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  1. It's the year 2070, the world has become a nasty and dangerous place to live. With mutants, rouge monsters and creatures roaming about. So indeed it has become a dangerous place for humans to live in. A corporation known simply as The Agency, wanted to solve this problem, so they started to pair humans up with vampires of the opposite gender and call them "blood mates", in return for protection, the humans must give them housing and also occasionally let them be fed upon. The age in which they get their "Blood Partner", is 16. And the way that vampires are able to protect their Charge, is through a pendant- which negates their allergy to the sun.

    "Kady! You're going to be late for school! Get up!" Martha Snow shouts up the stairs.Vladimir, her blood mate, who was sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper, lets out a sigh. "You know she is constantly late for school, I think it's because of the teasing." He says bluntly and goes back to reading. Martha simply nods. One of her daughters, Jessica, comes down the stairs. "Where is your sister, Megan?" She asks. "Upstairs." She says. "Well tell her to get Kady up out of bed." She says. Jessica nods and turns around to go up the stairs and runs into her blood mate, Claude. Megan was at the top of the stairs with hers, Maximillion. "Mom, says to get Kady out of bed." She says.

    Megan rolls her eyes and goes over to Kady's door. "Yo, mateless, it's time to get up, you have to go to school." She says and pounds on the door and then walks away. Her sisters were constantly making fun of her, because they haven't found a suitable match for their sister, because of her disorder. When they come down the stairs, their mother doesn't look too happy at all. "How many times have I told you not to make fun of her? Eventually she'll get he own blood mate, just don't pay any mind." She says. Both Megan and Jessica roll their eyes, "But everyone makes fun of us at school, because of her." She says. Martha was going to say something, but Vlad piped in, "Why do you listen to them, they're ignorant, plus they aren't your flesh and blood-that's what you should really care about." He says. "Thank you Vladimiri" Martha says and he simply nods. "Finally, Good morning, Sweetie." Martha says facing her other daughter.
    Mean while, in the city. Dagger looked up at the plain white bland looking building I can't believe that they found me and to top it off, expect me to be someone's so called "blood mate" He thinks as he opens the door to the building and goes in. A woman at the reception desk looks at him as if he was going to rob the place. "Can I help you?" She asks. "The name's Dagger Caine, they said to come here." Is all he says. The woman nods and then types something on the keyboard. "Ah yes, well we're still going the the process, the reason that you were told to come down here is to fill out some paper work and such and also a test. So please go into room number 4, some one will be with you shortly." She says. Dagger nods and simply does as he is told. Oh, boy this sounds like fun, not. He thinks as he enters room 4. Which is a bland boring, white room with two chairs and a table.
  2. Kady looked around at her sisters and their blood mates. She felt her cheeks blush from embarrassment. She pulled her hair down from the ponytail to cover her cheeks. She gave her mother a weak smile and followed her sisters from the house.

    Outside the trees swayed in the wind. The autumn leaves blew around, swirling together to make new colors. Kady fell behind her sisters, liking the quiet. As they walked she felt her emotions get the best of her. She hated her condition, the way nobody liked her. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't. She took in a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears that were beckoning to try and come out.

    She turned quickly, trying to get away from her sisters. She could hear them talking about her, talking about her condition. She ran down an alley, hoping that at the end she could just run away. The park wasn't far from where she was. If she could just skip school today. She kicked at the rocks down the alley, staring at her converse shoes. She stopped, thinking about what had happened.

    She wore normal clothes. Usually a hoodie and jeans, like everyone else. She tried to wear makeup, usually eyeliner and a little bit of blush. She even did her hair every day, curling it. She began walking again, continuing down the alley toward the park. She opened the small fence and slipped into the park. Nobody usually went to this park which is why she loved it best. She threw her bag to the side and slumped down on the swing. She began pumping her legs, feeling the wind pull her hair back and forth.

    Why am I so different? Nobody else has this stupid disease. I can't even get a blood mate. She closed her eyes, focusing on the noises surrounding her. The soft chirping of birds, the wind whipping around the autumn trees. A dog began barking, a person yelling at their child. She tried blocking them out one at a time until she achieved complete silence.

    She continued pumping her legs, the swing going higher and higher. She opened her eyes and gasped, sliding her feet to come to a stop.
  3. Kady's mother's name was Martha. She worked from home as a virtual assitant. She had a very busy life, managing three teenage girls and her clientele. And of course she was a single mother. She had divorced her husband because he was abusive and also a drunkard and spent all his money on alcohol. She always worried about Kady, because she knew how other people treated her. She had no clue that Kady skipped school sometimes. She was busy making up her schedule for the month on her laptop, when he cell phone rang. "Martha Blairwood speaking, how may I help you?" She asks. She then pauses and listens to what the other person was saying. "Uh-huh. Really? That's brilliant. When can we meet him?" She asks and then pauses again. "Really? Alright, well that will work. Uh-huh, bye." She says and hangs up. She couldn't believe the good news. She then dials Kady's cell number. It was what would make Kady gasp. Martha waited until either she picked up or got her voice mail. She frowns when she gets her voice mail. She waits for the beep. "Hey Kady, it's your mother. I got some great news! The Agency finally got you a bloodmate! We have an appointment to meet him bright and early tomorrow Please call me back when you get this. Love you. Bye." She says and hangs up. Dagger walks up to his motorcycle not looking happy. "More fuckin paper work tomorrow. Not to mention I get to meet my bloodmate. I bet she's a spoiled brat." He mutters to himself and then gets on his motorcycle. He starts it up and drives off to his apartment.
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  4. Kady heard her phone ring and quickly pulled it from her pocket. The phone shut off and she began typing furiously, putting it up to her ear and listening to the message. She shrieked and threw the phone.

    "A blood mate?! What!" She wasn't sure if she should be ecstatic or freaking out. She was about to be bonded to a blood mate. Bonded. Bonded. She grabbed her bag and took off, running away from the park. She ran as fast as she could, feeling her cheeks drain of blood. Her lungs hugged as she ran but she didn't care. She ran to the beach and stopped, feeling the cool wind blow against her. She stopped and took off her shoes, stepping into the cold sand.

    "Oh god." She let out a sigh. "I am to be bonded." She whispered, walking closer to the water. The beach stretched for miles. Rolling waves crashed against the tan sand. She hated the city they lived in but the thing she loved was the beach. She could spend hours there, watching the sun rise and the waves crash.

    "A blood mate." She whispered, still not letting it sink in. She just wished that she could fast forward to tomorrow. She couldn't wait to meet her blood mate. She hoped that he was nice, like her sisters blood mates. She wished that he would treat her nice and stand up against the people who treat her bad. She felt her feet sink down into the sand, the water washing against her feet.

    "I wonder who it is."
  5. Martha was still at home now doing her work like she normally did. In fact she would still be doing work when her children got home. And then her cell phone rings again. She picks up the phone seeing that it was the school's number. She got a worried look on her face. "Yes, this is her. What's wrong?" She asks and then listens to the secretary that told her that Kady had skipped school. "What? Oh my! I'll find her right away." She says and then hangs up and goes and grabs her keys. She runs to her car and gets in. Turning it on, she practically peels out of the driveway. Kady was her youngest and also her "baby girl." I wonder where she went. And why she skipped school. She thinks as she begins to drive around the city trying to find her daughter. She was driving past the beach when she spotted her daughter. She pulls the car over, takes the key out, and runs up to her. "Kady! Kady! Why did you skip school?" She asks in an alarming tone. "And no I'm not mad, I just want to know why you skipped school." She says. "If you didn't want to go to school today, you should have said something to me and I would have called you off, silly. Like I have done so many times before." She says. She was hugging her daughter now, but she was relieved that she had found her. "C'mon let's go back to the house. I'll just call the school up and say that you were upstairs all along, and that you weren't feeling good." She says. Martha tried to treat all her children with the same fairness, but she seemed to favor Kady more, because she knew that she needed extra love- because of the way people treated her.
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  6. "Mom?" She questioned and was pressed into a hug. She hugged her mother tight. "I just was tired of getting made fun of." She whispered and met her mother's eyes. "I would like it if we could do something today. Do you need help with work?" She asked and grabbed her bag, running to the car.

    "So! You have news?!" She squealed excitedly. "Did they tell you about him? Did they tell you why he can have me as a blood mate? I mean Mom!" She giggled and fidgeted with her hands. Martha laughed and patted her daughter's knee before driving back home.

    "No I don't need your help, sweetie. Why don't you go and get an outfit ready for tomorrow once we get home?" Kady nodded and smiled, looking out the window at the passing city. She let out a small sigh.

    "I hope he likes the beach, Mom. I hope he likes to go to the ocean. I hope that he will help me with homework like Megan's blood mate. I hope..." She continued but her Mother held a hand up.

    "Calm down. You don't want to get too ahead of yourself. You need to relax and let him be whoever he wants to be. We have been waiting a long time for this, okay?" She smiled and kept her eyes on driving. She pulled into the driveway of the house and looked to her daughter. "I am so proud of you. Don't forget that."
  7. Dagger wasn't exactly the blood mate that she would be thinking of. He would probably end up butting heads with her a lot, for he is very stubborn and has a one track mind. As mother and daughter go into the house, Martha looks at her daughter. "They didn't tell me why he can be your blood mate, I have a feeling tomorrow when we meet him, the case manager will tell us about it." She says and then opens the door for her daughter. Once her daughter was inside, she watches as she goes up the stairs. She was glad that her daughter was actually happy for once. She was hoping and praying that her blood mate would be what she wanted. She goes back into her study. Her blood mate Vlad looks at her. "What seems to be troubling you? I heard the good news, so why do you look worried?" He asks. She looks over at him. "Kady's so excited I don't want her to be disappointed if he's nothing like she wanted him to be. She would be crushed." She says and Vlad nods. "Well was I the way you thought I would be?" He asks. Martha shakes her head no, "No, but after I got to know you and every thing, I found out that you were better than what I hoped for." She says. Vlad nods, "And so maybe that will happen with Kady." He says. Martha nods and then dials the schools number. She tells them what she said she would say. Martha was about to sit down and do some more work. And then she looks at the clock it was lunch time. She then goes to the bottom of the stairs. "Hey Kady, how about we go for lunch and after we can go out for ice cream." She shouts up the stairs.
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  8. "Okay Mom! Be down in a second!" She yelled down the stairs and came down a few minutes later. She smiled at her mother and giggled. She had done her hair up in a ponytail and smeared some eyeliner on. She had light pink lipstick on and was wearing a cute, floral dress.

    "Do you think that my new blood mate will like this outfit?" She questioned and spun around. Martha smiled to her daughter and hugged her.

    "I think it looks wonderful but what if you get ice cream on it today? Perhaps you should get a different one just in case." She smiled and patted her head.

    "Are you coming, Vlad?" She asked, too excited to really care if he said yes or no.
  9. Vlad nods, "Of course I am coming along. Remember I usually go where ever she goes." He says. They all get in Martha's car and take a short drive to a 50's themed dinner by the name of Shirley's. Vlad gets out and opens the door for Martha and then Kady. As well as the same with the restaurant door. "Hello and welcome to Shirley's. Please seat yourselves. You can sit anywhere." A waitress says. Martha nods and then they chose a booth. "You can have whatever you want dear. And how about tomorrow we have a small celebration for your accomplishment?" She asks. "That sounds like a good idea." Vlad says putting his two cents in. Martha looks at her daughter. "Well what do you say?" She asks. That was another thing about Dagger that the whole family would have to get used to. Dagger didn't get along with other vampires usually, only because they don't exactly like him or don't even like tolerating him. So there maybe constant fighting among the sisters blood mates.
  10. "I think it sounds great!" She smiled and looked down at the menu. She bit her lip and looked through it, trying to find something that stood out to her. "Mom? What if he doesn't like me?" She questioned quietly, kind of hoping that Vlad wouldn't step in.

    "Don't worry. It is a match made in heaven. I am sure you two will get along fine." Martha smiled and patted her daughter's hand. The waitress came back and took their orders. The meal seemed to fly by for Kady, eagerly thinking of questions she could ask her new blood mate.

    What kind of weather does he like? Does he like the beach? Does he have any nicknames? Has he ever tried to get a blood mate before? How come he can be her blood mate when no one else can? Questions kept flooding her head and lunch passed quickly. Soon she was home again, laying on her bed in her room while her mother worked downstairs. She closed her eyes, imagining her blood mate.

    Tall. Black hair. A total sweetheart. Chiseled jaw. Cute smile. She felt her own lips turn into a smile. Before she knew it she tumbled into sleep and began dreaming of her perfect blood mate.

    Too bad that wasn't who she was getting. Not a perfect match at all.
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  11. Before Kady knew it, it was the next day. Martha had came into her room. "Kady! It's time to get up! It's the big day today." She says to her. Megan and Jessica were up too, they were getting ready for school. Megan was the most vicious out of her two older sisters. "Yeah it maybe a big day for her, but I bet her bloodmate is going to be a freak just like her." She says and Jessica snickers. Martha gets up and goes to the door. "That will be enough out of you, I've already warned you about making fun of your sister. So you two are grounded for the next three months." She says. "But mom! We were supposed to go to a party tonight since it's friday." Jessica says. "Well you should have thought about that before Megan opened her mouth and said something." Martha says and then goes back and sits down with Kady. "As soon as you get your bloodmate. I'm sure they'll stop." She says.

    Meanwhile back at The Agency, Dagger was just arriving. He looked tired, since it was early morning, he would have still been asleep. He goes inside, the secretary looks at him. "You must be Dagger Caine." She says and Dagger nods. "Please go to room 6A. Someone will be with you shortly." She says. He just rolls his eyes, oh how he hated waiting. I swear I'm gonna fuckin kill who ever created this stupid process. He thinks. Of course not really giving a shit about what people thought or said about him, he dressed the way he wanted. Of course being albino, he was paler than most vampires were.He was wearing black on black. His shirt was ripped and torn, it looked like it once was a long sleeved shirt and he had cut- no torn, the sleeves off.It had the word 'Psycho' written in all capital letters and the letters were blood red in color. He had a pair of black bondage pants on, called Tripp Pants. They were riddled with studs and chains and loops of all sorts. Of course he added the holes and tears himself. Near the top of the pants, were so ripped that parts of his skull and cross bone boxers were showing through. His white as snow hair was up in a spikey mohawk and his fingernails were painted black- the polish of course chipping. He had both arms covered in tattoos. He had more than ten peircings in both ears, not to mention a gage at the bottom, an eyebrow piercing, nose piercing and two snake bites. He was also wearing a pair of very worn and scuffed black combat boots.
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  12. (He sounds dreamy. >.<; )

    Kady looked up at her mother, her mood darkening. "What if this is a bad idea? What if he is a freak like me?" She whispered, her cheeks going pink with frustration. Her mother hugged her quickly.

    "Come on. Let's go find out." She said and Kady nodded. Once in the car Kady looked at the familiar streets, wondering what things would change once she got her blood mate. The view would be different, her outlook on life would be different. She looked down at her outfit and hoped that he liked it. She had decided on black skinny jeans and a frilly purple shirt. Her hair was curly but her bangs were straight and she had even had time to put some eyeliner on.

    Once they arrived Martha and Kady took each other's hands. Martha led her to the front desk, where she had brought her other daughters. "Hi, Kady here for an appointment at 10?" Martha spoke quietly. The receptionist looked down at her clipboard and smiled up at the two. "Down the hall and to the right, Room 6A." She smiled and Kady's hand tightened in her mother's.

    "Thank you very much." Martha smiled and made her way to the room with Kady. She turned her as they found the room and looked in her eyes. "You are ready for this. You need to go in alone, alright? Vlad and I will be waiting in the waiting room, just down there." She pointed to a small area with sofas and chairs. "I believe in you Kady-did. I love you." She kissed her head.

    "I love you too, mom." She smiled and watched as the two of them walked toward the waiting room. Kady looked at the door with the frosted glass window. She put her hand on the doorknob and felt her heart begin to pound. What if... stop. It will be okay. She let out a soft breath and turned the door knob, opening the door and coming face to face with...
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  13. When the door began to open, Dagger rolled his eyes. Finally, I hate fuckin waiting. He thought as he rolls his eyes once again. This put him in a very crabby mood. He had his arms crossed which made his arm muscles flex. He had a very toned body- since he was vampire (Plus occasionally he lifted weights). And he had a very annoyed look on his face. When the door finally opened, he watched as Kady walked in and sat across from him. So that must be her...she doesn't seem so bad..yet... He thinks. Once the door was closed, there was an awkward silence between the two. Dagger had no clue what to say to her at all. It's not like he planned on saying anything anyways. Then the door opened and another woman came into the room. Since it was a smaller room, Dagger was getting a bit uncomfortable- he was claustrophobic after all. The woman looks at Dagger and then at Kady. "Kady Blairwood, this is your Bloodmate Dagger Caine. Dagger this is your charge, Kady Blairwood." She says. "Please sign these papers, stating that you two have met and are finally acquainted. As well as you both understand each of your responsibilities." She says. "Once you are done, just leave the paperwork, I shall get it later. And then you can leave." She says and then leaves herself. Dagger rolls his eyes, Great more fuckin paper work. He thinks. Kady would find out that Dagger wasn't exactly the perfect blood mate that she envisioned. He had a lot of things-er habits that Martha wouldn't tolerate. For instance his huge potty mouth as well as smoking and drinking. Once they both got done signing the paperwork, Dagger opened the door for her. "Ladies first." He says to her in a thick Romanian accent. He tried to hide this the best he can, but sometimes certain words made it came out. Once she was out of the room, he followed behind her. Martha sees her daughter and smiles proudly, but then the look turns to surprise...
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  14. Kady's eyes were wide as she slowly walked back toward her mother. She saw the look on Vlad's face and wasn't sure if he would punch Dagger or hug him. She walked to her mom and looked at Dagger. "Mom, this is Dagger. Dagger, this is my mother, Martha and her blood mate Vlad." She kept her eyes toward the ground.

    He is NOT what I wanted! All the other sisters have cute blood mates and he is... tattooed and swears and... "Well it is nice to meet you." Martha smiled and looked to her daughter. "Perhaps the two of you should get to know each other? I can drop you off at the beach?" Kady's eyes flicked back up to her mother and she was about to speak when Vlad cut in.

    "I think that sounds wonderful. Let's go." His deep voice cut Kady short and she crossed her arms slowly, following behind them. She didn't want this. Her sisters were going to make fun of her even more now. Why couldn't she have gotten a normal vampire? Because of her condition. She felt her cheeks blush and a million questions go through her head. How come he could take her blood but no others could? Why did he have to look like that? She looked to Vlad, a very handsome, older vampire. He had suave and debonair. Dagger had... tattoos and piercings.

    She climbed into the car and Dagger sat beside her. She kept her eyes out the window as they drove to the beach. Martha pulled over and looked at her in the rear view mirror. "Call me when you want to get picked up. Here is some money for a cab in case you need it." She smiled and Kady got out. She walked to the beach, Dagger behind her, and she stopped. She watched the waves as she heard her mother's car drive away.

    "So..." She said quietly, digging her foot in the sand.
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  15. Dagger followed after her, even though he really didn't like the sun. But since she was his blood mate, and he wanted to make some-what of a good impression with her, he decided to do what she wanted. If she would notice, he wasn't wearing a pendant like a normal vampire would. And eventually he figured she would ask about that and he of course would have to tell her why. After she decided to speak, there was an awkward silence that fell upon them. But if her sisters decided to make fun of her, boy they were in for a surprise. He had no clue what to say to her, was he supposed to say so yeah, I'm a bigger freak than you? He pulls a pair of black sun glasses out from one of his pockets and puts them on. And then he shoves his hands deep into his pockets. Dagger wasn't really the social type, he just followed right beside her as a bloodmate should. The part that he wasn't thrilled about was moving into her house, good thing Martha had picked out a rather large house.

    While they were walking in awkward silence, other people were walking as well with their blood mates. They were talking and having what seemed like a good time. The only time someone would stop talking was to stare at Dagger. The other vampires would eye Dagger and let out a low hiss, which Dagger returned. He noticed that Kady was staring at him now. "What? Other vampires don't like me and I don't like'em either." He says to her. Once they were on better terms with each other he would tell her about the experiments and everything. About an hour of walking around and Kady trying to make small talk with him, Martha came and picked them up. "So did you have a good time?" She asks. Of course there was silence from the two. They had gotten home about five minutes before her sisters did. Her two older sisters came home with their friends Crystal and Ashley. Who were very popular and were from the wealthy side of town. Their blood mates were named Jasper and Greg. Dagger and Kady were sitting near each other in the living room. Martha was in the kitchen making something special for Kady as part of a small celebration.

    The four girls come into the house, talking among themselves and then they stop, when they see Dagger. They stared at him in awe. Dagger stands up and glares at them. "Do I look like a zoo animal to you? You can stop starin now." He snaps. Then the girls start laughing. "Is that the best they could do?" Jessica says as she laughs even harder. Ashley nods, "Yeah and he probably doesn't even have a pedigree." She says and this caused them to laugh even harder. Megan looks at Kady, "See we were right, a freak for a freak. Only our sister could possibly have that happen" She says. Jessica nods and the girls continued to laugh. Dagger didn't mind that they were making fun of him, but for some reason it made him angry that they were making fun of Kady- since he didn't know her very well yet.

    "Shut the fuck up!" He snaps. All four girls instantly shut up. "I can't really say anything 'bout you two, since yer her flesh an blood. But if I could there would be few choice words that ain't nice." He says pointing to Jessica and Megan. "But as for you..." He says to Crystal and Ashley. "Why don't you skanks just turn your asses around and go up the stairs. And by the way, a pedigree is only for inbred vampires." He says. The girls just looked at him shocked. Ashley and Crystal then turn around, stick their noses in the air and go up the stairs. Before Dagger could say anything to Jessica and Megan they too follow them, leaving their blood mates to glare evilly and hiss at Dagger before going up the stairs. Dagger of course returns the hiss and then there was an awkward silence in the room.
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  16. Kady's face turned bright red when the girl's began making fun of her. She ran her hand across her forehead, hating the attention. When Dagger said his choice words to them she gave him a look before getting up and running outside. She didn't care that they were making fun of her, she was used to it. She didn't care that he yelled at them. What she cared about is that now school would be even worse.

    She walked down the street slowly, kicking rocks that were in her way. She felt the cold tears stream down her face. Pulling her hoodie up over her head she felt her emotions begin to explode. Today was a good day. Today was the day she had been waiting for. She hadn't quite thought that that would be her blood mate though. But that was okay, she could get over that. She just wished that she didn't have to go back to school. She took out her phone and stopped as light rain began to fall.

    Can I be home-schooled? She texted her mother and waited, counting in her head for the response.
    Come back home, sweetie. We can talk about this. The phone began trembling in her hands and she shoved it in her pocket, walking with a more determined walk. She needed to get away from here. She had to. There was no way she could keep doing this.

    She ended up sitting down on a small bus bench. The hood still flipped up to cover her head but her hair stuck out from under it. Her sweater was beginning to get soaked but she didn't care. The cold set into her bones and she closed her eyes, leaning forward slightly. Her breath caught in her throat and she heard something to her left. She straightened her back and leaned against the cool, metal bench. She didn't care who it was, she was getting on this bus and getting away.
  17. Martha had sent Dagger after Kady when she didn't return home. He had finally found her and it didn't take long either. He could understand that she was mad at him. But it was no excuse to run away. He sighs, he wasn't good at trying to give people pep talks. He then stands in front of her. He had his arms crossed and he didn't look too happy at all. He lets out a sigh. "Look kid, I'm sorry for what I did ok? But enough about that, you can chew me out about that later. Yer mother is really worried about ya and me and her talked about the home-schoolin thin. She agreed to let ya be home-schooled if you wish. But this ain't a reason to run away from yer troubles. Trust me I should know, I've done that most of my life. And trust me, it don't help. It just makes things worse. They soon start to build up to where ya can't do anythin and have to face'em. So c'mon come back." He says. "Think of how yer mother is gonna feel if ya run away from her. I can tell that she loves ya a lot and would do anythin fer ya. And if ya run away, it would devastate her." He says. "I ain't tryin to tell ya what to do, but ya need to go back. Yer mother started to cry, because she thinks it's her fault." He adds. Even if she decided not to go back, he would go with her- because that was what blood mates were supposed to do. "And a word of advice...think befer ya act." He adds.
  18. She sighed and watched as the bus arrived, stopped and drove off. She gave him a look. "You better be right." She whispered, standing up and walking past him. She didn't care what he said, it didn't help any. She just wanted to go away, be away from everyone. She wished she could go to a boarding school so that she could meet new friends, people who didn't know who she was.

    Maybe she could now that she had a bloodmate. Nobody would know that she was different. "I don't want to go home though." She said, pulling out her phone and texting her mother. With Dagger. Be home later. She texted and shoved her phone into her back pocket. She fixed her hood so that it covered her eyes as the rain began to get harder and faster.

    She trudged through the street, going to the park she often went to. It was abandoned, the one she always went when she didn't want to go to school. She sat down in the creaky swing and began swinging. "So why did you come after me? I mean my mom said it but you could have just pretended. She wouldn't have known anything different."
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  19. Dagger follows after her, right behind her. "The reason I came after you and didn't lie to your mom was because I am doin what a blood mate should do." He says to her. "I may seem like I don't give a shit, which I don't most of the time. But I don't like people breathin down my necks and tellin me how I should do things." He adds as he leans against of the the poles that supported the swings. He too was soaked to the bone, but he didn't care. It's not like he could get sick anyways. "We should go home soon any ways, we don't want yer mom gettin mad at me fer ya getting sick." He says to her. But what he was wondering is why she didn't want to go home. "Why don't ya wanna go home? It's not like yer gonna get yelled at or anything." He says to her. And then he was silent for a few moments. "Besides you sittin here on this swing, what else are we gonna do. You'll need to get out of the rain eventually. You'll get sick and that is somethin' I don't want to deal with." He says. But he was glad that the park was abandoned, he didn't feel like dealing with other people right now. He just lets out a sigh and continues to lean against the pole with his arms crossed.
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  20. "I don't want to go home because my sisters are home. My mother can do anything she wants but they won't stop the bullying. I wish that I could just move away, be with my mom but away from my sisters." She spoke quietly, eventually getting up. She started to trudge through the rain back home. "I will go home because you asked me to, but that is all." She whispered.

    As she walked she hummed a little tune, one her mother had sung to her when she was a child. She wished that it could be just her and her mother. She wished that her sisters weren't there. Sometimes she wondered if they were even her sisters. How come only she had the disease? How come only she had troubles finding a blood mate. She shook her head, trying to figure out a way to stop thinking about it.

    "So you must know, huh? That I have a disease? How come you can be my blood mate?" She questioned.
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