BloodRayne, Anyone?

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  1. Alright... so out of boredom yesterday, I decided to check out this 2005 film called BloodRayne because I was (still am) in a vampire mood and I thought to myself, Hey, it's a vampire film set in the 18th century that has a badass leading female character... That's sounds so cool! But to my disappointment, the movie was terrible and I had a hard time watching it. Not because of the tremendous amount of graphic violence and blood, but because of the script and the poor acting... expect for the plot and the characters themselves (I found the story-line and the actual characters somewhat intriguing).

    Anyways... what I'm trying to get at is I'm curious to see if there is anybody out there who is interested in doing a roleplay (better version) of BloodRayne? I am willing to play Rayne herself or a female OC; IF you can take on the role as Sebastian for me.

    So if interested, PM me or reply here!! :)

    - 70% plot & 30% smut
    - 2+ solid paragraphs
    - Have decent spelling and grammar
    - Be descriptive/detailed
    - Third person only
    - No on-liners
    - No god-modding/power-play