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  1. *Warning-This role play has a dark theme with things like various forms of torture and explicit language and such. Beware and be warned.*

    Welcome to the world of Adareye. In this world supernatural beings and fantasy creatures known as Mythics, war against the mundanes, human and such. They fight for territory over the world. The humans have developed technology to match the might of the beasts and fight back, even having the guts and cruel nature to begin to hunt and enslave mythics. The mythics are sold at markets to slave masters that decide if their fate rests on a plantation to work or in an arena and underground prison system to fight. Torture and abuse of such mythics is common, and if they escape they often have tales to tell. Here is the tale of a few such mythics.

    (This thread is closed off to anyone but the one person I have recruited, but if you consult me I may be able to work out an alternate form of this role play with a similar plot. You may have to beg because I already have two people so far with the same plot but different threads. So yes this is sort of a repeat with slightly different actions. Thanks and enjoy reading)
  2. Today started off just like any other for Hadrian, although there was hardly ever a day that could be called dull. The mountains of Zewanni are where he calls home, and he enjoys all that it provides for him, although his existence here can at times be rather tumultuous. The inhabitants of Adareye seem to always be at each others throat, but it doesn't really bother him, as he enjoys a good fight. Hadrian's home has been dug into the side of one of the mountains and it provided him with access to the myriad tunnels that ran through the mountain range.

    Hadrian himself had just gotten out of bed, although he didn't really know if it was day or night, as he never bothered with carving any sort of window into his home. He was just fine with that, as it ensured that no-one could see inside. Hadrian had been sitting on the edge of his bed, stretching his limbs, along with his wings. He figured that he should go feed, so he pulled on his rather ragged clothes and made his way to the outcrop that he had designated as a sort of porch. He frowned a bit as he saw that it was daylight, but there was ample cloud coverage that blocked a good portion of the sun's light, something that he hated. Scanning the area around and below him, he saw a lowly creature wandering aimlessly about, with no particular destination in mind. Grinning in delight at his luck and the convenience of his meal, he spanned out his wings and took flight, swooping down with great speed towards his prey.

    Millie awoke with a start as the voice of an unwelcome guest startled her out of her peaceful slumber. She rubbed her eyes and groaned, pushing away the figure that was standing over her. "Tybalt, please shut up and leave me be." The figure let out a small noise and moved slightly to the side of her. "But Millicent, you are wasting away the day just lying in your bed." To that, Millie simply frowned and sat up. Were another person in the room with her, they would call her crazy, as they wouldn't know who Millicent was talking to. "It's called sleep, and unlike some people, I need it and enjoy it. The day isn't going anywhere, and I've nowhere special to be." Tybalt must've not particularly liked her response, as he was soon trying to drag her out of the bed, or so it appeared to Millie. Let it be known that Millicent lived in a cabin in the forest of Jogro, and she enjoyed the peace and quiet that it provided her. Although it is a rather odd place for one as timid as her, but she needed a location where she wasn't likely to be bothered, and this was one of the few places that could amply provide her such.
  3. (My intro is the same one I have done with the other person I have planned to do this role play with...Sorry for my lack of creativity. This should be the only part that is similar to the alternate version. I'm just using it to introduce my characters. But for them, their intros only serve to provide some background because your characters are the only ones with capture scenes that go back and forth between our posts.0

    Sarah stood atop a hill looking over a human settlement in Jogro. It was a rather simple one. Situated in a grassy area and bordered by pine forests. Huts and cabins alike were situated on the territory and cobble roads and market places indicated some life. A few humans were moving about already in the early morning hours. Some farmers exited their homes to tend to old barns and crops situated in slightly disorganized areas. The sun was just slowly rising and the wind carried the sound of birdsong to the sensitive ears of the young assassin.

    Sarah looked down at the village, the wind disrupting the brown hair shielding her face and the breeze tugged at the ends of her cloak. The cloak was the same one gifted to her after joining the assassins guild. Being a newer recruit, it was sort of worn from past use and wasn't personalized with any embellishments. She hoped to have a cloak of her own one day to wear proudly, but hers would suffice for now. She remembered she wouldn't get a new cloak if she just stood here all day. She had already made the mistake of sleeping in and missing the prime cover of night, so she'd have to improvise a bit. she didn't assume she'd be caught, though the chances were higher when people were rousing. She crept down the hill, hood up to cover her face.

    Sarah approached the village and soon neared a cabin. She lowered her self closer to the ground and crept along on silent feet. Each step was deliberate and careful, only slightly disturbing the grass beneath because she was being slightly hasty this morning. She kept her breaths even and calmed her mind, as going in for a kill still made her nervous. Her nose twitched and even in this form, she had a sensitive sense of smell. She scented a wood fire nearby and some sort of food cooking, meat was her guess. Too bad she killed, not robbed humans. She decided she'd hunt later.
    The werewolf peeked around the side of the cabin before trying to push the door open. To her surprise, the crude oak door slowly moved inwards with only a small creak. She slid in and closed the door quietly behind herself. Now she was almost holding her breath and her muscles were tense.
    Inside a fire was crackling and there was a table and chairs set up in a small kitchen. A few pelts on the floor near the fire made up the living space, and a door in the back led to what she assumed was a bedroom. She planned to enter and kill, and then leave. Usually she'd take a few people out, but she lost her chance.
    Nerves on end, she approached the door of the room and pushed it open. A young man was laying in bed peacefully. An empty cot indicated someone wasn't present. Sarah was too careless to take that as a warning and proceeded to near the man. Once close enough, she willed a nail on her finger to become a sharp wolf like claw. She muttered some sort of prayer under her breath and slit his throat with a claw. As his life blood began to spill in small scarlet rivers, he didn't even wake up.
    With that done and another human and potential soldier eliminated, she turned and began to exit. When she was about to leave, the front door opened. A burly man stood in the doorway. His eyes widened as he noted the cloak and her bloodied finger. The man dropped the firewood he had been carrying with a loud thump and he backed up. "Assassin!"he bellowed as Sarah's blood ran cold.

    Soon the village people began to wake up as the man shouted, "Assassin!"over and over again. Sarah looked panicked and lost her composure. She felt like a trapped animal and she'd do anything to get free. Her bones began to shift and crack until she took a half wolf form. She still had her cloak in this form, but she had a wolf head and her body was covered in white fur. She also had claws and walked on her toes like a canine. In result her old boots slipped off and she didn't bother to grab them.
    The man in front of her looked terrified that she was a mythic. "Mythic!"he yelled instead of assassin as people in the village woke up and clamored to get ready. A ton of obscenities were running through Sarah's head right now. She pulled back her lips into a snarl and when that didn't scare him off, she charged. She lept mid sprint and landed a flying kick on his chest. The force make a small cracking sound and the man tumbled out the door of the cabin and into the grass.
    Outside a group of men had hastily assembled on the backs of wary horses, wielding swords. Two men stood op in a wooden watchtower with arrows aimed at her.
    Sarah dropped onto all fours and took a full wolf form. In this form she was about four feet tall with a pure white pelt and a lean muscled build. She began to run back towards where she came. She heard hooves behind her and the horses were upon her.

    Sarah urged herself to sprint vainly towards the cover of the woods. That's when an arrow pierced her shoulder. She yelped and was sent crashing into the ground as her front leg locked up in pain. She rolled over a few times and her claws sent dirt flying over her white fur. The horses slowed, their thumping amplified when Sarah's ear ended up against the ground. She struggled to get up and took her human form again so she could still move without the use of her injured shoulder. The horsemen formed a circle around her and an arrow was aimed at her head from the tower.
    "Fuck...."she mumbled as the guards began shouting commands at each other.
    This couldn't be it for her. They wouldn't kill her, right? They hadn't yet, so maybe they wouldn't. Was she about to be captured? Shit, she knew what went down when mythics were sold off. Horrible tales of torture had been told by the few survivors. Half drowning, lynching, shocking, slicing, beating, raping, mauling, and all other various treatments weren't uncommon. She refused to surrender to whatever treatment she'd receive.
    Sarah lunged forwards and grabbed her dagger from her cloak, slashing the neck of a horse and sending it whinnying and falling. It's rider fell off and met the same fate, throat slit as the archer loosed an arrow that just barely missed the assassin. The blood pooled and clotted in the dirt, filling the air with the scent of death. She tried to turn and run when a horseman had charged and knocked her over the head with the hilt of his long sword. She wobbled in a dizzy way, staggering backwards a few feet. He dismounted his horse and hit her over the head again. Sarah fell forwards this time and landed on her hands and knees, the pain and her shoulder racking her body and making her dizzier. A bit of blood dripped from her mouth. The sword hilt came down again with a thump and she collapsed into a heap, unconscious.


    Sam woke up with a yawn. He sat up slowly from the bed of ferns he had made for himself on the edge of the forest. he scratched his bared back, flicking off a random bug and batting sleepy eyelids. The young satyr ran a hand through his curly brown hair and even stroked the small goatee he had been trying to grown out. "Another day."he told himself as he slowly got to his, hooves rather.

    He grabbed his satchel from where it had been resting and slung it lazily over a shoulder. Sam also bent down and picked up the old, silver colored cutlass he had purchased a while back. As per routine, he made his way to one of the trickling streams he had come across and knelt down, beginning to drink and clean himself a bit. He enjoyed the cool water for a bit and finally stood up, sighing in a refreshed way.

    He plucked a few berries from a bush and popped a few in his mouth. he popped one in between his teeth and savored the tart flavor as he set about his day walking in a random direction. He swung his sword around a bit in one hand and whistled a simple tune, taking in the scenery. Even he was unable to guess what the next 24 hours may bring him.

    (Also, posts won't be this long, I just wanted to introduce Sarah)


    In a cabin Jogro, a group of people stood over a table. They were gearing up. Four of them donned trench coats of various shades of grey. On their faces they wore plague doctor masks with long beaks. In their mind, when destroying mythics they were ridding their world of its own plague. One grabbed a crossbow, another sheathed a long sword on his back, one woman placed a long bow over her shoulder with its quiver of arrows, and another hunter grabbed his spiked bullwhip. After a quick exchange, they exited the cabin.
    They had their first target of the day, a sorceress had been spotted in the area. Or so someone had said. It was hard to distinguish magic users from humans sometimes.
  4. Mid flight[​IMG], Hadrian licked his lips in anticipation of his meal. He was incredibly hungry, and the blood would be a wonderful accompaniment to the meat of this almost pitiable creature. "Oh yes, come to Hadrian you little bastard" he said hungrily to himself as he tackled the creature to the ground. He plunged his fangs into it's soft flesh and gorged himself on the creatures bowels and blood. He was just about to happily slurp up the little bastard's small intestine when he was immediately overtaken by the sensation of a rope going around his body and flying up into the air. "Fucking shit!" he shouted as he was bounced up and down in the net. Try as he might, he just couldn't rip or tear the net. It was almost as if it was purpose made just to catch beings like him. Neither gnashing fangs nor ripping claws could tear a hole in it.

    After a while of struggling, he finally stopped and laid himself back, then looked down to see a few figures moving about below him. "Oh fucking joy. I assume you shit-heads are responsible for this." The figures said nothing, and they set to work doing something, but Hadrian couldn't see what.

    "Tybalt, stop!" Millie yelled into the emptiness of her home. The hallucination took no heed to her words and continued[​IMG] to drag her out of the bed until she was standing beside it. "Come now dear, you must get a move on, get your skinny ass dressed." Another one of the hallucinations, Ayleth, urged. "Fine, whatever." Millicent moaned. Making her way across the room to her wardrobe, she pulled out a long cloak and a few other articles of clothing. She threw them all on and decided that she needed to go out and hunt so that she could have some more meat, as her stores were getting low.
    Now grabbing a bow and a quiver of arrows, she walked out the door, with Tybalt and Ayleth in tow. "Hey, hey Millie, you think you gonna get anything? Huh? Huh?" said Tybalt in a louder than necessary tone. "Hush damn you!" she hissed, but all she was really doing was scaring away more of her prey trying to hush what wasn't there. Before she could say or do anything else, she felt a presence that had nothing but bad feelings attached to it.
  5. The group of hunters approached the area where the magic user was suspected to be by a few suspects that had ratted her out. The accuser, who turned out to be a magic user out to get some cash for a report, was rewarded with a knife dragged accross his throat. His blood was used in a potion later and his flesh was fed to their gaurd dogs, who wolfed it down as if the bloody offering was prime rib.
    Now they walked in a unifed formation. The hunters with the whip and sword led with the crossbow man and archer woman taking the back.
    They walked quietly through the forest as they were taught by their trainer and leader, boots not making much noise or even much of an impression in the soft dirt. The ends of their long, concealing coats flapped quietly when they caught on the wind.
    They exchanged few words, minds filled with bland thoughts of strategic plans for capture as well as sadistic ones like what would happen to their victim when sold off. Oh how they loved their sick little game. To them, they were apex predators ridding the world one pest at a time and clensing them by torturing them until they bled dry.
    Upon nearing the targeted area, that heard someone call out something like, "Hey, Millie, you think you gonna get anything?"
    The group slowed down and readied their weapons, taking cover behind a group of thick bushes. The archers pulled out smalk arrows and bolts as well as vials of a pale liquid. They dipped the tips in and loaded their weapons with the new projectiles to make sure the hit spread a sedetive through the body instead of being fatal. That way the target could be detained and takento the chosen market for a good price,
  6. Millicent's eyes widened as she saw the group approach her and then and there she knew that she had gotten herself in trouble by trying to hush the hallucination. She let out a frightened noise and took of running, hoping to evade her pursuers. "Shit, shit, shit!" Millie ran as fast as her legs could carry her, hoping that it would be enough to for evasion. during her frantic escape, she hastily knocked over saplings and threw rocks at the hunters telekinetically, hoping to at least hit one of them. "Why you running? These people seem nice, I'm sure those things in their hands won't hurt at all." Tybalt was not helping matters at all with his sarcasm. "Tybalt shut the fuck up and leave me alone, I'm trying not to fucking die!" She really didn't care whether or not they heard her, but none of that mattered at all as her foot got caught on a root sticking out of the ground, making her fall flat on her face. Frantically flipping over, she tried to crawl backwards with her hands, debris and bits of dirt getting stuck in her hair.

    The hunters were gaining on her and she was panicking. In a last ditch effort, she let loose a jet of flames, catching a few trees on fire.
  7. The hunters followed their target briskly. They mostly dodged the flying debris, but a few took rocks and saplings to the face mask and or legs. They recovered from the assault and moved on, ignoring all but their target.
    One hunter suppressed a laugh as the target fell on her face before crawling backwards. The group of hunters slowed to a stop, especially wary when the target lit trees on fire. The hunter with the crossbow that had a sedative on its loaded bolt, took a knee and aimed. Then the hunter loosed the bolt, aiming at the sorceress' hand.
  8. "Gah!" Millicent screamed as the bolt hit her hand. A couple of tears flowed down her cheek from the pain, but soon a numb feeling was radiating throughout her body. She couldn't move! Millie was utterly fucked now. "Will I be killed? Will I be sold off into slavery? Oh god, what if I'm forced to fight!?" these thoughts were racing through her mind, and her hallucinations certainly weren't helping. "Well darling, you're fucked now." Tybalt sneered. "No one can save you, better just give up your body and get used to a sore ass." Said Ayleth with a cackle. All Millicent could really do now was let out a noise, the hunters were drawing close. Panic was spreading throughout her mind, and all she could do was let uncontrollable tears flow out of her ducts.
  9. The hunters circled around her like vultures, peering down at her through the darkened lenses of their masks. Their trench coats flitted a bit like feathers as they dragged across the dusty ground. Their long beaks looked ready to pry their prey into pieces. They seemed to put away their weapons on places on their backs and such. One hunter placed a boot on the sorceress' chest and pushed down so she'd end up on her back.
    Another pulled metal cuffs from its pocket and prepared them. The two others examined the fire without a word, the flames reflecting on their lenses as they watched the trees crackle and burn.
  10. Millicent saw the reflections of the flames in their masks, and it was like peering into the very depths of the infernal realm itself. Reflected in those lens was the very paradigm of fear itself, a paroxysm of cruelty unbeknownst to those of a lesser capacity. She saw her future in those lens, and it was one of utter pain and torment, where death would be a luxury that she wouldn't be able to afford. Her breath was short and panicked, she was sweating profusely, and all she could hope for was death, but she knew that was unlikely. "Please have mercy" she faintly pleaded.
  11. "Mercy? A creature of your kind doesn't know mercy."One hunter spoke up, voice muffled by its mask.
    The hunter with the metal cuffs leaned down and cuffed the sorceress's wrists together. The the same hunter grabbed her legs and lifted them up. Another hunter grabbed under her arms and lifted her. They began to carry her away from the spot she had laid and away from the burning trees around them.
    The other hunters followed. Judging from the pleading, this sorceress wouldn't make it for long in the arena or maybe even a plantation. They didn't care too much of her survival, as long as she suffered for a while and they received money for selling her.
  12. All Millicent could do was continue to cry and hope pointlessly that her new life wouldn't be all that bad, but she knew that hope was unfounded and that it would infallibly be a living hell. "You bastards are monsters! Why can't you just let us live in piece?!" she sobbed. "Quite your bitching woman!" Tybalt yelled at her, although she was the only one that could hear it. "Fuck off Tybalt, if you don't have any helpful ideas, leave me the hell alone!" She continued to sob and eventually she found her mind being enclosed in an oddly comforting blackness, and she couldn't help but fall asleep.

    Hadrian, meanwhile, was being carried off in his net, cursing and yelling at his captors. "Let me the fuck go you little shitheads! Were I able, I'd tear and maim the shit out of all of you!" With that, the captors dropped the net and one of them pulled out what looked like a club from under his cloak and proceeded to beat Hadrian unconscious.
  13. The sorceress was carried back to the guild of the hunters. They took a horse drawn carriage away from their more medieval settlement in Jogro. They rode on for a few miles before reaching an actual human city. Here they unloaded their precious cargo, the sorceress. They grabbed the sedated girl and carefully carried her into a huge concrete building that was encircled in tall wire fencing and had guard towers as well as another side with a parking lot that had the cars of buyers there as well large trucks for transport. Inside the facility, the hunters set down the sorceress and were led away towards the front of the building to receive their payment for bringing in the sorceress.
    The sorceress was dragged away by two large men with padded vests, protective face masks, and short cylinders strapped to their belts used to elongate to become an electrified weapon used to detain willful prisoners in the market. They dragged into an all white room where she was measured and weighed and her vitals were checked. Then they drew some blood for a sample from her wound and took her picture and fingerprint using technology unknown to most of the medieval creatures or people. Once done with assessment needed to create a file for the new "product," they wrapped up her hand wound with a bandage and dragged her away. This time they dragged her into a large space. The walls were concrete and there were two levels visible and connected by steel supports and a stairway to match. Cells lined the area on each level in a prison set up with thick bars on the front of each cell. Creatures occupied the cells. There were some were creatures in various human and animal like forms as well as vampires, centaurs, satyrs, and all sort of different creatures of different species, sizes, and conditions. Some were a bit wounded or ill, others in good condition. Some were growling defiantly at guards, while others curled up and quivered. The sorceress was dragged into an empty cell that was locked shut, her shackles kept on, as they would drain her magical energy even when she woke from her sedative.
  14. Millie's head hurt like a bitch, and it was throbbing as she woke up from her sedative induced slumber. "Ergh... Where the hell am I" she said quietly to herself. Almost immediately the sights, sounds and scents of this prison inundated her mind and other sensory organs. "Oh no!" Millie started to sob as the reality set in. Would she be killed without any consideration? Would she be raped or sold off as some sort of debaucherous toy? These fears once more filled her mind with terror. Off in the distance, she could hear some of the tougher, or at least appearing so, prisoners yelling at her to shut the fuck up. Thinking that maybe she could use her magic to escape, she soon found that none of her powers work. This discovery caused her to sink further into the vortex of hopelessness that was consuming her and she crawled to the corner of her cell to sob even harder. "Maybe I can find a way to kill myself?" she was nearly taken aback as that thought entered her mind. At this point in time, it seemed like the best option, but upon looking around, she found absolutely nothing that could be used for such a purpose.

    Hadrian found himself in a similar situation, sitting in a prison cell with shackles around him. "What the fuck is all of this?!" he yelled out into the emptiness of his cell. "All you fuckers can burn! Get me out of here!" Soon enough, a voice called back to him, "Give it a rest shit-head, no one's gonna help you. We're all stuck here." To which Hadrian let out a prompt "Fucking shit." He could barely lift his wings and he felt incredibly weak.
  15. Soon someone else was dragged in by two guards. The new prisoner didn't seem sedated and was thrashing around a bit. The prisoner was wearing a a black cloak with its pointed hood drawn up. The prisoner tried to headbutt a guard, but the guard dodged it as he swore. In the struggle, the hood of the rather short person was thrown off. The prisoner's head was revealed. The prisoner had dark brown shoulder length hair, was female, and had a faint scar on her cheek. She bared fangs at anyone that dared yell or even catcall at her.
    "The fresh meat has fangs!"someone called from their cell.
    The young woman spat on the ground near the cell she was being pushed past and snarled, "Shut the fuck up!"
    She lunged forwards and spun suddenly, breaking the grip the guards had on her shackles. She ran forwards before turning and squaring off with the guards. One took the cylinder off of his belt and swung it outwards, causing it to extend to a length of about four feet. Upon pushing a button on the handle, an electric current ran through the end of it. The woman ran and jumped, kicking the man in the chest before the other armed guard shoved the tip of the electric pole into her ribs. She cried out in pain and fell as the other guard recovered. They roughly dragged her towards the nearest cell, where the sorceress happened to be. They open the cell a bit and threw the thrashing woman in there before locking the cell shut again.
    "That bastard that answered you was right. We are all fucking stuck here. Welcome to the gates of hell."a voice from the back of Hadrian's cell spoke. Sitting in the corner of the mostly concrete walled cell sat a young male satyr with his curly brown hair in disarray and goat ears flopped downwards. He sat with his furry legs stretched out and his hooves resting on the floor. His shackled wrists sat in his lap.
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  16. Millicent saw what happened between the new prisoner and the guards. As a result of that, she was utterly terrified of her new cellmate. "Uhm, hi." She weakly muttered. "I don't want any trouble." she said blatantly, yet with a terrified tone. Maybe, if she was lucky, this new person would turn out to actually be nice, seeing as how she would infallibly prove to be a valuable ally. "Uhm, by the way, are you alright? That shock looked like it hurt." Millie could only hope that she sounded nice, as she wasn't really experienced when it came to social interaction. She kept herself curled up in the corner, with some tears still staining her cheek.

    Hadrian's head was whipped around as he turned to look at the funny little goat man. "If this is hell, then the Black Father is in for a hell of a surprise." he said with a cocky, fanged grin. "Although, with this shit attached to me, I don't think I'll be able to put up much of a fight." He began to make his way towards the satyr, setting himself down a little bit away from him. "You know, I always thought hell would be a bit more, you know, fiery. Or they could at least add a few impaled bodies for decoration."
  17. The woman grumbled as she eased herself into a sitting position with her back up against the wall near the bars of the cell. Her peculiar eyes, one blue and one brown, took in the sight of her cell mate. She assessed the position and listened to the rather submissive and fearful nature the girl had with her words. From a glance or even scenting the air discreetly, she couldn't tell what species this young woman was. The cell mate didn't appear aggressive or willing to fight, but she was much taller than the werewolf was and the species of the girl was unknown. The werewolf, Sarah, deemed the girl as potentially dangerous but harmless as of now.
    "I'm fine."she said simply, voice a bit gruff. She began to tug at the shackles around her wrists.
    "Oh this isn't hell. Only the gates of it. Hell is where the humans take us, whether it be plantations or the arena. And both have carcass decor to suit your liking. Just hope you don't become the decoration."the satyr replied as he briefly looked over the confident seeming cell mate.
    Noting the wings, fangs, and pale complexion, Sam decided this young man was a vampire. As most would be intimidated, the satyr wasn't too phased. He often times had a bit of an ego as well and thought no reason to fear the vampire as of now.
  18. "Oh, okay, that's good." Millie looked down at the floor as she spoke. She briefly lifted up her violet eyes to look over her cellmate, but didn't really do much in the way of assessing. As of right now, she was just fine with not being her punching bag. Now looking at her own shackles, Millie figured that these were the things that were restricting her power. She tried to snap, but that hardly even produced a meager spark, to which Millie sighed in disappointment. "What should I say to her now? I can't just sit here in silence, that might prove dangerous. Ugh, why do I have to talk to people?" as she contemplated her options, Tybalt began acting up once more. "Millie, you're screwed. This thing is totally going to make you her bitch." "Dammit Tybalt, don't you ever have anything helpful to say?" Millie snapped at him. "Oh shut up, there is absolutely no way that this can improve at all and you know it." Tybalt retorted. "Damn you, just fuck off for 5 minutes, or better yet, leave me alone entirely, you and Ayleth both. "What did I do?" Ayleth asked with feigned innocence.
    "The arena you say?" Hadrian asked curiously. The plantations sounded utterly boring to him, but the arena conjured up images of glorious battles and cheering, bloodthirsty crowds. All the blood that would be spilled, what a feast! Hadrian licked his lips at the thought of it. Now that he thought about it, the satyr next to him would prove to be a nice meal as well, but with these restrictive shackles, he couldn't really do much of anything. "Is victory traded for freedom in the arena, or do we fight until we die?"
  19. Sarah discovered she couldn't break her shackles. She gave up for the time being and looked through the bars of her cell. She spotted papers tacked onto the wall space near each cell and saw some wording in the human language. Of course she couldn't read the writing on there, but she figured she knew what it was for. She thought back to about a half hour ago when she was dragged into the facility after having been bound tightly and taken to the place by carriage. She had been secured to a table by strong hands and someone seemed to be writing down her height and weight and they even took her blood and fingerprint sample before patching her up a bit and sending her to the area where creatures were held in cells.
    Damn it1 Why had she been so careless? She shouldn't have taken down her target when the area had already began their daily activities. She had been caught and placed here until someone would buy her. From there she's be placed in an underground arena to fight and be tortured, or to a plantation to work and be tortured. Both options looked bleak and they seemed to lead to death for her defiance, as she wouldn't give in easily.
    Sarah decided that she would make an attempt to shift forms to help her case. She willed herself to change forms, though it seemed a bit harder to do than usual. Her muscles readjusted and her ears raised to become wolf ones as white fur covered her and her brown eye became amber. She managed to gain her wolf head and take her humanoid form while still wearing clothing, but the shackles were tighter on her wrists now and were more uncomfortable. She snorted angrily when she found even in this form the tight shackles wouldn't give.
    "Freedom? Hah! Were you born under a rock? In a cave, more than likely."Sam replied with a brief chuckle. "Victory only prevents some of the torture you would undergo in an arena. Defeat often means more torture and even death. So victory only grants a prolonged and miserable life."he explained briefly.
    Sam watched the vampire lick his lips and almost seem excited. he figured this vampire was ignorant to what went on in the arenas, but Sam had been taught such horrors as a child and knew what went on in those places.
  20. "Oh, oh no! what is happening!?" Her cellmate must be one of those werewolves that she had heard about, and frankly, she was fucking terrified. Millicent let out a scream and shoved herself as far in the corner of her cell as she could. She whimpered in fear and let her long hair cover her face, blinding her to what was going on. "Please don't hurt me" she sniveled. Right now, she really wished that she had her powers, as that would afford her at least some comfort and defense. Now, she wouldn't even be able to ignite a gnat. "Someone please tell me that this is all just a nightmare and that I'll wake up soon!" she screamed in her mind. "Stop being such a baby!" Tybalt and Ayelth said, almost in unison. "That's easy for you two to say, you're not at risk of being eaten." "Oh come on" Tybalt snorted "She's just like a giant puppy. I bet she would yip happily if you pet her." "Damn you Tybalt, if could throw you into her maw then I fucking would!"
    "I mean, yea, I was born in a cave, what's your point?" Nothing was better than a meal you had worked for, and the meat in the arena would be almost perfectly tenderized from the combat and beating. Although being tortured did not sound like a good time at all. "Oh fuck, they would tear off my wings, wouldn't they?" Hadrian shivered at the thought of it. He figured that would be some of the most excruciating pain he would have ever felt. He now leaned his head against the wall. "So we really are fucked, aren't we?"
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