Bloodsuckers and Shapechangers

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  1. Markus ran through the werewolves' building, desperately trying to find the door that would lead him to where his brother was being held. Alex was not even one hundred yet, still a child by vampire terms. Yet he had been the one to get caught by the werewolves, and not him, or one of the other hundreds of vampires in the coven with them.

    He could hear the sounds of klaxon alarms, but he tried to close his ears to the noise. His plan was simple, get into the werewolves' main building in their territory, a smaller-sized city with a large forest bordering it, find Alex, and get out. Simple.

    Of course, that had been before Markus had accidentally tripped an alarm, alerting all the werewolves in the building that there was a vampire in the building. His polished boots squeaking against the linoleum, Markus spun around a corner...

    ...and right into a group of the werewolves. Oh, shit.
  2. Isobella was in her room with her legs crossed as she was reading a book when it all happened. Nothing could have gone bad with his day, in her eyes. It was her first day of the council and she was excited to be able to make a new law. she wanted to be like other girls, even though she was about two hundred years old, and only looked nineteen.

    Suddenly, the alarm went off and Isobella was off her feet before she knew it, she stepped out of her room and into the pack of werewolves as they went running to find their intruder. Their place of sanctuary had a couple alarms, but one they listened for the most, 'Vampire intrusion' that was the alarm that was ringing in the young werewolves ears. It hurt at first since she had never in her long ass life time heard it before.

    Their group ran around a corner and that's when she smelt it. Ugh the smell of vampires... the smell of the dead, it's really rather sickening... Isobella looked up at her father who was the leader of their large pack, and he growled down at the vampire, quickly snatching him up and tossing him into the herd of werewolves. Where the vampire landed was right in front of Isobella, and she gave the vamp an hateful glare.

    "I hope you know what you just got yourself into..." Her voice a thick accent of Russian. And then they led him to their prisons, where the other vampire was...
  3. Markus had tried to back away from the werewolves, in order to give him room to fight or run, but two of their largest had blocked his path. Suddenly feeling very outnumbered, he tensed, nearly jumping when he heard the werewolf in front of him growl. Thankfully, he didn't, and his pride remained intact for another day. However...he wasn't sure about that from the looks of the other werewolves...

    Cursing as he was thrown to the center of the werewolf pack, he moved his hand to his shoulder, which had collided roughly with the floor. The pain was gone in seconds, but the jar was still there.

    As his bright red eyes glared back at the werewolf girl, he refused to answer her question, but he struggled the whole way to the prisons. As he was being led to his cell, he caught sight of a young, dark-haired boy who only looked about ten. Alex. He was sitting on a metal bench that was probably his bed, his shoulder-length hair falling over his eyes. "Hey, Al-!" he got out, before one of the werewolves hit him on the side of the head. Still, Alex raised his head, just enough so that he could see top of Markus' head.

    "Mark!" he shouted, getting to his feet and moving to the silver bars of the cell. He put a hand on one of them, before pulling it away as if it was on fire. Hissing through the pain, he watched as Markus was put into a cell, being thrown down onto his face.

    "Let me out, dammit!" he shouted, jumping to his feet. He had heard stories about vampires who were caught by werewolves, how they woke up to have a tattoo on their wrists telling all who saw them that they belonged to the werewolves, and he absolutely did not want that to happen to him. Craning his neck, he tried to see if he could see a tattoo on Alex's wrist. He was too far away, and instead he focused his attention on the werewolves.

    "Let. Me. Out. Now," he said firmly, tempted to try to reach through the bars to grab at one of them. He'd probably only get silver burns from the bars on his skin if he did that, so he decided that it wasn't a good idea.
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  4. Isobella!
    Isobella looked to her father, who was watching the crowd of werewolves carrying the vampire to their vamp-cells. He turned his attention to his daughter, and walked up to her, placing his rough, firm palm against her shoulders.​
    You're going to be taking a lot more responsibility around here, as my heir. Your first task is to watch over those filthy blood-suckers, alright?
    Isobella knew better than to argue with her father, she she turned on her heels and walked out of the hall way and into her room momentarily to grab her phone and laptop. She then left her room and walked to the vampire-cells they kept way in the back, about fifty miles from the front gate, but it didn't matter the distance she was a werewolf it took her ten minutes to jog there with her stuff in her arms. Once she got there, the other werewolves looked at her funnily.​
    "Dad sent me. It's my job now, get out of here." There was a certain type of authority in her voice but it didn't matter all too much, they ran out like puppies with their tails between their led, and Isobella set her stuff down on a table, she turned when she heard the boys speaking, and she sighed. She walked right up to the cell with Markus in it, and she gripped the bars, her smile bitter and angry. "You should really watch where you're touching, these hurt you guys, don't cha know? Anyways, I'm gonna watch you, don't think I won't be afraid to slap a bitch, because I will." She turned her angry eyes to who she assumed was his brother. "That's to both of you. Now, shut up." She stepped away fro the cells and walked to the table turning her laptop on.​
  5. Markus glared back at the werewolf girl, daring her with his eyes to do something. "Strong words for someone who doesn't have the strength to come in here and say that." At her next words, he quipped, "You'll have to come in here and make me." Sighing heavily, he glanced over the cell he was in. It was smaller than his closet at home, and was comprised of only the metal bench and a hole in the back that must have been a toilet. Turning back to the front, he regarded the bars and the locking mechanism on them. It was too complex to try to reach around the bars and pick the lock, but maybe, if he could get the werewolf girl into the cell, he could take any keys she had on her.

    Straining his ears, he couldn't hear any other vampires in the cells around him, which meant that he and Alex were the only ones the werewolves had taken into custody. Frowning, he moved to the right corner of his cell, checking that the werewolf girl wasn't paying attention to him. Reaching his left hand out of the farthest bar, he bent his arm at the elbow, and began tracing the outlines of the heavy bricks that made up the walls between cells. Maybe, if he was careful about it, he could dislodge one of the bricks and bludgeon his way out of the building. Running his fingernails over the mortar between the bricks, thinking that he might be able to wear away at it.

    Beginning, Markus ran his fingernails over the top side of the brick, trying to see how easy it would be to wear away the mortar. By the hardness he felt, it would take at least five days of nonstop work, which he probably didn't have. Sighing, he pulled his arm back. As he was moving, his elbow grazed the nearest silver bar, and he cursed loudly, his other hand quickly moving to the burn. Sighing, he sank down onto the metal bench, putting his head in his hands. did it come this?
  6. Isobella raised a swift eyebrow at the brother who was speaking to her. A grin took her lips, and she tilted her head allowing her long red hair tumble down to one side. A look of challenge filled her eyes,a challenge she would not ignored. She stood up, and lifted her hands to her hair, she brushed her red locks into a tight pony tail, and raised an eyebrow at him.​
    "What's your name, Blood Sucker?"​
    As she waited she began to empty her pockets. Of all keys, cell phones, pencils everything she could possibly fit into her pockets. Once they were out, she walked to the side wall next to the other vampire, and pushed a button. It didn't seem like anything happened until she walked to the smart ass vampire's cell and pushed it open before closing it. It instantly locked ad she put her hands on her hips.​
    "Still think I'm too scared to come in here? I will mess you up, you filthy scum."​
  7. "As if I'd tell filth like you what my name was," Markus answered venomously. When she entered his cell, he glared up at the werewolf, immediately clenching his hands into fists. "I dare you," he retorted, getting to his feet. Though he was only a few inches taller than the she-wolf, they were in no way matched. Markus had never formally learned how to fight, and though he had always been good at running, he knew that he couldn't move around much in the tiny cell.

    He had cursed internally when the cell door locked behind her. Maybe, if she left, he could get out that way, and have more room to fight. Glancing over at Alex, he said, "At least let him go...he's hardly ninety-eight. A boy like him does you no good here. He needs his family. I don't care if you keep me here, just let him go." He frowned, seeing how intently his younger brother was watching the two.

    "Let him go." he repeated, wishing that the werewolf girl would listen to him.
  8. "Awwww, is the poor filthy blood sucker too scared to say it to my face?" Isobella tilted her head and when he requested that she let his brother go, or whatever, she looked towards the other vampire and smirked. She turned and walked to the door, and opened it, quickly closing it and turning the alarm on, so he wouldn't be able to break out. She walked up to the other vampires cell, and opened it, she stepped inside, and closed it again. She leaned back and let out a yawn.​
    "See how good your uhh vampire friend over there is? He wants me to let you go." She only smiled, and then she reached out to touch the vampires shoulder, suddenly her eyes changed color, and she doubled over as if she were in pain. When she stood up again, she snarled lightly. "I need you to listen to me, kid. I'm the heir to the pack leader, he is getting sick which will make me the pack leader, if he dies, and I become the leader, I won't be myself anymore. I'll be an evil bitch, I'm going to let you go, and I need you to run as fast as you can, do no let the guards see that you have escaped, got it?" She walked away from him and opened the gate, holding it open for the vampire, then she sagged against the bars, and looked to the other vampire.​
    "See? I'm not all bad..." she sighed.​
  9. Markus frowned when he saw her walking to Alex's cell. If she hurt him, he decided, he would kill her, silver bars or not. Standing as close to them without actually touching them, he watched the two warily, straining to listen to them, his dark hair falling in his face.

    The younger of the two vampires couldn't help but let his face grow slightly hopeful as the werewolf girl said that Markus wanted her to let him go. However, he flinched when she touched his arm. He hadn't been tattooed yet, but he was afraid that any day now he would be marked as one of the werewolves'. Feeling sick to his stomach when she snarled after doubling over in pain, he took a small step back, trying to see if she was playing a mean joke on him.

    Glancing between her and the opened cell door for a few seconds, he slowly walked forwards, terrified that at the last moment the door would close. That last step out of the cell nearly floored him, the gravity of everything hitting him. Then, he walked to the cell his brother was in. Markus reached through the bars, and though his forearm was touching silver on both sides, he grasped his hand for several long moments, before pulling away out of pain. "I don't want to leave without you," Alex said softly.

    "You have to. Tell Father that I'm okay..." With tears in his eyes, Alex nodded before sighing and turning from Markus. Then, like a bird out of a cage, he ran down the hallway. Though he wasn't old enough to move quicker than sight, he could still run pretty fast, and he was gone in moments.

    Heaving a sigh of relief, Markus sank down onto the metal bench, holding his head in his hands.
  10. Isobella left the boy's cell and walked to her table, she sat down heavily, as she felt the heritance of her father mentally draining her. She hated this feeling, she turned her head to look at the other vampire, and she bit her lower lip.​
    "Listen, I don't know why my father hates vampires and whatnot, but I don't hate you. If you need anything please tell me." She then closed her eyes and yawned, feeling sleepy.​
  11. Markus barely registered that she spoke. "As if I'd ask anything of a werewolf," he growled, frowning. In truth, he didn't hate werewolves, and had only come to find his brother and get him back home. Now that he had done that, what now? "I..." Markus sighed heavily. "I just want to go home right now. To wipe my hands of this place. I swear, I just came here to get Alex out of here, nothing else. He's just a kid, he didn't deserve to be here..." Trailing off, he shook his head in his hands, frowning.

    Rubbing the spots that were burned from the silver, he sighed softly, knowing with an almost-absolute certainty that she wouldn't let him go, no matter what she thought of him and his kind.
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