Bloody Anthros: Food Chain.

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  1. A short roleplay of the fictional fantasy lives of anthros. A story about food chain and survival. Hunter and prey. What Anthro do you want to be?

    The place is named Afukira; a place filled with anthros. A place where it is either summer or the rainy seasons.




    The technology of the Afukira will be medieval with attributes of magic instilled. The anthros will wear armor and carry swords, shields, and staves in their clutches. They fight to defend themselves and to hunt for food.

    I need a couple of players for this roleplay. I myself won't create a character in this roleplay but I will be the referee to the story and I will decide the outcome of any actions and reactions of your character by the details of your writing. If your writing lacks detail, I will fail your actions. Therefore, automatically there will be no invulnerable and invincible characters. :)​
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  2. C'mon. Is no one interested in Anthros? They are way kawaii. :(
  3. Do you not know how hard it is to type with pads?

    I'll be watching this thread...

    Cause it interests me and most people assume 'anthro = furry sexual deviant'. Which doesn't quite work.
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  4. Eulalia!

    Anyways, interesting. Reminds me A LOT of the Redwall series.
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  5. Nice to see you again @Heyitsjiwon . What breed of anthro do you want to be?

    @Windsong , :P I usually type on my small asus zenfone 4.0 . Its not so bad. Anyway, you'll be a wolf? So kawaii and sexy. I didn't know that anthro was pictured as sexual creatures. That is an interesting information.
  6. Iphone 6 here or a desktop at night.

    I've got plenty of anthro Art, but how you've missed the massive furry fandom is beyond me.
  7. Well anyways, the idea I have for this roleplay is that there are no normal humans and normal animals. There will only be anthros. Carnivorous anthros is forced to hunt other anthros to live or else starve. They cannot eat plants as it is not suitable for their body. They are predators.

    Every breed of anthro speaks different languages, therefore they cannot communicate with each other well. Some herbivorous and omnivorous breed of anthros such as the rabbits, the moles, and other underground creatures, they managed to create an underground settlement for themselves. But for food, they are forced to ascend to the lands above.

    The minotaur travel in groups. They migrate from one place to another as the seasons change. They eat the grass that grows but are hunted by carnivorous predators.

    Anthros such as the lion, wolves, hyenas, and other creatures live on the land kingdom. The lion king sits in the throne, giving orders to his female knights and mistresses to hunt. Other commoners does their living in the city, trading and offering whatever services that they could. They are after all anthros and not animals.

    Most wolves are nomads, riding their bikes from land to land, hunting whatever they could. They sometimes trade in the lion kingdom.

    This roleplay will be a short one, consisting of the predators hunting their prey. I need someone to play as the predator and someone to play as the prey. Choose what anthro you want to be. You can be creative and imagine their lifestyle but keep it realistic and based loosely on real life animals. You can write about their struggles and how some loathe that they have to eat other anthros to live. Drama.
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  8. Ah, I see now.

    Brings up good questions whenever I see someone make a world of anthro civilizations. How carnivores treat herbivores, etc etc. Always imagined the herbivores as an agricultural society while like you have the predators/carnivores roam more and are less likely to settle a city.

    Will keep an eye on it, but less interested in a short RP about just murdering someone for food. :c
  9. I still need to ponder on them more. There are lots of posibilities.

    I want to start with a short roleplay. Maybe later I could get deeper into it and make a longer roleplay. Longer roleplay with large groups tend to die easily.
  10. Oh and I hope it won't be just a roleplay about anthros getting food. I hope the players are able to dive in and express the depth of their characters. I hope they can tell the stories of the anthros struggles, writing about their past story of growing up, how they felt in their first murder of survival. Just like war heroes. I heard they are traumatized from war and the blood shedding. Unlike humans, these anthros have no choice but to kill and supply food for their people. Its a messed up life for them.
  11. Did somebody say ANTHRO?!?!?!??!
  12. Someone wrote Anthro. :P hoping for interests.
  13. I like wolfies :3

    sure, i'm intrested in anything with the A-word in it XD
  14. Aardvark...?

    I'm interested in seeing how this works out.
  15. I'm going to post a story about the lion anthros later. Maybe the story could then be turned into a roleplay.
  16. Interested, but the idea of hyenas being subservient to lions baffles me.
  17. I'm admittedly wondering, are the wolves like Ethiopian wolves? because I'm not really sure wolves and lions tend to live in the same area otherwise...

    Are there animals from different climatic regions living in the same area? Or do they tend to follow the same, or similar, spread as we know on our world?

    Lions and hyenas have an interesting relationship, maybe they don't let them get together in groups large enough to be dangerous?
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  18. I rethought about that as well. When it comes to animals in the wild, that may be true. But anthros should be more intelligent than that. Hyenes and lions and wolves, althought are from different breed of animals, they eat the same thing. One could hunt and sell the meat they acquire for money and buy things such as clothing and weapons or even more meat. There may be problems with discrimination of race and such, but they would still have to work together to live.
  19. As for the place where the anthros belong. I do agree that different anthros breeds come from different places of the world, but we have to take count of player's interests. Restricting the choice of anthros to choose from is a bit dispiriting. Perhaps the anthros migrated and became immigrants in the lands.
  20. Hyenes aren't subservants for the lions. They have their own comunity in the city. But the one who sits on the throne of the kingdom in the castle is the lion. He govern the lands with the help of all his brothers. His lionesses does the hunting and fighting for him, unless other males declare a fight for the chance to be king. For that reason, the king is the strongest of lions.
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