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  1. Music in the background could be heard; it played loudly through the glamorous apartment… Ave Maria echoed through the marbled halls that had expensive, beautiful and large pictures hanged on them. Shoes tapped on the floor as a man approached a chair with an end table near; on it there was a lit cigar with a glass of cognac near it. The man sat on the table and looked blindly in the air, placing the cigar in his mouth he inhaled and exhaled; he waved his finger in the air to the tone of the music he then chuckled slightly “Ah, Mr. Death came here himself…” he paused for a moment still looking around blindly, a man with his hands behind his back walked in as his shoes tapped on the floor he wore an large skull mask with a bandana tied to his neck, a black shirt and full body armor, gloves, army black pants, kneepads and military boots. He stood in the shadow behind the man that spoke “…are we still not going to talk?” the man continued letting out a small chuckle again.

    The man suddenly stood up “Come on Mr. Thompson… you can’t hide from a man that is on his death bed. Come… let me enjoy this only a little bit surely you can do that, I will die either way no matter if you let me live 30 minutes more or 5 minutes more.” He chuckled again then took a sip of his drink “You are not scared of me Mr. Thompson? You did not even flinch when I stood up, you were not even afraid if I would reach for my gun not even interested even. Your presence alone emanates such a strong sense of fear… making these brittle old bones shake to the very core of my body. No, I am not afraid of death Mr. Thompson… I can assure you of that, it has plagued me for so long that I don’t even care of it anymore; what I am afraid of is… you. You who are merely a human like I am, a man that breathes, eats and sleeps just like I do like every other man in this god damned world does; yet you make me shiver and shake your presence alone makes me tremble. Is it because of all those stories I heard about you? The things you have done to the people you killed? It’s maybe the way you killed them?” The man placed his glass on the end table and took another pull on his cigar looking again at Slade he smiled “At least I will die with a smile.” He said and continued to laugh like a maniac, with simple move of his right hand Slade revealed the gun he was holding in his hand, still holding the other hand behind his back he pulled the trigger sending a bullet straight to the center of the man’s head and the man quietly fell backwards to the floor. The gramophone skipped and the song stopped… Slade placed his gun in his holster and walked over with his hands behind his back again to the gramophone and fixed the needle. Continuing to play the song, he walked over to the end table and picked up the glass the man had; removing his mask slightly he finished the drink and placed it back on the table. Slowly walking over to the balcony of the apartment he took a big breath of air and looked at the night sky.
  2. Although it was evening, and quite late--A female found herself standing on a rooftop squinting her eyes at a beautiful apartment Infront of her. It was eye catching and nearly larger than most, but she wasn't focused in the apartment itself in particular. Specifically, she was focused on a man who would be in there killing his target. A well known and famed mercenary in the underworld really, and it seemed as though she was to late and was immediately startled to hear a gun go off from the direction she was focused on. Her body merely twitching aware of what had just happened despite not actually being there. After all, it didn't take a detective to figure out what had just unfolded in that apartment.

    Curious and nosey. That's a common trait for most people--Especially this brunette whose hair was almost black and in large curls. She took out a black, white tipped stick--or a wand she called it and muttered a spell as she held it to her eye to look more closely at the balcony of the apartment." Nurt otni a epocselet." Was what she changed to herself and the wand magically allowed her to scope a closer view once she looked in one end. A foreign language? Perhaps gibberish? No. A spell, a separate magical language that only a true magician or 'Homo-magi' would be able to say and cast called 'Backwards language'.

    But her close view was blocked as soon as death's assistant himself walked out the apartment and looked around on the balcony. She adjusted her telescope-wand and slowly put it down as her eyes widened. Did he notice her at all? The girl stand still momentarily, just to be sure before continuing. Thankfully, he didn't--and thankfully her heels didn't make a single clickity clacking noise as she looked.

    The female, was a real famed magician with an unusual name of 'Zatanna', the mistress of magic. Not even human, she was a 'homo-magi'. A human born with magical powers, a human born as a magician. Her attire consisted of a female version of your every day male tuxedo. She simply had on a one piece corset that was white at the top with black buttons, yet black at the bottom -appearing to be 'panties,-, and a black tailcoat over her revealing outfit. Additionally, she also had on fishnets and her top-hat along with her collared bow tie around her neck and she looked over her shoulder to see if all was clear as she still ran.
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  3. Slade looked over the city bellow him trying not to notice the woman that was observing him on the neighbouring roof. He got interested in what she was doing there so he decided to go take a small look, he jumped on the roof of the building he was in and then jumped over to the roof the woman was, he landed behind her and walked beside her he stood only a inch away from her face "Can I take a look through the telescope?" he looked at her.
  4. "Can I take a look through the telescope?" Zatanna heard. The girl was then caught off guard, however didn't react and slowly moved only her eyes to see the same guy she was just being nosey with right beside her, over her shoulder. About an inch away from the side of her face."Hmm, well I suppose you can but I'm afraid the play has just ended before your eyes could see." She remarked slowly with a grin before spinning to turn around and making a run for it. Heels were easy to run in for the magician, or maybe it was just her magic that helped for the most part as she tried to outrun the mercenary.

    Shit.. So this was what my father meant when he always told me,"curiosity always kills the cat.. She thought to herself."Never thought I would be the one to actually be 'killed'." Chuckled Zatanna as she jumped off the rooftop and landed on the ground in a alleyway. She didn't know where she would be running, or where to go in the first place. But being chased was fun and she smirked looking over her shoulder. It seemed like to her, she was getting the upperhand in running and the mistress of magic couldn't help but smile as she turned a corner and ran, only to be stopped by metallic wired fences."uh-oh." She panted walking over to the fence and placing her hand on it to catch a breath.

    I swear I think he's actually gonna chase me... She thought. "But it's not like he could catch me... Though, a girl always likes to feel desired." Commented zatanna to herself in amusement thinking she lost the guy as she took off her top hat. Seriously, one day of being curious and she was already in a chase, being found out and probably almost in trouble. But where has she even gone wrong? Zatanna loved the adrenaline rush she had minutes before and now she was already bored and concluded that by now he probably didn't even chase after her, just made her flinch and that it's safe to walk out the alleyway.

    As zatanna ran her gloved fingers through her dark brown curly hair another thought popped up. Prince he's basically the worlds most skilled mercenary--What if he's after her now for seeing him kill someone? Zatanna quickly ignored that thought saving it for later when she got home and let out a deep sigh. He won't kill her... She was sure of it.. But then again, she had her doubts and now she sensed a slight fear over him. But it was whatever, she'll manage to cheat death if she'll become his new target-- as she cheated death many times in the past before this situation. So she had lots of confidence and plenty.
  5. He chuckled at her as she began to run, she was quite fast for being in heels he thought "Come now... don't run... I just want to talk! Besides... even if you do run, don't think I won't catch you." he grinned under his mask and dashed after her, avoiding the obstacles that were provided by the urban terrain he was almost a step or two behind her as he saw her drop down, he jumped after her and as he landed on the ground a shockwave ran through it making the concrete and bricks around him slightly crack up. He looked at her now trapped behind the metal fence, he slowly started to approach her with his hands behind his back.

    He shook his head and chuckled "Why do you persist to run away from me..." he looked at her as he step closer and closer "...don't you think that we established by now that you will not get away?" he continued to approach her and stood only a feet away from her. "I merely wanted to ask you why was the little bad magician spying on me? It's not nice to spy on people don't you think?" his curiosity was really itching to who this girl was and what did she actually want from him. He stepped even closer to her making her hit the fence with her back and pin her to it, he placed both of his hands on the face behind her and looked at her.
  6. Zatanna was soon interrupted, surprised yet at the same time not surprised by The man's catching up to her and she grinned as he spoke, slowly backing away when he tried to come close."I merely wanted to ask you why was the little bad magician spying on me? It's not nice to spy on people don't you think?" He said, his mask making his voice sound like a slight echo, it wasn't long before zatanna bumped against the fence and leaned there. She looked for the right words to answer and simply wrapped her arms around his neck.

    "Well let's see..." She said with a satisfying sigh as he trapped her in the most simplest way between his arms while she leaned back from her arms being wrapped around his neck."Curiosity definitely kills the cat." Zatanna answered before looking at him."So I wouldn't call it spying, but my curiousity just taking affect." She shrugged."It's not nice to spy on people--Yes. But it is nice to admire from afar out of curiosity right?" Retorted the female magician. Though she wouldn't call it 'love at first sight', it was probably more complicated then that and she looked at his mask."And then chase a girl who feels like she's being desired." Zatanna said, smiling at the end. She then unwrapped one of her arms off him and traced around the armor on his chest."I admit, you are as fun as they say. And quick too.~" mused the girl."Who knew by coincidence you'd be killing someone near the place I just finished performing at? Moreover who knew I'd even encounter you!" Zatanna said chuckling.

    Zatanna didn't bother to release him, mainly because she wanted to see what he would do. She looked off to the side, seeing at the corner of her eye she was still being pinned and trapped against the fence and remained between him, nearly clinging on him. It was pointless to run, seeing as it really was useless since he can easily catch up to her and she continued to observe his movements more closely just in case.
  7. He looked at the girl amused by her actions, he chuckled underneath his mask as he she wrapped her arms around his neck he turned his head slightly but then returned to look at her "Are you trying to say that you are impressed by my work?" he smiled "I'm flattered but I must ask you to stay away next time. You never know what might happen and where the bullets will fly." he continued to look at her "Do not make fun when your in this kind of situation because on small slip and things can and would go bad." his face turned serious underneath his mask as he placed his hand softly on her neck slightly squeezing but trying not to hurt her, just enough so he would see her squirm "Next time I won't be nice and I won't be chasing you." he said as he stood there still looking at her with his hand on her neck.
  8. Zatanna was surprised when he wrapped his hand around her neck. She couldn't even use her backwards magic on him at this point and rested a hand around his, occasionally trying to loosen his small yet hard grip around her. She fidgeted around here and there quietly and listened to him.

    "Next time I won't be nice and I won't be chasing you." He said not releasing her yet. Zatanna managed to speak when he momentarily loosed his grip and In response said,"And next time...I'll be sure to put up a fight---and not run." She scoffed, as a slight warning as well."I'm not like all those little girls, mister." Zatanna uttered out choosing not to punch him to let go or anything, rather she played it safe with him and chose to talk then use violence."Now can you let me go? This is getting annoying." Commented Zatanna as she attempted as a first try to pry his fingers open.
  9. He let go off her and slowly started to walk away, he waved at her with his back turned and chuckled "Oh, and before I forget. Seducing me is not that easy... try harder next time." he paused for a moment as he continued chuckling "Oh, but I think there will be no next time. Bye, bye." he said waving at her and disappeared in the smoke that came from the sewers. In the smoke he had climbed the building they dropped down and continued running towards the apartment he had downtown.

    Dodging obstacle after obstacle and jumping building to building in 15 minute he reached his apartment building, he entered through the window and continued through the living room to the armory room he had setup. He flicked the TV on in the living room as he continued to take off his armor and gear, he placed it right in their placed and closed the armory closet. He opened the fridge and took out a large bottle off juice, as he sipped it in a large glass cup he downed to glasses at once and sat down on his bed continuing to look at the TV. Slowly sleep came over him and he closed his eyes, his thoughts about the mystery magician girl went through him in his dreams as he fell asleep on the couch, he could not think about nothing but trying to find out who she was. There must have been some ulterior motive to her following, and he was bound to find out and one moment in time.
  10. Zatanna watched as he disappeared off and simply huffed. She muttered a magic word to her hat that would simply suck her in and make her appear in her house as well as her hat and once she was home she rolled her eyes as her 'tuxedo' outfit flew off gently and quickly only leaving her and her curvaceous figure in her lingerie before she jumped in bed exhausted. That mercenary surely was a odd guy, and it was late. Not to mention, she had nothing to do tomorrow morning which caused her to let out a heavy sigh before tossing and turning around in her bed already bored, and waiting to be even more bored the next day.

    She decided to be on her phone texting some friends to see what their plans would be so that she could tag along tomorrow, but ended up falling a sleep in her bed in the process quickly. All that running and talking with the mercenary, merely tired her out. Especially since it took place after her show so she dosed off.
  11. As the morning sun peered through the blinds of Slade's apartment, he still laid in bed trying to wake up. As he finally opened his eyes he slowly looked around, the TV was still running and showed the morning news, there was news on the guy he killed yesterday but again no-one saw anything about the killer. He smirked as he slowly got up and got into the shower, after he finished he got dressed and got out off his apartment. As he got into his car and drove to the local Starbucks coffee shop he couldn't not but overhear about a wonderful magicians show last night, he turned towards the girls and asked "Excuse me, the show you were talking about? What was it called?" he asked "Umm, Zatanna something was it? Sorry I forgot." the girl said and he nodded at her "Thank you." he said and returned to stand in line for his coffee.
  12. Once the suns rays hit zatanna, interrupting her peaceful sleeping she stretched and yawned in bed before slowly sitting up and turning the tv on to watch the news, just to see if there was any word on the killing she saw yesterday--And there was. Flipping the channels she rolled her eyes, now she would have to be listening to this for the next day or two all day long and she got up, walking to a nearby mirror and raising an eyebrow.

    "Hmm.. What should I wear.." She mumbled. Zatanna turned her head to look through the window as it seemed nice out and shrugged at herself in the mirror, snapping her fingers." naelC Pu!" She snapped. She found herself wearing a puffy and loose tank top with a long high waisted red skirt that fairly matched and she tied part of her hair back before walking over to her hat and tapping it to teleport to Starbucks.

    As soon as zatanna appeared Infront of the Starbucks she always went to -usually before shows- this was the first time she was out early before afternoon, and in here way earlier then the time her show would take place. She walked in quietly and looked at the line. It was long, and she had little patience to wait a bit but zatanna stayed in line anyways behind some guy Infront of her, while looking down at her phone quietly.

    It didn't take long before a worker spotted their well known customer who often came before shows and began working up something. After a few minutes, the worker called for zatanna lifting up a white large mug."Zatanna! Your usual's been made!" He said. Zatanna looked up blinking and grinned."Thanks! But I'll wait in line anyways, just to pay." She answered smiling brightly. The guy nodded at her walking off and zatanna went back to her phone waiting for the slightly long line to end."Actually.." She said before he left, making the barista stop and look at her. Zatanna muttered something before walking out of line to grab her order and smiled."The payment, it's in your pockets." She comments with a nod before walking off and sitting at a empty table looking down at her cup and smiling with delight.
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