a couple were intercepted by Mistress Pimm. She runs with the Mam'selle and a drunk artist by the nickname of Gully, he plays a violin named Lady Lenore and they perform in Boston's taverns. She tries and haunts the paranoid Mather by imitating the voice of the ghost of Janey Porter. It succeeds and causes Mather to lose sleep. She meets back up with Davy from the 'Dolphin' but only for a brief time and she meets Randall Trevelyne, Amy's womanizing brother. A bit of a friendship ensues and a brief, harmless relationship too. Randall soon has to leave Boston though, leaving Jacky alone after Mam'selle leaves back for New Orleans. Gully strikes Jacky after an act goes wrong, in response Jacky hands him to a navy press-gang and holds on to the lady lenore until they meet again.

    Amy turns against Jacky for a little while when Jacky gets drunk and disgraces her home. Jacky leaves Amy's home without anyone knowing and sets off for New York. She plans to sing and dance along the away to earn money for her journey. The dog follows her. At Amy's behest, Amy's father hires two men to find and bring back Jacky but they sell her to Reverend Mather instead and take her to him at the church.

    Mather is convinced Jacky is a spirit of Janey, back to haunt Mather or try to. Mather tells his dead Grand-father, a Puritan minister before him that Janey shall be dead and that the punishment he did the first time was not enough. As Mather is carrying Jacky up the stairs inside the church, she kicks over a lamp without him noticing. It starts a fire; which Mather still does not notice. Mather ties Jacky down, spread-eagle, to the posts of Janey's old bed. Ephraim bursts in to rescue her and the Reverend runs away up to the steeple. Ephraim and Jacky escape. Outside, with the "sisterhood" and other friends they watch the church burn, hear the Reverend screaming and watch the bell fall. Jacky realizes that sparks from the church have caused the stable and school to burn. Everyone is galvanized into saving the horses and the schoolgirls and putting out the fire. The horses and girls are saved; but, the buildings continue to burn. Mistress Pimm is seen on the top floor silhouetted by the light of the flames from the church. Jacky enlists help to get to the top floor to rescue her and gets up there to find Pimm trying to save her precious needlework. She saves Mistress Pimm in spite of Pimm's protestations. Constable Wiggins, who was on Thwackham's side convinced Jacky was a whore tries to catch Jacky with Dobbs but Jacky gets on her horse acquired from her class, Gretchen, and they ride out of Boston. And jacky gives her horse gretchen to a young girl and gets aboard another ship to London.

    Book Three: Under the Jolly Roger (open)

    Under the Jolly Roger

    After leaving Lawson Peabody, a boarding school inBoston, Jacky joins the whaling ship, the "Pequod", as a companion to the Captain's wife, a teacher for the Captain's son, and as the cook's helper. Jacky leaves the ship when it arrives in London and searches for Jaimy. She goes to Jaimy's house on Nine Brattle Lane, where Jaimy's mother threw Jacky out and told her Jaimy was no longer in love with her. She is confused until the family maid, named Hattie, tells her not to believe her and that Jaimy will be at the races at Epsom Downs. Jacky sets off to find him. In the meantime, Jacky visits her old gangs kip under the Blackfriar's bridge. She doesn't recognize any of the kids and they tell her what happened to the other members of the gang. They tell her a former member, Judy was hired to be a helper to an older woman, and despite her promises, has not come back to help the gang. Thinking that was odd, Jacky goes to visit her and discovers Judy is being forced to work at a wash house for a terrible man. Jacky saves Judy. Jacky takes Judy in as her maid and buys her all new clothes. Jacky dresses as a jock in order to get into a racetrack, where Jaimy is. She sees Jaimy with his cousin Emily and mistakenly thinks that Jaimy has replaced her.

    She runs away and is captured by a press-gang who mistake her for a boy and take her aboard a ship, HMSWolverine, where Jacky furiously reveals that she is a girl. Instead of sending her back, the captain keeps her around, wanting to have a night of sport with her. Jacky, knowing what the Captain has in mind, jumps from the ship into the sea, in an attempt to swim to safety. As Jacky is swimming, the Captain of the Wolverine sends out a small boat to retrieve her. As the boat creeps up on her, Jacky tries to stop them by going under water and pulling at an oar, causing a sailor to fall out. She thinks this will cause them to slow down and save the man, but instead they just keep going. Jacky can't let the sailor die, so she dives down and saves him. When she does this the other men grab her and pull her aboard.

    When back on the ship, Jacky tells the Captain that if she is to be entered into the books then she shall be put it as midshipman, since she was made midshipman while on the Dolphin. After she was put into the books, Jacky settles into the midshipman's berth. There she meets the other midshipman, Georgie Piggott, about eight years old, Ned Barrow and Tom Wheeler, both twelve years old, and Robin Raeburne, about sixteen years old.

    Meanwhile Jaimy has written a letter to Jacky, explaining the events at the track. Jaimy tells that the girl Jacky saw was actually his cousin Emily, who likes to make other men jealous by going into town with Jaimy. Jaimy says he is still hers.

    Jacky attempts to begin the midshipmen's training. To begin this Jacky puts the midshipmen onto the ships watch. Jacky also goes to the officers to be assigned a division. She is put with gun crew, Division One on the port bow guns. Jacky goes to the division and learns they have never even fired the guns. She assigns the men their jobs and drills the men on dry runs.

    The book again turns to a letter from Jaimy to Jacky. Jaimy says how Judy shows up on his doorstep. Jacky had told her if she did not return to go to Jaimy's house, since she thought she and Jaimy would be together. Judy tells Jaimy how his mother had thrown Jacky out of the house and told her Jaimy no longer loved her. Jaimy is outraged and goes to his mother and has Judy tell the story. His mother hears how the maid, Hattie, told Jacky where Jaimy would be and tells her to leave. Hattie is mad that she would throw her out after many years of service and tells Jaimy to look in one of his mother's drawers. In the drawer Jaimy finds letter to and from Jacky. This makes Jaimy very mad, and tells her that he is leaving, which is what he did, along with Judy and Hattie.

    During an early morning watch, Jacky notices a flashing light from the shore. She is told that they occur about every week. They don't know what they mean but they are supposed to tell the Captain when the lights occur. While on watch Jacky goes about and inspects the ship. She goes up the foremast to check on the lookout. There she meets Joseph Jared, the Captain of the top. He tells her he is a friend of Billy, the sailor she saved on the first day. Jared also tells her that the ship does not stop ships from passing through the blockade.

    One night, Jacky is on the watch when a storm comes, which she calls a living gale. Jacky looks up and sees the forestaysail chafing. If it breaks the ship will be lost. Jacky runs from the quarterdeck and climbs to the line and fixes it. Jacky decides to climb even higher to make sure not anymore line is chafing, even though thats Jared's job. When she gets there a huge wave comes over the deck. Jacky holds on to the mast, but she knows the wave will tear her away. When she thinks she is lost Jared comes from behind and holds her down, saving her.

    The Captain sends the officers away when the captain decides he wants to sleep with Jacky. She tries to offer herself to a fellow midshipman, Robin, wanting her first time to be willing and happy instead of in fear. However they are interrupted and Jacky is sent to the Captain's cabin. A member of the crew, wanting to protect Jacky, begins droping cannon balls from the rigging on to the quarter deck. This enrages the Captain, it being a beginning act of mutiny. He orders the person to be captured, and it is revealed to be Robin. When the Captain tries to have his way with Jacky, he has a heart attack and dies.

    At first, Jacky pretends that the Captain is too sick to leave his cabin. After a few days Jacky tells the crew of the Captain's death. She realizes that she is now Captain of the ship, all the sailors ranking above her having been sent off to deliver a message in England. After the Captain's death, Jacky discovers that the Captain has been taking bribes to let ships pass through the blockade. She soon uncovers a smuggling ring, which included smuggling out French spies. Jacky takes control of the ship, which includes releasing Robin and Placing Joseph Jared, a sailor that Jacky befriended, as one of her officers. She and her crew take several French ships as prizes and Jacky earns a reputation as La belle jeune fille sans merci, or "the beautiful young girl without mercy". Soon she is removed from her position as captain, but manages to escape on one of the captured ships, the Emerald, which she makes her own.

    Along with Higgins, a steward from the Wolverine, Jacky travels to Ireland and finds her former sea dad, Liam Delaney and offers him the role as Captain of the Emerald, while she would be the owner of the ship. He accepts and together they find a crew and begin privateering. Jacky becomes close friends with Liam's daughter, Mariad. They become very wealthy and prosperous and Jacky's reputation grows. When the Emerald is at a port in England Jacky is relaxing in the countryside and an older man approaches her. The man turns out the be Jacky's grandfather. This is the first family Jacky has had since the dark day when her parents and sister died and she was forced out on the street. Jacky had acquired a letter of marque by revealing the smuggling ring to the admiralty, but then the admiralty revokes her letter of marque and she is branded as a pirate. Later, she is briefly reunited with Jaimy who is a lieutenant aboard the Wolverine which captures and sinks her ship and finds out that the girl she saw Jaimy with was actually his cousin, and they are together again. However, the Wolverine becomes engaged in the Battle of Trafalgar where Jacky escapes the brig and takes part in the battle. When all is over she request to stay and help doctor many of her former shipmates who had been injured, but the Captain sets her free for her bravery in battle. She then signals Jamie to meet her in Boston before sailing away.

    Book Four: In the Belly of the Bloodhound (open)

    In the Belly of the Bloodhound
    his novel follows Jacky Faber upon her return to Boston. In her small ship, the Morning Star, she sneaks into port past two British ships. When she is out of sight, she finds a young boy, Jim Tanner, to watch her ship for her. She goes into town to talk with her lawyer, Ezra Pickering. They decide it is best for Jacky to return to the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls. The school is being rebuilt with bricks after a fire caused by a certain someone. The next day, Ezra, Jim, and Jacky take the Morning Star to Dovecote to see Amy, who is in a deep depression. Jacky surprises her by bringing her lunch to her. She tells Amy her story and then the two of them join Ezra and Randall for lunch.

    The months pass after that. When school starts again, Jacky greets her old friends. Her old enemy, Clarissa, has brought a slave back with her, and Jacky is outraged. After about a month, Higgins comes to the school and becomes head of the serving staff.

    Months go by, and classes too. One day, all the girls except Amy go on a planned fieldtrip to the shore. Jacky is surprised that Mistress Pimm does not come, and is even more surprised when she realizes that Higgins is not there either. Only Mr. Harrison, the man leading their trip, and his slave Jerome are there. When they are taken to the docks, Jacky refuses to get in the lifeboat to take them to their picnic spot without Mistress Pimm or Higgins. Mr. Harrison then points a gun at her and forces her to get in the boat.

    The girls are then taken onto a ship and learn Mr Harrison is a man named Colonel Bartholomew Simon, where Clarissa angrily calls him by his more popular name, "Blackman Bart". Clarissa recognizes him as a slave dealer, who often handles transactions with her father's plantation. Blackman Bart informs the girls that they will be sold into slavery in North Africa. While the girls are hysterical, Jacky quickly shoves her seabag full of supplies down into the hold. All the girls are too scared to take charge, so Jacky becomes the leader of the group. She divides the girls into three groups and assigns a leader to each group. The three leaders are Jacky, Dolley, and Clarissa. They find a rat hole into a storage room, and make plans to widen it with Jacky's shiv to escape through.

    There is a guard at the door to the girls' prison that the crew calls Dummy. Jacky soon finds out that he is actually Hugh the Grand, or Hughie, from the Rooster Charlie Gang on the streets of London. Jacky reveals herself as "Little Mary", now Jacky, and he recognizes her.

    The next day, a man named Sin-Kay enters the hold. He had posed as Blackman Bart's slave, when they were really business partners. He organizes the girls into an alphabetical line, and is quickly introduced to the wrath of Clarissa. He quickly singles out Clarissa and Jacky as the two "troublemakers". The girls begin to listen to their leaders of their groups, Jacky, Clarissa, and Dolley. Only one girl, Elspeth Goodwin, cannot cope. She becomes hysterical and emotional, begging to be sent home.

    After a week, Elspeth rats Jacky out as the leader of the girls in a last-ditch attempt to be sent home. Jacky then gets a lashing with the cat-o-nine tails for organizing a hunger strike among the girls. The hunger strike was in response to the requests of the girls (better food and cleaner conditions).

    As the girls work on widening the rat hole and sneaking supplies through, Jacky bargains with two of the less aggressive sailors, Mick and Keefe. They help get the girls clean water for washing in exchange for Jacky revealing parts of herself. While one girl, Constance Howell, expresses outrage and indignation, Jacky continues to do so, in exchange for every girl getting water to wash with.

    Jacky also works on spreading superstitious stories through the crew. She has the youngest girl, Rebecca, wake up screaming about seeing a ghost, to scare the extremely superstitious crew. She also tells the sailors that the Captain is planning on killing them.

    Two riots are also caused during the girls' captivity. Clarissa continues to harass Sin-Kay and call him offensive names. The girls run out and cause trouble when he attempts to throw Clarissa overboard. Jacky also sneaks out of the Hold as the "black ghost", and is seen by two sailors. When the sailors become terrified and create pandemonium, Jacky sneaks back in, with the help of Clarissa.

    During the girls' captivity, Jacky tells them stories from her past to keep everyone calm. First the story told in "Under the Jolly Roger" and then stories from her past with the Rooster Charlies's Gang. One of these stories is about the time Polly was kidnapped by another gang. Another story is about the time when Jacky found a baby in the garbage and took him in. In this story there's also a reference to Oliver Twist.

    Soon, the hole is big enough to escape through. The girls create a 100-second fuse to burn the ship when they escape. They all make it out the hole and make their escape in one of the lifeboats, with the help of Jacky's old friend, Hughie. Shortly after their escape onto the life boat, Hughie dies from an injury he received while protecting Jacky on the ship and Jacky falls ill from a wound on her leg.

    Jacky wakes up on a Royal Navy Ship, HMS Juno, which is taking the girls back to Boston. Before they get to Boston, the Juno has to make a quick stop in New York, where they meet up with Henry Hoffman, the school's stable boy and fiancé of one of the girls. That girl rides back to Boston with Henry ahead of the others.

    When word of the girls' rescue and survival comes, everyone is excited and prepares for their return. When theJuno gets there, parents and loved ones, including Jaimy, are waiting. The Juno docks and the girls step off. The last three to get off are Dolley, Clarissa, and Jacky. The book ends with two marines stopping her before she can get off the ship and telling her she is under arrest for piracy.

    Book Five: Mississippi Jack (open)

    Mississippi Jack
    The story follows Jacky Faber as she is captured by British forces to be taken back to England for her past crimes. Captain Rutherford is able to keep her aboard his ship, HMS Juno, before a Colonel Swithin (a disguised Higgins) comes aboard to bargain for her freedom. He gives Rutherford and his crew the reward money, pooled by the Jacky's friends at the Lawson Peabody school, and takes Jacky away. Higgins and Jacky meet up with Jim Tanner, her coxswain, and they go to hide out in the American Wilderness. Well, while doing so, the three run into Katy Deere, who was a serving girl at the Lawson Peabody School. Katy has a goal: to kill her uncle. However, as soon as they get to the farm where he lives, Katy learns he is dead.

    Jacky, Higgins, Tanner, and Katy travel for miles exploring the U.S. frontier till they wind up in a small town on the Allegheny River. They meet and trick Mike Fink out of his boat and set off down the Allegheny River, having turned the boat into a casino showboat. Unknown to her, Jaimy is following her just days behind, but he is not alone. After being robbed, beaten, and left for dead by a pair of bandits, Jaimy is rescued by 14-year-old Clementine Jukes, who believes he is God-sent. They run away together from Clementine's abusive father in search of Jacky; Clementine is unaware of the fact that Jacky is a female and betrothed to Jaimy.

    They almost catch up to Jacky in Pittsburgh with the help of Mike Fink, who wishes to kill Jacky for stealing his boat, but Jaimy and Mike land in jail for a few weeks while Clementine finds work aboard Jacky's boat. Clementine does not tell her about how Jaimy and she traveled alone together for several hundred miles, and Jaimy does not know that Clementine is going away with Jacky.

    They allow several people aboard as guests on the showboat. The first is Yancy Cantrell, a master at cards and widow, and his black servant girl. Cantrell's servant is actually his daughter. They have a money-making scam by making slavemasters believe Chloe is a slave (Chloe is black like her mother before her) and then when Cantrell leaves his daughter; his daughter escapes and meet back up with her father. The first time Jacky witnesses this trick, Jacky nearly kills Yancy for it before discovering the ruse. He is one of the few that are following Jacky all the way to New Orleans, which is the primary destination of 'The Belle Of The Golden West', Jacky's showboat/casino.

    Also aboard are Crow Jane and the Hawkes boys, Nathaniel and Matthew 'Matty'. Crow Jane is hired as the cook and the Hawkes boys are bodyguards. Clementine is Crow Jane's assistant and develops a relationship with Jim Tanner. While stopping at a town for two days on the way down the river, the whole crew goes off to spend their money. The day they leave, the Hawkes brothers return with their new wives, Honeysuckle Rose and Tupelo Honey, whom Jacky reluctantly let on board.

    The Very Reverend Clawson comes aboard and does an act in Jacky's show, which is a song-and-dance, a revival led by Clawson, and a medicine show that advertises Captain Jack's Elixir. He is also heading to New Orleans.

    While on their cruise, one of the passengers forewarns them about a group of bloodthirsty bandits that resort at Cave-in-Rock on the outskirts of town.

    The last person aboard the ship is a slave, Solomon, on the run from his slavemaster and the authorities.

    The crew sail past the Cave-in-Rock, running into a "gentleman" sailor who knows the American rivers like the back of his hand. His name is Frederick Fortescue and he is actually a fraud. The trick is to lure the showboat into Cave-in-Rock so the bandits can kill the crew but Jacky catches onto the scene, having Fortescue imprisoned and later thrown overboard after they kill the bandits.

    Another group of people taken aboard are the Injuns, Lightfoot and Chee-a-quat. While they are on the way to New Orleans, they help out the crew along the way and Jacky gets to meet up with the two Indians' tribes that live in a massive town of tepees. Five Indian nations are meeting for what may be the first time. Unbeknownst to Jacky who goes to meet with the Indians, the British have offered a reward for the scalps of men, women, and even children colonists in America for the British. Jacky gets to meet Tecumseh and takes up with some of the Indians. But while venturing with Tepeki, an Indian girl, Jacky Faber runs into Captain Lord Allen, a womanizing British captain of high rank. Lightfoot has Allen taken from Jacky's presence and soon, Jacky meets Flashby and Moseley who know instantly who she is. With the revelation of Jacky's past to the Indians, the Chiefs elect not to involve themselves with "pale face" problems and let the British take her away. Flashby and Moseley torture Jacky during an interrogation aboard their ship but Allen detests them intensely and has them go back to the Indians. Jacky charms Allen with wine and the past, convinces Allen to untie her and steals his gun. Soon, Higgins, the crew, and her Indian friends come to rescue Jacky.

    Jacky maintains the role as the captain of her 'Belle of the Golden West' and has Moseley and Flashby walk the plank. While she has Allen journey with them to New Orleans, Jaimy soon catches up with them after escaping Mike Fink and their jail term. He meets up with Jacky but catches her cheating so he intends to return back to Britain.

    Jacky finds out the puzzling connection between Clementine and Jacky; angering her deeply. When all is calm, Jacky and the crew sail into Baton Rouge where Captain Allen and his crew decide to get off at instead of New Orleans. Jacky bids them a personal farewell and as they go looking for some supplies, Jacky and the crew run into another enemy: slave hunters. The feared Beam family of Louisiana imprison Jacky, Solomon and Chloe Cantrell because they claim Jacky is Abolitionist and loves the black race. Yancy tries to fight for her but ends up being wounded in the process.

    The Beam family takes the three to their farm where they shackle Solomon and Chloe to their barn and plan to hang Jacky. Jacky rants on about being pregnant and at first, the family of strictly men (Ma Beam must have died before this story happened) plan on hanging but then say they plan on keeping Jacky till she has her baby. Pa Beam, being a Bible-thumping yet hypocritical man of God, goes to pray in the nearby woods. When he comes out, he claims the Lord has told him to tar-and-feather Jacky so they do just that. But soon they find out Jacky is lying about being pregnant. Lightfoot, Chee-a-Quat, the Hawkes boys and Katy Deere come to save Jacky. Katy mortally wounds a son of Pa Beam - Ezekiel, and Lightfoot then bluntly kills him. The group are only able to kill three of the Beam family before they can carry Jacky, Solomon and Chloe to the safety of the 'Belle of the Golden West.'Jacky is covered in tar so Crow Jane has to soak her in water, cut her hair very short and peel the tar off with knives and alcohol.

    Things back at the ship have taken a turn for the worse, Yancy Cantrell's wound from being shot by one of the Beams turns out to be a mortal wound and he soon dies from it. After Lightfoot and Chee-a-Quat come back saying they've killed all of the Beam family and burned their house with the bodies in each bed, they bury Cantrell; the Reverend Clawson preaching the funeral.

    Katy Deere then soon decides to leave the group, going out on her own. Jacky is saddened by this but allows Katy to leave. Later that night, a horrible storm passes through and knocks Jacky off the showboat into the waters below. Within a day or so, Jacky winds up in the port of New Orleans, at long last. Without a clue on how her crew is or how to navigate New Orleans, she goes looking for the House of the Rising Sun, a brothel and a casino that the ever-so mysterious Mam'selle.

    Jacky stays with Mam'selle Claudelle de Bourbon, whom she had met in Boston and who practices "the oldest profession", until she finds Jaimy. Jacky is almost murdered simultaneously by Mike Fink because she stole his boat, British Lieutenant Flashby (a minor character from the second book), because he wants the prize money for Jacky's head, and the pirate brothers Lafitte because Jacky stole quite a bit of loot from them during her time as a privateer.

    She manages to escape them all and buys a small ship so that, with the help of her newly-reunited crew, she can get to Jaimy, who is in Jamaica. She finds him there, all is forgiven, and Jaimy sets off for China for a year or so because he is once again in the Royal Navy. Though some of her crew choose to marry and become pioneers, and others choose to marry and run a floating tavern docked at New Orleans, Jacky and the remainder of her crew leave for Boston after setting Jaimy off in Kingston, Jamaica.

    because im lazy ill post the other seven books up here later for anyone who wants it

    if you dont have the general idea by now im sorry and thats my fault. please feel free to ask questions

    character key: :bananaman:must have characters :bouncy:characters that id like to bring back from the dead in a dead spot in the story ;) :fiery: bad guys :rotfl: open characters :duh: taken characters :flamed:characters that will die

    you can change the first name of your character if youd like but please keep the last name the same so i know who you are chacters with one name were only known by their last name please feel free to give them a first name. im only looking for about five people so please please please claim more than one character. i will seperate them by book as best i can

    Book one:

    :bananaman::flamed::bouncy::rotfl:Benjamin Hanks: One of the Brotherhood, though without a tattoo

    :rotfl:Betty: Member of Charlie's gang, robbed and brought Jacky into gang, works at Missus Tuttle's

    :rotfl:Bill Sloat: Tries to rape Jacky aboard Dolphin

    :bananaman::fiery::rotfl:Bliffil: Midshipman aboard Dolphin, bully, responsible for Jacky's white eyebrow

    :bananaman::flamed::bouncy::rotfl:Charlie Brewster: Also known as Rooster Charlie, previous owner of Jacky's shiv

    :bananaman::flamed::rotfl:Cornelius Muck: Corpse-seller in Cheapside

    :bananaman::rotfl:David Jones: Also known as Davy, one of the Brotherhood, has a fancy for Annie

    :rotfl:Deacon Dunne: Clerk on Dolphin

    :rotfl:Eakins: Midshipman aboard Dolphin

    :rotfl:Elliot: Midshipman who gave Jacky a midshipman uniform

    :rotfl:Emily: Member of Charlie's gang

    :rotfl:Grant: Played the fiddle on Dolphin

    :rotfl:Greenshaw: Sailing Master on Dolphin

    :rotfl:Hardy: Dolphin, coxswain in boat with Jacky

    :rotfl:Harley: Man of Dolphin, in Mr. Jenkin's division

    :rotfl:Haywood: Lieutenant, First Mate of the Dolphin

    :rotfl:Henderson: Dophin man

    :rotfl:Hiram Fletcher: Jaimy's father

    :bananaman::flamed::rotfl:Hugh: Also known as Hugh the Grand, pressed onto a slave ship

    :rotfl:Jack Faber: Jacky's father, worked as a teacher

    :bananaman::rotfl:James Emerson Fletcher: Also known as Jaimy, One of the Brotherhood, Jacky's love interest

    :rotfl:Javerts: Seaman of the Dolphin, in errand boat with Jacky

    :rotfl:Jenkins: On the Dolphin, senior next to Bliffil

    :rotfl:Jennie: Lived under Blackfriar's Bridge

    :rotfl:John Harper: Lookout on Dolphin, rejoins Jacky on Wolverine

    :rotfl:Johnny: One of the Marines guarding Jacky on Dolphin

    :bananaman::rotfl:Judy Miller: Member of Charlie's gang, works as a servant for Lady Chumbley

    :rotfl:Lafferty: Dolphin sailor

    :rotfl:Lawrence: Lieutenant, Second Mate aboard Dolphin

    :bananaman::fiery::flamed::rotfl:Le Fievre: French pirate the Dolphin was after

    :rotfl:Leigh: On Dolphin, midshipman in charge of number 6 gun

    :bananaman::rotfl:Liam Delaney: Irishman, Jacky's seadad, captain of the Emerald

    :bananaman::rotfl:Locke: Captain of the Dolphin

    :rotfl:Nancy Alsop: Jacky's mother, Jacky also uses this name as an alias

    :rotfl:Nancy Baxter: Member of Charlie's gang

    :bananaman::flamed::bouncy::rotfl:Penelope Faber: Also known as Penny, Jacky's sister

    :rotfl:Pigger O'Toole: Leader of the Skanky Boys

    :bananaman::rotfl:Polly Von: Member of Charlie's gang, has huge blue eyes and is a good beggar

    :bananaman::rotfl:Tilden: Also known as Tilly, teacher of midshipmen aboard the Dolphin

    :bananaman::rotfl:Tink: One of the Brotherhood

    :rotfl:Toby Oyster: Second leader of Charlie's gang

    :rotfl:Wemple: Midshipman aboard Dolphin

    :rotfl:Willy: One of the Brotherhood

    Book two:

    :rotfl:Abigail Pierce: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Amy Tevelyne: Jacky's friend, Ezra's love interest, brother of Randall Trevelyne

    :rotfl::bananaman:Annie Byrnes: Serving girl, Davy's love interest

    :rotfl:Antonia Byrnes: Sibling to Annie and Betsey

    :rotfl:Barbara Samuelson: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Bean: Thespian who offers Jacky a job

    :rotfl:Beatrice Cooper: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Betsey Byrnes: Serving girl, Annie's sister, Ephriam's love interest

    :rotfl:Bissel: French teacher at Lawson's

    :rotfl::bananaman:Bob: Barkeep at the Pig and Whistle

    :rotfl::bananaman:Bodeen: Bails Hortense and Mam'selle out of jail, owns an establishment

    :rotfl:Caroline Thwackham: Judge Thwackham's granddaughter, attends Peabody, plays the viola

    :rotfl:Catherine Lowell: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Charity: Servant at Dovecote

    :rotfl:Christina King: Attends Peabody, plays the cello, is one of the Dianas

    :rotfl::bananaman:Clarissa Worthington Howe: Of the Virginia Howes, Jacky's school rival

    :rotfl:Cloris: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Dobbs: Pimm's assisstant

    :rotfl:Dorothea Baxter: Attends Peabody, extremely science-oriented

    :rotfl:Dorothy Frazier: Also known as Dolley, Peabody girl

    :rotfl:Eileen Byrnes: Sibling of Annie and Betsey

    :rotfl:Elspeth Goodwin: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Ephriam Fyffe: Furniture maker apprentice, formerly engaged to Janey, Betsey's love interest

    :rotfl::bananaman:Ezra Pickering: Jacky's attourney, romantically interested in Amy

    :rotfl::bananaman:Fennel: Thespian who offers Jacky a job

    :rotfl::bananaman::fiery:Flashby: Lieutenant who attends ball at Dovecote

    :rotfl:Fracelli: Music teacher at Lawson's

    :rotfl:Frances Wallace: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Gabby Byrnes: Sibling to Annie and Betsey

    :rotfl::bananaman::fiery:Goody Wiggins: Wife of Constable John Wiggins

    :rotfl::bananaman::fiery:Gulliver McFarland: Also known as Gully, Jacky's business partner in Boston, owns Lady Lenore

    :rotfl:Heinrich Hoffman: Herr's son, stable hand, love interest of Sylvie

    :rotfl:Helen Bailey: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Hepzibah Van Pelt: Attends Peabody, extremely music-oriented

    :rotfl:Hermione Applegate: Attends Peabody, one of the Dianas

    :rotfl:Herr Hoffman: Heinrich's dad, a stable hand

    :rotfl::bananaman:Hiram Thwackham: Bostonian Judge

    :rotfl:Hortense: Woman in jail the same time Jacky was

    :rotfl::bananaman:John Thomas: Jacky's self-appointed guard at the Pig and Whistle

    :rotfl:John Trevelyne: Colonel, Amy's father

    :rotfl::bananaman::fiery:John Wiggins: Constable, high sheriff of Boston

    :rotfl:Judith Leavitt: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Julia Winslow: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Katherine “Katy” Deere: Country serving girl, one of the Dianas

    :rotfl::bananaman:Lissette maria Theresa de Lise: daughter of Comte de Lise, Peabody girl

    :rotfl::bananaman:Mam'selle Claudelle: De Bour-bon of the New Orleans Bour-bons, meets Jacky in jail and shows kindness

    :rotfl:Martha Hawthorne: Peabody girl who teaches Jacky to do a curtsy

    :rotfl::bananaman:Maudie: Works at Pig and Whistle bar

    :rotfl:Millie: Amy's sheepdog

    :rotfl:Minerva Corbett: Attends Peabody, one of the Dianas

    :rotfl::bananaman:Miranda Pimm: Mistress of Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls, cousin to Tilly

    :rotfl:Peet: Lawson's art teacher

    :rotfl:Peggy: Serving girl

    :rotfl::bananaman:Peter Jarvis: Also known as Petey, The Sheik's designated rider

    :rotfl:Priscilla Cabot: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Randall Trevelyne: Brother to Amy, was engaged to Clarissa

    :rotfl::bananaman:Rebecca Adams: Youngest Girl at Lawson's

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed:Richard Wilson Mather: Reverend who killed Janey Porter for witchcraft

    :rotfl:Rose Crawford: Attends Peabody, one of the Dianas

    :rotfl:Ruth Alden: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl:Sackett: Teaches math and science at Lawson's

    :rotfl:Sally Anderson: Attends Peabody

    :rotfl::bananaman:Smasher McGee: A tough Bostonian acquaintance of Jacky's

    :rotfl::bananaman:Sylvie Rossio: Italian serving girl, Henry's love interest

    :rotfl:Wilhemina Johnson: Attends Peabody

    Book three:

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Abraham Scroggs: Captain of the Wolverine

    :rotfl:Amos Gooch: Georgie's Wolverine sea dad

    :rotfl::bananaman:Arthur McBride: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Batson: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:Beasley: Officer brought to Wolverine with Captain Trumbull

    :rotfl:Ben: Lived under Blackfriar's Bridge

    :rotfl:Billy: Lived under Blackfriar's Bridge

    :rotfl:Billy Barnes: Almost drowned trying to capture Jacky, man aboard Wolverine

    :rotfl:Bishop: Wolverine seaman in Gun Crew Division Three

    :rotfl:Bowdoin: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Brady: Ned's Wolverine sea dad

    :rotfl:Bronson: Wolverine sailor

    :rotfl:Corbett: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Coughline: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Dalton: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:Dennis Muldoon: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Edwin Earweg: Captain Scrogg's doctor aboard Wolverine

    :rotfl::bananaman:Eli Chase: Smallest of Wolverine ship's boys

    :rotfl:Gates: Wolverine lookout

    :rotfl::bananaman:Georgie Piggot: Youngest midshipman on the Wolverine

    :rotfl:Grimes: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Harvey: Wolverine sailing master

    :rotfl::bananaman:Higgins: On Wolverine, Captain Scrogg's steward, now accompanies Jacky

    :rotfl:Hutchinson: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Ian McConnaughy: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Jack Harkness: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One, later made Gunner's Mate

    :rotfl:Jack Sheeham: On Emerald in Port Watch section

    :rotfl:James: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:John Reilly: First Mate on Emerald

    :rotfl::bananaman:Joseph Jared: Roguish seafaring, responsible for the moniker Puss-In-Boots

    :rotfl:Kelly: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:Langley: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Mairead Delaney: Liam's oldest daughter

    :rotfl:Merrill: Wolverine seaman in Gun Crew Division Two

    :rotfl:Mill: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:Moira Delaney: Liam's wife

    :rotfl:Morrison: Tom's Wolverine sea dad

    :rotfl:Myrick: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Ned Barrows: Midshipman on the Wolverine

    :rotfl:Nichols: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:O'Brian: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:O'Grady: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:O'Leary: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Ozgood: Actor on Wolverine, acting captain on Emerald

    :rotfl::bananaman:Padraic Delaney: Liam's oldest son

    :rotfl:Parnell: Seaman on Emerald

    :rotfl:Pelham: Second Mate on Wolverine

    :rotfl:Peter Drake: On Wolverine, Master-At-Arms and later Sub Lieutenant at Arms, teaches Jacky swordfighting

    :rotfl:Pinkham: Officer aboard Wolverine

    :rotfl:Pye: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl:Roberts: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Robin Raeburn: Midshipman and later First Mate aboard Wolverine

    :rotfl:Rusby: Wolverine man in Gun Crew Division One

    :rotfl::bananaman:Tom Wheeler: Midshipman on the Wolverine

    :rotfl::bananaman:Tremendous McKenzie: Ship's boy who was born between two guns in battle

    :rotfl:Trumbull: New Captain of Wolverine

    :rotfl:Turner: Wolverine sailor

    :rotfl::fiery:Weisling: Also known as the Weasel, Wolverine steward for midshipmen

    Book Four:

    :rotfl:Angelique Marie Theresa: De Toussaint, Clarissa's slave

    :rotfl:Bartholomew Simon: Also known as Blackman Bart, does business in slave trade

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Blodgett: Captain of Bloodhound

    :rotfl::fiery:Carruthers: On helm of Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Chubbuck: Bo'sun on Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman:Cookie: Cook on Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman:Dianas: A group of Peabody girls, named after the goddess of the hunt, consists of Hermione, Minerva, Christina, Rose, and Katy

    :rotfl::fiery:Hale: Lieutenant aboard Juno

    :rotfl::bananaman::fiery:Jean Lafitte: Slaver, one of the Lafitte brothers

    :rotfl::bananaman:Keefe: Takes care of tubs on Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman:Mick: Takes care of tubs on Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Sammy Nettles: Boy on Bloodhound

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Sin-Kay: Runs slavers with Blackman Bart

    Book five:

    :rotfl:Bailey: Sergeant, serves under Lord Richard Allen

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:Beatty: Mississippi conman who robs Jaimy

    :rotfl::bananaman:Clementine Jukes: Midwestern savior of Jaimy, wife of Jim Tanner

    :rotfl::bananaman:Cloe Abyssinia Cantrell: Daughter of Yancy Cantrell, used in a father-daughter con artist scheme

    :rotfl::bananaman:Crow Jane: Native American cook aboard Belle of the Golden West

    :rotfl::bananaman:Daniel Prescott: Player aboard Belle

    :rotfl::fiery:Ezekiel: Slave hunter

    :rotfl::bananaman:George Henry Alsop: Reverend, Jacky's grandfather

    :rotfl:Honeysuckle Rose Sweet-Hawkes: Married to Matthew Hawkes

    :rotfl::bananaman:James McNeil Tanner: Sails with Jacky, married to Clementine

    :rotfl::bananaman:Lightfoot Bumpus: Native American ally of Jacky during her stay in Mississippi, married to Katy Deere

    :rotfl:Mountain Man Murphy: physical opponent to Mike Fink

    :rotfl::bananaman:Matthew Hawkes: Sailed with Jacks aboard Belle of the Golden West, brother of Nathaniel

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed::fiery:McCoy: Mississippi conman who robs Jaimy

    :rotfl:McMann: Private who serves with Richard Allen

    :rotfl:Merrick: Private who serves with Richard Allen

    :rotfl::bananaman::err::err:Mike Fink: East Hickory river flat-boat man

    :rotfl:Moredecai Beam: Abolitionist-hater, son of Pap Beam

    :rotfl:Mosely: Serves with Richard Allen

    :rotfl::bananaman:Richard Allen: Roguish captain of Mississippi

    :rotfl:Rosemary Alsop: Jacky's grandmother

    :rotfl:Seth Hawkins: Came to see Jacky's Pig and Whistle performance

    :rotfl:Shadrach Beam: Abolitionist-hater, son of Pap Beam

    :rotfl::bananaman:Solomon Freeman: Runaway slave

    :rotfl:Tak-a-lay: Lightfoot's father

    :rotfl::bananaman:Tepeki-kweewa-nepi: Chief's daughter

    :rotfl:Tupelo Honey Sweet-Hawkes: Married to Nathaniel Hawkes

    :rotfl:Willie: Serves under Lord Richard Allen

    :rotfl::bananaman::flamed:Yancy Beauregard Cantrell: Father of Cloe, rides with Jacky aboard Belle of the Golden West

    I read the first three books before the rest came out (I may have to read the other two now that I know there's more) but you may want to shrink your character list for more responses; even if you don't ask people to read the books, most won't be willing to remember that many characters :/
  3. in all honestly i copied and pasted most of this from the internet and thanks.... there is actually 12 books tottal ive read all but the last one. ill fix this sometime tomorrow
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