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  1. Some time in the dead of night...
    Nothing could be heard but the chilly breeze racing through the surrounding trees. It was completely hopeless, the demonic boy had been moving along the snow-covered path for what seemed like hours, and with the poison in his system getting worse, he wasn't sure he'd made it. A harsh wind blew by, causing him to pull up his cloak to conceal his face from the cold darts that was ice.
    His legs struggled to pull through the knee-high snow, and eventually after leaving the support of a nearby tree, he collapsed, his muscles numb and his body slowly being devoured into the white abyss.
    Early next day...
    The village of Uxhall - a human population village - was just beginning it's usual morning rituals. Shops were opening, workers set out to gather what they could to keep the small settlement alive, it was a humble place to be. However, nobody dared leaving out and venturing into the surrounding forest. Not only was the snow worse there, but around this time, there would be a rise in bandit raids and aggressive creatures. Truly not the place for any villager.
    Or is it?
  2. Fortunately for one young girl about the age of 18, both of her parents had ventured out to open their own business and do whatever tasks needed to be done outside the house. They had left the chores around the house for the girl to do, but she always finished them early. As she had just finished up her chores for the day, she decided to go out and explore a bit, despite the constant warnings against it. She had ventured out there enough to know what was dangerous and what wasn't, and how to defend herself in case something happened. She prepared herself to go out in the snow, pulling her hood up around her face to keep it hidden until she could escape. Getting past everyone in the snow was easy since everyone was too busy with their own lives to pay attention to anyone else's, and before long she was out in the forest, among the trees and so called 'dangerous' animals. However, this visit was much different.

    As she made her way through the trees, she stumbled upon a sad sight. A single human, laying motionless in the snow. "Oh... Oh no..." She immediately rushed over, holding her hood down to prevent the cold from getting to her skin. She put a hand on the person's back, checking to see if they would move at all from just the touch.
  3. Throughout the night, snow would conceal most of the boy's form, except for a few parts. However, his chest seemed to rise and fall quite slowly, indicating that he was alive. He let out a few groans of pain in the snow, but as soon as he felt something press against his body, he was jolted awake.

    The snow to his sides was quickly kicked up by a large pair of demon wings buried in the snow. A low growl escaped the boy as he slowly rose to his knees, his bright yellow orbs slowly focusing to see that of the girl. In his mind, she was nothing more than an attacker, a threat.

    Then, his expression eased to realize it was nothing more than just that, a girl. Still, a human knowing of his existence meant a great deal, she had to be silent.
  4. Once he started moving, she was relieved. However, that relief turned to panic quickly once she saw the wings, and how fierce the boy appeared to be. She fell on her bum and scooted back a bit, keeping her eyes on him. His ferocity seemed to fade a bit once he realized she wasn't a threat to him, which also put her more at ease. However, she was still shocked to see him. What was he? She stared at his eyes, almost entranced by them, and slowly stood up.

    "S-Sorry. I saw you laying there, and I was worried." Could he even understand her words? If he were a demon of some sort, perhaps not. She glanced around briefly, making sure they were still alone, and then back to him. "...I'll.. Let you be now, unless you want help..?" Her tone almost hopeful, she continued to stare at him as her sudden panic faded more and more.
  5. His half-hidden eyes peered into the girl's soul, his face expressionless, even as she fell and offered help. As helpless as the girl seemed, these were chances he couldn't take. His wings retracted as he raised up to his feet, only to grunt in pain and collapse back down onto it with some snow added in. "Nngh.."
  6. The girl simply watched as he tried to stand, but failed and fell back down. She cringed slightly when he hit the ground, and took a step towards him hesitantly. "..I.. My parents are gone for the day, I could let you stay in my home for a while and warm up, and give you some food, too. I-I mean, you're not in any condition to travel anywhere, especially in this weather..." Perhaps it was just that he was weak at the moment, but he didn't seem like that much of a threat to her. Or maybe she was just stupid. Either way, she wanted to help him, and she wouldn't take no for an answer.
  7. Eyes on his seemingly injured right leg, his gaze lifted to lock with the girl's. She offered him a safe haven, but why? Was this a trap? A way of cornering the demon and killing him? Or was she really as idiotic as she sounded? Either way, he nodded at her. A few village guards were small fry to him. "Fine."
  8. The girl nodded, but the smile she was about to sport faded as soon as it began to form on her face. She took off her cloak and offered it to the boy in front of her, looking at his wings. "You.. Might want to put this on, as to not attract too much attention.." It was a bit chilly, sure. But she was used to such weather, and her home was not far. As she finally revealed her full self to him, he could see the golden blonde curls on her head, and the bright hazel eyes she had.
  9. The boy shook his head in denial when offered the cloak. If he was going to die by freezing to death, it would have happened a long time ago. "Don't worry about me." he muttered as he rolled his shoulders. His form flashed before the girl's very eyes, a being of light.

    His wings disappeared, along with any other demonic quality he was donning. After the light faded and his body became visible, the biggest change was that he looked like an average boy now, no older than the girl herself. On his face and running down were symbols, which looked like a language not seen before. It was the only thing that betrayed his disguise.

    An uninterested look on his face, he nodded his head in the direction of which she came.
  10. The girl put her hand in front of her eyes, guarding them from the bright light the boy gave off. As it faded, she moved her hand and gasped, seeing how normal the boy now looked. She stared for a few moments before he nodded his head towards her home, reminding her that they ought to be going.

    "Ah.. R-Right.." The words fell out of her mouth in a clumsy manner as she wrapped her cloak around her body once again. Turning, she held the cloak tight to prevent the wind from freezing her more than it already had. She walked back towards her house, pleased to see that there weren't many people around who would question her bringing home a strange boy with markings on his face. It wasn't long before they entered her home, a small house, barely big enough for a family of 3. She removed her cloak again, setting it aside as she took off her shoes as well. "Right.. Are you hungry yet? Or would you like something else?... Anything?.."

    The poor girl sounded so unsure of herself anyone might pity her. It's not her fault, though. She's never brought home a boy, let alone some sort of demon boy such as this one. She didn't know what to do.
  11. The boy followed in the girl's footsteps, all the way through the woods, and into the village. His eyes scanned the surrounding area. No walls, no guard posts, rarely any protection to be seen. This settlement was ripe for the picking, and he frowned at it all.

    Upon coming into the girl's home, it was quite small, which dawned a disappointed look on his face, even as she addressed him. "Just find me a healing potion or two."He easily discarded the problem as he began to wonder the house like it was a museum. It rose some curiosity toward the girl.
  12. Healing potions.. He really was a demon, wasn't he? She wasn't dreaming up any of this, right? She stared at him, watching as he explored her small home. He sure liked to snoop, didn't he? It didn't really matter to her too much, as long as he stayed away from her room.

    Everything in the house was pretty typical. Family pictures, furniture, fire place, stuff you could find in any average home. The girl found herself still staring and shook her head, finally speaking up. "Um.. We don't have any 'healing potions'... We do have some medicines, some herbal teas, too. Would you like some tea? I can make some." Before she actually let him respond, she turned on her heel and went straight to the kitchen, quickly preparing some tea so she could go back to keeping an eye on him.