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    This is not the Alternia you know. Under the smothering rule of Her Imperial Mediatrix, any threat to her people are swiftly and mercilessly wiped out by the Alternian Fleet. Only a few alien races surrendered to Her and were allowed to live peacefully (aka barely tolerated by the populace) in Her empire. The trolls, grownups and children alike, are all expected to behave in harmony under her rule, but the castes constantly clash when she is out of sight.

    What is it like to live in this world where adults and aliens roam free, and not keeping the peace can get you culled just as soon as coddled? It's a fine line to tread, and these twelve kids will soon learn that growing up is hard. It's hard and no one understands.

    @Cephalo is going to be my co-GM for this rp. I am still highest authority, but she will be helping me make decisions on things and coming up with background info and worldbuilding stuff. She also has CS/IC Nitpicking Priveleges (tm). Please don't be offended if she suggests a change or constructive criticisms for your character.

    Belonging to a certain caste will NOT make your troll act exactly like the one that originally had that color. For example, a yellowblood will not have an obsession for bifurcation, and an olive will NOT be a shipper cat-troll. Teals will not suddenly be blind for no reason or love eating red chalk.
    1.5. Things you CAN make the same with your troll:
    - Jades being able to be rainbow drinkers
    - Purples being involved in the clown cult
    - Yellow helmsmen (there's more than one ship in the alternian fleet. Other lowbloods with psionics are probably also able to be helmsmen)
    Your troll CAN have interests that they had before! Just make sure you can fit it into the new caste position if it needs tweaking. For example, a Violet Nepeta is still a romance junkie, and often catfishes (ah, puns) other trolls on the internet. A lowblood Feferi still loves taking care of animals, and their gratitude keeps her from getting eaten even though she is mostly defenseless.
    If you have more than one character, they cannot be matesprits or kismesis (they could have history in the past of them being red/black but nothing in present time of the rp). Conciliatory relationships are okay since that's too much to keep from, but try to engage with other players if you can.
    3.5 Talk it over with the other players if you want to set up established relationships between your characters before IC starts. This goes for friendships as well as quadrants.
    No smut/sex things in the rp or in PM since there are underage members playing. Swearing is absolutely fine though.
    No godmoding, powerplaying, etc, especially if you've got psionics. Talk stuff over with other players first if you wanna do something that will effect their character that much (mind-reading, murder, throwing them around with telekinesis, etc). Otherwise, give them room to be able to react or try to throw off your attack in their post. Try not to be a Mary Sue.
    No real post length requirements. I understand pushing people to write a certain amount just creates a lot of filler and writers block. So whatever length you give, just do what you can and give us something to react to or work off of. Write fruity rumpus if you've read and understand these rules.
    I may be implementing msparp to do pesterlogs with. I will test this and see if it will work, but if it does keep rule #3 in mind.
    I am open to suggestion and compromise on these points. Sometimes rules can be bent or broken and still make great characters.

    |CS Skeleton|
    Name: (same as canon troll's you chose)
    Blood Color:
    Troll Handle: (this is a good site for finding words to use. To avoid too much confusion, handle initials will stay the same- Karkat will still be CG and so on. Typing quirks should stay generally the same. )
    Lusus: (if changing between land/sea, or if it just doesn't fit your new blood color, you may change your lusus)
    Appearance: (descriptive of what did and didn't change, pics can be used if you want, especially for hair or clothes)
    Personality: (make sure to include what has stayed the same about them as well as new changes and interests.)
    History: (what their life has been like due to the caste they have now been born in)
    Powers: (for anyone below oliveblood)
    Hive: (where do they live now? Lawnrings, communal hivestem, forest, etc. Nothing too fancy for lowbloods. This may help if you're stuck, but it's just a fantheory and not required)
    Strife Specibus:
    Fetch Modus:
    Ancestor: (optional)
    Quadrants (if any):
    Other relationships: (who they're friends with, who they dislike, etc)
    Homestuck style intro: (optional)

    |Accepted Characters|
    Yellow Vriska x
    Olive Eridan x
    Jade Aradia x
    Teal Tavros x

    Indigo Nepeta x
    Tyrian Kanaya x
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  2. Name: Aradia
    Blood Color: Jade
    Troll Handle: ap0calypseArisen
    Lusus: (just with a jade colored glow to it))
    Appearance: (obviously the first one. Couldn't find a picture of it alone)
    Stayed the same: Still morbid and a little scary
    What changed: Loves fashion and lives in Kanaya's hive
    Powers: None
    Strife Specibus:
    Fetch Modus: Ouja mode
    Ancestor: Doesn't know
    Quadrants (if any): Maybe find out later
    Other relationships: Find out later
    Homestuck style intro: <3 <3 ~~
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  3. @carcinoGeneticist what do you mean by "the first one" for appearance? Is she dressed like that mutant kanaya or did you mean something else?
  4. That's what Aradia looks like. The first character in that pic is Aradia, but just with her horns.
  5. I see. Okie doke
  6. Accepted
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  7. Awesome!
  8. I'm having a blast checking out all these fanmande fetch modi:
    I can't stop laughing. It's not even that funny but I love it.

  9. @carcinoGeneticist could you put your pics under spoiler tags please? Its causing some lag on the thread due to their size/gifiness. You're not in any trouble or anything.
  10. I have no clue how to do spoilers so I just put the URLs for each and took away the pics so you can see them by clicking the website URL
  11. okie doke. The way you put a spoiler around something is by putting [ spoiler ] your image/text [ / spoiler ] but without all the spaces. has instructions on how to do that and a bunch of other nifty stuff too.

  13. idk. Like my title says, I am the Finder of Things, but that does not guarantee that it will be the right things. CG is a blue mystery~
  14. What do you mean by Homestuck style intro?
  15. Like how Hussie introduces his characters in the comic. Here's Karkat's for example.
  16. Bluh Bluh
    Name: Vriska Serket

    Blood Color: Yellow

    Troll Handle: adroitGambogean [AG] (adroit= cleverly skillful or resourceful; gamboge- deep yellow pigment)

    Lusus: still Spider-mom

    Appearance: Yellow Vriska has a large side braid. She has several scars on her body from fighting her mother and other trolls. Her left arm is missing, but for different reasons than canon, and her vision 8fold is still intact. She wears gray cargo pants, yellow boots, black top with symbol, and a yellow flannel shirt tied around her waist.

    Personality: Yellow Vriska is still kind of a 'bluh bluh huge bitch', but much less so than her canon counterpart. She's still pushy, dramatic, and cocky, but the care she has for her friends tempers it a bit. The hard task of keeping her mother fed has given her a lot of guilt over the sweeps, but her experiences have taught her that if she doesn't gather kills for her mom, she'll be the one on the menu. Vriska is a stickler for hard work over relying on luck. She tries to be prepared for anything and everything, and is always learning a new skill to get one up on the competition (aka everyone else). She is prideful, and won't ask for more experienced help if it isn't life threatening- and if she does, she'll hold a grudge. If she were more high-strung, she'd probably be a doomsday prepper.

    History: Vriska's luck has always been spotty, and taking care of her mom as a young troll was hard work. Mom was constantly hungry, and when Vriska took too long finding/killing meals for her, she often terrorized her from outside the hive. One night after a long dry spell between meals and barely escaping spidermom in order to get to town, the two trolls she brought back with her were not enough. Spidermom tried to eat Vriska along with her victims. Vriska managed to trip up the others and offer them up first, but her left arm was devoured in the process. From that day on, as much as Vriska hated killing others (she wished they weren't so weak! If they had been stronger, better, they could have avoided this! It wasn't her fault!) she knew that it was her or them. This also spurred her obsession with preparedness. Never again would she let herself be in a situation like that and hinge her life on chance. She has a stockpile of bodies she keeps in the basement in case another dry spell hits, and learned a variety of skills so she would never be helpless. She learned mechanics first and built herself a new arm (shitty, but useable), and then lived by her new rules until she became the troll her friends know and tolerate today.
    Powers: Vision 8fold, same as canon (according to what I've looked up on it, vision 8fold allows some sort of xray vision through objects). She uses this to get a closer look at the tech and devices she builds. She also has mild psionics; not as powerful as canon sollux's, but enough to power her laptop and be a candidate for helmsman placement later in life. Yellow vriska does not have mind-control.

    Hive: Vriska lives in a rundown hive on the edge of town since her lusus is too large and bloodthirsty bothersome to be housed in a communal hivestem. The place is an awful mess, both because spidermom trashes the place whenever she gets too hungry (windows are not an infinite resource, mom D::::< ) and Vriska's 8ball fetch modus leaves broken 8balls and blue liquid stains all over the floors. She'd clean it, but really what's the point? She takes advantage of the trashy look of the place by convincing troll kids that it's an abandoned hive they can loot for cool stuff with her, only to lure them there to be eaten by spidermom. Hey, sometimes she gets tired of hauling dead kids across town and needs a little variety- no one likes a rut.

    Strife Specibus: Clackerskind (used kind of like bolas for trapping/tying, but she also hits people with the ball bits)
    Show Spoiler

    Fetch Modus: 8-ball modus

    Ancestor: The Honeypot- infamous hacker helmswoman who routinely let herself be captured and plugged into ships just so she could take it over from the inside. Virtual piracy at its finest.

    Quadrants (if any): tbd

    Other relationships: Vriska is good friends with Karkat. He is also in the business of learning things, and of course Vriska is going to barge in all offended and demand to stick around to learn whatever it is, too.

    Homestuck style intro: wip
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  17. oh that makes sense! lol I don't know why I didn't get if right off the bat. :3 I'll have my up soon
  18. *coos* the first post looks so pretty and nice
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