Bloodsport Channel Presents: Urban Gladiator

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  1. His legs were carrying him as quickly as he could. Stan didn't like this place, Kaisarian Island's former "Capital City." He was inside a grocery store, barricaded within the pharmacy. He didn't have very much on him at the moment, but what he did have: Supplies, a tennis racket, and an H&K MP5 sub-machine gun was comforting enough to him.

    It seemed everyday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm everyone who had been brought here was forced to compete. It was the year 2022, and one corporation had developed a kind of 'respawning technology.' It was a very difficult piece of technology, having only given a limited number of extra 'lives' to users, thus being deemed too dangerous to actually use, and far too expensive for people to buy as an everyday utility. So they used it on the ever popular, and ultra controversial 'Bloodsport Channel.' No one knew if the people who lost and died had one last respawn on their machines and survived off-screen or if they just died altogether. Either way, there were all sorts of ridiculous documentaries and news interviews by snooty contestants, either whiny and living in poverty, or rich and making all sorts of product placements.

    The clock read 6:26PM.

    It would begin. Stan began by placing some landmines on the way to the bathroom, and the snack section... The bastards wouldn't get his lays, his funyuns, or his cheetos by any means. And the bathroom was always a place people never expected traps to be. Boring old Stan, as he was called on designated 'off-time' hours by other gladiators was a totally only half-true thing to say about him. He knew how to get serious...
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  2. ((oooh..interesting.))

    Areiz looked around, her hand holding an AK47 her father had given to her. An assortment of knives were strapped to her belt along with a pistol. She sat in the small hunter's shop, a food store was across the street. She'd barricaded the door and most of the window was only accessible from the inside. You could enter by the roof, if you could get by the various animal traps hidden. She took a quick look at her watch. "Four minutes.." She mumbled to herself, taking a deep breath.
  3. He rushed out holding his modified L115 " Why of all times did i eat a burrito...god shitting at a time like this was a terrible idea " he kicked the bathroom door closed behind him as he rushed up a flight of stairs, he reached the top of the hotel building. And closed the only entrance in which was the staircase and barricaded it with metals and drawers, he walked to a hole in the wall and looked through it with some binoculars and sigh's " Almost time " He notices the shop and the gun shop which he should go to...buut there is probably someone already in there since it is the best place to hide. " Fucking bullshit...." He leaned against the wall and placed a cig into his mouth placing a lighter to the end of it he dragged on it letting the smoke flare from his nose. " Uagh " his weird sound of relief
  4. Stan was already running through the alleyways, leaving behind his home base. Things looked rather empty and he wished it could stay that way for a little while longer. He watched a wild herd of boars approach, forcing him to step into an abandoned phone booth. The beasts scurried off to find cover in the remains of an abandoned cell phone store, making for the back room. He watched one last boar stop by a bag of popcorn that had been left behind, guzzling the remains of the sizable bag as the young man witnessed another fellow, one so scrawny they seem like a walking skeleton approach the boar with what appeared to be a wooden spoon, while wrapped in pages upon pages of various magazines regarding vacuum cleaners and greek culture covered him like a makeshift suit of armor...

    Stan stood at about 5 feet and 8 inches, a caucasian male with short brown hair and a tired, indifferent look about his features. At the moment he had on a dark green jacket, and a pair of grey slacks, along with a pair of jet black boots. He wore a dark yellow sling backpack which carried a few of his things. Next to it the MP5 was strapped to his back, and in his hands was the tennis racket, which he gripped like he was possessed with fury. But no, instead Stan was filled with a sense of silence and caution, as he had from the very beginning. By no means was Stan trained by a father who hunted, or any relative of the law enforcement or the armed forces. All he was in reality was a lost soul willing to go the extra mile to make life a little easier for himself...

    He advanced on the magazine clad madman, eyeing an article on some new vacuum that had a built in radio or something or other....

    And with one hard swing, the side of the racket met the neck of the psychopath. And then again. And then again. Grunts followed from Stan, as he swung the sports equipment with his right hand, going as far as to begin throwing jabs at the fiend with left fist. The bludgeoning was quick, and merciless as the strikes climbed up to the magazine madman's skull, followed by Stan kicking the fellow on his rear, where a magazine advertisement seemed to feature some new romantic drama television show about people living in california. "Good riddance," figured Stan.

    And when he was absolutely sure that the poor fellow was incapacitated: Not killed at all, as Stan simply desired a way to escape a gruesome fate at the hands of a primitive mind with an equally gruesome face.

    "Gotta haul ass..." He mumbled to himself, the sensation of hearing his own voice comforting in a place where other people were most likely out to maim him and boil his organs with hot water.

    And so he hauled ass.
  5. Areiz glanced at the ladder leading to the roof. "Vantage point.." She mumbled to herself, standing up and stretching. She stood up, stretching her back and going to the ladder. On her way she grabbed a grey flannel jacket and slipped it on over her navy shirt, then started up the ladder. When she reached the top, she started towards the back side of the building. After five steps, she turned right and went all the way to the perimeter of the roof, which she followed to the front. The only path not set with traps. She lied down at the edge of the roof, scanning around with her AK.