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  1. You are broken
    The only signs of safety within any proximity is a single, abandoned hotel.
    The sign is broken, beaten, with paint peeling on all angles. You can barely make out the name of the place

    Hotel Da--l --ud-
    Room of Wonders

    You go inside


    One drop, one drop is all it takes. We can recover from a single drop. No matter how small, we can reform twice as strong. Kill us. Stab us. Shoot us. We will simply rise from the blood on your boots. You cannot defeat us,

    It is already over

    Character Sheet
    Brief History-

    1. General Iwaku Rules Apply
    2. No God-Midding
    3. Stay Alive
    4. Try to post semi frequently
    5. Try to retain readable grammar
    6. Remember, none of your characters have any experience with horror movies. Although there will be very few clich├ęs, do not say "this is where *insert stereotype here* would die!"

    *Cast list*
    Ami Volk- @Cybermoon
    Carter Jennison @CookieMonster
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  2. Sorry for the stupid question but what kind of picture do you want us to use? Real life? Slightly animated? Or anime?
  3. It's not a stupid quest ; You can use any picture you like
  4. Yippee! Okay I will make a cs soon.
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  5. Glad to hear that!
  6. Name- Ami Volk

    Age- 15


    Brief History- Amy comes from a well off family but instead of the stereotypical rich girl spending all her money to buy cars and clothes, Ami prefers to study in her room or read a calming book in the library. She is rather shy and introverted and cannot handle too much pressure at once or she will snap. She is on good terms with her mother but her father is hardly ever around for her to get to know.

    Skills/Attributes- She is a fast runner and thinker but she does crack under pressure.
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  8. Character Sheet
    Carter Jennison
    Brief History-
    Carter grew up in a house ruled by guys, her mother dying when Carter was ten. She has two older brothers and two younger brothers, as well as a dad that takes care of them all. She's a sweet girl, reading books as much as she can and devoting her time in her studies. Her favorite class is Math because she loves the challenge.
    She's smart, little things scare her. Growing up with four brothers toughened her up. She has a loving personality and hates to see others hurt. That being said, she would probably sacrifice herself for someone else if another person's life was on the line.​
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